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AliExpress Cashback Increases to 11.11% for Singles Day @ Cashrewards (Ends 7pm 12/11 AEDT)


The world's biggest shopping event - Single's Day - is almost here, so giving you all the heads-up we'll be offering a record 11.11% cashback (up from 7%) on all your AliExpress purchases for 24 hours only! Lock this into your reminders, and happy shopping :)

Please note:

  • Use of any coupon not listed on Cashrewards may invalidate cashback
  • Cashback will NOT be paid for purchases made via the AliExpress App

Referral Links

Referral: random (4368)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2016.

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  • +2

    Thank a lot TA, that's great, looks like it's finally the time to buy the new phones for missus and myself :)

    • any in particular you are looking at? need to get a couple myself and unsure…

      • +1

        thinking of buying Xiaomi Note 3 for myself and xiaomi redmi 3s for missus, maybe from this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/274096

        • thanks for the reply…

          3s looks good and very good price

        • @migorengspam: yep, agree! Just because there is no band 28, hesitating a bit, but there is no band 28 in missus' current phone (it doesn't have 4g at all) and there are absolutely no problems because of it ;)

  • +53

    Please use price tracker chnprice.com, or better still their Chrome plugin, to check how much you are actually saving in the sale. AliExpress sellers are notorious for jacking prices for this sale.

    • +2

      +1 to using chnprice, helps to find the items that you're actually getting a deal on!

    • +3

      I cannot recommend this enough - after buying LOTS of cheap stuff from Aliexpress over the last couple of years, I accidentally stumbled across this site and their Chrome plug-in a few days ago. The price tracking / history functionality will save you $$$ - I had a big list of things I was going to buy on the 11/11, and was shocked to discover almost everything I'd planned on buying was regularly cheaper than their advertised "sale" price. Seems a lot of people have jacked their prices up just so they can offer a "discount" for this promo.

    • Thanks, was wondering the other if something like this existed after watching the escalating prices.

    • Haha, you are not wrong! I was looking at the 64GB Xiaomi Note 4 and it just skyrocketed in price prior to the sale from $230 to $350.

      • +1

        Yeah, 40% off! Save $10

    • +1

      This should be mentioned in OP

    • The price tracker doesn't seem to mention dates on when the price went up and down. Is that correct? I just had a look at a few of the items I wanted to buy on 11/11 and all the ones I checked, the price has been cheaper than their 'sale' price!

      • Use the plugin and you can hover over data points for price and date.

    • Thanks, glad to know that you used our service.

  • +1

    11/11 is shaping up to be an 'expensive' day! Thanks TA!

  • The biggest shopping event in China = the biggest shopping event in the world :)

  • +3

    So what time does the actual 11.11 sales start? Ie the xaiomi special deals?

    • Was wondering this also…… I'm gathering unless other wise stated it will be midnight Beijing time. But would be good to have this confirmed .

    • +1

      There is a timer on the font page.

      • 👍🏻

  • +2

    It'll take at least 60 days to get your cashback from CR IMO.

    • I had one from ASOS track the next day…others longer. Bit of hit and miss.

      • +4

        Next day track doesn't mean you get instant cash back. You still have to wait at least 60 days.

  • Nice, very nice!

    I've already got my cart loaded with $300+ of stuff awaiting 11:11. This is a nice bonus.

  • Hi TA, completely new to AliExpress, I just joined (AliExpress) in anticipation and received a $5 coupon that is not valid till the 11th. Not even sure what form this will take, but if I use the coupon will this invalidate any cashback? Thanks.

    • If you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site, rewards may not be payable.

      Probably not. Give it a shot and see what happens :)

      • What if you use a store promotion code? eg. $10 of $80. Would CR work on top?

        • Same as what I said above. The coupon has to be on Cashrewards for it to be guaranteed.

        • @Clear: Thought so, thanks.

  • So what hoops do I have to jump through to make this work and how long do I have to wait .

    • +1

      No hoops, this isn't the circus.

      Just turn your adblock off for Aliexpress, click on the big yellow button called "Go to Store" on the CR page and make a purchase. Then a couple hours or days later… get the cashback added to your account. It's really simple.

  • -1


    Can you guys recommend some stuff to get from there as in what to buy and what not?


    • +1

      Xiaomi smart home gadgets?

      • Thanks mate!

  • Here is ya 100th.

  • +2

    Dji Mavic, 11/11 price + cashback < RRP in China, which is much lower than the RRP in Australia.

  • Resolved.

