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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 (i5-6200U Dual Core 8GB RAM 256GB SSD FHD 1920*1080) $679.02USD / ~$893AUD Delivered @ LightInTheBox


hi dear all, i have checked. for those has been shipped order we still provide the compensation, but need provide your order number. also the 3% value of the orders with no minimum spend

hi dear all

At first of all, i have to thanks to all you kind patience and trust, it's a long time from 3-24 to now and many people still wait.
As you can see that our last deal for xiaomi laptop have some huge delayed issues and waste lots of user Valuable Time.
it's undeniable truth and i apologize for that deeply. i'm promise too many times to solve it but break it agian and again.
and here are final solution for that:

1.Due to batteries issue, our ship team need shiped it by normal postal service(normally take 7-30 business day)

our customer service will contact everyone whose package still didn't shiped and you can choose re-send or refund.


for those choose re- send: 3% value of the orders with no minimum spend
for those choose refund: 3% value of the orders with minimum spend which means when you get $20 reward you can use it to buy $40 products
i know this won't satisfied everyone, but that's all i can strive for you.

all refund will process in time and you don't need worry we disappear

my official email:[email protected] welcome to contact me if you have any question and i will continue to make more nice deal and fellow up every issue.


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    US$707.99 delivered here with Aliexpress. (with $2 off store coupon)

    and then with 10% cash back from alibonus = US$637

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      we are 679USD and free Expedited shipping(with$40 off store coupon)
      and then with 8% cash back from here
      not good at math, but i'm sure we are more cheap than this one.

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    This is actually a good price.

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      glad you like it sir,:) i almost think our price are not good enough, seems only few users vote it

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        Come on bro only been 45 minutes. It's definitely a great deal.

  • 1080 RES Is impressive at this price. What is warranty like?

    • if this product have any quality problem, we can provide changing or refunding.

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        Ok but what is warranty duration? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? 1 month?

        Also is graphics onboard or dedicated?

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          the warranty period is 2-3 months,you can check it here, and do you mind get it clear?"graphics onboard or dedicated" don't understand this

        • The model on that link is GT940M.

        • Fairly sure the GPU is dedicated.

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          @Autonomic: Yeah it has an Intel HD (not sure the version) for less taxing stuff, and a Nvidia 940MX for 3D stuff.

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          @MiniInTheBox: your link says 30 days. Why say 2-3 months? What does 2-3 months even mean? Does it mean definitely 2 but maybe 3 months?

        • +1

          @Risto: hi dear, 30 days is for" If a product is not listed, the warranty period is 30 days. " but we have 2 months for Consumer Electronics and 3 months for Phones & Tablets

        • @Risto: i will check it with product department and make it clear. but the warranty is at least 2 months

        • +4

          @Risto: just confirmed, warranty is 3 months

        • @Risto:

          You gonna click the link for detailed information.

          "For product-specific policy conditions and warranty periods, click here."
          it says:
          Category Sub Categories Warranty Period
          Consumer Electronics All Products 2 Months
          Phones & Tablets All Products 3 Months

          I reckon laptop which is a consumer electronics has 2 months seller warranty then. But you have to post it back to china.

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    price in Mainland China is AU$1000 for this model. so good deal.

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    Can I have a free sample

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      sorry dear, we don't have a review plan for this recently.

      • +1

        I doubt he meant for review (or return).

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    Good price the only worry is the warranty.

    How is it compare with Matebook? It is not a touch screen, right?

  • Seems to be roughly USD$672 here

    • For the extra $9 on this post you get expidited shipping.

      • the other deal includes EMS express shipping, although admittedly it's estimated shipping time of 7-15 is slightly longer than this deal's estimate of 5-9 (processing time plus postage time).

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      Judges in China eat copyright lawsuits for breakfast

    • +23

      Unless Apple thinks they invented Air.

      • Trademarks do not relate to prior inventions. But hey, good quip anyway, haterz

      • +2

        Nike should sue Apple then

      • +3

        Apple are trademark trolls. At one stage they were going after Woolies for their Apple logo, which looks nothing like the Apple computer logo.

    • +3

      Is Air a trademark of Apple?

      • If it could be, it would already be.

        • +3

          Nike would also be jostling for it too I imagine.

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    Do you have stock ready to ship?

    • +2

      yes, we always in stock when we plan for a deal. and we will ship it according to the order time. longest time will less than 4 business day.

      • +2

        ordered, will post here when it arrives

        • Keep us posted

        • +1

          Ordered 23/3. Still no shipping confirmation.

        • @badarz: Well that's no good. Try messaging the associate here.

