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40% off NATO Straps @ - Free Australian Shipping on All Orders


Hi OzBargain Community!

About Me

I am Simon from OzStraps (, we are a new small local business that has been up and running for the past 3 months.

The reason I started this business is because I wanted to purchase some replacement watch straps to freshen up some of the older watches I owned, however I realised that our local online stores were quite expensive compared to overseas options.

The Bargain

Anyway, enough about me, onto the bargain!

I am offering 40% off all NATO straps for OzBargain customers (for a limited time only). Simply use the coupon code OZBNATO upon checkout.

Is This Actually a Bargain?

To be completely transparent, a quick eBay/Aliexpress search for NATO watch straps will result in millions of results with prices ranging from ~$2 to $80. This is because the quality of watch straps in the market can vary significantly which is reflected in the price.

With OzStraps I believe I have struck a balance between affordability and quality to provide Australians with a bang for buck product. I also provide the following:

  • Free delivery via Australia Post is included on all purchases
  • Orders over $20 get free Express shipping with a tracking number
  • Complimentary spring bars will be provided with every purchase
  • Local support and warranty available should you have any issues or require assistance
  • Every order is hand packed with love by me :)

How Do I Install the NATO Strap on My Watch?

  • A 3 step guide is available in the following link

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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          We are always looking to grow our product range, fermented soybean watch straps sounds like a great niche! Feel free to contact [email protected] if you would like to be a part of the Natto Bean Strap R&D team ;)

  • Any leather ones?

    • +1

      Hi Moo!

      Yes, we have leather straps available in either the Boston (3 Pin Clasp) or Mayfair (Deployment/Butterfly Clasp) Collections.

      Links to these can be found below:
      * The Boston Series
      * The Mayfair Series

      • Hi Simon, do you custom make watch straps and can you get alligator straps? I used to be able to order custom-made alligator straps from France but i don't think you can import alligator straps anymore. I need straps at special length to fit my deployant clasp. Thanks in advance.

        • Hi There! The Boston and Mayfair Series provided in the link above come in an alligator style, however I'm not sure if that's exactly what you're after. We are looking into custom straps behind the scenes but it might be a while yet before a public release, watch this space :)

    • +5

      The leather ones linked are the same as iStrap leather bands from AliExpress…

      Down to the same stock images vs OzStraps.

      Whether you want to buy "local" or save a few bucks and wait 2-4 weeks it's up to you.

      • -2

        Good eye! iStrap is our preferred distributor for our leather bands as we have found that their quality exceeds that of the other products which we sampled. We are an official distributor of iStrap products so if there is anything else in their catalogue that interests you, we can work out a deal with iStrap and bring them in for a competitive local price.

        • +3

          maybe a great idea to have your own photos of the actual products too.

        • +4

          @PVA: suppliers often have the requirement of their distributors to use the suppliers supplied image's - it makes sense, and makes better quality images..

        • @robertbruce: I see, thanks.

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    Your products look, strapping…

    • +18

      Hi Cheap Charlie!

      My fault here (Simon from OzStraps), I thought it would be best to create a dedicated account for OzStraps on Ozbargain. I forgot I had an old personal account from 2011 and was placed in the Penalty Box for duplicate accounts! :(

      I have messaged a moderator to hopefully sort out this issue asap.

  • +2

    thanks mate, just picked one up.

    • +1

      Cheers! your package will be posted out to you first thing tomorrow morning :)

  • These look like the the cheapo AliExpress ones currently selling for $23 for 10.

    • +1

      Hi Supnigs! We recognise that there is a large variation in quality/price of NATO straps available online. We are however, confident in our product offering - so much so that we are willing to offer local Australian support and warranty for any issues you may experience. This is something which we hope our customers will consider prior to making a purchase from us!

    • +4

      Posting again for visibility:

      "The leather ones linked are the same as iStrap leather bands from AliExpress…

      Down to the same stock images vs OzStraps.

      Whether you want to buy "local" or save a few bucks and wait 2-4 weeks it's up to you."

      If the leather straps are iStraps off AliExpress what are the chances of the NATOs being AliExpress specials?

      If your value proposition is quick and free shipping from Australia with a small price premium (compared to AliExpress) then be up front and stick with that instead of passing off your product as superior even though they're sourced from the same place with the same materials.

      • +1

        Hi WorkAround! Thanks for the feedback, as per my response above iStrap is our preferred distributor for our leather bands as we have found that their quality exceeds that of the other products which we sampled. In the future we will try and do our best to be transparent with our product source so that the community know exactly what they're paying for!

