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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (32GB/3GB) AU $193, Xiaomi Mi Max (32GB/3GB) $221, Xiaomi Mi5 (32GB/3GB) $277, + More @ AliExpress


AliExpress is having a sale this 27th December with some amazing deals on Xiaomi phones. I wish I was on the market for a phone as there are some great bargains here. One day only sale, reputable seller, definitely worth a look. Merry Christmas!
Sorry for the poor formatting, I lost my first edit so rushing this one.. will re-edit tomorrow, hopefully.

Note this price is only available on 27/12 (one day only) and prices aren't changed until then.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (32GB/3GB) $139 = AU $193
Xiaomi Mi Max (32GB/3GB) $159 = AU $221
Xiaomi Mi5 (32GB/3GB) $199 = AU $277
Xiaomi Mi5S (32GB/4GB) $259 = AU $361
Xiaomi Redmi 3S (16GB/2GB) $103 = AU $143
Xiaomi Mi5S Plus (64GB/4GB) $339 = AU $472
Xiaomi Redmi 4A (16GB/2GB) $86 = AU $119
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (16GB/2GB) $114 = AU $158
Xiaomi Redmi Pro (32GB/3GB) $173 = AU $241
Xiaomi Mi Mix (128GB/4GB) $699 = AU $974

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  • I'm usually an Apple user but I wanted something to play PS4 remote play. Would any of these phones be able to play remote play games smoothly? E.g. Mi Max?

    • Can't say for sure, but AC wifi, including router AC at home, with PS4 via LAN, and on a handset that has good wifi range. Simultaneous dual band aswell. Requires root I believe so be prepared to play around.
      Not been impressed with the results I've seen, laggy and unplayable, however some report Xperia devices have worked well.

      • -3

        people get caught up with things like AC wireless, the AC card in my desktop has huge heatsinks to try and use all the bands ..especially for transmit, receive uses less power and generates less heat.. they can't fit that tech into a phone without it overheating ….. same with laptop I7 vs desktop I7 ….. big difference in performance due to heat…… same with routers, why are their antennas so big for AC and they can fit that same antenna tech into a phone ????.

        • +1

          Care to link to any evidence of mobile AC performance? You might be pleased to know NVIDIA 10xx series performs the same in mobile.

      • I've done a little bit more reading.

        Is the main issue network performance or processor? What if I bought a Snapdragon 820 like the Zuk Z2 or the Mi5?

        I'm just wondering why Xperia X can handle it but Xperia XA can't on the same network. Sounds like processor to me?

  • Which among those on the list has the largest screen size?

  • What is it with the firggin Russian? OP, can we have links in English please?

    Very hard to review the pages to verify specs etc… well, unless you conveniently read Russian.

    • I agree I cant seem to get rid of the Russian format.. please link to English ..Thanks

    • +2

      This is due to the seller using Russian links. I'll do my best and try sort this later today.

  • -1

    Will be travelling in Feb 12. Should i buy a phone worth $300 for gst rebate?

    • +1

      The store isn't Australia based (no abnl so no tax refund

  • +1

    Tell me not to buy mi5. Already own mi4 before.

  • +2

    Confused Mi Max and Mi Mix. Got really excited for few minutes then reality sinks in :(((

  • +3

    I got a redmi note 4 pro a couple of months ago (64gb/3gb model), first android phone and really love it. Battery life is good, doesnt feel cheap, nice size, with the MIUI skin its not much of a change from iOS. I paid about $257AUD, so its a steal at under 200 IMHO. Was considering upgrading to Mi Mix only because it looks super slick. Only downside with the redmi phone I got is the camera isnt fantastic. Saying that, not a deal breaker and in normal light its perfectly fine.

  • Alot of colours don't seem to be available.

  • Re the Redmi Note 4, will it work on the 4G Telstra Network? I did the willmyphonework trick and it said only partly. But that may not have been for this Note 4 model, (International Rom).

    Can anyone confirm it will work on all Telstra 4G bands?

    • +1

      B28 is only on the RMN3PP.

      • +1

        Thanks and that is what I was afraid of. I am looking at the Taiwan version of the Redmi Note 3 with the B28 included. Was kind of hoping it would be in this version being 4. Shame as I was hoping the RMN3 B28 version might be on special as well.

        Never mind!

    • ive got the redmi note 4 pro and have found no issues on Telstra/Boost 3G or 4G.
      Unless ive been oblivious to the fact i havent had 4G? I work in the middle of nowhere in north west australia and never had coverage issues, probably better coverage than on my old iphone 6

    • +2

      Why would your consider getting the RN4? The RN3 is better in every way.
      Get the Max or RN3PP

      • +2

        Except 4 is higher than 3 so psychologically its better.

