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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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  • +23

    Through some trial and error managed to get price lock working on a rooted oneplus one.

    The phone was already rooted and bootloader unlocked but had an outdated version of cyanogenmod and twrp.
    Been out of the android unlocking scene for 5+ years so wasn't familiar with lineage OS (the custom rom) or magisk (superuser control) as none of those were around back then.

    Sharing the steps I took if it helps anyone else.

    1. Follow these instructions to unlock bootloader, install custom recovery (twrp), and install LineageOS 16 and Google Apps. Skip over the AddonSU part.
      **Note these instructions are for oneplus one, but instructions for other supported devices can be found on the site.

    2. Boot phone and do the initial new phone setup. Need to signin to google account when it asks.

    3. Download the apps needed from appstore: 7 eleven app, terminal emulator, mockation and a root checker app

    4. Download magisk manager and follow the instructions there on how to install

    5. Download the latest magisk 20.04 and follow those instructions on how to install via TWRP. This is the part that actually roots your phone.

    6. Boot phone and try a root checker app to confirm you have root access.

    7. go to magisk manager app, and go to downloads under menu and search for and install app systemizer. Then reboot phone

    8. now open terminal app, and type su to open root shell (should come up with a # when you have root). Then type in systemize. From the menu select 1, pick the number corresponding to mockation and then pick the option to install to priv-app. This makes the mockation app a system app and undetectable from 7 eleven app (I think).

    9. reboot phone

    10. open mockation. Ignore the message about enabling mock locations in developer options. Go to settings and enable the last setting "special mode". If it doesnt let you do this, either you dont have root, or didnt systemize the mockation app properly.

    Now you should be able to lock in a location via mockation, and then use the 7 eleven app to lock a price.

    Note that initially I had issues logging into my account on 7 eleven app but resolved that by installing chrome.

    • +1

      Thanks for the write up, following this + the post on the previous page + reddit managed to get this working. Strangely enough its on my old OP2. Long live the og OPs

    • note from my steps above…ignore step 1 if you already have latest version of TWRP installed, and have android version 9 or higher. I had to do step 1 because officially oneplus one doesnt have android v9 and my custom rom was on some lower version.

      Also if you already have superuser/root access on your phone and its not magisk, fully uninstall your SuperSU first (should be able to find a flashable zip online to remove SuperSU via TWRP). Reason for this is we only want Magisk providing root access and any leftover SuperSU artefacts might be detected by 7 eleven app. Alternatively might be easier to completely wipe system and data partitions via TWRP and then start from step 1.

    • ive tried all the steps and root checker says Root access is properly installed however when i try to find "special mode" in mock location i cant find it.

      i also just tried to open the 7/11 app just to see if i could login and have a message saying device not supported, restore your device to factory settings. Its running Android 9

      • +1

        Make sure you pass Safety Net check on Magisk manager.

        • i passed one time but that was it, second time it failed. think i might just wait until it gets cracked properly or find a mate with an iphone hahaha. im definitely no Android rooting expert

          • +1

            @shev07: Did you go to settings on magisk manager and enable Magisk Hide ?

            • +1

              @Dubagoor: thanks heaps. i just worked out i could get it to work as long as i enabled it each time i opened it

              • @shev07: Assuming you rebooted your phone after systemizing mockation? Took me a while to realise it wouldnt work without a reboot

    • I have got all the steps to work till step 8 when trying to systemize mockation I keep getting an error "app exists". This msg is consistent whether I select /system/app or priv-app.
      Using ES file explorer I see a 0kb folder within /priv-app but unsuccessful in deleting the same due to warning "resource busy". No such folder exists in /system/app but still get the same error in the terminal. Tried several reboots & uninstall-reinstall of mockation but no luck.
      Any help would be appreciated.

      • you should be checking it in data/app, not system/app

      • If you have ES File Explorer already, why not just enable Root Explorer in ES File Explorer and move it to /system/priv-app manually? However, I suspect you might have stuffed up the install of Mocklation. You may need to try another app like GPS Joystick. Download it from the developer's website. http://gpsjoystick.theappninjas.com/faq/. The one from their website has a system mode.

