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Club1 Hotels 1 Year FREE Membership - Save $675 USD


I saw this deal whilst reading a frequent flyer forum. Point Chaser

I did some research myself after signing up and the average saving is 20% better than other sites on the net. They're just another travel agency.


To accomplish this, we’d like to gift you a complimentary 1-year membership to Club1Hotels, that’s a $675.00 value and it’s yours at no charge.

What’s the catch?

Nothing, it’s simple, we want your honest feedback on your experience using our services so we can continue to offer the best products and services. That’s it!
So fill out the form and start planning your luxury travel!
* Offer Expires October 31, 2016
* No credit card required to complete registration

Memberships Benefits

  • No Blackout Dates.
  • Last Room Availability (in most cases).
  • Reservation Flexibility
  • Our members will have privileged access to 1,300 Airport Clubs and VIP Lounges located in over 100 countries and 400 cities.
  • Wholesale international airfare for first class, business class and economy up to 50% off published fares.
  • Wholesale prices from tours and attractions to theaters and thousands of activities including golf around the world!
  • Preferred rates at the top global Car Rental companies.
  • Members-only rates at beautiful Vacation Rental Homes, located in the most desired vacation destinations.
  • Discounts at Restaurants and Spa's located in global gateway cities airports.
  • Personalized Concierge Services

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  • +6

    looks like scam

    • +3

      Apparently, we're not allowed to accuse websites of being scams since OzBargain gets sued by the scam artists. I can't find the page where it was discussed.

      So let's just say this website doesn't look very "legitimate" or "professional". It doesn't help when you keep your original Wordpress blog page not updated while you bombard Facebook and Twitter. https://club1hotels.wordpress.com/about/ Or have a shifty canceled LinkedIn account in addition to your active one.

      But I guess we all have to start somewhere. Fortune 500 and scams alike.

      • +1

        WOW! Really? Scammer suing people for not falling into scam?
        ok then,
        it's "very professional" and "200% legitimate", just … you know … looks like a scam.

      • No, Peterpeterpumpkin's story is not correct.

        • +4

          so he is selling porky pies

        • @kima: pumpkin pie chobani, half price at Woolies

        • +2


          This is the case I was thinking of where we told toake things "factual" but I forgot the finer details.

        • @peterpeterpumpkin: Good find

          Funnily enough, in a google search for "weallsave" 4 of the 5 hits above their main URL are negative, with one from ACA (bless them) advising consumers against using them.

        • @peterpeterpumpkin:

          Ah Yes OK. That is what made us create our legal policy as well as a takedown request page.

          To be clear, users are free to comment on whatever they want including making good or bad reviews for a company. The issues lie with users making libelous, false or defamatory statements. This applies to all Australian websites as the USER + THE WEBSITE can be taken to court (See ZGeek).

        • @neil: I emailed Priority Pass for airport lounges and they were not able to confirm partnership with Club1 hotels. They advised it may be a scam and to avoid purchasing from them before checking with the hotel groups themselves. I can provide screenshot evidence if required.

        • @qizhengong:
          Greetings @Neil and @qizhengong,

          This offer is exclusively for our members, not the general public.

          Here is the link on their site https://www.prioritypass.com/club1hotels

          You get the code from Club1Hotels as a Member.
          Hope this answers your question.


      • Our home page is www.Club1Hotels.com

        I am not familiar with with the wordpress account listed.


  • +1

    Shocking website. Prices are listed in USD, can't seen an option to change.

    • Hi @marquise,
      Yes, I see we have a few things to work on at Club1Hotels to truly be internationally friendly. We are currently in Beta-phase and will correct this issue by November with our new booking software.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm

    • +2


  • Looks like a new start up. btw: Beta Explorer membership "Does not include Airport Club access. Upgrade available."

    • Hi Coops1,
      We changed our Airport Club offer recently. Our new offer is:

      Book 6-room nights* at any hotel with Club1Hotels on or before 10/31/16 and receive a complimentary 1-year Priority Pass Membership to gain access to over 1,300 airport clubs and VIP lounges globally with your sixth booking.
      ($27 per visit per person)

      *The 6-room night booking can be made in any combination of dates and does not have to be consecutive dates or at the same hotel.