  • +7

    Also - be careful of double listings. I've had my eye on the "Global Version Xiaomi Mi Max 3GB / 32GB". It is listed on Aliexpress from the Xiaomi store as an 11/11 special @ $247.13 AUD on that day, down from $333.96 AUD https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/International-Versi....
    The exact same phone is also listed $258.38 AUD today's price https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-Xiaomi-Mi-....
    So, yes it will be cheaper on 11/11 - but not by as much as they are trying to make you think!
    Oh - and BTW. Geekbuying has this phone even cheaper for $237.24 AUD today http://www.geekbuying.com/item/International-Version-Xiaomi-... (but only 5% cashrewards which makes it about $5 dearer nett based on today's exchange rates)

    • +1

      Thx…I planning to get Mi Max as well… let us know which one u get.

  • +1

    All I'm waiting for are posts on bargains that day on Aliexpress

  • Repost, I would've posted it yesterday with my amazing bargain ideas but there was already 2 threads on it.
    Suppose they are not getting affiliate bonuses…
    Stop the rot, one thread per deal please

  • Hope there are some genuine bargains posted on OzB.

  • +3

    One minute’s silence is observed to mark the end of hostilities on the Western Front in WWI at 11.00am on 11 November

  • From what I understand the AliExpress sale starts at midnight East China time, 3AM for us. And this cash rewards deal starts at 7PM.

    So if we want 11.11% cashback we have to wait 15 hours after the sale starts. By which time most of the good deals will be sold out.

    Is that right?

  • Still haven't received the confirmation of the 10% cashback last time back in mid September

    • Does tracking guarantee payment? I've seen some just disappear from my list after having "confirmed receipt of goods"

  • 205 up-votes but not one really good bargain posted. Where's the good stuff?

  • TA, I just realised that the sale starts at 3:00am. Any chance you could match the windows?

  • Something strange is happening, I'm looking to buy a xiaomi mi5s 128gb, so I search for "xiaomi 821 128gb".

    When I'm logged in, there are only 7 results and most of it is from this one store "MCMART" however, if I do the exact same search from incognito mode, I get the full 33 results with several different stores.

    • +7

      I've just tested this extensively and found the cause…. the Aliexpress affiliate URL.

      When an Aliexpress affiliate URL is clicked on, it generates a cookie to track the purchase. Now this cookie is causing the URL to change to aliexpress.com/af/ in Chrome or aliexpress.com/premium in Firefox instead of aliexpress.com/.

      I opened up Aliexpress in incognito and searched for "xiaomi 821 128gb" - 34 results
      I clicked through Aliexpress via Cashrewards in incognito and searched for "xiaomi 821 128gb" - 7 results
      I clicked through my own Aliexpress affiliate URL in incognito and searched for "xiaomi 821 128gb" - 7 results

      So for some reason they're showing far less results when you go through an affiliate URL. A workaround would be to add products to your wishlist.

      • +2

        Oh and another workaround is to copy/paste the exact name into the /af/ search.

        So tl;dr… definitely an Aliexpress issue and NOT Cashrewards.

        • +1

          Thank you very much for this :) definitely clears things up

  • +3

    No deal, most stores have increased the prices to cut them again, but they will only cut them once the time this deal is almost over.

    Use chnprice.com for a history of the price of goods.

    The time frame is only small to take advantage of any, if it exists discount.

    Furthermore, when you click on an affiliate link then you'll not get cashback from cashrewards. androzers and shareasale links which are very common on ozbargain are a plague and thus you'll find that even though you used cashrewards that you magically haven't got the item tracked.

    It is also better to pay for coupons and use those to get more discount and "not have to wait" for something like cashrewards which is plagued by the problems I have mentioned.

    Coupon Price Coupon Value Minimum Order
    $7 $14 $49
    $10 $20 $69
    $60 $120 $399
    $75 $150 $499

    These give a 14-15% discount rather than going through cashrewards.

    These coupons cannot be stacked with cashrewards and you cannot use the app as well for additional discounts as cashrewards doesn't accept cashback for purchases through the app.

    Overall, not a deal, and definitely 11/11 is not a bargain on Aliexpress.

    I cannot downvote, so yeah, these are the facts. Use them wisely if you have managed to see this comment.

    Overall, most prices on aliexpress have increased by at least 30% to be decreased again for the 11/11 event. Only by using coupons can you maximise your savings, cashrewards is not going to do that and will reduce your time window for buying.

    • Where do you go to buy coupons?

    • +3

      No deal, most stores have increased the prices to cut them again, but they will only cut them once the time this deal is almost over.

      Some stores have hiked their prices, but looking at chnprice.com a lot of them still end up being cheaper. The website often shows alternative stores with a better price too.

      Now lets look at an example. The Chuwi Hi10 will sell for $139.99 US during the promotion and is significantly cheaper than anywhere else. So if you combine it with Cashrewards… massive discount.

      Furthermore, when you click on an affiliate link then you'll not get cashback from cashrewards. androzers and shareasale links which are very common on ozbargain are a plague and thus you'll find that even though you used cashrewards that you magically haven't got the item tracked.