      • +1

        How is it better in 'every way'? The finish on the RN4 is much superior

      • Except CPU and MIUI (no international ROM for RN4 ATM for my understanding), RN4 is better in design and quality than RN3.

  • Hi OP, do you know what time the sales start on the 27th? is it like 12:00 AM AEST? Im thinking of waiting it out like 30 minutes or something before the sale starts because i get a feeling these phones will sell very quickly. thanks cheers!

    • Yeh good question. I wonder if you subscribe via email on the page below
      http://superdeals.aliexpress.com/en (right handside subscribe) Maybe click 'phones and accessories' first?

      • yeah i did that already this morning (subsribed to newsletter) but so far no newsletter about the xiaomi mi sales. maybe OP can shed some light on this one.

  • Could someone tell me which models support 2 Telstra SIMs (simultaneous dual SIMs)? Since the 2G network shut down I only got 1 carrier with my Moto dual sim phones. Thanks

    • +4

      Mi Max
      Mi Mix
      RNP3 (AKA Kenzo model)
      RN3 (Kate model)

      • Do they support both 4G or 1x4G and 1x3G? If one slot has to revert to 2G then 1 slot/carrier will have no service :(

      • i personally tried RN3, it doesn't support dual sim with telstra standby.

  • +1

    I own the MI5 32Gb and 64Gb models and they've been amazing!
    One negative for me is Google maps looses GPS signal more easily than my old iPhone. The camera on the MI5 is really good compared to a lot of phones.

    I also have the Mi Max and dislike the giant size, thickness and lack of button on the front. The MI5 is well worth the extra in my opinion!

  • I had been thinking of getting the Mi Max but ended up getting the Note 3 Kate. I'd have preferred the Max but if I was gonna buy a phone now I'd get the Mi5s Plus. Ticks all the boxes for me except band 28

  • "Ships within 60 business days"


  • Anyone know which one worth buying? Not familiar with xiaomi, pros and cons?

  • Guys been hearing a lot about these phones so tell me what are they like compared to say a Samsung S6 or S7 for that matter, eg in terms of performance and more importantly the camera ?

    • just look at the benchmark score and you will find the answer.

      • Would you happen to know what the best Xioami phone is at the moment too many models to even know which is suppose to be the best one ?

        • same! pls…

        • according to this thread, Xioami Mi Max and also by affordable price-specs, its Xiaomi Mi Max. other than that, Mi5s is a great one. and the best one is Mi Mix which has released last month or so.

          mi5s and mi5s plus has snapdragon 821 processor while Samsung S7 has snapdragon 820 in America mostly and Exynos 8890 Octa in Australia.

          here is the comparison

          going with mi5s seems like a great option to me. it has NFC, reversible port(usb-c), fingerprint, quickcharge 3.0, 3200 mAh battery.

          if you want big battery but with less pixels per density, go for Mi5s plus

  • trying to decide between $221 Xiaomi Mi Max and $299 Sony Xperia XA ultra. battery life winner is Xiaomi but Camera is Sony. Also with Sony phones, you can remoteplay your ps4.

    • +1

      Xperia XA Ultra, no remote play

      Xperia X, Z , etc. yes

      • wow, really! damn, I thought most sony phones were capable :(

    • can you please let me know for the link that I can buy xperia xa ultra for $299, 6inch screen size is better for me to hold, rather than mi Max, thanks

        • +1

          nice yummuycoot, it is very good price, what are you getting, I'm still thinking about mi5 as well but the pricewise, still can't decide, thanks for your help, appreciate it cheers

        • @tinkko: i am in the same boat as you, I have been wanting to get a s7 edge for quite a few months but missed out on deals. Mi5s seems like a great deal but I am not sure if I am convinced by aliexpress. and with sony xa utra, the camera is ridiculously amazing but the battery and benchmark scores are not convincing.

        • +1

          @yummycoot: I have bought few items under $25 and has arrived but never has bought expensive one, on other hand, I normally root Android phones but not sure xiaomi phone can do but surely xperia can do, & $299 with free shipping is tempting, can upgrade my Motorola pure moto to 6in big screen, cheers

        • +1

          @yummycoot: dude unless you love gambling or enjoy collecting faulty goods for a hobby, stay right away from AliExpress for anything dearer than $10….

        • @spy: noted, thanks for your warning, appreciate it,

  • +1

    Dispatch within 60 working days <<< is this true?

  • +2

    Anyone know what time, in AEST, this sale will start?

  • What time zone would this sale start? It's only 550am hk time.

