expired Vodafone Prepaid $30 Starter Pack Now $10 @ Coles in Store ONLY


Vodafone prepaid $30 starter pack now $10 @ Coles In store ONLY.

I spotted this in this weeks catalogue.
2gb data
Infinite standard national calls and TXT. (Sorry for the limited details that's what's available)

Limit 1 per person. [I'm sure we know what to do, Mr Harvey Norman call us "professionals"] hahaha

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    Aldi mobile is better for a slightly cheaper month to month

    for $25

    Telstra 4G Network
    30 days expiry (not 28 where are basically taking 28/29 days a year from you for free)
    2.25 gig + rollover
    Unlimited text and standard calls

    Woolies has a similar deal but on the Optus network but has a more generous rollover data system and works out better if you are a Rewards member.

    Don't get sucked in to 28 day pre-paid plans unless you want to get one to get cheap mobile for almost a month.

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    Any way u can use this to top up existing Vodafone prepaid number?

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      No, it's a starter kit, the credit is included on the SIM and attached to it. You need a recharge voucher to do that.


        Cool, thanks
        $30 doesn't give much value anymore compare to before,
        Now Not even enough for visitor that comes for 1-2 weeks unless u get the $40 starter kit, better go for Optus $2 a day


    It doesn't have much value compare to Opt us.

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    Asked for 4 and got 4 so the limit of one is sometimes not applied
    I could not find any expiry as these 4 will last 8 months when porting in and out

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    Possibly a slight overreaction

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    Can also connect these sim for data if prefer and will normally give you 4GB for 30 days ( very good @ $2.50 per Gig ).

    If you activate before 05/02/2017 then get extra 4 Gig bonus data ( great value @ $1.25 per Gig ).

    I gabbed five from one Coles, will try for more this week.


    I would totally get a years worth of I didn't already have a years worth of Optus $30 for $10.

    These don't have expiry unlike the Optus ones.


      unlike the Optus ones

      Can you please explain more? I am aware that Vodaphone SIMs do not have expiry dates, but if Optus Prepaid SIMs impose such expiry (say 6 to 8 months?) then how and why did you have a years worth of Optus $30 for $10?

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        The Optus Sims have an expiry on the back. It depends on which stock you get.

        Mine all expire Feb 2018. Bought them late last year.

        I should be able to get through them all but would rather have the flexibility of no expiry.


          Ah I see. Thanks.

          Do you do monthly switcheroo with Optus + Vodaphone SIMs? How did you deal with the 28-day credit expiry problem (if any)?

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          @sky blu:

          Spot on. Optus and Voda combo so it actually costs $11/28 days. I have to buy 13 sims to cover a whole year.


          @Hogg: Thanks for the info! My SIM-only plan expires soon so I'm looking to switch.


          @sky blu:

          Just to clarify, the Voda sims are $1 sims used for porting only.

          This deal also helps keep porting costs down.



          @Hogg: Thanks. Can only order (1) Telstra free SIM though.

          Your method is external port-out then port back in Optus. How did you source multiple $1 Vodaphone SIMs? Vodaphone website only allows a single purchase.

          The method I was thinking is alternating between (2) different carriers (Optus & Vodaphone). But apparently there is a problem now: Optus prepaid SIMs are to be activated within 30 days of purchase. Please see my comment in this thread.

          If this is confirmed then I will have try and return some of the SIM packs I just bought from Coles today.

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          @sky blu:

          I only buy a Vodafone $1 sim when it's closer to day I need to port.

          Yes apparently newer Optus sim starter kits have the activate in 30 days sticker.

          Mine did not and so far have been working especially since there's a Feb 2018 expiry date. It should be valid till then.

          It's unconfirmed but some posters are saying the warning to activate within 30 days is to ensure you get the current offered inclusions because they do chance.

          I can't confirm that though because my sims were from before they had those stickers. You'll have to make your own decision whether you want to try it or return them.

          If you could get the voda packs, I would recommend those because they don't expire and don't have the 30 activation warning.


          @Hogg: Thanks for your responses. I will take the punt on the few Optus SIM packs I've purchased.


          @sky blu:
          It would be cool if you can report back when you've successfully activated one of the Sims after 30 days which has a sticker.

          I haven't seen anyone confirm so far so it would be good to know. :)


          @Hogg: I've previously bought some Vodaphone packs and picked up 3x Optus packs yesterday. I plan to start using them after June this year.

          Please see this comment and it is why I've decided to keep them. The risk is $30 for $90 value and I believe Optus perhaps does intend to change to 30-day activation, so they are clearing the ones with expiry date in circulation. The ambiguous statement on the sticker is the warning of changes in progress IMO.

          So you're set for 2017, but have you thought of the way forward? I mean 13x Optus + 12x $1 Vodaphone (buying individually) may not be possible anymore. How about 13x Vodaphone + 12x $2 Telstra (or any cheapo SIM starter packs) that can be bought in bulk?

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          @sky blu:

          Thanks for linking me to that informative post.

          I'm unsure of what I will be doing once I'm through this lot of sims. I'm hoping the landscape changes and we can get even better value.

          We've personally witnessed the progression of telco costs. It used to be these expensive plans where call charges per time mattered and data wasn't really affordable.

          Now it's a prepaid world where unlimited or cheaps calls are the norm and the only difference between providers is the amount of data included.

          That, I believe is the reason why we don't want to be locked into plans. The costs of calls and data may be even better in a year or two's time.

          I'll just find what ever is the cheapest for my needs and go with that. :)

          If I were to have a plan on today's prices then I would load up on Voda $30 for $10 sims and as you say some sort of cheap $1 or $2 sim.

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          @Hogg: Good talk buddy. Please hit me up in 12 months' time for further discussion to new alternatives.


    Went in today after returning from overseas and grabbed four of them for $40. Voda has a bonus data offer at the moment so you actually get 3GB plus unlimited calls, great deal.

    Will just keep swapping between $10 Optus starters I got for $1 from 7/11 with these for the next few months until I jump on a Telstra contract with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

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