      I summed up the most common reasons for this here. I've always had a successful pay out when I've made a purchase. I've had adblock disabled, stopped the Antivirus/PC from blocking tracking cookies, searched and purchased exactly what I need withou clicking outside of the website.

      Coupon Price Coupon Value Minimum Order
      $7 $14 $49
      $10 $20 $69
      $60 $120 $399
      $75 $150 $499

      There are different coupons to be purchased each day and they only have 80 available for each one. They sell out within seconds as there are thousands of people trying to buy them at the same time.

      This makes the 11.11% a significantly better deal since it's only limited to how many transactions you can make.

    • I didn't feel that was the case. If you look at the stores, there's always a huge range of prices for the exact same product. Make sure you pick the cheapest one, if that's a store with no 11/11 discount, then you know the other stores are all over priced and you're just in it for the 11.11% cashback. Otherwise, you're definitely benefiting from the sale because not all stores put their items on sale.

    • Everything in my cart still cost the same. But the "discount" increased.

  • Careful with this mob and their dispute settlements, they always side with the seller, so you just want to hope nothing arrives broken, not working, wrong item, etc, you will have a devastating, time consuming, battle up hill trying to get it rectified.

    • I had the opposite experience. Item hadn't arrived so I contacted the seller, their response was 'please wait' but the protection period was nearly up so I opened a dispute. Resolution was in my favour and a refund was processed. A few weeks later it turned up.
      Admittedly that was for an item not arriving in the promised delivery window, and it was only a couple $ of cables.

  • For those who registered or not registered: $5 off over $39 coupon for new registered member. :) I'd register a new account

    • I just registered but didn't receive any coupons?

      • check your account info, there is a account info "my coupon"

  • I hope I remember this
    What to buy?

  • Can I add things to my cart now and then buy through the CR link? Or do I need to finish the whole process through CR/

  • +1

    just bought.. ended up being 184aud with all the discounts. hopefully cash rewards tracked too.

  • New finding: $5 off over $35 from IOS device!

    • More coupons for IOS/Android users: http://sale.aliexpress.com/__pc/savemoreontheapppc022016.htm
      US $3 off orders of US $15 or more
      US $7 off orders of US $49 or more
      US $10 off orders of US $100 or more
      US $30 off orders of US $300 or more
      US $50 off orders of US $500 or more

    • if we use this coupon, we can't use cashrewards. The coupon is only available for mobile :(

      • Yep but the US $3 off for an US $15 order (20%) is more interesting and you can also use a seller coupon i.e. $2 off.

  • +1

    How come no one is posting deals? I thought this is supposed to be a huge sales event??

    • +1

      OzBargain have a requirement on feedback for AliExpress posts. Many products can't be posted as there is not enough feedback :(

    • +3

      Here is a good deal if you are into shooting video - Zhiyun Crane 3 axle handheld Stabilizer for US$550 before cashrewards while still US$649 on B&H: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Zhiyun-Crane-3-axle-Handheld...

      I am going to get one. Reviews say it is pretty much the best single hand Gimbal ever made, you can check heaps of reviews on YouTube plus this long thread from users: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/20168-my-review-of-the-z...

      I linked to the best seller in my opinion, high seller rating, long time store and includes the full kit with the case and remote.

  • OK, done - I hope this Cashrewards thing works!!! ^_^

  • I am a newbie to buying from such sites, when I search for Beelink MX MiniIII, there many results displayed, but prices do not seem very different to GearBest, did anybody buy the Beelink model?

    • i go for the lowest. if there is any thing wrong just return it. aliexpress is with better service now.

      • Thanks for the tip

  • +1

    Already received tracking notification, thanks TA.

    • Yes I already received as well for the Gimbal I mentioned above. Expected cashback: AUD 77.60. AUD$650 for this Gimbal is an absolute steal.

  • Any recommendations for iptv from China?

  • I still haven't received my payment from Cashrewards for my last Aliexpress purchase. Don't even think its been tracked

  • Nice.

  • Anyone managed to use their select coupons? I can't seem to use at on any store on any item.

  • +2

    Without pessimism, I have to admit that barely anything on my massive wishlist is genuinely on sale. Almost everything I was interested in ballooned into the stratosphere presale and has been cheaper in the past. Some are still more expensive now. I'm going to hold off for the US sales instead.

  • I feel like I got lucky. The one thing I planned to buy (a new DAC) didn't increase in price, and is genuinely an awesome price.

    Edit: Also just got notification of cashback which takes another $7 off, so I'm happy :)

    • What DAC? I was in the market for one…

  • Question, if I buy a bunch of things, and pay at one go, is that going to come in email per item? it seems that way at the moment.

    • +1

      Yeah that's what I got, an email order for each item. Wish they bundled it together as 1 order.

  • +1

    Ended up saving more than cashback could offer through coupons in the app. NB: you can only use the coupons when using the mobile/tablet app.

  • Excited for the cashback too

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