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Bose QC35 $379.95 Delivered @ Sony Clearance Centre (Videopro) eBay


Bose QC35 $374.36 Delivered with CODE15 coupon and Cashrewards @sccdfo eBay

10 in stock at time of posting

They seem to restock every 30 minutes or so.

Black Sold out 15:50:27
Silver Back in stock 12:22:09
Original 15% off eBay deal

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    Great find! I just bought one for $402 yesterday :(

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      I am on the same boat as you. Words can't describe how I feel like.

      • With you brother. We've lost our best price only badges of honor.

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    They seem to restock every 6-12 hours or so.

    This was what they told me when I messaged them.


    We have them coming back into stock every week.

    However we keep selling out on ebay due to our low cost.

    If you haven't already placed an order already, I will be talking with Bose in the morning to see when we can get more stock.

    if you already have made an order, let me know and i'll see what your personal order eta is.

    Kind regards,


    So just wait a couple hours if they are out of stock, they should restock shortly :)

  • I almost pulled a trigger yesterday for 402$ one. I think its time now

    • Better jump on it fast unless you want to wait 6 hours for a restock haha

  • Looks like they have silver too

  • Thanks for the find, just purchased one!

  • Bought one yesterday, it said it was a pre-order, but it dispatched this morning :)

    • Yep, they are currently in stock atm.

  • It says $379 for me. Did the price jump up a bit?

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      Use cashrewards for a further 1.25%

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    Can we get TRS refunds on this?

    • Yes, I would assume so and I will be asking them for a Tax Invoice.

    • +1

      I asked they do come with tax invoice

      • Hey @sauce2k, do you know if we have to send an email through requesting the tax invoice or does it come through automatically with the purchase?

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          I asked if it comes with tax invoice he said yes.

  • Wow! This is $25 cheaper than the one I bought from Myer couple of months ago.

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    Just a note that if you're new to NC headphones I'd try these in the store first. They're really comfortable but the NC is so strong (and good) the "pressure" sensation on the ears can be unpleasant for some. The effect seems to be particularly strong with the Bose phones.

    • This pressure sensation just takes a little getting used to. Itll dissappear with use.

      • Yeah I found the same thing with my QC25's, borrowed a mate's pair for a few hours and it was uncomfortable, but since I've bought mine last year I don't even notice it any more at all.

    • Yep I can confirm it made me feel dizzy..

    • I agree with the sensation. But it fades with time when on the ground.
      BUT in the air i did not feel nautious using them for the first time. Only took time getting used to on the ground.

    • Had same feeling but went away within a week. Love these everyday and can't hear a thing in noisy train/trams

  • This is so tempting

  • +1

    Are these worth the upgrade from QC25?

    • +3

      Only if you REALLY must have built in BT connectivity. No difference otherwise.

      • Thanks, So no improvements on NC.

        • I wear my QC25s while vacuuming.

          The number of times the cable has snagged and been ripped out of ear cones, losing what's playing and getting a lot of noise while I reconnect it, I'd say going wireless might actually improve the NC for this use!

    • Unless you've got an iPhone 7 😏.

      • I got this after I ordered my iPhone 7 haha.

        • +1

          I ordered both. I am positive that Bose will come first.😌

        • @leexm101: Optus?

  • They had them listed for $424.00 last week based on the selling history

  • All gone

    • Wait 6 hours or so for a restock

    • Silver is still in stock

  • does the seller issue tax invoice?

    • +1

      Yes I confirmed

  • Bloody hell you people are quick!!

  • +2

    Shit! pulled the trigger @ 402

    • +1


  • Wireless? Doesn't say so wired?

    • the model itself is wireless. It comes with a wire incase you run out of battery though.

  • Bargainnnnn

  • Anyone know if it's possible to do pickup with these guys? (I'm assuming it would be from VideoPro?)… don't have time to wait for delivery before my flight, lol

  • It's back, go crazy people!

  • SO tempted.

