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Sony Xperia XA Ultra (Graphite Black) Mobile Phone, $299, Was $699 @ Sony Online Store


No, this is not a dupe, the previous sale ended Feb 28, this is another one.

21.5 MP camera with Hybrid Autofocus
Edge to edge screen with razor-thin frame
Up to 2 days* battery life
64-bit Octa-core
6" Full HD curved display

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      • I came from using the father for 2 yrs — the xperia z ultra, and battery life is not great. Plus Sony has its own craps running at the back as well.

        Unfortunately, battery is the least problem I had to worry about when using the z ultra. The oversensitive screen that went crazy even ur finger is slightly damp, the software update which is slow and suck, the void of warranty in case of water damage even if the phone is called water proof while I drop it into water with all flaps sealed…

        well maybe the xa improved a lot? No matter. To me, not again, Sony.

        • +2

          I can only relate to some of the experiences out of my Z5 Compact and its really up there. On standby, I can easily get 2.5 days. I can get a full day hammering it too. Typical usage probably lasts about 1.5 days (basically up to the COB second day). On my Note 4 Edge with a new battery, I will at best get 1.5 Days on very low usage and standby. Less than 24 hours if I use it regularly like I do.

        • @bchliu: In my experience I've had with many brands, battery is never enough especially with the latest powerful and big phones.
          Phone makers make beautiful AND thin phones so they stretch the battery to the limits and make pity claims regarding "laboratory" and power saving tests.
          I believe that a phablet needs at least a 5000MAh battery if you want to use it or you must buy an external power bank and spend more money.

        • +1

          @dealhunt: Well, as you say - Thin and Beautiful are two traits that people look for in phones these days and unfortunately it contradicts the current physical sciences of electricity storage / density. I suppose this is the main reason why there are more than one brand, one model on the market that caters for all walks of life and requirements (unlike Apple which originally wanted one (or three now) size fits all). A lot of people (myself included) believe that the screen and area is already big enough, so having it thicker and heavier is a no-no.
          Horses for courses as I said earlier.

        • @bchliu: Indeed phones for every wishes but marketing plays a dirty game here by pretending to offer what people want instead people are being offered what manufacturers want to.
          It's like they make a smaller and cute Ferrari by skimming the petrol tank sizes, eliminating the spare tyre etc. etc. but in the end they save money by offering less product for even a bigger price.
          In the phone example it's the non removable and small battery.
          In my case I've always bought a bigger battery because if I buy a gadget, I want to use it for what it's advertised to.

        • @dealhunt: Marketing is also driven by demand though as a loop process. So unless you actually have people who want thin and light phones, then laws of evolution by market demand selection will mean the extinction of those traits. I understand your views on the battery size, but if there isnt a market, then they will not be up to the 6th or 7th iteration of Xperia "thin" phones (counting the Z line all the way up to the X as the replacements).

      • The T2 Ultra which i bought for my dad 2 years ago is still going strong. All he wanted was a big screen and a decent battery life and it still easily gives close to 2 days with reasonable use of calls,browsing and social media use.The only downside for that model was the inbuilt memory which was only 8 gb but it had sd card.Waiting for a custom ROM for Marshmallow so that he can use the sd memory as inbuilt.Anyways the point is -it was solid phone for the price and comparing with the specs this one has -This is really good for someone who is looking for big screen and good battery. With Marshmallow you don't have to worry about the 16 GB as you can use the Sd card memory as the inbuilt memory.

        • Not so mate. I rang Sony to discover 2 things. 1 Nougat is being distributed for XA Ultra, and 2 SD memory is NOT adoptable in the Sony version of Android (just like Samsung).

        • @Gershom:

          So Android 7 is being distributed for the XA Ultra through an Android software update. That's cool. Have to make sure that the software updates are done.

  • How about for night photos? Comparable to a Note 5?

    • very good performance in low light

      • +2

        Review says the opposite here.

        • but Kangaroo about has the phone so can actually know what the camera is like.

          my wife has an older sony C4 it also has front selphie camera with flash. front and rear camera takes great photos, better than my son Z5 I think, especially low light. Reviews would let you think this though.

  • Doesn't seem to be much of a upgrade compared to my rather old galaxy note 3.

    • +4

      It's a mid end phone, not a flagship. The chipset it runs is also considered 'fairly old' by today's standards and it benches slower than the Snapdragon 650.. so it's considered a budget device. This phone is definitely not worth more than $300, and it's a ripoff at the normal RRP.

      This price is OK for the specs. Considering it's Australian stock and it supports a lot of LTE network bands, it's a decent alternative to the much more expensive Samsung A7 (another 5.7 inch phablet).

