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HTC Vive - $1191.20 Delivered @ Futu Online/PC Byte eBay Store


First time I've seen it under $1200

Original 20% off at Selected Stores on eBay Deal Post

Edit: Price dropped by $10 from $1499.00 ($1199.20) to $1489.00 ($1,191.20)

Edit 2: PC Byte have also now lowered their price to $1489.00 ($1,191.20):

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  • http://www.htconeday.com/viveoffer

    To get you started we’re providing five bonus games that you can download using your Steam Account.

    These awesome VR titles include Call of the Starseed, Jeeboman, Cloudlands VR Mini Golf, Zombie Simulator and A10-VR.

    • Bastards are saying my serial is already used. I haven't redeemed anything.

      • I remember reading a thread where people figured out what digits to change to guess a headset's serial… Perhaps that's what's happened?

      • Same here (serial used) though it's possible my PreOrder Bundle Code (got my Vive in May '16) voided my eligibility for this offer.

        • Could be the same boat. I was day one.

        • @ruddiger7:

          What's weird is that I got the same message (serial used) when I tried sending a message to HTC using their own contact page.

          The contact page doesn't even ask for serial number …

        • @Raq: Same, and that other htcone email doesn't work. I emailed the ANZ address and explained the situation, attached receipt etc and will hope they can try and be helpful.

        • @ruddiger7:
          For those interested, I contacted HTC([email protected]) about release vives getting these bonuses and got this in the reply:
          "Upon checking, it shows that your Vive was bought last 29th of February 2016.

          Let us inform you that the promotional codes that is currently being offered in www.htconeday.com/viveoffer are for the Vive Kits being sold and bought from our Authorized Retails Stores."

    • I was able to redeem this offer from a Vive purchased on this deal.

  • Ooh that's a great price. I paid full price for mine and it's amazing :)

  • Anyone know if this compatible with Windows 98 SE?

  • Great deal, great tech. Love my Vive, haven't been able to set it up since moving though :(

  • Very good price for an amazing piece of tech.

  • Best VR but still there is a wireless kit available and I am expecting Gen2 sometime
    Too bad the best VR Game Resident Evil 7 is not allowed on VR PC for 1 year unless someone has already hacked it

    • HTC have stated that 2nd gen is a long way off. They are focused on VR arcade at the moment and the wireless kit will be an optional accessory. Some big things in the works for the vive at the moment but onward and arizona sunshine would get my picks over RE7.

      • It's a shame since I found it really uncomfortable. The wireless and a weight deduction would be great. But at ces there was some nice prototype which was wireless and very light with a higher res.

        So gen 2 aside there is likely to be a gen 1.5 revision with big improvements and also plenty of upcoming competition hopefully.

        I owned it for around 8 months and didn't use it often even with access to over 200 games. The experience is amazing .

  • It's great on Vista!

  • Kinda crazy how expensive these things are still heh.

    • Its new technology. I still remember $10k 55" plasma tvs :)

      • The difference is: people bought 55" plasma and two years later they were a lot cheaper.

        Not so much for VR.

        • Vive hasn't even been out for a year.

          And 55" Plasmas werent completely new technology. Just a new version of a TV.

        • Well technically VR gaming has been around since the 90s, so this isn't a completely new technology either.

        • haha yeah but vr gaming of the 90s is hardly comparable to the current state.

          I mean you could, but then to reference the original TV analogy, movie screens have been around since the 1900s - although they called then talkies then

  • Maybe unpopular opinion…but that's a lot of money for a device with no 'real' games

    • From my pov (don't own any VR headset, don't realy keep up on VR news) a couple of games are really worth it atm:

      Dirt: Rally (any driving game gets an enormous benefit from being able to look at the apex you're aiming for) and Elite: Dangerous. They have hundreds of hours of gameplay if you like those games.

      A lot of the other games are like well that's cool but in an hour will it be fun still?

    • Good thing just an "experience" in it is incredible.
      Even a $5 game can give you a "holy shit" moment that only the best moments in the best normal games would give you.

    • I tested over 200 games but most were really crap others were tech demos and good ones were short so i sold it and I agree about no real games
      But it is a new field and big titles are slowly coming in

    • Its kind of a catch 22, for there to be games, there needs to be a market.
      For there to be a market, there needs to be games.

