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There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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    • Thank you for this. :)
      Sorted for a week, atleast for now.

    • Am I the only one that getting the message 'No local pice available'your selected fuel type is not available near your current location? 3U faked located successfully but just couldn't get into app to lock the price…..

    • explain please?

      • +2

        Hasn't been an OzBargain member for an hour.

        Pulling your leg.

        Hasn't done sh1t.

  • -1

    I got android 10 and locked up price before they updated the app, can I use that price on the new app? Don't really need to fuel up for my hardly used car but it expires tomorrow also don't have any IOS devices around…

    • +1


      • Thanks mate.

  • Ifakelocation on computer + ios works perfect. Used script above to find cheapest location and locked in on the new app - U91 for 101.9

    • +3

      Same here, but with 3uTools.

      Owning an iPhone finally pays off :P

      • +4

        Now we're saying "get a cheap iPhone" just to lock in lmao

    • No need to jalibreak?

      • +2

        nope,,tried with 3utools as well

        • 3utools works very well. no issues. Thanks

          • @georgev: +1 for Ifakelocation on macos + ios.

            • @Jit0809: Downloaded Ifakelocation on macOS, but it didn’t open

              • +1

                @georgev: Worked perfectly fine for me. Since im on catalina i had to allow some dylibs a few times in Security & Privacy first. But all in all, had it running in 5 mins.

  • +64

    A slight update:

    The reason we/you are getting the E01 error is because the app is failing the SafetyNet Attestation test. This happens (for me) because the certificate doesn't match what is being sent or should be sent. For instance, if I just resign the APK without any changes then I get the attestation error. I'm not sure yet if I can work around it, we'll see. I have an idea or 2 that may or may not work.. I haven't mucked around with it yet.

    When you make a request with the app it sends along a header called x-attestation-token: which (I can't remember off the top of my head where it is set, but it must be from when the app first loads) if it is null doesn't proceed with the fuel lock. You can search for fuel and load up offers fine without it.

    I documented a tiny bit a few nights ago here about the fuel lock process and how it is just a GET request now with your longitude and latitude in the URL instead of a POST request. You can see how the attestation token is blank because I was using my modified app.

    Progress is slow because I'm working a metric crap ton and have only a few hours a night after work which I wanna split between my API (I'll share the code with master131).

    On another note, if someone has a jailbroken iPhone/iPad and they can help me do some packet sniffing shoot me a message please.
    I'm having trouble jailbreaking my iPad Air with checkra1n (Linux) which is annoying.

    • Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the new API.

    • The reason we/you are getting the E01 error is because the app is failing the SafetyNet Attestation test(developer.android.com). This happens (for me) because the certificate doesn't match what is being sent or should be sent. For instance, if I just resign the APK without any changes then I get the attestation error.

      That explains why appcloner clones aren't able to lock as well, you can run clones for older versions independently because they all have different app signatures

    • +1

      Thanks Freighter! That is why I've been getting E01 error. I am lucky enough to have an S10 and i need a special combination to boot into root mode and safetynet fails in that mode.. but when i boot into "normal" mode, i used GPS joystick (converted to system app in root mode) and it works!
      The "special mode" in mockation disappeared in non root mode too.

      I can use this method for the time being and thanks for the update!!! Legend

      Edit: I think I'll just mention that magisk creator topjohnwu has said the only way to get safety net to pass in magisk is finding a vulnerability somewhere which will be patched by google easily. So i have a feeling it'll be harder to fix with this safety check on 7/11 side. I only read but don't understand how it actually works.

    • -9

      I'm also getting an E01 error, I await your response please. Is there anyway to fix?

      I've systemize gps joystick and hide when on on Android 10 linage os

    • Thanks for the update and all the effort! Unfortunately not sounding as promising as your last post, looks like it's time to JB an old phone, at least the short term.

    • So we need an Android app that talks the iOS API protocol, or something talking to the play services attestation server directly to get a signed token? Surely there is some real attempt by Google at protection against the second option … I just can't see how that fundamentally could be protected.

      • I am just wondering if SafetyNet Attestation test is an android, what will they use with the iOS API
        I get your idea of trying to explore the network packages in iOS to find that out

  • +3

    Hey guys, what's a cheap android phone I can buy to use the fuel lock now? Anyone using the Galaxy A20? Feel free to drop your options if something is cheaper? Ty!

    • +1


      Looks like the Motorola comes in at the top for cheap reliable smart phones.

