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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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              • @Abrez: Awesome :)

                • +1

                  @master131: I'm at the last step. 7/11 is registering the location but not locking the price in. Gives an error.

        • Stuck at step 27. When I type in su it just says permission denied. How do i grant superuser permission.

          • @XZer0: yea i am getting stuck at 27 as well. https://imgur.com/58vKa2m not sure how to get past this one…

            • +1

              @DiceySlicey: uninstalling the "term apk" and reinstall it might help. after reinstalling, once you boot the term, a window will pop up asking you to grant permission. However I am getting an error E01 when trying to lock in the petrol

    • I think there's a missing step in your instructions, around 12 or 13.. I assume we need to install Magisk prior to applying patch.

      • +2

        No, it's not that Magisk needs to be installed manually. It's that one of the required tools is not in the system PATH variable. I've updated step 13 onwards - my bad.

        • thanks for your help, will try again later. cheers!

    • +50

      Alright, just an update. Looks like somethings changed or broken as I'm getting errors trying to lock. I've taken the guide down as others seem to be reporting issues too.

      I will post an update if I have anything new to add. Sorry if I wasted your time :(

      In the interm, known working methods I know of are:

      - iFakeLocation or 3utools (no jailbreak needed)
      - Liberty Lite Beta tweak (jailbreak)

      Android (real device):
      - Magisk + Smalli patcher w/ mock location (root)

      • +2

        Not wasting time at all, its was ‘fun’ trying out the android studio. Greatly appreciate your efforts.

      • Must be time to dust off the old nexus 5/5x and have a dedicated helicopter phone.
        Will have a play tonight after work.

      • this is simplest way

    • @master131 I am getting Page not found error on Github, has this been removed?

      • See Master131's comment here…

        Alright, just an update. Looks like somethings changed or broken as I'm getting errors trying to lock. I've taken the guide down as others seem to be reporting issues too.

        I will post an update if I have anything new to add. Sorry if I wasted your time :(

  • +2

    Got both my gift cards today!

    I received the email asking me to update my address on the same day the new app came live.

  • does 7 eleven app install ok on android 10? say a galaxy a11? also anyone know cheapest android phone with os 9 on it?

    • Yes. Works on S20 and A71

    • Cheapest? Samsung A70 on eBay Plus sales.

  • "your device is not supported"
    Restore your device to factory settings.

    Any ideas?

    Android 10 lineage
    Passes safety net

    Edit had to hide the root and reboot, silly me.

    • Im also getting "your device is not supported"

      Running Lineage 16.0 (Android 9) for for an LG G4 handset. I tried hiding the root but still no cigar.

      Round 1:
      I then reflashed lineage using TWRP & also installed Open Gapps.I installed the 7eleven App through Google Play without rooting (Just to initially get it working)& still got "your device is not supported"

      Round 2:
      I then reflashed lineage using TWRP & didn't install Open Gapps . I then installed APKPure to install the 7eleven App. Now when I go to run the 7eleven App I get "7-eleven won't run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device"

      Not sure where to go from here.. :(

      • Need Google apps

        1. Magisk
        2. Make sure complient in Magisk manager
        3. Smali patcher

        You need to hide the root in Magisk manager. Go on xda and look at the magisk stuff. Similar to Pokémon go stuff as well.

        • Got it in the end.. Cheers.. :)

  • Tank 45% waiting for modded APK :•) Filled up full tank before update :) May my donations help the process..

  • +2

    wow, first time rooting an android phone. took me countless hours over 2 days but finally success.
    Samsung S5
    lineage 17
    Smali patcher
    GPS joystick

    basically followed the steps from this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8903790/redir, although made a lot of mistakes which i thankfully learned from.

    • +2

      Yeah honestly took me a good 8 hours to get this ZTE Axon 7 going. I just need to try that smali patcher. The recovery boot thing was driving me insane. Kept bootlooping. That Zte only natively support up to Android 7. Got android 10 on it with lineage.

    • So
      1. Unlock bootloader
      2. Twrp
      3. Install lineage with 9.0 or 10.0 (see xda forums and follow instructions)
      4. Magisk
      5. Make sure complient in Magisk manager
      6. Smali patcher
      7. GPS joystick
      8. Spoof and lock happily.

      So glad I finally got it going. Be warned you could brick your phone.

      • with the number of mistakes i made, eg
        *i had to reinstall magisk too many times to count,
        *lineage a hand full of time including 14.1 which i found out too late wasn't supported by the app.
        *used a Smali zip from lineage 14.1 in lineage 17
        * countless bootloops
        somehow it didn't brick, was an old Galaxy S5 with cracked screen so really didn't care. Although having to redo setup countless times was the biggest pain for me.

        although the feeling of success was all the sweeter.