  • +1

    Beta-Explorer Members Role & Responsibilities:

    •Have direct contact with Club1Hotels management

    •Share your feedback and travel experiences online

    •Create new ideas and suggestions

    •Get First Access to sample newly released products & services

    Wants some help with brainstorming ideas

  • +1

    Just read the point chaser review. Looks pretty good. Crazy savings. 40-60% savings (from their examples). I wonder what those hotels stand to gain…repeat business?

    • Hi mbck,
      Thank you for your comment. Actually the hotels love us. These are all pre-buy rates so the hotel already got paid for these rooms a long time ago.

  • Link included a referral. Thanks for removing my comment and fixing instead mods!

  • +3

    From their Facebook page, they debuted Aug 31 and have been advertising the 'free 1 year membership' since September 9.

  • +3

    Also reviewed by Point Hacks which found them to be significantly cheaper than public fares.

  • +3

    2 nights in Shangri-La, Sydney, Australia for $650 compared to $900 @ Priceline.com

    • try going on the Shangri-La offical site, its even cheaper

      • +1

        not for the dates im after.

        • -2

          Guess you gotta line it up with your centrelink pay

    • Shangri-La is terrible imo, stayed there twice. Firt time i asked for a LCD TV, didn't even get a TV even though i paid extra for a room to have TV. Tables were dirty with coffee stains.
      Second time i went again which was a few years later in hopes that they'll fix up their act but nope, dirty bed sheets and showers. Wouldn't touch them ever again.
      I now go to The Hilton in Sydney and they are day and night compared to Shangri-La.

      • Agreed, though we use the York Swisse. Big rooms, good rates, harbour views, full kitchen, free wifi, rail station next door, parking available, central location.

  • The T&Cs state the following regarding Trial Membership Cancellation:
    Trial memberships are limited to one per person. You have 30 days to cancel your trial membership without being billed the membership fee. To cancel your trial membership, please contact a Club1Hotels Membership Concierge at 312-757-4866. Club1Hotels reserves the right to reject or terminate your trial membership at any time, for any reason. This is truly a membership without risk.

    • how they going to bill you without a credit card?
      they going to send you an invoice to pay?

      • Yeah no idea how that would work.

    • Trial memberships are limited to one per person. You have 30 days to cancel your trial membership without being billed the membership fee.

      Clearly there will be a thirty day trial period when they start the paid memberships.

    • Hi imed,
      That was an old terms and condition. When we launched in September we originally offered a 30 day free trial, then we decided to make it 1-year. A few days ago, I noticed that our updated terms and conditions that is on our home page did not reflect that listed on our booking system. We have since updated that on our booking system.

      So enjoy your free 1-year Membership!

  • I like to see how they came up with the $US675 savings. Is there a breakdown?

    • +1

      100 join fee, 575 yearly fee

  • +1

    it won't even let me search! I'm trying to look at Bali but it won't work

    • search doesn't work for me either

      • does "going to" just get highlighted everytime?

        • it's working for me now. there's a dropdown list when i type in 'melbourne'

        • @jimbler:

          You just have to wait for the dropdown to work. Probably under high load as its been posted on all of the travel blogs.

  • +5

    Tried a few comparisons with Hotelscombined, Nov 22-23 Test booking:

    • Grand Hyatt - Melbourne

      Club1Hotels - $415.35 USD - $549.51 AUD
      Hotelscombined - $601 AUD

    • Langham Sydney

      Club1Hotels - $429.64 USD - $568.39 AUD
      Hotelscombined - $555 AUD

    • Wyndham New Yorker

      Club1Hotels - $290.25 USD
      Hotelscombined $331 USD

    • JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot

      Club1Hotels - $521.39 USD
      Hotelscombined - $493 USD

    • Hilton Auckland

      Club1Hotels - 357.05 USD
      Hotelscombined $350 USD

    Hit and miss just like other sites but a good site to have in the arsenal. Very LMTClub like.

  • Site seems to be getting T/O issues at the moment.