      I'm glad that the onslaught of terrible demo's have started to bring about higher quality games. Even ports are ok, like Project Cars' VR update was nice. Superhot is short, but really good, and there's Onward, which looks a bit eh visually, but makes up for it in terms of how in depth you can interact with everything.

      I bought NOLO VR because i'm a cheap hack, but when 4k headsets are out for the vive, there's no doubt i'll be picking one up.

    • I just finished Arizona Sunshine and I loved it. I had actually been getting bored with video games in general and now I'm playing through it again. Superhot was also very fun, but AS is the best thing out there right now as far as a 'full game' is concerned.

  • If you had at least four amexs it was possible to split payments and purchase for $1k using the spend $300 and get $100 cash back.

  • I have been waiting for the next gen tbh. Apparently the rift has better controllers but it's so expensive now (not that the vive is heap)

    • The Touch controllers are pretty nice, but the Vive experience is generally better imho (full disclosure, own a Vive).

      Tracking works so much better with the Lighthouse system than they do with Rift's camera setup (also 3 less USB ports, great thing).

      I'm looking forward to the new Vive headstrap though (although I'm sure it'll be pricey), and the wireless addon, as the Rift is undoubtedly more comfortable after longer sessions.

  • As someone who really wanted one and finally bought it after months of deliberation, my opinion is that it's not worth it yet. It is amazing tech and that initial feeling of 'Woah, I'm IN 3D' is 5/7 with rice. However, once you get over that, it's just hard to justify the cost. There are no real games with long in-depth gameplay (apart from Elite maybe). I got the most enjoyment out of watching other people use it for the first time.

    I've since sold it and look forward to the next generation of VR.

    Also, it needs a fair bit of a room to play it. a 2.5m x 2.5m space won't do it justice, you'll constantly hit the boundaries. And if you have glasses like I do, it's annoying. You can't glance down to read instruments panels in Elite for instance, because you're looking under your glasses and it's all blurry, so you end up having to move your head down, which isn't intuitive and gets old real quick.

    • I'm quite the opposite tbh, I love my vive and roomscale is better than I expected it to be. My play area is 2m by 1.8 and it's enough.

    • I’m of the same opinion. The content isn’t quite there yet anyway. If someone really wants to experience VR I would recommend them to buy a Samsung VR capable phone or a Google daydream enabled phone, because at least you get a phone as well.

      I’m very impressed by how far VR has come though, and very excited for the future. I’ll buy something like this eventually, but not today. Maybe 5 years from now.

    • Dont buy it if you want full game experiences.
      What it is good for is the shorter experiences and games. The Budget Cuts DEMO is one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had and thats a demo.

    • Bought the Oculus when it was in beta and same thing. The "WOW" moment. Then noone touches it after the first month.

  • Would love to have this instead of my gearvr 2016, which I got for $60…but I guess that's why I'm on ozb :(

  • fantastic deal thanks OP got one

  • How does this compare to a PS4 VR though, with games like Resident Evil (I am going to buy this on the weekend)

    • This kills the psvr but Resident is the best Vr game available
      I hope you have a ps4 pro for faster framerates

      • Would only play RE if i can move my whole setup to the toilet and play there…

      • Why is the vive better than the psvr? Curious to know. I had the gear vr on my Note 4 and that was pretty cool but resolution was very average with the screen door effect.

        • Because you can move around a small area physically… really helps with immersion especially if you're playing any games involving guns or bow and arrow

          I have Gear VR from my Galaxy S7 and this is far better, there is no comparison.

  • Would've been all over VR if it didn't also require me to pump 100's (or 1000's) of dollars into my PC.

  • Noticed it this morning and bought one at work =D

    Beat me to posting it

  • Recommended for watching 3D Po*n ?

  • Love my psvr and would definitely keen to get this except it also mean I'll need to fork out for a brand new pc (and graphic card) that can handle vr

  • For the best setup, you will need a big dining room with a rectangle space.

    To properly instaĺl the sensor modules, you need to drill on the wall.
    Those sensors need to plug in to power socket, which is hard if you don't have power outlets close to where you drill.