    • +1

      What android phone do you currently have/use?

      There's no guarantee just any phone will work.

      The best bet for android phone is one where it has stock android 9 AND is already rootable (xda developer is great for that). You can also go for a phone with custom android 9 but it will be more work. My primary phone is Samsung S7 which does not have stock android 9 so went the custom route.

      • +1

        Hey, I have the same phone as you and I have tried systemizing Mockation and it is still asking for developer settings. I made sure to check priv-app during systemizing but I also can't find the priv-app folder anywhere. The logs on Termux says the transfer is successful. I'm pretty stuck and it would be great if you could write out a method. Im using the same ROM - black diamond and root checkers say root is successful. Cheers.

        • +2

          Sounds like you're really close to getting this to work.

          I dont use mockation so not sure how that particular app works, the ones I use are here:


          I also use ES File Explorer Pro to access priv-app folder. You need to grant it root access first. If you cannot systemize it with magisk module, you can go into data/app folder and copy the folder to priv-app, then change the folder and base.apk to the same permissions as the other files in priv-app. Then delete the folder from data/app

          reddit post here helped me a lot

          • +1

            @CodeXD: CodeXD you hero! I finally got it to work. I downloaded File Explorer Pro and found out I had two copies of the app - one already in priv-app and the other still in data/app. I deleted the data/app copy and now I can use special mode on Mockation. Locked in 95 at Midvale today!

        • +3

          Yes you are kind of close, the tip is to download a separate safety net checker or use Magisk s one and keep on checking it passes before you go to the next change you are doing and avoid downloading too many unnecessary apps, maybe I'm just paranoid in having a fail. That means i don't bother using termux or even downloading that special module in Magisk for the systemizer. Who knows it could make the safety net fail. I guess you could get a root Explorer, but again this is another app. I suggest you just use twrp to manually move the mock gps app folder to the system, there's a few tutorials around for that and it works.

          I also use the gps joystick app rather than the one you use as it works for me and I think it's more superior as we can change the app name to avoid detection. Tip download apk directly from vendor with unlock version, not from playstore and use the privacy options.

          After systemising some settings in the mock gps app should be turned on or off.

          Magisk and safety net are very sensitive, keep on toggling between Magisk hide on and off and get a successful safety net. Toggling core mode only may help too. I believe you should rename the Magisk app to avoid detection too. And Magiskhide props config might help.

          Good luck.

        • Very close too. I go to the point that I can pass SafetyNet check and systemize to priv-app and removal of the data/app files.
          But when I run the mockGPS apps they just crash and Android has to close them

    • Hi im not an IT expert but my thoughts are Samsung s6 and below would be ideal. Some Newer Samsungs have 7 day unlock bootloaders wait times. I used Samsung s4.

    • Thanks guys!

    • I'm guessing Nokia phones might be the cheapest ones, and they'll get updated to newer OS for 2 generations too.

      EDIT: nvm, just realised you want one that can be rooted to run it with mock location, rather than just stock app.

  • -2

    I had a price previously locked in before change over of app (was from interstate). Worked after about 3 attempts at scanning it from the servo rep however, as other have mentioned, it is rounded up to the nearest $1 so for me it cost me an extra 23c than what it should have.. I am not happy!! lol

    • nearest $1? what does this means ?

  • +1

    Locked in 91 at Ryde North for 101.9

    5 minutes later tried showing the voucher at my local 7/11 in Victoria and the clerk said it was invalid.

    Not sure if you have to wait in between lock in and redeeming it, especially interstate.

    Wondering if anyone else is having any issues? I locked in on my iPhone and showed my membership code on another device. It worked previously 2 days before but I had a 30 minute gap between lock in and redeem.

    • That sux thanks for sharing. I wonder how long we need to wait then.

    • Did your other device show that you had a price locked?

      • Yeah it did. I don’t show the membership on my jailbroken device as I’ve read that the app has additional jailbreak checks when you do so.

        Going to try again later today, will update on results.

        • really i never heard this, so your membership card is different on a jailbreak phone?

        • did it work for you?

          • @ozbargainerlife1: Sorry for the late update. I tried again 2 days later and it worked.

            So what I do now is lock in the price at least 24 hours before I redeem it.

    • Put in a claim to get money back

    • +1

      I just used by lock from North Ryde today in VIC and it worked fine. Lock was made yesterday using iFakeLocation on iPad and used today from an Android Xiaomi phone.