    Or is it just me?

    EDIT : Seems to only time out after you click register.

  • +1

    Ummm the website isn't secure…

    Enter personal details at own risk…

    • Hi Knick,
      We have 2 different servers, the home page is on a Google server which is secured but wont list https: and is mainly a display of our services not collect user information but when you switch to our booking system it is full https:

      • If it doesn't have a lock in the browser address bar, in general it isn't a good idea to enter personal details.

        Why wouldn't you use a server that has full HTTPS support.

        • All our hotel bookings are done on a secure server https://members.club1hotels.com.

        • +1

          I've mentioned this elsewhere but the most likely reason there's no HTTPS is because they can't be bothered making a new homepage (www.* sub-domain) not based on Wix. One of Wix's biggest drawbacks is that it doesn't let you add an SSL certificate to your site (https://www.wix.com/support/html5/article/request-adding-an-...).

          Alternately, http://members.club1hotels.com/ has been built with the Joomla CMS and does offer SSL protection. However, right now you can type this URL without https:// and therefore transmit your password insecurely. Most secure websites are configured to redirect you automatically from http:// https://.

          As you've mentioned, the "Join Now" page linked to on the homepage (on http://www.club1hotels.com/c1h) is insecure and you will be transmitting your name and e-mail insecurely.

          This was normal 10 years ago when SSL was considered an expensive luxury but those days are long gone.

        • @peterpeterpumpkin:
          Peter I love your attention to detail. :-)

          Rest assure all the email forms on our site are provided by Wufoo.com which is always https, and we embed the widget into our site. Here is a direct link to the form that's inserted into our site https://club1hotels.wufoo.com/forms/zuxcxmc1bsy207/

          Additionally if you'd like you can review our website source code from your browser to see the https Wufoo widget is properly inserted.

          We are continually improving our website and user experience and thank you for your feedback.

        • +1

          @theProfessorP: Ah OK. I missed that :)

          Embedding https iframes or https log-in forms within http pages (or simply accepting non-https forms and URLs) has also gone out of favour in recent times due to realisations that phishing the http:// pages made the https:// pointless.

          Most major websites like Facebook and Google started removing these man-in-the-middle workarounds in 2011 after the Tunisian government (who practically controlled their ISPs) were accused of adding malicious javascript to Facebook, Twitter and Google http:// log-in pages that would relay encrypted usernames and passwords as an innocent looking GET request to Google (which the government could also read, since it was http://) before logging-in.

          Saying that, a secure form with an insecure page is sadly still extremely common so at least you're not alone. Even booking.com allows you to start off without https:// so you're in "good" company. However, you should block the non-secure version of members.club1hotels.com ASAP since it's currently possible to log-in insecurely and submit credit card details insecurely. There is a "Force SSL" option in Joomla (of course this may make debugging the live site a little harder but this is the price of eCommerce).

        • @peterpeterpumpkin:
          Excellent Idea!
          I'm already on it with our tech support team. We are also currently building a new "https" website and moving away from wix within the next couple of weeks.

          Thanks again for your time, insights and suggestions. I will keep you posted when we complete theses updates.

  • +7

    It definitely looks like a scam.
    First of all - the prices are in USD.

    I just tried to get some quotes.
    The search engine shows prices for different hotels and some prices look quite reasonable.

    HOWEVER, when you click on BOOK button, the booking form appears and the quoted price magically increases.

    It appears that on top of the quoted prices they charge HUGE "Tax Recovery/Booking Fee"

    Just a couple of examples:
    3 nights 2 bedroom apartment, 30 DEC - 2 JAN

    Clifton Suites on Northbourne Canberra
    Quoted price for 3 nights: US$426.89
    Booking page: US$533.61

    Adina James Court Canberra
    Quoted price: US$448.48
    Booking page: US$560.60

    To add to the above, they have huge cancellation fees.

    I would stay away from this scammer.

    • Would their deal of $27 for lounge access be considered good?

      • $27? I thought it's 55…. I was also looking just for lounge access

        • We offer Priortiy Pass. Check their website for all the lounges.