        • @badarz:
          Ordered 24/03
          Shipped 30/03
          Received 03/04
          Invoice was for $719 USD, no duty was charged, sent by DP worldwide.
          Shipping speed was great, but processing step took longer than the shipping.
          AU plugs were included, thanks for that.

        • @badarz: invoice
          Was usd not aud?

        • @ATO: yes

  • Daamn,

    That's a great price

    Ordered the i7 version last week as a replacement when I dropped my 12" one in the water and wrecked the screen.

    Fortunately the charger and SSD work so I now have spares. 12" SSD is SATA and the 13" has a spare SATA slot so not a complete loss.

    However I totally would have enjoyed the i5 rather than the i7 for this price.

    • +1

      However I totally would have enjoyed the i5 rather than the i7 for this price.

      I am confused.
      Isn't the i7 better than the i5?

      • It depends…

        I recently bought a used Macbook Pro (13" 2015 model) with the i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB hard drive. I bought it because I already owned the 13" 2015 one with an i5, 8GB RAM and 256GB hard drive and kept hitting the limits of the RAM and disk space.

        I'm not a CPU 'power user'; I don't play games, edit HD videos, analyse massive datasets, design 3D models of entire cities in CAD programs, etc. I do however need lots of onboard RAM and hard drive space for various projects.

        I find with the i7, because it's more powerful, even if I'm not making it work hard, it runs much hotter than the Macbook with the i5 and the battery life is not as good. If I could choose again, I'd get one with the i5, 16GB and 512GB because I don't need the i7's power or greed for energy. Also, my wife would kill me if I said I needed to buy another replacement laptop.

        The i7 can do complex things more quickly but day-to-day it'll be hot and hungry for power. The i5 can still do those complex things but will take a bit longer, but will day-to-day be easier to live with.

        Edit: This is all just my personal experience with these two computers. There are so many different versions and generations of i5 and i7 processors that my experience is almost certainly not what others might have.

        • +4


          I7 I5
          More Expensive Cheaper
          Faster Slower
          Quicker Diminishing Battery Long Lasting Battery


        • @0p: Pretty much, but I'd suggest the battery comments should be seen as Quicker Diminishing Battery Longer Lasting Battery

          My Macbook with the i7 still has a very impressive battery life, and it's a two-year old computer. Still better than any Windows/Linux laptop I've ever used. I should have made it clear that the difference is probably only about 10%, maybe 15%, between the i7 and the i5 in terms of battery life.

          The thing that bothers me most with the i7 is it occasionally got too hot to sit with on your lap. Not burning hot, just makes my thighs a bit sweaty. I popped a folded towel under it once, but to be honest I've actually started working at a desk with it so haven't even noticed the heat for ages.

        • +1

          Oh ok will look into it.
          By the way i have updated the table.

        • @0p: You're welcome :-)

      • Yeah it's a slightly better clockspeed.
        And I may even use the 4g when I travel to China next . But then again I probably won't use either enough to justify the difference in price when compared to this deal.

        Still no place for buyers remorse when I can't exactly return the unit set to arrive in 2 days.

        I will say that after having the 12". 4gb ram was absolutely not enough for my Linux workstation but 8gb DDR4 will be fine

        • What distro are you running?
          How's the battery life, and any issues you've had to spend the night debugging on?

        • +1


          100% works on first boot

    • The i7 version is the one with 4G in china right, that was the only update they did plus the i7?

      Did you get a good price for it?

      • $200-300 more than this deal so not enough to justify it but I guess if this were the Apple store macbook configuration selector that would be the bump they demand for small spec boosts

  • +19

    But 3 month warranty!!!!
    That will hurt if anything happens after 4 months.
    Is it worth the risk?

    • That very much depends on whether anything happens after the months.

    • +12

      That's what I was thinking, basically they warrant that it will work for 3 months, no longer. If you accept the terms and one day in the near future it craps itself, then what? Will it be a $900 paperweight? I'm not huge on warranties but 3 months is just ridiculous for an item at this price.

      • +2

        3 months is still better than the alternatives where it's basically no warranty. At least covered for DOA.

        • +6

          Yeah I suppose… But if I'm going to fork out close to that I'll be looking at something a bit dearer but with warranty coverage especially as I have no experience in the brand. I've worked for companies where they would buy consumer grade (known brand) laptops for staff and pretty much 75% of them died a month or two after warranty expired.

      • Makes no sense to me, 3 month warranty is basically a guarantee on how long their product will work, not worth the risk spending 900 to only be guaranteed for 3 months that's a joke.

