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HP Deskjet 2130 All-in-One Printer Good Guys $11.90 Free C&C


A further price reduction $17 to $11.90. Picked up two myself.

  • Print, copy & scan with ease* Easy to set up, right out of the box* Save on space with a compact all-in-one design* Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Technical Specifications

  • Wired/Wireless: Wired

  • Print: Yes

  • Scan: Yes

  • Copy: Yes

  • Fax: No

  • Paper Capacity: Up to 60 Sheets

  • Print Resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi

  • Print Speed: Black up to 20ppm Colour Up to 16ppm

  • Scan Resolution: Up to 1200 dpi

  • Compatible Ink: F6U62AA, F6U61AA, F6U64AA, F6U63AA

  • Installations: Computer Set Up Services

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      Excellent, I used a 20% off voucher I got for my alternate eBay account to get it down to $9.52 each click n collect!

      • Where did you get a 20% off voucher?

      • sounds like prepaid mobile, the more sim cards you accept the cheaper it gets
        better get another couple of dozen accounts as the loot swapppers at night leave some behind and it could be determined "abandoned" so some fake accounts would come in handy

  • Does it come with printer cartridges?

    • +1

      Only starter ones. Maybe around 50-100 pages

    • I believe yes.

      HP 63 Setup Black Ink Cartridge (~110 pages)
      HP 63 Setup Tri-color Ink Cartridge (~100 pages)

      • Cheap way to get the cartridges I need. Thanks.

        • -1

          these are the starter inks.. lucky to get 30 pages out of it (speaking from experience)

    • +5

      Their description not mine.

    • +11

      Good. The sooner that technology dies off the better.

    • +13

      It doesn't make coffee

      • but the system is capsule machine alike!

        • So you are saying we can print with coffee when the ink runs out?
          Suitable for the boring documents where the reader would benefit from extra caffeine?

      • +3

        Yep, in the medical field.

      • +1

        Most businesses, yeah.

        Even the Woolies Petrol I work at does.

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    The consumables are what kills these printers. The ink is expensibe and they often prime with ink when you turn them on. We had a Canon that drank much more ink than I ever used to print out pictures. What is people's experience with 3rd party inks. Is he quality as good, has their printers been damaged?

    • Been using 3rd party XL cartridges from eBay so far in my HP and all good. However that is my experience only and I can't guarantee they won't damage your printer haha

    • +2

      I don't think they have much of a chance to damage these budget HP printers - the printhead is integrated with the ink tank and replaced each time.

    • Totally agree on the view of consumables! They are the killer. I've tried 3rd party inks in the past. They are cheaper in the long run but I always found myself having issues with the quality of print. May have to give it another go as I've changed printers since then.

    • +1

      Everyone really should stop supporting HP printer market because of this:

      You simply can't use 3rd party inks lol.

      I've read some models of HP out there refuse to start-up when the ink slots aren't fully populated with 'not expired' cartridges, blocking even scanning or printing just black/white.

      • And Canon as well

      • make the test: buy 2 and set them both up. Print one page and then swap cartridges.
        Now you will find that HP has turned them all off and want you to buy new ones!
        My Hp A3+ suddenly downloaded new firmware without asking me. Suddenly it told me that I can now read the news. Of course once you say yes it then prints them in the most inefficient way.
        So I complained on facebook amongst so many others as the new firmware also was blocking 3rd party stuff. Oh another firmware come in and yes 3rd party works again

    • +1

      I tried the refilling ink cartridges yourself method. It was soooo cheap. Then the printer just decided nope! Your cartridge is empty (when it is full) and refuses to print.

      ^$&# HP.

  • +15

    More land fill…..

    • +3

      got a free coffee machine from Coles just for buying 60 bucks worth of capsules. Soon of course the specials stopped and others are cheaper but lucky I found a victim to pass it on to

      • Lol!

  • +1

    Fantastic, I needed a scanner, thanks OP.

    • +1

      Have you tried CamScanner app?

      I use it as my sole scanner and when I went for a new job, for the background check they said it was fine to use that (that's how I first heard about the app)

      • +4

        I use TinyScan at the moment but it just doesn't beat a flatbed.

    • the $15 Canon at Officeworks might be an alternative. With some old software they scan forever if you don't mind the ugly printer.
      Also installing the Canon might leave you some space left on your hard disk something not every HP customer had to report.