        • tried es file exp in root mode…after moving the app to priv-app folder and setting the permissions…the app just keeps crashing (same for mockation & GPS joystick). Which is why I then turned to terminal but the same result.
          The only difference is I am on Pixel1Dust rom on my nexus 6p. Not sure if that is the underlying problem to the crashes in systemizing.

          • @Swordfinder: I have encountered this problem. It was an issue on one of my phones that had a locked bootloader,not sure if your phone is in the same situation. I also tried everything but unfortunately, you won't be able to move the files directly using es file explorer. I did get it working though, by using Magisk systemizer.

            You may want to start with a fresh custom os install. Install Magisk using TWRP. Boot phone. Install Magisk Manager, Terminal and GPS Joystick apks.

    • Ta got this to work on a Moto X Style I got from this deal :) Winning!

    • Looks like Android 7.xx or 8.xx is no longer supported.

      Is there a work around that would be possible?

  • I know most people are trying to get a fuel price from outside, their area. But if anyone has an android phone and you can't lock in a local price, try logging out and logging back in.

    I've tried wifi and 4g, but you can spend 10+ minutes waiting for it to check the local prices. Log out and log back in and it's almost instant.

  • ispoofer works well changing iphone/ipad location.
    Croydon Park U91 109.9, & P95 121.9

  • Keep getting the "that didn't work quite as planned, there seems to be an error." when signing in on an unrooted S10.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same.
    Tried 3 different 7-11 accounts, same message.
    Tried those accounts on unJB'd iPad and they logged in (and spoofed using 3uTools) without issues.

    Anyone else has that problem with the Android app?

    • +1

      Do you need help locking too? just helped 4.

      • Thanks for the offer. I could log in and spoof location on my iPad. Just that the app's not working at all on my phone.

    • +2

      Hey, I was having that problem when I was signing in aswell, the thing that fixed it for me was to make sure my time and date was set to the automatic setting, after doing that, I was able to sign in. This was on my S20Ultra

      • You are right! Thanks for the tip!

      • You're a genius! How on earth did you figure that out?

  • Is there any solution for those using NOX/Bluestacks/other emulator?

    Can't spoof GPS on my phone as I use it for work

    • +1

      Not at this stage as the new app requires Android 9 and the emulators only go up to Android 7.

  • i've had three friends report they were unable to use their lock in. 7/11 staff says code was invalid. they have put in a claim.

    Unsure of the limit of number of lock as well - I locked 4-5 accounts in 10 mins.. not sure if that has to do something with it?

    • Interesting - I will try and use mine later today and will report

      • used one of the vouchers today - no issues in scanning

  • Malaga 7/11
    U91 - 101.9
    U95 - 113.9
    U98 -119.9

    Thats the cheapest in WA today but dont know other states prices. Monday is our cheapest day

  • Anybody not able to sign in after the app update? When trying to reset the password, the email says you can't use that email

    • Do you get error k09?

      • I cant sign in either. Where do you get the error code? Mine just says something like oops something has gone wrong.

        • +1

          According to random ozbargainer, make sure your date and time are set to automatic, it will work then!


          • +1

            @Lizard Spock: Thanks, that worked! Being in Brisbane I always have that disabled as it always stuffed up with daylight savings in the past, and I don't like it changing if I pop across the border.

            • @Acopic: Exactly why I had it set to manual as well! A few times it has stuffed me around switching to daylight savings. Once you log on you can set it back to manual time.

  • -1

    i used my 99c diesel lock in after the app upgrade

  • I tried a lock from a couple of States away after only about 20min, came up as something like "invalid lock" so went through the missed discount process in the app, will update when I hear back.

    • +3

      Name checks out…

    • Just to follow up I hadn't heard back from 7-eleven so tried the lock again this morning and it worked, so it appears it was either a system issue or there is some temporary time-distance requirement but doesn't look like it invalidates the account.

  • +1

    What's the reason for the new app? Was it because of us? If so, I feel like this is going to be a cat and mouse game and I know some of the devs like a challenge, I feel most of them are doing all this for our benefit as a community, so in the long run it just might not be feasible.