    • Dunno, tomorrow (aussie) lunch time-ish? Or midnight HK time? No one seems to know. I subscribed to their newsletter so I may get a heads up but not really sure.

      • Should be US time PST time (GMT-8)

  • Hmm, I was planning to get the Galaxy S5 at Harvey Norman for $287 ($387 minus $100 amex cashback). This is the phone I had until last week when I broke mine. Great phone.
    Now I'm wondering if I'm better off to get the Xiaomi Mi5? Camera isn't a real selling point for me as I always have my own. I'm more interested in no silly UI, no sluggishness, and something that wont break (I'm pretty hard on my gear).

    • SGS5 is a great phone, and after CM14.1, it's just wow all rounder phone.

    • +2

      I'm getting the mi 5. Spec-wise, it's almost on par with an s7. I turned my back on Samsung 5 months ago after damaging my galaxy note 4. I grabbed a xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. The things I noticed that pleasantly surprised me going from a high end brand to xiaom:
      full hd screen is more than enough.
      Fingerprint scanner works really well compared to SGN4.
      Updates are frequent, but I'm not sure they're all meaningful updates. This is a seller-installed global rom from dreami.

      Love it still. But because Xiaomi's are so cheap, I'm not hesitating to upgrade sooner than I usually would. For this price, there are bound to be things that you might miss out on compared to a high end phone. Another upside is that I haven't kept it long enough to show extensive wear and tear, so I can hopefully resell the RMN3P for a satisfactory amount.

      Things I don't like about RMN3P:
      Fingerprint scanner on the back is a pain when phone is on the table and you cbb'd picking it up.
      No nfc. I prefer not to carry lots of credit cards in my wallet.
      Camera isn't crucial for me too, but this is probably one of the noisier cameras I've come across.

    • Thanks for the info. I ended up just getting the S5 mainly because I knew it was a great phone and I could get it just a 5 minute drive away. When this eventually packs it in I'll definately be on the lookout for a new Xiaomi.
      @spy I never heard about cyanogen before, but seems now it is best to wait till the changeover with Lineage. The things you learn on OZB!

  • What time zone would this sale start? It's only 550am hk time.

  • +4

    [email protected]# AliExpress, just [email protected]# them. Absolutely NEVER buying anything from them EVER again after consecutively having numerous disputes found 100℅ in seller's favour for faulty items even though videos and pictures were loaded with appropriate explanations. I'd love to shove the pile of these fault goods right up their greedy, stingy ar$e$. [email protected]#! them. Sorry guys, I'm really cut with them.

    eBay might be dearer but PayPal wins hands down everytime when it comes to dispute resolutions. Never buy electronics and anything expensive from AliExpress as their protection is phoney and it is up to their greedy discretion with no recourse available.

    For those going ahead with purchasing on AliExpress, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Take it from me who's a veteran of AliExpress from days OzBaragin hardly know what AliExpress was…

  • anyone know when these start, IE 27th according to which timezone?

  • +4

    BUYING THESE FROM ALIEXPRESS = NO WARRANTY EFFECTIVELY. I still have a Xiaomi Note 2 which was DOA but since I didn't open the packaging until after a month, I had no tangible recourse. I have other I'll experiences which I won't bother going into. Don't say you weren't warned.

    • +1

      Did you contact the seller? For the amount you would have spent, Xiaomi would replace it given its within warranty. You need a way of getting the phone to a service center in China. Have you explored this yet?

  • I need advice, I'm tossing between the Redmi Note 4 or Mi Max. Can someone tell me which is a better phone in terms of performance and camera. I am not fussed about the screen size. Thank you!

    • Mi Max has a better camera and bigger battery/screen but other then that they're very similar in performance. Note4 prime/pro maybe a tad faster. (correct me if I'm wrong)

  • Has anyone figured out what time zone this sale starts?

    • +1

      They said its PST time - it's only around 1pm 26/12/2016 when I chatted to aliexpress.

  • This will be my first time buying a Xiaomi phone, could some please clarify the following:-

    Does anyone know whether the Xiaomi Mi 5s will be able to update via OTA when the software/patches becomes available?

    I read some where that some of the xiaomi mi phone comes with some international ROMS etc. Will this phone have an international rom as I do not want a Chinese rom loaded on it.

    Thanks in advance - and have a happy new year.

    • It may come with a vendor ROM installed, which means the store has patched the software to install English and the Google play store, but will not receive OTA's. If this is the case it's very easy to fix. I would direct you and any others with similar questions to here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Xiaomi/wiki/index

    • my previous experience with a xiaomi RMN3P bought from this vendor in August, is that if they specify that they'll install the Official Global Rom, then it does support OTA updates. it's almost weekly that an update comes out. almost a PITA…. but I'd rather too many updates than no updates. so i'm happy

  • -1

    The price was changed?I guess the deal is over.