    • +1

      The Specs on this are better than then Note 3.. Better cameras, CPU is about 15% quicker than the old Snapdragon 800 in the Note 3. Furthermore, it is running the latest Android versions that is not officially available anymore to the Note 3 without custom ROMs. You have to remember the Note 3 cost $1K at launch, compared to this one to be mid-range. The build quality of this (and most Sony's) are arguably much better than Samsungs and light years ahead of anything from Xiaomi.
      I think if you have $300 bucks to spend, then do it. Unless you wanna spend more to get the new flagships that is coming out..

  • +10

    I have this phone, overall very happy.

    - Superb front facing selfie camera with Optical Image Stabilization
    - Relatively narrow width (due to no side bezel) makes it easy to use one handed
    - great sound
    - Very decent display
    - Camera performance good in low light

    - Battery could be better (it is not bad as many reviews state)
    - No OIS in main camera (can't believe sony did this)

    • +1
      • No OIS in main camera (can't believe sony did this)


    • +1

      Are you sure about "No OIS in main camera (can't believe sony did this)"??

      On Sony's website

      It says
      "Yes, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)"

      • hmm.. GSM Arena & Phone Arena's review confirm his statement though

      • +2

        They put OIS into the selfy camera…. facepalm

        I was all set to buy one as a travel phone (looks the right size for covering a tablet and phone in one, easier to read books and play on a the web, plus a Sony quality camera) but then they did something stupid like that. As someone who isn't a Chinese tourist, my interest died.

      • Reviews say it's only front camera with OIS…

    • +1

      Cant believe? Google Pixel doesnt have Hardware OIS either.. LOL..

      • Good point… And Pixel ain't selling for $300

    • On the website it says "Steady Shot Yes, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)"

  • +1

    I'd buy one if I did not have a Samsung Note Edge.

    My only concern is the MediaTek chipset.

    Overall, would be great for those that need a big phone to read text.

    • lol … except if it gets Nougat there are finally decent options to make use of that big phablet screen!

      These are the magical standard Nougat options ….

      • Developer Options / Smallest Width (600dp for me)

      • Display / Display Size (384 for me)

      • Display / Font Size (small for me)

      • +1

        Nougat is currently being rolled out by Sony for this phone.

  • +1

    I was about to get one of these last Sony sale for the same price ($299) but got talked into buying the x performance for $599. I was told this isn't water resistant like the other Xperias and has had more complaints / attempted returns due to the screen plus water damage as compared to other models.

    It does look more expensive than the X and I love the edge screen but it is too wide for short pockets so you can't really run to work with it unless you buy a special arm strap. I love the bigger screen but it is cumbersome and too much of a risk IMO

    • +2

      Sony water resistance doesn't mean shit. There's been a whole saga where they advertised their phones as being able to take photos under water, then refused to honour warranty claims when they were used to do that and broke.

      • Confirmed Sony victim here :/

      • They no longer advertise the X Performance and XZ for taking under water…they just say water resistant in general use…

        The Z2 and to an extent the Z3 had those problematic "flaps" that needed to be closed securely, and over time as the gaskets wore out, so did water resistance (on the Z2 you need to open the side flap to charge the phone)…The Z5 on the other hand has a much better conventional micro-USB port…

        The XZ and X Performance are similar…the SIM/micro-SD tray is tightly sealed, and there's no other flaps on the body so the phone should fare better…

  • -1

    You can buy this phone from common Australian shops for the same price so I don't understand where is the deal here.

    • I dont see any this price thats Australian. closest is around $50 when you inculde postage and is from OS with no Aust warranty.

    • +1

      No you can't. You are confusing the XA and the XA Ultra, and giving people bad advice. The Ultra is ONLY available from Sony direct.

    • I bet that it's grey imports. This one direct from Sony Australia would be official Australian stock and coming with Australian warranty.

  • +2

    Don't tell me this phone is better than the Moto G4 Plus which i just bought 2…

    I did a bit of research on Google and Youtube, it seems this phone's camera is not that great? Anyone can comment on this? I know the Sony one has more megapixel than G4 Plus, but the actual photo looks a bit better on the G4 Plus.

    • +2

      Before buying a new gadget always head to the relevant forums and check if there are problems, this is what I usually do.
      This phone also has network and call problems, go check on Sony forums and GSMArena.

    • How is moto G4.this one dont have physical home button but moto does.

      • Moto G4 Plus is a better phone generally.

        See: https://www.kimovil.com/en/compare/motorola-moto-g4-plus-2gb...