    • +5

      As a normal user (without using the helicopter / flying GPS)
      the new app is a simpler usage as you just always scan the My 7-Eleven membership card

      In terms of security
      the new API is way more secure as it use oauth2 instead of standard username / password POST
      also, security is also enhanced on the App side (eg. thats why the mod apk won't work and requires rooted Android device to mock location)

      So in summary
      I would say it makes sense for 7-11 to upgrade their system
      we can't really blame them upgrading the system because we can no longer lock price in a hack way
      The only valid anger of the new app is they exclude users using Android 8 or below
      as there are still many users using Android 8 today

      (Tho this upgrade is not favorable to anyone in the Ozb community!)

    • I'd say we played a part, for sure.

      When they removed the requirement for a cash balance, to cover locked values, that decision played right into the hands of those with multiple accounts.

      Did multiple accs have too great an impact? eg one voucher for me, plus my partner, mum & dad, neighbour's pet parakeet, etc.

      It would appear that we weren't a big enough concern, prior to that.. unless removing the balance requirement was just a short stop on their roadmap.

      • +10

        That security issue where people could randomly see/use other peoples accounts after an update, including their CC details, probably was a driver too.

        • +8

          That's true too.

          I think it was mostly a change in strategy as the balances would have counted as a liability on their balance sheets. Especially as we weren't using the balance but paying by card/cash instead. The new app coincided with the change in strategy.

          Hacks would have played a part but I don't think they were losing that much. As an example, I'd save maybe 3% max by locking the absolute lowest priced station vs my local. The extra customers they have gotten with the app would have easily covered it.

          They'll lose a fair chunk of customers with the Android 9 requirement. People who want to save at the bowser don't upgrade phones every two years.

        • I remember that, I was using it at the time and remember seeing personal details everytime I refreshed. Hopefully that was the driving reason!

  • +11

    For those using an iphone, I hope my information here will help.

    Mac O/S users:
    If you are on Mac o/s, you could use Freighter's ifakelocation.
    This work perfectly fine with the new app. If you need assistance with getting it to work, please let me know.
    There's some manual steps to get it to work if you are using version >iOS 13.x

    Windows users:
    If you are windows o/s, you could use 3utools.
    Again, this work perfectly with the new app.

    There is no need to jailbreak the iphone for it work.

    • +1

      Are there any personal data security concerns with 3utools?

      • +1

        I might also highlight that ifakelocation also works for windows users as well.

        However, Mac o/s users will not be able to use 3utools.

    • Can u assist with ifakelocation. Able to install it but won’t open.

      • I can't even install it…

    • @bbbbbb111, when u say Windows O\S, does that mean for a PC or a phone? Appreciate the steps for installing on Windows environment? Thx.

      • +10


        Install 3utools.
        Connect your iPhone.
        Toolbox -> Virtual Location
        Search or enter location

        • what do you mean by 'reboot' ?

          • @nrfy: Have you gone thru the steps?

            Your phone needs to reboot if you want to reset the mock location.

        • -7

          Ahh…thanks. Catch is you need to have an iPhone (Android user here….), I guess I wait for Android app release by more knowledgeable duos or unless other workaround comes.

          • +3

            @cactusndates: bbbbbb111:

            For those using an iphone


            Catch is you need to have an iPhone (Android user here….)


        • @pogichinoy
          working well ipad 4th 13.5.1 with windows 10
          Thank you.

        • Awesome, worked a treat! Managed to lock in hopefully scans OK tomorrow (will report back)

        • works like a charm. thanks for the detail steps.

        • nice and easy process
          the only good thing with my corporate iPhone so far lol

  • +13

    i have created a python script to get fuel data from https://fuelprice.io/ and email the 3 cheapest 711 fuel station and price
    i'm using a local mail server, if you need to use gmail then there are gmail api need to be used which is a bit complicated or otherwise just print the result in the terminal
    i'm a beginner in programming. My code is bad please feel free to update the script
    you will need to use python 3.8, need gecko firefox excutable, need to install BeautifulSoup4, selenium, requests, tabulate, prettytable in python

    • +2

      Project03 is now running again
      Appreciated your hardwork, but project03 is the more reliable source

      • But without data for Vic, I'm sure it will get updated soon

        • I don't think VIC data will be available in the near future because atm there's no government fuel watcher is VIC
          We can still get the "estimated" figures in VIC from fuelprice.io or crowdsource like petrol spy

          • @littlesoldier: So hopefully Gas Buddy or Petrol Spy will be incorporated or something can be done to scrape the 7-Eleven prices. I'm hopeful master131 will work something out, he seems like a smart guy.