    • it has not started yet. it will start when its 27th December in Los Angeles

      • +1

        does that mean it will start approx 7pm melbourne/sydney time?

        • yep, hopefully

  • -2

    Where are the deals??

  • Yeah.. i've been up for 3 hrs and haven't seen any different prices..

    • I guess its the 27th USA time?? Or maybe GMT.

  • +2

    Deal hasn't started yet…

  • So none of the phones listed have B28 (700MHz) do they? Or did I miss one? If not, is it likely they'll bring out RMN4 with B28 sometime?

    Its relevant, I live in the semi-rurals so 4G coverage may be poor without it e.g. Telstra here is 4G only.

    • I doubt it will be an issue
      I visit rural and every other band is out there on telstra now
      Redmi Note 3 works where my Galaxy s7 B28 does not, go figure?

      • Could say yes for some, but no for others.

        If you spend hours travelling rural areas, your reception would come and go, from some 3G to 4G to none at all, and most people stop in towns where there most likely always is reception both 3G and possibly even 4G, so good enough for most. Until you live and depend on reception where there is little to none, both 3G and 4G. If you get some it could be intermittent and slow too when busy or bad weather.

        Just like quickstephotel, I also live semi-rural and also very hilly with various reception issues. I pick up a 4G tower sometimes without B28 for both Telstra and Optus, but mostly only get slow 3G. If I use a phone with B28 in my area, I do get much better 4G reception and speeds. Vodaphone same deal, but need their newer B5 as well as the older first B1 and B3.

        I would say it just depends on where you are and need to get reception, maybe you do or you don't. Test a few different phones first ( maybe friends or neighbours ) before you buy new phone.

      • Samford. Teltra is 700Mhz only. It depends where you live. Individual experiences will vary.

  • Best to pay with paypal or CC incase of issues? Or both really no use?

  • Started yet? Past mid day already in Au.

  • Hope I manage to grab a Mi5 once they go up. Need a dual SIM phone to replace my Redmi Note 2 now that Tesltra turned off 2G!

  • +5

    So just did a live chat for sale time and chat says "December 27 Pacific standard time"

    So from my Calculations - Brissie 6pm, Adelaide 6.30pm, Sydney 7pm, Melbs 7pm, Perth 7pm, Tassie 7pm, Darwin 5.30pm

    I maybe wrong with time conversions and what chat says and what the website actually do also maybe different.

    • +4

      USA is the centre of the world. I forgot

    • Edit - perth 4pm.

  • What would be the recommendation from Ozbargainers re Mi 5 vs Mi 5s on this deal? I think I'm going to buy one to replace my ancient Nexus 5. Would love some advice.

    • +4

      The benefits for the mi5s over the mi5 are:
      . Slightly faster CPU - but you probably won't notice
      . Vodafone 850MHz LTE support
      . Better camera under most conditions
      . All metal body

      The benefits for the mi5 over the mi5s are:
      . Global ROM officially released
      . CyanogenMod available (ability to make it more like stock Android)
      . Cheaper

      Note that neither have Band 28 LTE (700MHz) support, which Telstra and Optus use for blanket 4G coverage (longer distance and more penetration into buildings).

      I have a mi5s and I love it. Hard to say if it was worth the extra $ over the mi5.

      • How's the build quality on the mi5s?

        • +1

          Really good. I've come from using an HTC One M8 and it is definitely on par.

          The camera isn't as great in low light, as seems to be the theme across most of Xiaomi's phones.

      • The Mi5 and Mi5s use different ROM's?

        • Yes, different internals, so different drivers/kernels and therefore different ROMs.

      • Hi Closey, thanks for a very informative information. With your mi5s, does it come with global ROM and are you able to update your phone? With the link the OP has posted on the original thread from what you can see on the post is it a global ROM?

        After reading what you wrote, I think I am leaning towards the mi5 rather than the mi5s now due to the ROM side of thing.

        • With the mi5s, you can apply to have your bootloader unlocked. Then you can install an English/Euro style ROM from xiaomi.eu. This is pretty similar to a global ROM… BUT it is not official. It will continue to get the unofficial updates as long as the official China ROM is updated.

          Note that you can't use Android Pay with an unlocked bootloader it seems. You could have a mi5 with a locked bootloader + global ROM that would work with Android Pay. (But not if you put a custom ROM on it).

        • @closey: Thank you, closey. I think I will stick with the mi5 as I am not familiar with loading a custom ROM and plus I don't want to brick it. Cheers, mate!

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