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Melbourne to Qingdao (China) $235 Return Beijing Capital Airlines March - July 2017 Luggage/Meals/Drinks Included


Due to some users reporting that edreams.com.au were unable to fill their order (OzBargained) I have removed their links. The lowest prices that can be found now seem to be $235 through IWantThatFlight. See the links below and play with some dates yourself and report back your success.

A cracking deal to get to China on a full service airline. If you've never heard of Hainan Airlines, they are rated very highly on Skytax and you can read all their reviews here: http://www.airlinequality.com/airline-reviews/hainan-airlines/

Thanks to the user "lookwithin" for finding out that Beijing Capital Airlines is actually a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines, and they are flying their planes on this route using codeshare. So please note you will not be flying on Hainan Airlines as the websites suggest, you will actually be flying with Beijing Capital Airlines

All luggage/meals/drinks included (including alcoholic beverages. Hiccup.)

For any Port Adelaide or Gold Coast fans, they are playing in Shanghai on May 14th….Keep this in mind when booking if you were planning on visiting Shanghai anyway (2 hour plane flight from Qingdao)

Have a play with dates between March and July as it's pretty scattered, however I've included a couple of samples below. Good luck.

A couple of test dates:

June 2nd - June 20th:

eDreams.com.au $190: https://www.edreams.com.au/travel/?action=engine%2FItinerarySearch%2Fsearch&landingPageType=PASSENGER&locale=en_AU&mktportal=skyscanner&searchId=30760325478&searchMainProductTypeName=FLIGHT&testToken=1%23930-2%2310670-3%2327795-4%2341022-5%2317646566188-6%2347965-7%2351587-8%2316772430754-9%233413270815-10%234553079172-11%2322215341945-12%2327259310758-13%2334551089016-14%2326252872961-15%2332120600045&testTokenDate=2017-01-17T04%3A45%3A05&utm_campaign=MEL-TAO&utm_content=meta-desktop&utm_medium=metasearch&utm_source=skyscanner&utm_term=flight&fareItineraryKey=0,1A&segmentKey0=0,HU8672&segmentKey1=0,HU8671&skyscanner_redirectid=WMlUntxnEeafxAmkHGbJEw#/results/type=R;dep=2017-06-02;from=MEL;to=TAO;ret=2017-06-20;collectionmethod=0;internalSearch=false

IWantThatFlight.com.au $235: http://iwantthatflight.com.au/flight.ashx?&oc=MEL&dc=TAO&dd=...

May 3rd - 16th May:

eDreams.com.au $190: https://www.edreams.com.au/travel/?action=engine%2FItinerarySearch%2Fsearch&landingPageType=PASSENGER&locale=en_AU&mktportal=skyscanner&searchId=30760325478&searchMainProductTypeName=FLIGHT&testToken=1%23930-2%2310670-3%2327795-4%2341022-5%2317646566188-6%2347965-7%2351587-8%2316772430754-9%233413270815-10%234553079172-11%2322215341945-12%2327259310758-13%2334551089016-14%2326252872961-15%2332120600045&testTokenDate=2017-01-17T04%3A45%3A05&utm_campaign=MEL-TAO&utm_content=meta-desktop&utm_medium=metasearch&utm_source=skyscanner&utm_term=flight&fareItineraryKey=0,1A&segmentKey0=0,HU8672&segmentKey1=0,HU8671&skyscanner_redirectid=WMlUntxnEeafxAmkHGbJEw#/results/type=R;dep=2017-05-03;from=MEL;to=TAO;ret=2017-05-16;collectionmethod=0;internalSearch=false

IWantThatFlight.com.au $235: http://iwantthatflight.com.au/flight.ashx?&oc=MEL&dc=TAO&dd=...

April 12th - April 25th:

eDreams.com.au $190: https://www.edreams.com.au/travel/?action=engine%2FItinerarySearch%2Fsearch&landingPageType=PASSENGER&locale=en_AU&mktportal=skyscanner&searchId=30760325478&searchMainProductTypeName=FLIGHT&testToken=1%23930-2%2310670-3%2327795-4%2341022-5%2317646566188-6%#/results/type=R;dep=2017-04-12;from=MEL;to=TAO;ret=2017-04-25;collectionmethod=false;airlinescodes=false;internalSearch=false

IWantThatFlight.com.au $235: http://iwantthatflight.com.au/flight.ashx?&oc=MEL&dc=TAO&dd=...

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/gmjbq

For anyone worried about booking with eDreams due to their many negative reviews on the Internet, I've included the same fares over at IWantThatFlight which can be found for $222 return. These fares can be also be had for $234 return through https://www.hainanairlines.com

Credit again to Scott's Cheap Flights for this one

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  • +1

    Awesome! Thanks, I just booked for 6 days over the easter period… I assume they don't celebrate easter in China. haha. Now to just figure out where to stay, what to do and visa situ.


  • +6

    FYI Qingdao=Tsingtao,the name of a beer you can find in Australia,that city was governed by Germans before WWI and Tsingtao beer should have a similar taste with German beers.