          • @littlesoldier: So that mean no issue with project03 Just VIC fuel watcher stopped working?

            • +2

              @georgev: Not exactly, it is VIC does't have a official fuel watcher at all
              Previously Project03 is getting prices directly from 7-11 API so it has all states data and they are 100% accurate

              Now I believe Project03 is getting prices from fuel watchers instead
              so prices are still pretty accurate (I assume that fuel stations are responsible to supply prices to the government?)

              However, VIC government doesn't have one of this

              • @littlesoldier: Just adding extra comments comments:

                With the current Project03 prices
                Best price for U91 should be pretty accurate because pretty much VIC has the most expensive U91 at all time anyway

                For U95 and U98, there are chances that VIC has good deals whenever a particular station runs out of U91
                and selling U95/U98 with the U91 price
                This has been happening quite often last year (search the U98 deals in Ozb and many are from VIC)

                • +1

                  @littlesoldier: Yeah I remember 7-Eleven Waverley Gardens always a honey pot 😀

      • +2

        Shall we band together?

        Melbourne, here's the problem. Unlike NSW, QLD, WA or the NT, VIC has no real-time or even daily fuel station pricing data.
        You can change this. Join the campaign now »

        I actually submitted mine over the weekend

  • Used ifakelocation today, locked in using the WA price and no major dramas. Seems like there’s some sort of outages though as it took 3 goes before it went through.

  • +2

    Been said before but IOS users, jump on 3utools. One minute to download (pending how good your NBN is ;) ), 10 seconds to change the location. Glad this is working because i was worried about having to pay full price for fuel again

    • What is the oldest second hand iphone I could buy for this purpose. Iphone 6?

      • +1

        My 7-Eleven requires iOS 12. iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad 5 and iPod Touch 6 all support iOS 12.

        • If I lock in a price on my account on the iphone, will that locked in price appear on my main (android) phone when I log into the same account?

          • +1

            @whey4000: Yes,if it's the same account the locked price would appear on any device regardless of the OS.

    • +1

      This is brilliant. My old ip7 has been repurposed into a helicopter.

  • -3

    Is there apps for jailbroken iOS devices that work for locking in fuel

  • For those of you still getting a G09 error. I think this means your account has been banned.

    I am getting this error on 3 different accounts (different family members) and it won't even let me reset the password. Hence why I came to this conclusion.

    • Why do you think your account has been banned?

      • @sween64 - Seems only a few people are getting this error and it won't let me reset a password.

        • Confirmed this to be the case :(

          Thank you for contacting 7-Eleven Customer Service.
          To help keep our customers accounts safe, and to ensure we meet our legal and regulatory obligations, we use a specialist third party providers to verify customer details.

          Unfortunately our third party provider has flagged your account as high risk and as a consequence 7-Eleven has take the decision to terminate your My 7-Eleven App account.

    • Can support what you said. I've had mine and my dad's account banned as its considered high risk…

  • +2

    i just locked using 3utools on iphone8+ which is not jailbroken.
    will fill up tomorrow after lunchtime and see if it scans ok .. quickest trip to WA ever across closed borders

    • Hey I used to do plenty of trips to WA 5mins before I filled up in QLD 😅…

      Crazy they had to build a whole new app to deal with it. A little bit of data mining and it would be pretty easy to see which accounts consistently just happen to lock the cheapest price in Australia every single time,no matter where it is, every single time…

    • Topped up my tank couple hrs ago.. can confirm no jailbreak iphone 3utools works…
      scanned the ap barcode and saved $4 on diesel.
      Now to get the 3 other family cars filled up an really save 😊👍

  • Just downloaded the new app and tried logging in with both my accounts, won't let me - then when I try to reset password it emails me and says "you can't use that email". Time to setup a new account?

    • Thats the same G09 error I was talking about above.

      • +1

        Is the error actualy that it doesn't like a punctuation character in your emails? Eg: . or +

      • Ok - I wasn't getting any "G09" code - is it an indication they've flagged those accounts?

        • G09 potentially means they have banned your account.
          I wonder what the conditions for banning are? Out of range fuel locks?
          Multiple accounts on the same device?

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