        The G4 Plus doesn't have a physical home button. It's a fingerprint reader… and a damn good one at that.

      • Why would you do that with the G5's impending release

        • Yeah, but some genius at Lenovo thought putting a micro USB 2 connector on a mid range phone in 2017 was a great idea…

        • +1

          Depends what you're looking for. G5 has 1GB extra RAM, but a slower CPU, smaller battery, its camera is a step down from the G4 Plus, and cost is expected to be around $420

  • Anybody knows if this dual sim is 4G/3G or 4G/2G?

    • Single SIM for local Aus version. where did you read dual SIM?

      • Sorry I looked up Google and thought dual sim was standard~

  • +3

    I have this phone, if you are coming from a Xperia Z Ultra like me, it is a massive jump without the the flagship cost. Yes battery is not as good as last generations. This phone is awesome for under $300 AUD, if you are still complaining about price then go ahead and purchase a Chinese handset.

    • +5

      I have a Chinese handset and hands down kills this Sony phone in many areas except low light camera

      Mimax has a bigger and better battery
      Decent daytime camera performance
      Snapdragon 650 vs Mediatek (junk support and little rom release for many mtk chipsets)
      3gb ram
      32gb space
      Decent ips 1080p screen
      Unlockable bootloader and custom ROM support
      Good xda community, a good overall phone for under 300 dollars shipped

      My only gripes are

      Can feel too big
      No band 28 (moot point)
      Not waterproof
      Can be slow to charge without QC 3.0 charger

      Overall though, waterproofing doesn't worry me too much, having a device that works and has a decent battery is much more important
      Xiaomi have hit the mark with the mi max but don't disregard the fact that the mimax is a serious contender against this Sony phone in many areas except for the camera

  • …And I think we can use cash back reward as well, about 2.4%

  • +3

    Only 2700mah in a huge phone is disappointing.

  • Reviews are pretty average, wouldn't have it as a main phone, battery isn't the best. Checkout youtube reviews. Still it has its uses and probably compared to other $300 phones it is probably pretty good. Once I saw someone compare it to the S7 Edge I just went…"nah I would rather wait and get an S7" but that's just me.

    • +12

      Once I saw someone compare it to the S7 Edge I just went…"nah I would rather wait and get an S7" but that's just me.

      Mmm, a comparison between a mid-range phone and a top of the line phone with a massive price difference and somehow the top of the line phone is more desirable. Did not think that was ever going to happen.

      • -1

        yeah you are right I am a complete idiot. Doesn't change the fact the battery will struggle to get 12 hrs with many reporting charging it at about 2pm during the day.

        Also if you bothered to read my very short statement I was careful to say "I would rather wait and get the S7" meaning I would rather save more $ to get it than buy this. I also said "Still it has its uses and probably compared to other $300 phones it is probably pretty good".

        So next time read and think, if that's possible?

        • +4

          yeah you are right I am a complete idiot

          You said it…not me.

          Doesn't change the fact the battery will struggle to get 12 hrs with many reporting charging it at about 2pm during the day.

          And this fact relates to what exactly? Who's reporting this?

          Also if you bothered to read my very short statement I was careful to say "I would rather wait and get the S7" meaning I would rather save more $ to get it than buy this. I also said "Still it has its uses and probably compared to other $300 phones it is probably pretty good".

          Don't bother trying to justify your own statements after you called yourself an idiot.

          You wrote it badly and many others saw that as you making an unfair comparison between a flagship and mid range phone.

          So next time think before you write, if that's possible?

  • other sellers might follow suit ?

  • I don't recall this phone being 699 ever… Sony has sold it for 349 for quite a while…

    I bought the X Performance for 649 in the 12 days of Xmas sale…

    • wasnt that the XA and not this XA Ultra?

  • How does this compare with Nexus 6P?


    • +3

      6P wins in every way. No contest.

      • So no need to sell my nexus 6P for this, lol

  • If this was compatible with LineageOS (the new Cyanogenmod), I would have bought it. Not having the latest update or support for at least the next two years is a negative for me.

    • yeah, Lineage doesnt seem to want to support many phones at all.
      Last sony update for this phone from Sony was 2 weeks ago, N is expected early 17 so I guess soon.

  • +3

    Just smashed my S6 edge, thanks

    • +10

      Before or after you have seen this post?

      • Haha happened yesterday morning, will be a phone to hold me over till I buy a S8 edge or whatever pikes my interest next

        • Word of warning though, it's a horrible phone. I have an S6 Edge, bought this phone, and a month later back to my S6 Edge. Awaiting the S8 Edge too, but this Sony one isnt worth my time. S6 Edge is so much faster.. ;)

        • @gviddy: I presume you got the S6 Edge for around the same price?