    Besides it is also the headquarter of Hisense, see if you can buy a Hisense 65 inch TV there with a better bargain.

    • Natural Island?

      • Port city.

        • Qing = natural
          Dao = island

        • @chinezejew:

          Its name is from a nearby fishing island,qing here has a close meaning to blue, clour of the ocean.

        • @chinezejew:
          What about the artificial ones they are building now???

          Building Dao?

        • @edskii: no such island i think

  • Looked everywhere for Sydney flights, can not find cheap flights :( Message me if someone does please :)

    • I didn't do much search, but I do find flights around AUD300 with China southern. I searched flights to Beijing. China Southern isn't as high as Hainan on the Airline ranking, but would be all right. The plus is China Southern is headquartered in Guangzhou which is No 3 biggest airport in China and has much better local connection than Hainan.

  • +1

    nvm.. it includes taxes and charges…
    price is kind of ridicules, cost more to fly to Sydney

    the flights are actually operated by Beijing capital airlines, a smaller subsidiary. not really Hainan airline planes.

  • Doing my best to get a fare for two between 9th october to 8th dec 17, no luck

    • That's because it's March - July mate

      • +1

        14JUL 17 OR 01SEP 17 THROUGH 05OCT 17 OR 09OCT 17 THROUGH

        I've been going off of this the whole time ugh.

        Cheers m8

  • +2

    Don't book anything with eDream just yet. I am on phone with them and they are saying my booking is cancelled even though my credit card is charged. I will update on how I go. Just on hold right now.

    • Let us know how you get on, my one and only time I booked with eDreams they took 2 weeks to ticket it, but it all came through. It seems many people on the Internet have had the same delay in getting their tickets booked, however they normally come through.

      In the meantime, I've added some links to IWantThatFlight at the top.

    • How did you go?

      • +1

        Sorry took ages in the phone to sort it out. It was partly my fault as I accidentally booked 1 ticket ($196) rather than 2 in hurry. Then tried to book the second ticket for the wife. It came to $206 but every time I tried to pay, the page just refreshed and nothing happened. I tried to change payment method to PayPal and got a message about decline payment. However PayPal charged my credit card. I called them found out the second ticket was cancelled and PayPal do this thing where they temporarily hold the money and will refund in a couple of days since the transaction was cancelled. I was then transferred to another team who helped me book the second ticket. Price however was $260 this time as it had gone up. It was still $192 on the website. I didn't wanna argue and paid $260 as it's still ridiculously cheap. I found their call center to be helpful and all sorted in the end. Now gotta figure out what to do in China for 10 days in April. Haha

        • Great news!

        • +1

          @dazzywazzy: spoke too soon. Just got an email from them that they can't process the payment. So on phone again to sort it out. I much rather cancel this ticket and buy through iwanthtatflight. Let's see how we go.

    • +1

      Mine too. Cancelled.

  • Worth going there just for the beer

  • +4

    On the plane make sure you pick the chicken rice meal.

    • lmao

    • Awww yis

      Hainanese chicken rice can't be beat

  • +4

    Thanks OP, definitely will look into this!

    Note than Hainan have bought in to Virgin Australia. If you book for later in the year theres a chance that there may be a codeshare in place between VA and Hainan, meaning you may be able to earn VA points/credits.

    I've been following their partnership for a while and while I'm not sure when it'll happen, I'm pretty certain it will. If I had to guess I'd say June 1 2017 as thats when VA are starting direct flights to China.

    • Hainan has a partner agreement with Etihad, so if you have Etihad membership, you can also collect points.

  • Meals included??? Hainan chicken rice???

  • Im looking for flights in say late July but return in like 12 months, anyone find anything?

    • I think you can only stay a month as posted by a user in one of the comments up above

  • Remember they don't do glossy photos any more disappointing

  • No sydney flights that cheap?

    • +1

      I don't think they fly direct from Sydney sorryl

  • Any good as a stepping stone to elsewhere (Europe) ?

    • +1

      You can try, but TsingTao is not a big international airport, so only limited international flights available, and most of which are going to other Asian countries, like South Korea or Japan.

  • +1

    INSANE deal…

    A round trip on Uber to airport & back could cost as much, not to mention no meals included

  • What's the Visa situation when visiting China for less than a month?

    • Yes, you need visa.

      • Yes, but is it free? Can you apply online or do you need to see the embassy?

        • -1

          Single entry visa to China is $109.50. You need to visit their visa centre. Do a search on Chinese Embassy website.

        • +1

          If you can't find the time to go in, you can pay an agent $30 to submit and collect for you

      • How about a hong kong citizen that holds an Australia passport?

        • As a Hong Kong citizen don't you have one of those permit that allows you to go inland without needing a passport? Use Aussie or HK passport to fly there then use that permit to enter PRC.

  • +2

    Fellow ozbargainers beware, you are not flying on Hainan Airlines, you are flying on "Beijing Capital Airlines". The flight is marketed by Hainan but operated by Beijing Capital Airlines.

    OP plz fix

  • Single entry visa to China is $109.50, almost the same as the return tix.

