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Holysmoke Vintage Bluetooth Speakers 80% off @ Myer (Were $499, $399, $299 | Now $99.80, $79.80, $59.80)


The Bluetooth Retro speaker has classic vintage charm packed with modern features, including Bluetooth technology so you can stream and listen to your music wirelessly. Available in 3 different sizes, in Classic Black or White

HS-SPKTBW-JS Joy Street Bluetooth® Speaker White/Rose Gold $99.8, was $499
HS-SPKTBW-BW Birdwood Bluetooth® Speaker White/Rose Gold $79.8, was $399
HS-SPKTBW-NN Newnest Bluetooth® Speaker White/Rose Gold $59.8, was $299
HS-SPKTBB-JS Joy Street Bluetooth® Speaker Black $99.8, was $499
HS-SPKTBB-BW Birdwood Bluetooth® Speaker Black $79.8, was $399
HS-SPKTBB-NN Newnest Bluetooth® Speaker Black $59.8, was $299

Thanks to nookie and xdreamsyt, still available on ebay.
HolySmoke HS-SPKTBB-JS Joy Street Bluetooth; Speaker Black
HolySmoke HS-SPKTBW-NN Newnest Bluetooth; Speaker White/Rose Gold
HolySmoke HS-SPKTBW-BW Birdwood Bluetooth; Speaker White/Rose Gold

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  • Holy smoke they're all sold out except
    HS-SPKTBW-BW Birdwood Bluetooth® Speaker White/Rose Gold
    HS-SPKTBW-JS Joy Street Bluetooth® Speaker White/Rose Gold

    • Looks like it's all sold out now.

        • Strange, I get the message "This item is out of stock".

        • The same for me, though one of them is showing 'limited stock'.

          PS: How come Myer doesn't list the technical specification of their electronics? All they have is 'The Bluetooth Retro speaker has classic vintage charm packed with modern features, including Bluetooth technology so you can stream and listen to your music wirelessly'.

        • @neilpatrickharris: Yeah one is saying insufficient quantity, the other is getting in the cart/bag/whatever.

          Emptied my cart now in case it was reserving (but I somehow doubt it).

        • @AussieDaddy: Agreed, annoying. Found this info from another site:

          HolySmoke "Joy Street" Bluetooth Retro Speaker - White & Rose Gold

          The Joystree Bluetooth Retro speaker has classic vintage charm packed with modern features, including Bluetooth technology so you can stream and listen to your music wirelessly.

          Product Features

          Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music wirelessly
          Guitar jack
          Vinyl wrapped, Classic Fabric, with rose gold accents
          Input : Bluetooth, Aux-in, Guitar Jack
          Power : 100W
          Speaker : Bass 1x 5.25” + 2x 1.5” Tweeter
          Product Dimensions : 480 x 250 x 365 mm
          Weight : 8.8kg


        • @xdreamyst: Ta. So that's supposedly their most expensive one, and it's 100W. No, thanks.

        • @AussieDaddy: I'm interpreting 100W to be the RMS power rating rather than the nonsense PMPO rating. In which case, 100W for a box unit speaker of this size is quite good. Never heard of the manufacturer though, so bit of a risk in that regard.

        • @xdreamyst: I see. Thanks. Someone else said below that they're from India, so I would rather give them a miss. Don't remember buying any electronics made in India before.

        • @AussieDaddy: No probs. My main speakers are a very good pedigree, and they're rated up to 300W for the tower and 200W for the centre before signal clipping kicks in. All of which is irrelevant without information on speaker efficiency dB rating (every 3dB doubles the power requirement to sound the 'same loud') - which isn't provided in this case. Nor is any information provided to guide on the distortion and noise characteristics, which isn't surprising in this category of speaker.

          Anyway, it is a big box (yes, that can actually help in certain circumstances) and if the enclosure is a decent build, along with well manufactured internals then $100 is probably a decent deal - especially with a guitar jack and other connects. Wouldn't be a buyer at more than $100 though.

          Also not a buyer on account of it being out of stock! ;)

        • same .. don't think you get much stereo channel separation with these bluetooth speaker setups …….

        • they don't list the spec as it can burst the marketing hype, if you go the holy smoke web site ,,,,, these speakers are small ….. much smaller than they might seem to appear, also the holy smoke web sites is selling them for $199….. so $499 rrp i'd probabaly also hype….. don't think they are big enough to power a pool party though they look as big as my guitar amp….. until you read the dimensions …..they are small for a bookshelf, not "boom boxes" but maybe that was just my expectation from the picture that they would be substantial and higher powered than my pc media speakers.

      • No wait, just this one now lets me add to cart:

  • Only first and second available, limited stock and location. Great deal tho @ 50% off from $$$ manufacturer website.