    • I am not sure they scan after the ink is empty.

  • +1

    Just need to print some uni documents and stuff. Seems good for the price.
    What after printing 60 pages. Throw it or can i buy some b/w catridges and print more? If yes, can someone provide me with link please?

    • +1

      You could buy recycled cartridges, they are significantly cheaper than new.

  • +1

    how many prints do you think you'd get from the trial ink?

  • +1

    ebay has a cheaper shipping. I tried to checkout on web, shipping was $10

    • how come ebay's shipping charge is cheaper? I've tried ship to 2601 and costs $15 on ebay, and additional item $13, but TGG web costs $10 for two items.

  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed!!!
    Does it do 40Gbps?!

    • Hi-speed is the moniker for Usb2.0 and it's 480Mbps not 40Gbps. More than enough for a home printer as it is limited by the print speed of 16-20ppm, does not have direct printing from USB drive and doesn't have a whole lot of internal memory to cache a big print queue.

      • Can't really call 480Mbps high speed when there is 40Gbps out there!!!

        • Lol!
          The max "theoretical" transmission rates USB interface can do currently is 10Gbps which is USB3.1 labelled SuperSpeed+.
          If you are just not happy about the labelling as Hi-Speed/SuperSpeed etc., these are specific to USB specifications alone and not a catch-all label for all data transmission technologies available. Have a read at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB :)

  • +3

    All these cheap a$$ printers are is a blight on the environment and a scam to get you buying expensive consumables which are also a blight on the environment. At the very least buy a printer that lasts more than a couple of months.

  • Is there any stock left in NSW? These things are like a treasure hunt.. can't find any, anywhere

    • Caringbah (ebay)

    • Wagga Wagga.

  • I have the 3630 which is running out of ink. Worth getting this just for the starter cartridges?

    • good guys page states these as included in the box:
      HP 63 Setup Black Ink Cartridge (~110 pages)
      HP 63 Setup Tri-color Ink Cartridge (~100 pages)

  • Just ordered one, its 12 bucks man, print shop would cost more than 12 bucks to print pages, Plus you get scanner and copier.. better than phone scan.

  • If I bought this, I will discard it when the included ink ran dried.

    • bring it back to the sore just to make your point!

    • Sad but true. I think I'll wait for the next toner printer sale at least they last longer feel bad chucking out so many printers

  • will this scan when ink runs out

    I want to use as a scanner only

    • no, and it would stop scanning even if you will still have ink but it would consider it "expired".

    • +2

      It's $11 each.. Just buy 2.

      One for permanent scanning - don't touch the ink/ever print with it.
      One for printing - Print with it and if it runs out, buy cheap ebay/ali express cartridges to replace it and keep going/throw the printer out, if you no longer need it.

      • So I could just never print from it and scanning will be all good

      • it will clean its nozzles periodically to ensure they will never dry up. Of course after about 6 months it will scream for new cartridges and refuse to scan
        you only option is trying to find 3rd party scan software and that usually cost after some time too.

    • :)

    • +1

      I was surprised that the $15 Canon printer from Officeworks scans just fine without me putting in the ink at all. So that is another viable option.
      I just install the printer driver from the Canon website and used Microsoft Office Document Imaging to scan or you can also used the software that comes with the printer on the cd.

      Not sure what will happen if you put the ink in and it runs out, whether scanning is disabled afterwards or not though. But you could always buy one for scanning and one for printing as suggested by others.

  • checked ebay and it said that my store had stock. Drove over and they had the next model and many more at higher prices with wireless and denied cheap stock.

    better order a few hundred at ebay with click and collect

  • Just bought :)

  • +1

    $11.90 isn't bad for a Scanner that can print too (albeit for 100~ pages before it needs expensive ink replacement).

  • +1

    Edit: tried again and it worked.

  • Delivery $150.

  • +2

    Cheers op, thanks for that.
    Ordered C&C eBay, Frankston store. Now looking for other reasons to drive 40mins to Frankston to better justify/offset the petrol/drive time, lol.

    • Lol I did a drive as well. Bought 2 to justify it more.

  • +1

    Havent see brother laser printer deal for quite some time now.

  • +1

    Special deal for ink, buy two XL cartridges, get $20 cash back (for the ones suitable for this printer)

  • +1

    Clicked on Friday and collected it today. Thanks OP, A nice printer for light use.

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