    • +1

      I'm not going to purchase this because it's not Australian Stock with that type of Warranty. There's nothing you can do after the 3 months period and I agree with you here. But for the specs, and for people that are willing to take the risk and nothing happening it will be a great investment.

  • I've done some research on this device, and most reviewers say that this has a chinese only windows 10 license? Is this the case for this one?

  • +2

    Can you match or ideally beat Banggood price of Grand Total: US$666.71. if its US $650 , I will buy 2 in an instant and lots of more people will as Banggood is more well established

    Order Subtotal: US$738.99
    Shipping Fee: US$1.62
    Insurance: US$0.00
    Coupon Discount: US$73.90
    Grand Total: US$666.71
    This order earned 738 banggood points

    • hi dear, sorry but this is the lowest price i can get. also we are free with Expedited shipping, it takes much less time.

      • +1

        Banggood is Expedited Shipping as well if you check. Do you guys use DHL Express for Express shipping ? Make it a $50 coupon and 100s of us will bite :D

        • I bought the banggood deal last week and yes they do use DHL, just got delivered as I typed this :D

        • @FeZZa21: How long did it take from ordering to getting it delivered. Under a week ?

        • @regenade:
          It got shipped 14th March and delivered today 24th March. Initially I didn't know it was DHL until I got the DHL SMS status yesterday saying it was being processed at singapore, so maybe they hand over from EMS China to DHL?

      • what is the point of having fast shipping when it takes almost 2 weeks of processing time?

    • mate where did you get the coupon from cant seem to find it? *Derp nvm found it lol

    • is the banggood deal still available, can i see the link?

  • The banggood deal is better than this one as it has 4.8% cashback

    • Are you sure? Lightinthebox have 8% cashback and free express shipping.

    • +2

      this one would be cheaper, banggood one cost me AU$843 total (inc. cashrewards) and this one would cost me ~AU$821 with the higher cashreward.

    • Could you please pm me the link?

  • +1

    Holy goodness me that's a great deal. Only half a year ago did I purchased this for the full 1k mark. It was fantastic price for it then, it's definitely a fantastic price now.

    • Wow half a year ago?
      I'm very intrested hearing how it's holding up.
      Battery get worse at all?

      System slower at all?

      • Battery hasn't decreased by much, though it never has been stellar since it's a smaller battery compared to similar class laptops. I still get just under 3 hours while gaming, 7 hours while I'm at work/uni.

        No slow down. Fantastic system. I've installed an extra ssd and thermo pad on the vent, so that might have helped with the temp and speed, and the only time it ever had trouble is when I ran Nox Emulator. It's just extremely slow for some reason, and I don't understand what's causing it, because task manager indicated that the PC and RAM wasn't fully used.

        Aside from the grease that I left on it from work, it doesn't seem to be that different from day 1.

        • Curious to know what this thermo pad is?
          Google can't seem to figure this one out.

        • @Rorschach: https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Thermal-Pad-0-5-Conductivity/d...

          These. Apparently, there is a gap between the heat sink + vent and the metal plate. So I was taught to add that in, and it'll disperse some of the heat onto the metal plate.

          It did, the W key no longer burns my fingers when I play very heavy games. It's still hot, but not discomfiting hot.

        • Thanks for the reply mate,
          great to know battery is still ok and hasn't decreased capacity.

          Roughly how much did that SSD set you back?
          And also, did you fork out money to get another copy of windows OS over the Chinese windows?

        • @TheOneWhoGotAway: I got the m.2 crucial 500gb for $170 including delivery. They had a fantastic deal for the samsung 850 evo a couple weeks back, so you may be able to find one pop up some time.

          Nah. I had a home edition lying around, so I used that. I've read from Reddit that you can use the inbuilt key for English single language Windows. Just simply click "troubleshoot" instead of activating it or something. Ask r/xiaomi if you ever have any trouble with Windows, the mod there own one as well.

        • @Wonderfool:

          Hey wonderfool,

          I got my Air 13 recently, could you forward the article, video you found to install the thermal pad yourself?
          Or if you could be kind enough to roughly explain what needs to be done.

          Thanks (feel free to PM me)

        • @TheOneWhoGotAway:

          Mi Air Thermal pad https://imgur.com/a/Ul9pe

          See those blue things? Just copy those. Your goal is too link those parts with the metal so it'll distribute the heat on the casing. Put priority on the heat sink.

          It seemed to have put my cpu to run at 67 degrees after it's done.

    • Yes, I'm very keen to hear your experience with it. Sounds like you are pretty chuffed with it!

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