  • I note the Wiki - 5 star airlines listed by - (qoqqq) on page one.

    With the listing of Hainan Airlines they appear to be in great 5 star company with others.

    Qatar Airlines is on that Wiki list, but in my case their customer service is just apalling.

    Have sent 2 emails to them regarding poor service, and ignored for as many months, but they keep sending me emails about the latest brilliant offers. There must be some sort of disconnect with their online presence!.

    So with all these recent great flight offers around, as other OzBargain menbers note, be sure of who you book through, customer service can be highly sporadic!.

  • +1

    eDreams "bid" on the ticket your purchased on your behalf, but are rarely successful.
    I had a bad experience with them where they had the best price, I booked, they took my CC details, then 24 hrs later, the booking was cancelled as they were unable to secure that price.
    I never used them again and I do not recommend them to anyone.

  • Tickets cancelled

  • only one hour flight from Qingdao to Shanghai.

  • can't find any flights!!!
    i had one in June and I searched another date and by the time I went back, the ticket had gone!!!
    Can anyone still get the $190 tickets?

    • don't bother. edreams won't honour it. they're terrible. book with IWTF

      • still can't find any flights around the same price :(

    • +1

      Looks like it's been OzBargained at that price.

      Look at IWTF now. Check the links at the start of the post for $235 return examples

      • sorry for the late reply
        i did search IWTF now as per your instruction.
        All I got was Deer Jet @$235..

        • Unfortuanetly all the cheap fares are gone matey, lowest one now is around $450 return so I've now marked as expired.


  • Found fare on Iwantthatflight redirected to CheapOAir for AUD235. April 12 return 26 April. Great flight. Tempted as cheaper than flight from MEL to Brisbane return.

  • I think it is sold out, Cheapoair is dodgy, their fare is not updated until checkout. Once you checked out they will state that the fare has been changed in price. So if you see on IWTF with only Cheapoair price as $233 while others showing $472, it means the sale fare has been gone.

    • Thanks samehada, Cheapoair definitely isn't dodgy at all, I've used them many times and am happy to vouch, unlike edreams which I was unhappy to vouch for as I had only used them once. What it looks like has happened is IWTF hasn't updated Cheapoairs latest pricing for some dates/fares. I'm sure it will catch up.

      The fares are not sold out, I just did a dummy booking for May 3rd - May 16th and it works fine.

      Good luck :)

      • Well, I used Cheapoair before, what I mean is their dodgy pricing tactic, they did not update it despite giving me a new price when I make payment.

        You did dummy booking which means you did not go to the final payment screen, they will tell you that the fare has been changed at that final step.

        • So if you enter in CC details and pay at this screen - http://imgur.com/a/LuzV4

          You're saying it then errors?

          Do you have a screenshot of when you tried to book? I just don't want to make it all as expired in case there are still fares out there.


        • @dazzywazzy: Yes, once you enter your cc detail and click Book you will get an error that the price has changed and the new price is similar to other site on IWTF (~$472). Really get me excited until the last minute…sigh

          BTW, how did you find this deal on scottcheapflight? I couldn't find anything on that website. Do you have to pay subscription for that site to see "deals"?

        • @samehada: I've marked as expired now mate, seems many people were lucky at the start which is normally the way these things go.

          Yep it's a paid subscription with them, they have a free subscription also which you will get the same deals, just normally about 12-24 hours later than the paid subscribers.


        • @dazzywazzy: I know, you snooze you lose ;)

  • A sample date I tried direct on the airlines website (Hainan & Beijing Capital) was A$474 - $495, so I suspect it was a price error.

  • +1

    I have purchased a ticket from eDreams yesterday and received an email having confirmation number.

    But when I go to Hainan airline site to see my booking status, the site displayed my booking info and it has been cancelled by the airline on the top of the list.

    So It seems Hainan airlines will cancel all transactions from eDreams and eDreams is going to refund.

    let see how it goes.

  • Ozbargain needs to ban posts where edreams is a seller. I have just spent the past 48 hours dealing with the most unbelievably fraudulent company. I wish i would've listened to my fellow comrades re not booking with them.

  • eDreams booking cancelled, money will refund in 3 working days apparently.

    Foreign transaction fee applied too, ah well.

    • How did you find this out? I have a confirmation email but no ticket yet. tried calling and the number doesnt work :/

      • +1

        I called the American line since the Australian number wasn't working. They went to check and it had already been cancelled :/ Similar things have happened with me an eDreams before but I thought it was a one time mistake previously

        • Ah cool, yeah i tried the UK line but it was closed. Will try again during opening hours. Did they say how long it would take to refund>?

        • Uhh she told me 3 working days pretty sure

  • Mine seems ok, even the ticket is issued. Will the be canceled as well?

    • If you have an e ticket issued from the airline, you should be ok. You must've been one of the early lucky ones.

      I've had some luck using http://www.flightnetwork.com/etickets/ in the past to put in my reservation number and validate the e ticket is valid etc, if you wanted to give that a shot.


      • +1

        Thanks. Checked above link, it is not there. But it is availabile on Hainanairline website

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