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Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth $174 | Bluetooth+Wi-Fi $194 Including Shipping @ Anova Culinary


No idea when the coupon code expires. Anova are now offering free shipping to Australia, so I think this is the lowest price it's ever been for Australians. With the exception of targeted offers some may have received. They've also dropped the base price of these units by $20 so it's a pretty decent deal.

They've been dropping price a lot lately. I speculate they're either going broke, feeling the pinch of competition or setting to release a new model. Will they continue to drop prices? Anyone's guess. It's probably a good buy for those wanting to get something for Christmas for the chef in their lives.

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  • they sent me a unique code, i can get it for $134 delivered

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      Someone should analyse the variance of these prices.

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        Clearly you spent too much time in STATS

    • Are you going to use your code? :)

      • Still contemplating if I need one . It expires tonight so if I don't use it , I'll chuck it here in this post for a lucky lad

        • How did you get the code? Refreshes in the website or signed up to mailing list otut something?

    • Hence why I said 'with the exception of targeted offers'. Not everyone has a unique code but it's nice that you do.

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      Was this sent because you are on their mailing list or another reason? Need to try to get one of these codes!

    • Pff. Surprised to see a statement getting negs.

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    Thanks, got one

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    I have no idea what this is, even after clicking the link.

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      Smartphone connected rectal thermometer.

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        Wouldn't want to cook with it then

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      It's a sous vide device.

      • In English please

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          It's like a slow cooker only Frenchier.

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      It's a sous vide cooking device, it heats up the water, has a timer and connects to your smartphone to choose what you want to cook and the result - i.e. steak medium rare.

      • Thank you!

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          :) I didn't know WTF it was either at first.

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      sous vide cooking fundamentally changes how proteins are cooked by maintaining a low but very precise temprature. it leads to things with protein such as eggs, meat and fish tasting a lot better.

      don't own one.

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      this short video from their competitor explains it pretty well

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    f3be41fff18e-f3be4e5s $105 off coupon I'm not going to use brings it down to $134

    • someone used……

      • Cool, beats it just sitting i'm my inbox. I only thought about looking for it from this thread ;)

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      That's very generous ozbargain spirit!
      If anyone else has one they aren't opening to use I'm keen to buy one at $134!

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    cool device! Great reviews on amazon, and for once the reviews aren't all fake. If it didn't have a 1 year warranty, I'd consider it. I have a feeling it wouldn't last years without the plastic melting.

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      It really is the best designed sous vide stick in it's price bracket that you can get in Australia at the moment.

      Maybe the Joule from chef steps might end up being better but they don't have an eta at all on the 240v model and I'm not sure about only being able to control it from a phone, but it being completely waterproof is cool and it's really small.

      I have never used the bluetooth on the Anova at all the app allways seemed wonky (might be better now) the physical controls are all you really need I doubt wifi would be useful so you can save your money there and not worry at all.

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      It's metal everywhere it counts. had mine since late 2014.

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        I have one and it is a very solid device.

    • If the reviews do not feature on fakespot that does not mean they are not fake. Are you nuts?

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        What do you mean?

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    I got one last time, use it regularly. Wifi is actually a neat feature to turn on before I get home from work (leave food sitting in ice bath to keep it foodsafe). Works well, and appears sturdy and well built (from the outside at least !)

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      What food do you icebath delay? I have thought about it but can't come up with a scenario where it makes sense. Not having a go just genuinely curious about your workflow.

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        Usually chicken & things that take between 1-4 hours cooking time. If I get home at dinner time I just quickly sear it and ready to go. Makes it much more convenient.

        Obviously nice slow cooked cuts etc can put on the night before or in the morning.

        Works well if you are cooking from frozen already. Eg last week had some frozen posh farmers market sausages, popped in straight from freezer with some ice cubes, & started cooking at 64 deg 2 hours before I got home. Walked in the door, took out, sear. Yum. Super tender.

  • anyone have a unique code they can give me? Would love to suprise the wife with this as a present

    • i'm keep refreshing this page for it…..

  • If anyone also has a spare unique code they wouldn't mind giving away, let me know. Thank you!

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    I don`t know if this one works ? Copied from another forum.

    this is for $90.00 off. A spring offer but it has no expiry date that I can tell.


    • Gave it a shot but didn't work, thanks anyway

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    feeling like I should neg this deal as I'm in the last 48 hours of writing my psych stats thesis.

    • Ikr, Good luck with your paper!

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    I've had one for 2 years. It works.

    However, if I were buying today though, I'd probably get the Joule, as it's integrated w/ Amazon echo. Anova could do this I guess, but they've been terrible about releasing an SDK. It was something that was talked about for the past 3 years or so, and never materialised. It honestly shouldn't be that hard. It was actually promised on their old kickstarter, which I backed, and they've not done more than release a code snippet or two (google around and you can find your own evidence.)

    This is a good deal though and if you've thought about taking the plunge into sous vide, It's worth a shot. However, Anova has been a disappointment to deal with, and I'll be looking elsewhere for my next device if this craps out.

    Feel free to ask questions; happy to help.

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      If you were buying a joule today you would also have to buy a hefty power transformer. I am also eagerly awaiting the joule but Chefsteps have been really cagey about answering any questions and maybe their waterproof tiny form factor just isn't capable of doing 240v it does unique things like using the water pumping through it to cool the electronics that might make it hard.

      Official post from their forums.

