expired Flights to Tokyo Return from Cairns $274, GC $352, Bris $462, Syd $487, Melb $481 Via Jetstar @ IWTF


Cairns to Tokyo Flights $295 Return.

  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 09/Sep $295
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 10/Sep $295
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 11/Sep $295
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 12/Sep $295

Gold Coast to Tokyo Flights $354 Return.

  • Dep. 09/Jun Ret. 22/Jun $354
  • Dep. 09/Jun Ret. 18/Jun $355
  • Dep. 22/May Ret. 28/May $355
  • Dep. 22/May Ret. 04/Jun $355

Brisbane to Tokyo Flights $462 Return.

  • Dep. 29/Aug Ret. 12/Sep $462
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 09/Sep $463
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 10/Sep $463
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 11/Sep $463

Sydney to Tokyo Flights $500 Return.

  • Dep. 29/Aug Ret. 10/Sep $500
  • Dep. 29/Aug Ret. 11/Sep $500
  • Dep. 30/Aug Ret. 10/Sep $500
  • Dep. 30/Aug Ret. 11/Sep $500

Melbourne to Tokyo Flights $514 Return.

  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 08/Sep $514
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 05/Sep $514
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 06/Sep $514
  • Dep. 28/Aug Ret. 11/Sep $514

Perth to Tokyo Flights $523 Return. Flying AirAsia

  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 12/Mar $523
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 13/Mar $523
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 14/Mar $523
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 15/Mar $523

Edit: Extra dates added 10-1-17

Cairns to Tokyo Flights $295 Return.

  • Dep. 05/Apr Ret. 12/Apr $274
  • Dep. 05/Apr Ret. 13/Apr $274
  • Dep. 05/Apr Ret. 17/Apr $274
  • Dep. 05/Apr Ret. 18/Apr $274

Gold Coast to Tokyo Flights $352 Return.

  • Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 14/Mar $352
  • Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 15/Mar $352
  • Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 16/Mar $352
  • Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 17/Mar $352

Melbourne to Tokyo Flights $481 Return.

  • Dep. 19/Apr Ret. 26/Apr $481
  • Dep. 19/Apr Ret. 07/May $481
  • Dep. 19/Apr Ret. 09/May $481
  • Dep. 19/Apr Ret. 12/May $481

Sydney to Tokyo Flights $487 Return.

  • Dep. 30/Apr Ret. 23/May $487
  • Dep. 01/May Ret. 23/May $487
  • Dep. 02/May Ret. 23/May $487
  • Dep. 03/May Ret. 23/May $487
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  • +9 votes

    Nicely presented.


    Part of Jetstar Boxing Day sale.

    Good prices, nearly as cheap as Sept sale to Japan. Got return flight for $349 out of GC for end of popular Sakura season 2017 (April around Fuji-san) back then, & $249 Cairns return Sept 2015 Sale for this year's Sakura season (late March-April)😯

  • +5 votes

    Pro-tip: Don't go for those Aug/Sep flights unless you like humidity!


      I've been to Japan for 3 weeks in September, it's really not that bad. (I am used to it living here in QLD though).


      Agree… i've been to tokyo in both aug and sept. Its way more humid then QLD.


      Depends on destination - Kyoto is like a bowl with surrounding mountains - often extreme heat (40c) & humidity in August, plus very busy for wonderful Daimonji festival.

      Typhoons are a risk at that time of year making travel uncomfortable. I head for the mountains or Northern Japan.


      and you wont be seeing the cherry blossoms and snow peaked Fuji in that picture in Aug/Sept either.


    ID you need to add luggage into the cost, then possibly you can get siilar deals from JAL / QF / ANA when they have sales, and hopefully direct flights rather than dog legging it with JQ.

    trust me, you will shop when in japan :)

  • +7 votes

    I recommend organizing Hotel/Backpackers/AirBNB 2 weeks before you leave

    I recommend getting the JR pass at least one WEEK before you leave

    Aug is really really BLOODY HOT in JP

    Use Hyperdia website to check transport (Trains/etc)

    Don't expect everyone to speak english

    Akihabara does not really have cheap video games or cheap computer/console parts
    eg - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc16YBxG6a4
    check Ebay/Amazon/Newegg/online instead

    The train BACK to the airport might be delayed due to windy afternoon/evening
    turn up 6 hours before the flight time

    • +1 vote

      Akihabara does not really have cheap video games or cheap computer/console parts

      But if you like gundam or JP toys the range available is mind blowing.

    • +3 votes

      uh, i have to disagree with just about every point you made:

      1. Book your accomodation months in advance if you can. Last minute airbnbs are possible, last minute hotels your choice gets extremely limited
      2. You need to get the JR pass more than a week in advance, depending on how you buy it, you may need some documentation sent to your australian address. So allow a month
      3. August is the hottest part of the year, but it's not "Hot", it averages about 26 degrees
      4. Use google maps, it's easier
      5. Agree on this, most people don't speak english
      6. Akihabara does have cheap games, consoles, parts IF you shop around, there are a lot of rip off stores that have opened up, but there are still plenty of awesome bargains to find if you go searching
      7. 6 hours before a flight? Are you kidding? With how efficient the airport was run, we could've arrived at the airport train station 1 hour before the flight and still had plenty of time to spare. I'd allow 2 hours as a general guide.

    What's average temperature in tokyo in august?


    My 2017 travels already booked out, and I just can't look at airfare deals the same after the VA/SQ error fare bonanza in early November.


    Been trying the Gold Coast dates, it's giving those prices in the top table but below they seem to be $500+


    any deals from adelaide?


    Well curious here but I thought Jetstar do not fly to Tokyo after Feb 2017??


      No, plenty of direct Jetstar flights to Tokyo next year. I've booked to Tokyo in April.

      Of course the answer is different for different locations in Australia. You don't specify departure point.

      This is this is part of annual Jetstar Boxing Day sale


    do i need a vaild passport to book? or can I can one after booking.


    Hi all,

    Curious here, how come no flight promotion for 21st June to 30th June ? I searched through ozbargain but cannot find promo for these period?

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