      • +2

        thanks, really appreciate your comment. Will pull the trigger on the actual bargain.

  • +1

    Considered looking into the apple watch bands? Stock in Australia and supply chain is pretty pathetic.

    I'd buy an apple watch band if dealing with locals.

    • +5

      Hi MorriJ, we actually do stock Apple Watch Bands (just launched!), all with Free Express Shipping!

      Take a look here: Apple Watch Bands

      Also, there's a introductory 20% off code available specifically for Apple Watch Bands : APPLE20

      • Any extra large apple watch bands? my current M/L sports band for 42mm just barely fits…

        • +1

          Hi 8anddrank, we are currently looking into this for you - expect a response in the next few days!

      • +1

        Would love to find an Australian supplier of Apple Watch Sport bands, if you ever feel like expanding your products :)

      • How long would it take to get it? Been chasing one of these bands for a belated xmas gift for a family member

        • If an order total is over $20 it will be shipped via Australia Post Express Post (complete with tracking number).

          The Express post guarantee from Australia Post is "We guarantee next business day delivery if you post your item within our Express Post network on a business day (Monday to Friday)" so I think its safe to say you would get the package pretty quickly!

          Otherwise if you are in a real rush and are local in VIC we could always organise a pickup in person :)

        • +1

          @FlyingAce @8anddrank

          Always looking to expanding our Apple Watch Bands collection. We are looking at the community to provide feedback on what they want and we will work with our distributors to ensure we get the best quality/price.

          We will keep you updated :)

        • @Simonnn: Hey there :). I'm wanting to order the Apple leather dawn strap, wish I knew about this yesterday so that I could've received it by express today! It's an urgent gift, whereabouts are you if I want to pickup tomorrow? Could also do this evening but I assume you won't be around then.

          Also.. Do I just need the strap only? Or do I need an adapter as well? I noticed on another band that it was included, and this one is even more premium so am surprised if it isn't.

        • @missdelarocha:

          Hi! Feel free to shoot us a message on our Facebook page or email and we can see what we can do :)

  • +1

    Trump has been threatening to abolish NATO, little wonder they are trying to get rid of stock.

    • +10

      In that case, better get them quick before they become limited editions! ;)

      • True!

  • +4

    For those who don't know, NATO straps are cheap yet very functional and comfortable and can come in many many different colours/styles. Easy to fit on most watches and easy to shorten to fit your wrist. They are also nice and secure so if you do active stuff there's a lesser chance of losing your watch due to pin/strap breaks.

    And because they are so cheap and easy to fit and easily washable, you can clean your filthy filthy watch bands after doing a ton of exercise/getting dirty.

  • +1

    Nice to see an Australian strap company.
    You should consider expanding into some quality leather for the paneristis out there if possible please.

    • Thanks! Definitely will take that onboard.

      Currently looking at expanding to smaller sizings i.e. 16-18mm and Panerai specific leather watch straps in near future.

      • Yes, I was just about to mention that. The wife's Timex Weekender takes the female length and Band width 16 millimeters.

  • anything for samsung g3?

    • +1

      The Samsung gear s3 uses an ordinary 22mm watch band if I'm not mistaken.

      This means that any 22mm band from our shop, NATO or Leather will be compatible :)

      • From the link you've linked for NATO band, it does look like it'd block the heart rate monitor (which is located on the bottom). Wouldn't that be an issue?

        • +1

          Unforunately we are not able to confirm the heart rate monitor functionality at the moment as we don't have a Galaxy Gear S3 on hand for testing (we have been working through the Apple Watch bands over the last few weeks). However, if there are any issues faced after you receive the band feel free to contact us and we will make sure you're a happy customer :)

  • +1

    I got my nato straps cheaper off other stores a while back (eg or ebay). As stated before they tend to be cheap in price so this isn't much of a bargain - although I have no issues supporting local stores

  • +3

    Do you sell Warsaw Pact straps?

    • +2

      To be honest we haven't explored these types of straps yet, thanks for the heads up - we will definitely be looking at adding Warsaw Pact straps to our catalogue. Will make sure you are the first to hear about it when it happens!

    • /r/watchescirclejerk

  • Hi Simon, will you be doing any straps with brushed hardware further down the line? No Bond?

    • +1

      Hi There! We actually did bring a variety of brushed watch straps in during our initial product sampling and test phases, it is good to know that there is a market out there - we'll definitely be bringing them back into our range :)

      • If you want to stand out from the rest and get of tonne of traffic to your site, look into some seat belt straps. Cincy Strap Worksand WatchGecko

  • +5

    Seems like a strapping deal

  • bought 2 for my old moto360 with it's filthy, disgusting, vile, sweat filled leather strap. they probably won't fit but for $12 it's worth the gamble.