        • Yeah for whatever reason whenever I flashed changes from the original rom, it'd go back into a bootloop. I eventually worked out the original rom structured the partitions differently and in a different format. So like 5 tools later and a few goes at the same thing, it finally loaded lineage. Initially lineage said my phone had a password on it too haha. As you say, great relief to actually beat it. Lineage is a bit buggy, but I can lock and spoof so that's the main thing. Thank you Pokémon Go haha

  • +1

    Has anyone tried to lock In fuel but the barcode wasn’t working in their end with the new app and had to make a claim? I sent them an email with receipt via the contact us in the app but no response now for 4 days..

  • Regarding getting the card balance, how to go about it? I logged in and entered my address on website but it's asking me to provide gift card # which starts with 6 whereas the card in my account (old app) was alphanumeric.

  • +8

    Just locked U98 119c in NSW North Ryde last night
    and use it this morning in VIC
    No issue at all, scanned and get discounted

    (Note: Lock with iPhone 11 pro with iFakeLocation using Mac)

    • How much do you pay for ifakelocaiton??? Seems there's a trial period then you need to pay for it.

    • I can't find iFakeLocation in the app store and in any sense I thought you coudn't get apps on iOS that spoofed your location…is your phone jailbroken?

    • Would you be able to explain how you got it working on Mac please?
      Tried on 2 different macs and it isn't opening in a browser window like on a Windows PC…

  • +6

    Hi all - for all the people who have managed to get a fuel lock, used it and realised/commented that the lock discount is rounded to the nearest cent (e.g. 119.9 = 120).

    I had called 7/11 customer service about this (not because I want my 5c back), and they said it was the first they've heard about it… They've logged a case to investigate if the issue has been long running or just because of the new app released two weeks ago.

    Will keep you guys posted what their findings are.

    • +5

      Is it a good idea to ask them to investigate anything to do with the app ?

      • +2

        Why not? As long as this issue can be replicated without spoofing then it should be reported

      • -1

        High IQ reply right there.

    • you can't be serious……… (not because I want my 5c back) why would you call then??!!

      • +2

        you can't be you can't be serious
        double negative = positive -> he CAN be serious!

      • Spending the time to call them and posting this is costing me more than 5c already so yes I am serious

      • You don't deserve to be called an ozbargainer! :P

    • +2

      Does it ever get rounded down? For example 118.4 down to 118.

    • +12

      Someone coded an integer instead of a float somewhere haha.

    • Yes, it happen to me this morning. Rounded to 120.00.

      • How did you know that???

        • +1

          My 101.7c lock for U91 was also rounded up to 102c when I pumped today.

  • The new app doesn’t show any personal information. I guess after the breach last year, this is to stop it being an issue again.

    For those who had the G09 error, did you manage to get your card balance back?

    • +1

      It also kinda sucks for those with multiple accounts. Which I can imagine is a lot of us during when you've already locked a price and there's a lower price in Waverley Gardens or Fairfield.

      Hard to keep track of which account you have logged in. Not even a "Hi CodeXD" or welcome. All anyone ever get to identify themselves is a string of number used as barcode

      • +1

        Could you use a seperate folder for each app instance? Like a one-to one-ratio of app-to-folder. Rename the folder to John, Bob etc, and store the folders on a page out of the way somewhere?

  • Merged from 7-11 BNE Compton Rd E10 Still 103.9

    Still cheap fuel Compton Rd and Kingston Rd
    It’s 1038 am 27th June
    EDIT: the one at Springwood is 143 for e10

    • +6

      7-11 North Ryde E10 is on 99.9

    • +1

      According to the app its 102.5 at Pinelands Rd (Sunnybank Hills).

    • +1

      So, with this info, now i should spoof my location on my phone and then use the app at my real location to get charged cheaper, right?
      (Asking for a friend)

      • +1

        Maybe run a virtual phone and the app to your 7-11 account. Then maybe it might let you.

        Totally theory.
        But not a total crazy thing.
        Totally not endorsed. Or tried.
        Might be classed as fraud.

      • Asking for yourself or your friend make no different in the context.

        If you can spoof and get it lock and use it, then it is fine. However people reported that your account may be suspended

        • Thanks. My "friend" will be very grateful for your comment ;-)

          • @gonzule: Help me to tell your friend no worry, I can help locking price too to your friend only.

    • +1

      Any hacks on the updates app?