      "Currently, Joule will be sold for use in the United States only. We hope to expand to international markets as soon as possible, but we do not currently have a firm ETA. If you’re interested in getting updates about availability in your country, go to and click “Keep me posted.”

      Please note that the current design is not capable of operating safely on 240 V power and will not be covered by our warranty when used outside of the US."

      I hope they work it out but I have stopped holding my breath.

    • I also have an Anova which I'm happy about.

      Regarding the Joule which has just come out, I love the smaller design and the magnet on the bottom is a great idea, but the real negative for me is that it doesn't have physical controls on the unit.

      I find I can't be bothered opening the Anova app and prefer just setting the temperature on the unit and checking the time.

      I'll be picking another one of the Anova for my mother for Christmas!

    • I thought sous vide cooking is something that you set and forget. Why need bluetooth/wifi connectivity?

  • I already have one from the original kickstarter, but this is too good a deal to pass up for a spare/second unit

    Handy for different temps/different cooks as well

    (and i had a code sitting in my inbox so $154 for the wifi version shipped)

  • +1


    • didn't work - or maybe it was taken. Thanks though!

      • No worries.
        Thought i would give back…

  • First person to pm me can have my code
    Edit: code gone

  • Anyone have a 105 off coupon they can share with me if they're not going to ise it? Thanks

  • $134 would be neat. Anyone who's got a code but won't be using it, please share :)

  • Just found that I got the coupon not using

    • Mind sharing it to me please? :)

      • Seems that it has been taken by other lucky guy when I post it, sorry

        • Oh well. Thanks nevertheless.

  • :(
    Still waiting for the code

  • +2

    I'm assuming that the prices are just going down naturally with competition and efficiency in manufacturing. There are quite a few sous vide devices in the last 2-3 years that are competitively priced and they should've recouped most of r&d and tooling from Kickstarter + sales in the last 2 years.

    I'm also assuming free shipping means they possibly have a distributor here?

    Actually here are 3 codes, don't pm me :D


    • thanks just used the top code :)

    • Awesome, welcome to the world of sous vide :D May your steaks be medium rare!

      • Just used the third code, thankyou.

    • Thank you !!! Used the middle code.
      Edit someone snipered me! If anyone has a code they don't want please let me know!

  • If anyone has one spare lying around does not want to use it, I would appreciate very much!

  • Yes waiting for a code, thinking to get it as Christmas present for my wife. Thanks!

  • I hate it when people beg like this but…
    If anyone has a code they don't need - would appreciate it if you sent it to me by PM

    • +1


      • Justin - you rock!
        Thanks mate. Got one.

        • All good. Heaps of contribution to ozb community from you, a code is nothing!

  • Anyone else got a code they not going to use? Would appreciate one :)

  • Aww. Missed the codes. Should've skipped dinner. :-P

    Anybody got a code, kindly PM me. Much appreciated.

  • +3

    I got one, there you go guys!


    • Thanks mate! Legend!

  • Hi,
    Anyone please pm me how to get the code. Much appreciated. Cheers

  • Can anyone give me a code as well?
    A PM with it would be appreciated.


  • PM me if you have a code you don't want to use. Thanks in advance!


  • any one can PM me a code?
    many many thank

  • Darn, what happened to just either bbqing or crock pot cooking? KISS.

  • Can anyone PM me for the unused code, thank you so much in advance!

  • Is that a heater sticker with temperature control? That's all? Have view the video on their website, cannot see the steak after slow cook, but only after cooking in a pan.

    • Yes, it is a heater with temperature control and pump.
      Meat is cooked, but looks like raw. Pan is only the last step to have more flavour and better presentation, but it is not actual cooking step. Many steak houses using this technique to have best steaks :)

  • Can anyone PM for their unused code? Thank you in advance

  • +1

    I bought one when these were launched on kickstarter. Its a gimmick. Ended up selling on ebay

  • Would love a coupon if there's any left.

    Thanks :)

  • Also looking for a code if one is spare. PM me if you're feeling generous! Thanks!

  • $134 delivered is a great price, bought !

  • Would also appreciate a code if anyone has a spare,

    Thanks in advance!

    Are the people receiving codes getting them from previously subscribing to the email newsletter? I subscribed for next time.

  • If anyone has a spare code, would also love to purchase with discount for the wife for Christmas. Feel free to send me a PM. Thanks in advance!

  • Would love a code (or two), if someone's feeling generous.

  • If anyone has a spare code please PM me? Been looking to get this for awhile~~
    Thanx in advance!!

  • If someone has a spare code, could you please pm me? Thank you!

  • +2

    Here's my code: f3be41fff18e-2782ea74 expires soon tho. Enjoy :)

    • Thanx but used =(

  • Trading good vibes and positive energy to anyone that has a code they don't require. Happy to give to anyone that doesn't have a code too :)

    • Are you asking for code or sharing? If giving, I would like to have one, thanks a lot.

      • Sorry, looking for one!

        • Welcome on board :)

  • OK so how are people getting these codes? I will wait patiently until i get mine if i have to subscribe or something to them.

    • +1

      their email said "This promotion is being sent to you because you're on our list of customers and we want to make sure that you receive your Anova before gift giving season" and "This promotion is NOT being offered to anyone outside this customer list"

      i bought mine with a discount code a few months ago for $224AUD ($175 for BT only + $49 for shipping), so this unique code thing is a steal….

      • got the same email, but I've never bought one..

        i remember registering, and almost buying one but never did… but remained on their email/newsletter list

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