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FREE Uber Rides from Anywhere in Brisbane to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre from Dec 19-26 (up to $20)


Very clever marketing by Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. The centre is also offering a premium child minding service. The complimentary Christmas Cinema Room will show classic Christmas movies and children will receive a free Boost juice and bag of popcorn. Enjoy :)

via Courier Mail

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Indooroopilly Shopping Centre
Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

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  • OzB meetup ?

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    and how are they supposed to return home?

  • +1 for anyone who lives next door to this place

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          state of VIC charges $2 per ride and Uber is LEGAL in state of Victoria.

          lol… Hasn't even gone through the lower house yet… Uber is still illegal.

        • @jv:

          Interpretation of legislation my friend :)
          Government couldn't interpret the law correctly…Government said as per current laws UBER was illegal ,started to fine Uber drivers.
          UBER requested someone who can read and interpret the law in higher court.

          They found a judge who was good at reading and interpreting law(s),after closely studying government's argument's and UBER's appeal .The judge concluded as per present legislation UBER is not illegal if present laws are giving government hard time understanding laws and keeping along with times then get a new legislation which makes it easy for government and public.

          Sense prevailed and as you rightly said legislation pending in Parliament yo be passed in the lower house.

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          Government said as per current laws UBER was illegal ,started to fine Uber drivers.

          When? It was the Taxi Directorate that issued the fines.

      • They are trialing autonomous vehicles with two safety technicians at the front sear to take over driving and monitoring the sensors.

        Don't just read the headlines lol.

    • How's it any different to Google tracking your every movement and using them to project traffic congestion on their maps?

  • I'll take this as Indro Shopping Centre management admitting that their carpark is atrociously designed.

    • Yes, it's no wonder Westfield pulled out a few years back. Such a problem child that centre. So much potential of even further expansion via more property resumptions and/or excavating/building higher but sooooo expensive to achieve.

  • What the hell is "Premium child minding service"?

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    All those drivers who helped Uber grow and are making a living out of Uber … will start crying in few years when they will be no longer needed.

  • Not really anywhere in Brisbane if its capped at $20

  • Not close enough for this to be cost effective for me. I would rather drive to pretty much any other shopping centre in Brisbane than Indooroopilly, given their parking situation. Combined with the Christmas rush, it would be a nightmare come true.

  • More hassle than driving my own car, the return trip is not free.

  • "Hey son, can I have some popcorn and maybe a sip of your Boost jui…"

    "Nooo! You tricked me into one of your stupid deals again! I'm saving it for the 2 hour trek home in the scorching sun!"

  • How do they know if you are using this code to get to Indro, or somewhere else?

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    Request your Uber from out front h & m just along station road near the metal kangaroo :) I'm a driver and always have people expecting Musgrave road or station road both areas are taxi only so do it this way to save everyone a hassle :)

  • WP Indooroopilly! I actually hope it works for them. More peeps should do this kind of thing!

  • "Very clever marketing by Indooroopilly Shopping Centre"

    I'd call it interesting and perhaps even newsworthy. But clever? There would have to be a great return on someone's investment.

    Who is funding this (and assuming it will not be the lowly paid drivers"), and for what benefit?

    I doubt that the shopping centre is funding random uber passengers for a fare to their general vicinity.

  • wow awesome deal. love uber! we used the uber amex deal in ny.

  • As I live a 10 min walk from the centre, I can probably just use this to get free rides home for the next week.

  • Can promo code only be applied during those dates? Didn't work for me when trying now