  • From India according to the blurb on the back.
    Bit odd

    • From India, eh? Good luck to those who pulled the trigger. lol

      • This is a rip-off. Don't get caught in OZB hype and buy. Better of saving for a UE Boom or something else with a better reputation.
        Check out these over-inflated RRPs on their website

      • depends what style of music you like …..



        'Made in India' is your problem is it ?

        So are the Land rovers- Range rovers - Jaguars are actually owned by India ….I own a Jaguar and love it. It is 'Made in India' better than the rubbish we are served in the name of 'Aussie Made' Holden (even compared similar priced Hyundais - Toyota which i drove for 10 yrs without a problem).

        Before the forces of ozbargain descend on me, I am Aussie born but refuse to play into the marketing gimmicks of these companies. AND ALSO refuse to have the stupid mentality.

        BTW : I go often to India on business and India has one of the best skilled labour (and much well treated compared to Chinese bonded $0.50/day) hence VW, Audi , Hyundai etc, all have manufacturing units in India & Lockheed Martin etc Make F-series fighters in India as well.

        • Another one to add to the list.

        • Both Jaguar and Land Rover were originally British owned and engineered until 2008 when it was sold to India's Tata Motors, so whatever they're, it's because of British engineering. The problem with these speakers is that no one knows about them, and even Google didn't return any reputable reviews, hence why I had problem with them. And yes, if it's unknown product made by India then I will stay away from it. Anything else, mate?

        • @AussieDaddy: Tata motors is one of the largest conglomerate in the fact most of the steel sold to Australia is by Tata or Laxmi Mittal Industries. Your comment was regarding product being Indian hence it was not worthy. Never did u mention about Google reviews 'in that comment' hence the issue. Yes it was British. But by the same logic, MasterCard, Microsoft, PepsiCo, etc all are run by Indians..So you are allergic to all things touched or run by Indians or just the ones that don't have Google review and Indian. Anyways everyone to themselves. HV a great new year !

        • @Jabberwocky: It's funny how you've made a disclaimer in your early comment that you're "Aussie born" and still you seem to be mad about my initial comment. I still stand by it, and also all the other companies you've listed in your last comment (MasterCard, Microsoft, PepsiCo)are, or were initially created and popularized, by Western countries. When the day comes that India is a pioneer in technology then I will buy electronics made in India. That's my opinion and you getting mad at that won't change my opinion. Have a happy new year too.

        • @AussieDaddy: I am not mad at you or anything. Just your comment was a bit surprising and sounded naive to me. Also I never said u should buy 'made in India'. But similarly any goods made in a particular country can be no reason to reject it. By the way what was the last good technology u bought made in Australia. ?

  • Let us know how they sound.

  • NO! I missed this, what a bargain it seems. Down from $500 to $99, that's insane.


      First two I think still in stock, ugly though, the black ones looked nice

    • From one earlier review, $500 is overpriced. But $99 seems like a great price.

      • Mate, they'd have been better than my Logitech Z623 which I've been using the past 5 years now. I've been meaning to upgrade them and looking for a deal recently on speakers, this was a golden opportunity missed. They might be overpriced, but at $99 they're definitely a bargain.

        • so used them? I was looking a proper amp like blackstar with bluetooth. This one does have the guitar input not sure how versatile it will be. Hope it's dual speakers.

        • think your logitech 623 might sound better ….. newer doesn't mean better. the logitech has a separate sub woofer and separate left and right speakers … i think also dolby thx certified …..

        • [@garage sale]and (/comment/4320438/redir): my mate has z623 thx certified. loves the sound but no Bluetooth. he hates the wire clutter, limited wire lenght & moving around the speakers to organise them.

          I prefer having all fitted in box with Bluetooth and bonus guitar in too. was looking around at blackstar amps. I know this won't sound as crisp as proper amp with guitar in but for music listening hope it delivers. It sayd it has a bass & 2 tweeters built in. Wish it had option of battery power to move it around. But no reviews on internet makes me think whether that $ 79 is worth it?

  • Battery or mains powered?


  • the $79 white is still in stock in adelaide rundle mall.. booked one! I wanted to buy proper amp like blackstar with bluetooth . But this seems to be good price. Myer has change of mind policy right?

      • sweet.. thanks. Now i can try it without worrying. Hope this be good for as the original price is crazy high! Can't find any reviews though.

        • Not sure how you can try it without using it.

          Read the conditions.

        • @jv: will be careful with the package, not unwrapping anything & try to keep everything as it was so it can be saleable condition.

          Only need to plug power in & connect it with Bluetooth with phone/tabletpc for sound check.

          Got an email from myers saying it should be ready to pick up by 1st jan but i think it will not be ready before 3rd.