    • +2

      Hi Bundy23 - to my knowledge the Moto360 uses a 22mm watch band, however you may need an adapter of some sort to fit the bands. As I'm not confident on the fitment without further research I'm happy to organise a refund for you prior to the item being shipped out if that is your preference.

      Otherwise as you mentioned you can see how you go once you receive the band. In any case thanks for shopping with us!

      • +1

        thanks for the quick reply… i'm expecting that the straps won't fit but it's only $12 so it's worth trying. I'll let you know how I go once they arrive.

  • +2

    Ordered a Gold Milanese loop for Apple watch, hope the quality is reasonable…

    • Keen to hear your thoughts on quality. Please report back

  • Good price with free shipping, worth a try! ordering now :)

  • Thanks Simon! Was looking to replace my current watchband - always used leather but was interested in trying a NATO band, so perfect timing! One obsidian black ordered… :-)

    • Thanks for shopping with us! If there are any issues feel free to reach out :)

  • +1

    Grabbed 3… finally get my three watches with broken bands back to being wearable again.

    Thanks heaps Simon!

    • +13

      To what depth did you dive with your phone?

      • +1

        Nice !!!!!!!!

      • Are you a gayfish?

  • Arghhh

    "Your cart does not meet the requirements for the OZBNATO discount code"

    • That is odd! If you tried adding other products in whilst using the OZBNATO code then you might have to try purchase seperately (we will still express ship your items if eligible of course!)

      Let me know via PM if need be :)

      • Sorry, i didnt read properly, i tried use the code to purchase the apple watch strap, 39.95…. i thought thats part of the discount product too. My bad…

  • +1

    Thanks OP - Picked up The Regimental.

  • +1

    You have earned my business =)

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Purchased two!

    • +1

      Hi OP! I got the straps delivered today, Thanks! But there were no spring rods in the package.
      So I delicately tried removing the existing strap and successfully broke the bars that came with the watch. Yeah! I am that hopeless.

      • +1

        Op the same issue here. Since mentioned we will receive complimentary Springs I didn't order extras. The pebble ones aren't usable since they have a release shift and now I can't try these beauties.
        It was a bit of a let down to be honest.
        I would have loved it if it was not any promises and we have received the Springs rather than being told we would and not receiving them at all. The same old, under promise and over deliver thing, you know :)

      • +2

        Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will make sure you receive a set of spring bars, no use having a strap which you can't use right? :)

        • Received Spring Bars today! Thanks OP!

  • Will a 20mm band fit a Daniel wellington watch? Thanks

    • Hi Richie, Yep! From my understanding, Daniel Wellingtons sport a 20mm NATO strap. That means any 20mm NATO strap or Leather strap will be fully compatible.

  • Any to fit TW STEEL WATCHES? TW411

    • Hi! The TW Steel TW411 utilises a 24mm watch band. At this stage we stock the Italian Vintage series in 24mm:

      If there is enough interest we may also look at expanding our 24mm product offering!

  • +2

    Thanks OP!

  • What's the liklehood of you stocking 18mm bands?

    • Hi Pete, the Mayfair Series is currently available in 18MM. With that said though, we have already received 3 requests for 18mm bands today alone so we are seriously considering expanding the range.

      • 18mm fit the Casio FW92 and FW105 I recently got a NATO strap for 105 from the Sydney Strap Co… Going to look for more options from you. Would love another NATO or a Zulu for the Casio.

  • +1

    I bought NATO straps from these guys in the USA.

    For two NATO I payed US$30 plus delivery. Roughly A$24 a strap.

    So this is a good deal. I bought 3 NATOs. Thanks OP!

    Just wondering on the quality compared to WristCandy? Got the black one it was amazing quality from them. How about yours?

    • Thanks for the kind words, we are currently jotting down all the improvement points and product expansion ideas from the comments here so every piece of feedback helps!

    • TGV on youtube raves about Wrist Candy straps. Shipping is pricey though.

  • Any plans to develop/make a strap for the Fitbit Blaze?

    • To my understanding the Fitbit Blaze utilises a standard 22MM band so the OzStraps bands will most likely fit, however it would be best to do some research before placing an order!

  • Are these compatible with the Pebble Time Steel?

    • The Pebble Time Steel can be used with any standard 22MM watch strap, order away! :)

    • what could I order for original pebble classic like this

      • +1

        I believe the Pebble Classic uses a 22mm watch strap, however best to research prior to buying!

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