    And the headset is not wireless! It connect to a link box and the linkbox connect to pc. That means your PC cannot be too far away.

    Do the research on installation first. It is not a product you can just unwrap and enjoy easily.

  • I bought the Vive before Xmas and have to say its great. But they need to get some big game developers to invest in VR games. The games on steam are 99% crap. I have 65 games now and the best 6 IMO are:

    Space Pirate Trainer
    Super Hot (Occulus game I know but I downloaded "Revive" so can now play occulus games. I heard the Super Hot devs are bringing it to HTC very soon)
    The Lab (probably best for showcasing what VR can do)
    Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades
    Arizona Sunshine
    Serious Sam VR.

    There are some promising demos like Budget Cuts but fully developed games seem a bit far off.

    Re: Vive 2 - HTC said they are looking to roll out new versions every 3 years (differing from mobiles(every year) and consoles (every 5 years)). The wireless headset is far away.

    • Valve has been handing out money to VR developers to help kick start the industry and have also been lending man power to VR developers to help them make their games. IIRC the single guy that was making Onward is now working on his game within valve offices. Gabe also said they have a singleplayer VR title in the works and 1/3 of their staff are now working purely on VR projects.

    • Oculus has some fantastic titles as well. Revive has worked perfectly for every game for me.
      Although I dislike giving Oculus money when they are trying to segregate the already small VR community.

  • So the big question…

    Occulus, Vive or PS4 Pro + PSVR ?

    I'm keen to jump in but am paralyzed by indecision. PSVR doesn't seem to match up and I already have the rig to support VR (but then i get to play all the PS exclusives)

    The Occulus Motion Controls seem to be a fair bit better than Vive's and can now do room-based motion tracking (albeit a smaller area)makes the decision much harder

    I feel like it's an apple (occulus) v android (vive) argument


    • Vive. hands downs.

      If you want full VR immersion, go Vive. It is more expensive but worth it.

      HTC said they wont be releasing 2nd gen any time soon but are working on add-on hardware to the Vive (body sensors etc). Some games on Occulus dont support touch yet.

    • I have a Rift, but I'd suggest if you think you would prefer roomscale to go with a Vive as it has the superior solution there.

      The Oculus motion controls are good, but the constellation tracking has its limitations and the software is a bit glitchy at the moment. I've got it working with the extra 3rd sensor, but its a bit fiddly getting USB configurations balanced which is annoying. That said the rift has the superior headset in terms of comfort and the built in headphones, although theres a deluxe strap for the vive soon but for how much $ no one knows yet.

      It really is a bit of personal preference on comfort too and beyond that there is negligible differences between them.

      If seated gaming is your priority, i.e. racing sims, or you dont have a lot of physical space for motion controllers then the Oculus may be a better choice.

      Roomscale adds a lot to VR though.

      Also as a word of caution for whichever you do go for… KEEP THEM OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Both the rift and vive headsets are susceptible to the sun focusing and permanently damaging the screens. It can happen very quickly as well and they will refuse to do warranty on it so be very careful with them.

      I've had some tremendous gaming experiences with my Rift though, lately the FPS game Onward has been one of the best. Definitely happy with my purchase and suspect I would have been happy with either of the PC headsets.

      • Solid feedback, thanks mate.

        Why is the Vive not better at seated gaming?
        Weight & comfort, or does it require the roomscale at all times?

        • Oh the Vive would be absolutely fine for seated gaming I'm certain.

          I was thinking mainly with the rift you can just get the headset without motion controls for a bit cheaper initially, then get motion controls later if it appeals. Seated setup is also very easy to do with the rift, just point the sensor so it can see you and you're done.

          I've had some of my favourite VR experiences with racing games like Project Cars, Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally.

  • Be careful of this seller! I bought a $300 Asus router from them and have not received anything even though its a month later and many calls. They will keep making false promises and I'm now in touch with banks to resolve things. Stay away from futu_online is my advice.

  • For this price you can buy a pretty good TV, so I wouldn't bother….Buy things like this when they are well priced not when they are at peak prices

  • AHHHHHHH i want it :(

  • Where can I go to get a demo of this?

  • Just received today, can confirm this is brand new AU/NZ stock as the warranty card in the box says it.