  • A few of the eBay models show in stock in some Sydney stores

  • What is it with made in India comments above ?
    Are they of bad quality? Any examples ?
    So all those people who commented on this will not be buying iPhone 8? As they will be made in India from April 2017?;)

    • it's the impression everyone has faced in the past. But reality is that now every country is competing to manufacture all these companies high selling products. Imo what matters is company policy of not compromising Quality or cutting corner. If they adhere to the standards, the manufacturers will oblige accordingly.

    • India has no positive reputation for complex electronic goods in Australia. You can't possibly compare Apple's closed-shop quality control to an unknown Indian company.
      Many people have a general negative perception of India as the land of the scam, the land of dodgy quality, the land of corrupt practice, the land of bribes, the land of fake parts, the land of extreme bigotry, the land of extreme sexism, the land of visa fraud, the land of annoying telemarketing and the land of woeful hygiene.
      So yes, an unknown Indian electronics brand can't exactly market itself on the reputation of India in the Australian marketplace. Sales would probably be better if they didn't mention it at all.

      • I see you're doing nothing to stop the general negative perception of Australian's as racist bigots claiming everyone else is racist then.

        • Australians don't "claim everyone else is racist". That is an altogether silly suggestion.
          Australians will, however, mention or refer to actual institutionalised racism where it is relevant to do so, such as the hideous caste system within India. It is one of the many negative perceptions many people have of India and with good reason.

        • +2 votes

          You obviously haven't experienced the throwing of rubbish on the ground, wherever you ate, along with general urinating on the street. Nothing T do about racism or bigotry, it is a fact of Indian life

        • you forgot child labour……. but yeah, the caste the system….. these things are not racist, they are cultural and could be changed if people changed their values.

          you can't change your race due to your birth place , but you can change your culture and values.

          please use a dictionary and look up the definition of racist …… no wonder we falling behind other countries in academic achievements.

        • @garage sale:
          "could be changed if people changed their values."
          But they do not, and have not for thousands of years. Thus it's a problem.
          BTW you may need a newer dictionary because current British law (Equality Act 2010) defines caste as an aspect of race.

  • Couldn't find any review on this product. A different model called idisco by holysmoke preetty much the same features

  • everyone who ordered, please do share your thoughts & reviews. Seeing no reviews makes me doubt the quality of this speaker.

    Also were holysmoke products listed on myers before the sale?

  • Forget that its made in India it is from a WHITE MAN called SIR Arthur James Declase so it should be free from indian issues
    Although that said many Indians understand retro very well because its all a lot of them can afford
    Also we trust Indians to cook, drive and give us medical advice so this may be ok

    review here

    • i don't think it's a colour issue , get a frenchman , italian, britain, and a few other european nationalities in a room and they would possibly have ideas of why their culture is superior based on nationalistic achievements, though they are all white.

  • I ordered from eBay for pickup.
    Will let you know how they sound compared to my other speakers.

  • I have HOLYSMOKE Newnest (won as a prize so $0.00)
    I mainly use as a TV soundbar and sounds good for free.
    I'm not audiophile - basic speaker knowledge :)

    Has very slight hiss when no input sound
    Its loud enough for me and rarely have it beyond quarter turn on volume dial but when I have tried up to about half turn it seems to suffer some distortion
    Main annoying feature is when switching to Bluetooth it has a very loud BEEP and a slightly quieter beep when phone connects

  • Just called myer online support to see if i can pick up my order early. They said there is no stock anywhere in Australia for $79 white one, unsure about the other models. So they refunded my money ASAP. I told them they should stop taking online order then as it still shows it's available.

    it's going to be updated & most of you are going to get refund. Don't wait, check with them online or end up getting disappointed despite order being taken & processed.

    • Just got my refund email messages

      • Try calling the store to ask for display model. That's how i got mine.

        I'm very impressed by the sound. Especially lower bass is clear, punchy not muddy at all. Mids - David bowie, freddie mercury under pressure vocals so good, lively & true.

        Highs - is where am disappointed becomes tinny distorted on higher volume. I did the pink noise burning for 5 hours straight to see if it helps. Will do another 5 hours tomorrow.. i would say it's worth the money probably more! Happy to get it. Bluetooth reception is fantastic, Haven't plugged in the guitar yet.

  • update: got really upset with this & went to rundle mall store & lucky they had a display model. Happily picked it up. The sound check was good in the store but still have to try in detail when i get time.

  • Myer Highpoint still have some display units. Picked up a black display newnest display unit a today. Saw another white newnest and possibly another birdwood and joystreet display units. I am not an audiophile but sound quality was excellent from a smallish unit. Unit looks solid and well put together.

  • I got a joystreet sounds good