  • Looks like the performance is pretty middling; Helio P10 being almost equal or worse than Snapdragon 650. It is certainly a bargain, but this is nothing more than a mid-range phone with a large screen and isn't really comparable to the current and previous gen of top of the line phones including Samsung Galaxy Series or Nexus 6P/Pixel series or Sony's own Z5 premium.

    • +6

      Looks like the performance is pretty middling

      but this is nothing more than a mid-range phone with a large screen

      Is that because the phone was marketed as a mid range phone and never as a top of the line device?

      isn't really comparable to the current and previous gen of top of the line phones including Samsung Galaxy Series or Nexus 6P/Pixel series or Sony's own Z5 premium.

      That's like saying the Toyota Camry isn't comparable to Mercedes Benz's S-Class or its related Lexus 'premium' models. What new/interesting/useful point exactly are you trying to make here? It's a mid-range phone, with a mid-range price, and it isn't as good as a top of the line phone. All fairly obvious so far…

      • +3

        Ah, sorry I wasn't so familiar with this model and the helio chipset personally so I just wanted to give a quick summary from my brief research online.

        I guess I was just struck by "Was $699" which was in the title - which I wouldn't really consider it as a mid-range pricing bracket; and the number of votes for this post in a very short period of time.

        Hope that clears up why I wrote a pretty obvious post above. Cheers.

    • +1

      The p10 is closer to a snapdragon 617 than a snapdragon 650. The s650 uses a72 cores as well, which are much more faster than the a53 ones in the p10. Even the snapdragon 625 scores higher in benchmarks.

      See here how this phone performance compared to a phone with a snapdragon 650



    • It is certainly a bargain, but this is nothing more than a mid-range phone with a large screen and isn't really comparable to the current and previous gen of top of the line phones including Samsung Galaxy Series or Nexus 6P/Pixel series or Sony's own Z5 premium.

      Wow, its almost like this mid range phone is actually… a mid range phone!

  • +3

    MI Max is better than this one. Storage and battery….

    • +1

      Wow.. 6.44 inches? Do you have one yourself? How's it like to use in daily basis?

      • It grows on you. You should know that once you go big, you cannot go small. Went from a S7 edge to a Mi Max for 4 reasons:
        - screen real estate
        - battery size.
        - not having to worry about Knox
        - price
        I couldn't care less about the camera so that wasn't a deal breaker. Only thing I miss is NFC for Android Pay.

        • +7

          It grows on you…

          Shit, I hope not. It's big enough already!

        • +1

          Pretty much the same

          • unlockable bootloader
          • 2 x SIM slots both do 4G/, 3G and can mod to have an sd card as well or buy an adapter unit
          • good custom ROM (I run xiaomi.eu weekly beta android nougat)
          • Decent storage
          • Decent daylight camera
          • Snapdragon 650 chipset
          • unlockable 4G bands (XDA explains)
          • huge screen IPS 1080p
          • I get 12 hours sot and about 2 days out of the battery

          I went to the mimax from the edge for the fact it died twice and had to be replaced (screen purple issue)and sent back to Hong Kong for repairs, cut my losses and sold it for 600 bought the mimax for 250 shipped via dhl in the last sale, very happy
          NFC is a moot point I have a pay pass from CBA stuck to it and it works well

        • +4

          It grows on you

          Yep, I just started carrying a handbag with me everywhere I go! Gets a few stares, since I'm a man, but I just yell "It's 2017 stop judging me!!!" in strangers faces when they do that.

          The haters can buy their stupid normal sized phones with their sensible phone-sized dimensions, but I watch my reality TV and product placement-filled youtube vloggers literally everywhere I go, so 6" phones for me, bitches!

        • +1

          @mgowen: That cracked me up :)

        • @shawncro 222:

          Unlock able 4g bands? Holy. Didn't know about this one

        • @scrimshaw:

          Snapdragon 650 Qualcomm chipset
          You can unlock bands
          There is a thread on XDA about it

  • I suppose the pros to this phone is local warranty, band support, and I'm presuming the cameras are better than what you get on most phones at this price.

  • +1

    16gb only sucks…. You cant even move apps to SD on android 6

    • see my reply to twister292

    • +1

      Yes you can.

  • Do note that out of the 16GB memory, only about 10GB is free. And with apps like whatsapp insisting to use internal memory for storing media attachments, it could fill up rather quickly unless you have a really spartan app setup.

    • You could root it and use app managers to change the storage location since it's not a telco model

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