      • +1

        See pages 114 onwards of the 7-11 fuel thread in the auto forums

        • +1

          Seriously right.

    • Paid 98.5 for 91 last Mon in regional Vic.

      • 7-11 or other service station?

        • It was United… sorry that was posted before it moved to the forums.

    • North Ryde 101.9? E10 99.9?

    • Plenty others around Compton Rd and Kingston Rd at that price or even lower if you use the Petrol Spy app.
      If you have a Toyota then install the myToyota app and get an extra 4c off at most Caltex servos. There is one down Kingston rd showing $103.8 so with the app it would be 99.8.

      • I just thought with the 7-11 3 mins up the road at 1.43 since 5pm yesterday it would be nice to give people a heads up for .40 less a ltr.

        • +2

          Check out the Petrol Spy website www.petrolspy.com.au or their app. The way prices jump around these days it is a must have if you want to save on fuel. Far better than the 7-11 one that only shows their servos in that area.

      • Do you have to fill up the Toyota when using the app or can I use it on another car? Does the attendant check?

    • E10 was 104.0 at Caltex on 81 Mains Rd Sunnybank last night. Combine it with the Cashrewards offer and that betters this deal.

  • Hey all, with the reimbursement, I've updated the mail address via the link to the 7 11 gift card portal, and saved it, is that it? There's no extra button to say "confirmed" just after I put my address details and click save, it prompted me for a password. Thanks,

    • Same confusion here. Wrote to 7 11 email three times, finally got this link to fill my address, and there's no confirm button or anything tells you that you gonna received your card or not. I would wait for a couple of weeks then see how it goes.

  • +1

    anyone having problem logging back in their account? i cant create new or log in existing one.

    • +1

      yes, cant login

      • If you care getting an "uh oh" error message, set you date and time in your phone settings to Automatic (if it's on manual), then try logging in and it should work

    • Install Chrome and set it as the default browser. Some stock browsers do not like the app-link to the new 7-Eleven app.

    • write them an email and they'll reply you with a link, if you need your reimbursement. Otherwise try forgetten the password. I wrote to them three times and finally got the link, still waiting for the reimbursement.

    • If you care getting an "uh oh" error message, set you date and time in your phone settings to Automatic, then try logging in and it should work

  • +6

    I just installed Lineage OS 16 on my 7-year-old Galaxy S4, used ADB root to set the GPS Joystick as a system app (no root is required). Locked #98 in NSW and going to feed my car tomorrow.

    Here is a detailed step-by-step guide I just made, hope it helps.


    • Did you actually need to do permissions xml step?

      I've seen several guides that says you need to but I just did it on clean Lineage OS 16 and it worked after systemizer + reboot.

      • I am not sure if this step is required. Just followed the FAQ on App Ninja's website.

    • Hi, I followed the steps on that page and trying to install the gps joystick as a system app. On step 5 of that I'm getting an error when trying to run this command: adb privapp-permissions-com.theappninjas.fakegpsjoystick.xml /sdcard/

      The error is adb: usage: unknown command privapp-permissions-com.theappninjas.fakegpsjoystick.xml

      Any suggestions? Thanks

      • Oops, my mistake, missed out "push". Updated.

        • Great, I was able to run that but getting an error at the next pull command.

          Error is: adb: error: failed to stat remote object '/system/etc/permissions/privapp-permission-platform.xml': No such file or directory

          I tried to change system/etc to sdcard but didnt work. Could you check that command too. Thanks

          • @sunnyb: There are easier guides to follow. There are some steps in there for Android 10 which are not actually required for Android 9.

            This one is the most detailed one I've seen in 1 post, and it is easy to follow:


            • @CodeXD: thanks CodeXD that post looks like it had more steps, will check it out again.

            • @CodeXD: Just to note a few things with regards to the guide you posted.

              1. This guide may only work with Samsung phones (since it uses Odin).

              2. You need to be a bit "IT minded" as you need to find the right ROM to flash.

              3. Root is required.

          • @sunnyb: I will update this step as well. Can you do this?

            adb shell

            ls -ltr /system/etc/permissions/privapp-permission-*.xml

            The file you need to pull is "/system/etc/permissions/privapp-permissions-xxx.xml" (where xxx represents your device name).

            • @theBestBastion: My device name comes up as A0001 when I type adb shell. Getting errors when tried to run commands like:

              ls -ltr /system/etc/permissions/privapp-permission-A0001.xml

              adb pull /system/etc/permissions/privapp-permission-A0001.xml ./privapp-permission-A0001.xml

              Sorry I'm a noob and haven't used adb commands before.

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