        • @theProfessorP: yes, isnt priority pass $55 on top of my complimentary pass?

        • @aryan12:
          Paying for the PP is just one option or you can earn it with our new offer:

          Book 6-room nights* at any hotel with Club1Hotels on or before 10/31/16 and receive a complimentary 1-year Priority Pass Membership.

          *The 6-room night booking can be made in any combination of dates and does not have to be consecutive dates or at the same hotel.

          (This offer is only exclusive to our Beta-Explorer Members)

          You are not required to purchase PP, it is only an option for members.

  • US based booking sites vary on whether they include the local taxes which vary from state to state. Always buyer beware. As this is a membership site, it cannot be used for a 'best rate guarantee' rate comparison to get the hotel chain to better.

  • Scammer indeed

  • +2

    Site looks incredible unprofessional, prices are in USD, and there are ridiculously high taxes and fees associated with booking rooms. Something very fishy about this. Definitely no deal for mine.

  • If you want to use the airport lounge for free, here is the commment:

    If you would be so kind to go to prioritypass.com it will list all Clubs available. Also we have the upgrade available to you as well or after 6 room nights Booked Club1Hotels will offer it you complimentary! If I can further assist you please email or contact me directly at the number below.

    • +5

      This is some sketchy grammar

      • +6

        I'm almost hoping this is legit since if this person can make it big with a suspicious-looking (Wix?) website and basic command of the English language it gives hope to every budding entrepreneur.

        Coming Soon: Udemy course in SEO from the person who brought you Club1Hotels.

        • I hope the message can be useful.

    • Are you associated with Club1Hotels?

      • Greetings Neil,
        Please note thon8875 is not associated with Club1Hotels.

    • Where's the email or number?

    • Please note "thon8875" is not an official Club1Hotels associate.
      See my full comments below.

  • +1

    This better be legit because I just booked!

    • +1

      When is the booking for? Keen to know how this goes!

    • +1

      If you're concerned, contact the hotel directly to confirm your booking

    • Rest assure my friend, it's legit! Did you call the hotel after 48hrs to confirm your booking?

    • I'm keen to hear as well! Need to book a 6 week Europe trip for December…

  • +3

    Greetings Everyone!

    My name is Pierce, I'm the official spokesman for Club1Hotels.com. First off, thank you for all your questions and I apologies for any delay in answering them but as an American this forum forces me wait at least 24hrs before I can comment.

    Also, for the record I do not know the user name "thon8875" stated above and they are in no way associated with Club1Hotels.

    Yes we offer wholesale rates to 3.5, 4 and 5 star hotels in 162 countries. Currently we have 10,000 members worldwide and they are all enjoying the saving from our wholesale rates during our Beta phase.

    Yes, it's true we are currently giving away a 1-year Complimentary Beta-Explorer Membership. This offer expires Oct 31, 2016. But we will have other great offers later this year.

    Yes, we are in Beta phase and our team is continually updating our hotel booking system and website to make it more user friendly. We are also proud to announce a new and improved user friendly portal launching in November with a mobile app hopefully to launch by December. This should fix any currency conversions and translations for all users to easily enjoy.

    We decided to launch in Beta so our members can immediately see the savings while we continually improve the booking system and user experience.

    Beta-Explorer Members Role & Responsibilities:
    1-Have direct contact with Club1Hotels management
    2-Share your feedback and travel experiences online
    3-Create new ideas and suggestions
    4-Get First Access to sample newly released products & services

    Yes, we are aware the prices are only in USD with our current booking system and we are working tirelessly to have it fully internationally friendly sometime in November.

    No, you will not need a credit card to enroll and No you will not be automatically billed for any membership fees. All Complementary Beta-Explorer Members will be notified via email when their membership will expire and be offered a special rate, if they choose to continue.

    Feel free to ask me any question you may have below. Reminder I live in Chicago (CST) so there might be a delay in answering questions.


  • +2

    Confusing deal. Seems good, yet it seems a bit scammy. Plausible looking comment calling the site out as a scam has got +7, yet rep has come around to talk and got +3… confused… LOL

    • My sentiments exactly!

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