    • +2

      I locked 98 at North Ryde and waited 24h+ before using it and it worked for me, the guy at 7-Eleven (QLD) said I was the only one today that it worked for, so there must some time limit between where you lock and when you use it.

  • +1

    3utools works like magic. Awesome !!

  • Has anyone tried using a ios emulator on a windows PC ? . I only ask as it took me all day to setup android studio emulator and it didnt work ….

    • +1

      I dont think iOS app can only run on simulator unless you have the source code
      iOS emulator normally cannot connect to appstore to download the app
      (unless someone has re-sign the ipa file with enterprise certificate so you can install straight away by trusting in profile)

  • Tried to load fuelprice.io this morning and it has been very slow
    anyone has the same issue?

    Edit: Its ok now, maybe a sudden high traffic?

  • Updated ElevenMe app this morning and it's working!

    JB iPhone last night but couldn't lock price, tried 3uTools this morning and then opened 7-11 app and got this message "Your device is not supported. Restore your device to factory settings". Anyone know what this mean and how to fix it. Can't use app. Tried deleting and re-installing but didn't work.

    • You need to use a jailbreak detection bypass like FlyJB or A-Bypass

    • Try installing FlyJB here

    • +1

      I re-installed the jailbreak, use Liberty Lite Beta and 7-11 app is working again. I have tried LocationFaker and Relocate, both change location to North Ryde but when I try to lock I get "Uh oh! That didn't work quite as planned, there seemed to be an error". Any ideas why it won't lock the price?

      • try FlyJB or A-Bypass.

        • Thanks, will look for FlyJB and give it a try. Thanks to rzrz as well.

    • I have installed:
      Liberty Lite Beta

      I can change location, open app and find the best price but it won't lock-in the price, very frustating!

    • +44

      Be patient - he and Master are on it. Although many wish, this is not their full time job. They has saved us heaps already - let's wait for them to continue and spread the joy.

  • +39

    Please don't forget to thank freighter and master after you finish Thirsting for the new APK. Just remember they have no obligation to do anything, they are doing it help their fellow man. Show some love https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.freyta.tha...

    • +1

      Didn't know about the donation app. Not happy about the 30% gtax but put $5 in anyway.

  • +18

    ProjectZeroThree Started updating price, just got notification

    • +4

      All hail the Master - HAIL

  • +6

    Have thanked freighter many times. about to jump on the app and do it a few more times

  • Also confirming success with 3uTools and non JB iPhone 6!

    • +1

      same with an ipad running 12.4.5
      way less convenient as I cant do it 'on the fly' but definitely better than nothing :)

  • Show some love to these guys.

  • So should any old iPhone work 3Utools? I am thinking about getting an old iPhone just for locking as this seems the simplest option, I tried the wife's iPad mini 2 but can't sign into the 7eleven app. TIA

    • +2

      iPhone has to be able to at least run iOS >12 to be able to install the 7-11 app

  • +1

    Thanks Dr Cheapo for a reminder. Thanked Freighter with my little share and informed others who i have been sending .apk file.

  • +21

    I’m bored so if anyone needs help locking in cheap fuel, but doesn’t know how to/have the devices to, pm me happy to do it for you! I’ll need your account details to lock in though, so feel free to just make a dummy account and give me that if you prefer

    • +1

      In the previous version of the app, there was a limit of 2 locks per DEVICE (Yes, even if you change account). Not sure if the same applies to new app but just something to keep in mind.

      • +4

        good news! just did my third fuel lock for a fellow user - so guessing now it's either no limit or a new limit?

        • You're going to be a busy man/woman. 😂

          I may request your service if something doesn't come about in the next week or 2.

          Currently doing 500km/week with a car that requires 98 RON so the savings have been very welcome.

        • +2

          I have done 6 so far so I don't think there is a limit on device, instead it is the limit on the account.

        • Someone had their account banned, and they thing it might be because they were Using multiple accounts on the one device

    • Thanks. Very Generous.

    • +10

      Happy to help too.

      • -4

        pm sent

      • Still helping fellow ozbargainer, please make sure your Username and password as short as possible as I will need to manually enter into the app.

        • -1

          can you please help me !

      • Champ

    • Was there suppose to be a barcode when you successfully locked the price?

      • +1

        Select My Card on the top right.

        That’s your barcode.

      • +1

        It's your barcode for all fuel locks and in-app rewards.

    • +1

      Getting quite a few messages now, I’ll try to get through them asap, apologies in advance if it takes awhile!

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