  • stock refreshed. just picked up silver model. also going overseas in 2 weeks so TRS here I come :D

  • Dammit. Said I'd stop spending money and this comes up not long after and before I go overseas…..Purchased :| haha

  • Wooohooo!!!…Bought one!..Thanks for the share.


  • Got a black one! stoked!

  • If anyone spots a cheap qc25 deal, would appreciate a share thanks!

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    what do you guys think is a better buy? parrot zik 3.0 for about $390, zik 2.0 for $260, or something that bose offers?

    • +1

      Bose for the long battery life, comfort and active noise cancellation, get the ziks for the wireless charging, intuitive touch controls and gimmicks and overall better sound quality. IMO i'd go for the bose qc 35.

      • thanks for the response. just one more thing; do you think the QC35 would be suitable for gym use? cheers

    • +1

      Not sure about the Zik 3s but I was turned off by all the forum posts about the Zik 2s - specifically the lack of both quality and caring from Parrot. The ear pads on lots of them were splitting after a few weeks of use. So yeah, I'd go the Bose

  • Why cant I use credit card or amex with paypal to pay?

  • Would there be a difference from getting the headphones off ebay compared to BOSE?

    • These ones are cheaper and come with the same 12 Month Bose Australia warranty as they buy directly from Bose.

      • Great, thanks !

        If it were to stop working, is there any chance you could take it to a Bose store or would you have to contact the ebay store?

        • As with anything in Australia you'd take it back to the retailer you purchased it from.

        • @maxwellian:

          You also have the option to take the defective product back to the manufacturer, as per the Australian Consumer Laws.

        • @swilsonalfa:

          I think you'll find that the Bose stores are a retail front and separated from the wholesale/after-sales. I'd happily be proven wrong tho.

        • @maxwellian:

          At least in Perth, that was the case. It has since separated and become a high end audio store instead.

          You would likely email Bose and then post the faulty product to them.

        • @maxwellian: I took my QC25s (bought from Myer) to the Bose store in Sydney, they exchanged them without a receipt! Could be a one off though…

  • +1

    Shit can't decide about colour

    • +5

      When in doubt go with Black.

      • +3

        Wiser words have never been said in the history of mankind.

  • Black or sliver? what do you guys think?

    • +1

      Go black :)

    • black

    • Personally I prefer silver.

    • i pull the trigger for black, but after assessing the black one looks abit plain while sliver seem to stand out with the bose logo.

      • +1

        You won't regret getting the black, they stay cleaner and they, scratches will be harder to see and you can wear the headphones without having to worry about the rest of your outfit.

  • +1

    You are a legend my friend. I almost bought 2 pairs (one for the wife) yesterday. I( recently went ona trip to USA and was jealous of all the travellers and their awesome Bose headphones. jealous no more. Cheers.

  • I bought 2 pairs yesterday :[

  • Bought! Black

  • Wow sold out again so quick :(

    • Just got one in time :)

  • +2

    Sold out again when i am deciding which color to go for.

  • +1

    Do we get invoice for 447 or 379?

    • +1

      447…those 15% marked as voucher

    • +1

      $447 AFAIK, well at least from Good Guys on the last eBay 20% off sale. The promo is run by eBay not the stores and the discount is offset by ebay. Nice TRS refund on the full price of the laptop to take it to 30 odd percent to make it a sweet as deal!!

  • Darn. I thought I better order the missus a pair as well but the code can only be used once. Ah well.

    • Do you have a different ebay/paypal account? That could work.

      • +1

        Haha yeah I had to make one but I only have 1 card. So had to get my mum to give me her card details haha.

  • +1

    black available again

    • only just bought after seeing your post, never liked silver….thanks.

  • Some more blacks in stock, perfect for some upcoming long flights!

    • ta, got a pair

    • annndddd sold out again haha

  • Got one - thanks OP!

  • Code doesn't work :(

  • thanks OP, im so poor now hahaha

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