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Bose QC35 $379.95 Delivered @ Sony Clearance Centre (Videopro) eBay


Bose QC35 $374.36 Delivered with CODE15 coupon and Cashrewards @sccdfo eBay

10 in stock at time of posting

They seem to restock every 30 minutes or so.

Black Sold out 15:50:27
Silver Back in stock 12:22:09
Original 15% off eBay deal

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    I ordered on Friday around 2pm, the status is still in Transit. Hopefully it arrives by Thursday as Friday is a public holiday in Melbourne.

    • Was it Friday 23 of September? I've ordered on 21 and still not shipped, should I be worried?

      • Same here I ordered a black one on Wednesday 21/09 1pm and still not shipped, I emailed the seller yesterday and got a reply "out of the office", not sure what is going on?

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          Apparently there is 1 bloke who does all the online orders as after all, it is a factory outlet store selling these at a DFO. Think about all the messages he would be getting, so they set up an OOO in lieu of responding straight away to everyone.

          Mine were shipped on Friday the 23rd and arrived on Monday the 26th (as I am in Brisbane as well). If they haven't been shipped yet, I'd assume they are awaiting more stock from Bose so would arrive mid October (although I did see that someone mentioned they'd be arriving before then)

          Public holiday Friday in Vic and public holiday Monday in QLD.

      • Sorry my bad, I have the day mixed up. I ordered on Wednesday around 2 pm, and it's now in transit. Previous it was in transit in Brisbane, now it's in Sunshine west with next Monday as the latest estimation delivery date.
        I didn't see the Oct date thing when i ordered it on ebay.

  • Solid headphones. Noise Cancelling is amazing and Comparing to my Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless they stack up well. They don't get as much bass as the XL's but that doesn't bother me as I really only bough the XL's as they were wireless and they had the $150 cash back offer at Christmas time last year. The vocals are bit more clear too as the bass isn't as strong.

  • Mine were delivered today. They are fantastic.

  • Anyone still waiting for theirs to be posted ?

    • Still waiting for mine. Ordered 21st Sep around 3pm. But I'm expecting it around mid-oct as per the description. Anything earlier is a bonus I guess :)

    • Ordered 21 September around 1PM, still waiting.

      • not even "sent"?

        • Yes, not marked as sent on eBay.

        • @raspudala: thanks. same here. ordered on 21/9 too.

        • I'm the same. Paid but not marked as sent as of yet.

        • Ordered mine aswel around 21 Sep. Hasnt been sent yet. Should i be worried? their ebay listing has dissapeared.

      • I received an update from the store today:

        "Great News, our bose shipment have arrived today and we are sending out everyone's order tomorrow with express shipping.

        Please keep up to date as we will be providing tracking numbers.

        Kind regards,

        I'm not sure how many orders they have to process, but hopefully people start receiving their headphones soon.

        • when did you place your order?

        • @aec:

          On the 21st at 12.30PM.

        • Received express post tracking number on Oct 5th. Was collected by AusPost and 'in transit' since then.
          My post code qualifies for next day guarantee. Still no update on the tracking details, so I call AusPost.
          Apparently they have no way of tracking items. Fingers crossed that it arrives soon.

  • Bought 21st (about 3pm), arrived on the 29th. Guess I was one of the lucky ones…..

    Wore them on the plane today. I have more comfortable (not noise cancelling) sets that sound much better, and more comfortable noise cancelling sets but these QC35s are the most effective noise cancelling headsets I've used so will definitely be using them from now on when flying.

    I would note that these don't block out everything (of course), and the increased pressure on the ears is noticeable so might be a little disconcerting for some. Also you may or may not be able to use bluetooth on the plane (depends on the airline - in theory now you only have to disable cellular, but the airline has the final say and they might make you plug in the cable) so frankly the lighter (and cheaper) cable only jobs that also let you replace the batteries mid flight are still worth considering if you only use them when flying.

  • +1

    Ordered the afternoon of 21 September (black)

    Just got the shipping notification

    • Same here :)

    • Still nothing for me, ordered 21 September 1:10 PM..

    • Me too just now. Woot! happy dance

    • Me too, now pending for the snail post to deliver.

  • FYI,
    I received the headphones today with an invoice/packing slip however it doesn't show the GST on it.

    To my understanding, you won't be able to claim GST back without it shown on the invoice

    • Lucky you mine is still in Transit since 2 days with no progress, I checked with Australia Post on Facebook and the answer is tell the sender to open a case for it , Post express next business day delivery is a Joke.

    • Mine came with a tax invoice that states the GST. I'll be trying to get the GST back on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

      • They emailed me an invoice with GST stating on it, and I went through customs a couple days ago. Glad I got my GST back on the original price paid which was $447 or something from memory!


        • Great to hear, wasn't sure how much I was going to get back.

  • I Received my black ones on Friday7th around 10am, i ordered on the 21st at around 1:50pm Brisbane 4113

  • Got mine finally delivered today, solid headphones, very nice build quality. I understand now what people are saying about pressure in ears when using NC, but I only feel it if not listening to the music, as soon as I play song weird feeling is gone.

  • Anyone tried to claim GST via TRS with the invoice supplied by VideoPro? As stated by another poster it doesn't show GST amount or say that total is GST inc. so TRS might refuse to refund GST.

    • Mine came with a tax invoice that states the GST. I'll be trying to get the GST back on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

      • Thank you. I've contacted them and they sent me new invoice with GST, so all should be good.

  • Just realized that the switch of this QC 35 isnt responsive as expected. Tried to turned it off and then on again (reboot) and not responding have to do it again

    I then proceed to did some research on amazon Most Helpful critical reviewsand figured out that Bose decided to cheapen the switch on such expensive headphone…
    Theres around 4-5 of 40-80 helpful review. Most of them got faulty switch around 2 - 6 weeks after using it

    What a bad move from Bose. Such expensive headphone but really cheap plastic-feel switch. Also the switch is too small and require some effort to push with thumb
    Perhaps They should have the button like the Sony Active Noise Cancelling Headphone in order to turn it off and on (and Sony have a button to turn off the ANC as well which is nice sometimes in already quite environment)

    Other than that its a great headphone. But not as great if you tried to connect or listen from your PC. The Bluetooth Dongle I got from ebay make a coil electric noise when its silent.

    Also noticed that when you tried to use wireless instead of wired connection the noise is not as loud than the wired one (I might be wrong) but I reckon the max volume on wireless is loud enough. But perhaps some people want really loud

  • Anyone else have their order posted wrongly?

    Apparently mine got posted to someone in WA, but I'm in Vic…

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