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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 (i5-6200U Dual Core 8GB RAM 256GB SSD FHD 1920*1080) $679.02USD / ~$893AUD Delivered @ LightInTheBox


hi dear all, i have checked. for those has been shipped order we still provide the compensation, but need provide your order number. also the 3% value of the orders with no minimum spend

hi dear all

At first of all, i have to thanks to all you kind patience and trust, it's a long time from 3-24 to now and many people still wait.
As you can see that our last deal for xiaomi laptop have some huge delayed issues and waste lots of user Valuable Time.
it's undeniable truth and i apologize for that deeply. i'm promise too many times to solve it but break it agian and again.
and here are final solution for that:

1.Due to batteries issue, our ship team need shiped it by normal postal service(normally take 7-30 business day)

our customer service will contact everyone whose package still didn't shiped and you can choose re-send or refund.


for those choose re- send: 3% value of the orders with no minimum spend
for those choose refund: 3% value of the orders with minimum spend which means when you get $20 reward you can use it to buy $40 products
i know this won't satisfied everyone, but that's all i can strive for you.

all refund will process in time and you don't need worry we disappear

my official email:[email protected] welcome to contact me if you have any question and i will continue to make more nice deal and fellow up every issue.


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  • Where do you apply the coupon?

    • hi sir,you need procee to checkout page and on the bottom of that page you can add the coupon, i don't konw how to give you a screen shot

  • Is a new version going to come out ?
    Like with a 10xx gpu?

    • a new version did come out and it has a same-generation but i7 processor and a 4g china-mobile only module that can only be used in china.

      • +2

        not really an upgrade for the price compared to this one

        • +1

          Its selling point was that an internet plan came with it. Which, of course, meant that we don't get the benefit.

  • +1

    where can i apply the coupon in your website ?

    • you need procee to checkout page and on the bottom of that page you can add the coupon, i don't konw how to give you a screen shot

  • +6

    After my opening an account and purchasing something from Lightinthebox, there is no way to unsubscribe from their newsletter. The unsubscribe link does nothing for me, and there is no way to contact them unless it is related to a purchase. I encourage everyone to check out their Contact Us page. This is what it says:
    We always have someone on hand to answer your questions. We believe in the timeliness of customer service, and will do everything possible to satisfy our customers. If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions, please contact us
    Now try actually doing that. There is no form to submit, no email address, no online chat, no phone number. And this is a listed company!

    • have you tried setting up a rule to forward those emails to the junk box?

      • +4

        Not really a great solution.

    • dob them in to the internet police…. ;)

    • +1

      I love it how the rep keeps ignoring this, a true embodiment of "the timeliness of customer service".

    • Its just a nice bit of bs to get your business and take your $$$$$ :)

  • +2

    looks like I can only get it down to 971 in the checkout with the coupon and cash rewards

    • +5

      please choose us currency, our au currency has little inflate

  • +1

    Any deals on the 12 inch model?

    • +3

      i will check the lowest price later and see if we can get a good price. if we do, i will let you know

      • Thank you!

        • hi dear,just confirmed. unfortunately we don't have enough stock on this model for now

  • Friends, this is a pretty good price.

    To the associate, where do you ship from / where are you based?

    • we are chinese company and ship from China

  • Will this deal last until next week or will it sell out?

    • the coupon is until 3/31, no quantity limited as i know

  • +2

    Be aware that the laptop has Mandarin version of Windows 10…you'll need to do a clean install with a new copy of Win10 to get the proper English version.

    Even if you change the default OS language to English, some things will still remain in Mandarin.

    • +1

      I don't mind reinstalling (I normally do when I get a new laptop anyway)
      The real question is whether the I need a new license during the install or will Windows detect the existing license

      • Im note sure of that to be honest

      • People on Xiaomi's subreddit said that you can simply install English version single language version with it. Though I never tried it myself.

    • +1

      Does bios remain in Chinese?

      • I don't know about the bios of the machine…

        I thought win10 machines use UEFI instead of BIOS?

      • BIOS is in english (F2 during boot for those interested).

  • I have the 12.5" version and love it, but sometimes wish I bought this one to get 8gb of ram.

  • Basically a cheaper xps?

  • Can you supply with Windows 10 English, instead of Windows 10 Mandarin?

  • +3

    Great price. Got one of these from gearbest and just managed to get arch working. Drivers pretty easy. On windows it is super snappy and I'm extremely impressed with the trackpad

    • Where are the drivers for this?

    • What is the battery life like?

      • Pretty good. I've never had a "high end" ultrabook before though. Sorry can't give you an estimate of how long it would last me cos I've basically had it on screwing around with settings so I didn't know what battery %

        I did read that it's not as good as something like a macbook though

  • +2

    I am looking for the 12.5 Inch version of the Mi Notebook air, will be great if you can make a deal

  • Any touch screen model??

  • Good laptop for university

    • Glossy screen though, that's a pain in the ass in lecture halls.

  • +4

    so i recently brought the laptop from china via online company the price was roughly 4600RMB i brought from a Chinese website shipped to my Chinese address for free.
    if you exchange it RMB TO AUD it is roughly $876.10. so this is pretty much a steal only around 20 aud more. laptop is great charges so fast and got a gtx940mx 10/10 would recommend for work/uni/and light gaming. thx OP for sharing this OZ bargain

    • +2

      you are welcome, a deal which every one like is the best rewards to me.

    • What is the battery life like?

      • only time will tell XD for now its heaps good for work and watching movies but not so good for gaming but it only weighs 1.5kg so

    • I bought the banggood deal the other week and arrived in 8 business days (DHL), really loving it. I came from using a Dell 3000 15" laptop that was a heavy, plasticy, creaky piece of crap to this solidly built aluminium, light and thin ultrabook. Great sharp screen (though a little dark but perfectly fine indoors) and awesome glass trackpad.

      here's a good comparison review: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Face-Off-Xiaomi-Mi-Air-vs-Dell-...

  • Is this device thick? the base looks thicker than most laptops nowadays..

    How's the experience? And battery life

    • Did you click the link? Thickness 14.8mm,1.28kg weight, 9.5 hours run time. The thickness is better than average laptops.
      In comparison, the luxury new macbook pro with touch is 14.9 mm, weight 1.37 kg. 10 hours, which cost more than $2000.
      Xiaomi was not a laptop manufactory before, but they did a great job again.

      • anyone considering a XPS should jump at this. waaaay better

        • As someone who sold his xps13, I just wanna give some warning:

          Xps has a better battery, it has better temp control, and better screen. The screen on the Xiaomi air is not only reflective, it's also a little dark in comparison. So if you're planning to use it outdoor, forget about it. Add the fact that it can heat up when you leave it on your lap for extended period (not alot, but you feel it to be an discomfort), and you will start having preference of where you'll use it.

          Aside from those points, yeah, Xiaomi is a better laptop in general.

  • Well I went ahead and purchased it.

    The only negative to me is there is no SD card. But I suppose USB can substitute for that.

  • I must be blind or something. i cannot find a way to change currency or enter the code? I have looked around the check out page. A lil help please?

  • Sorry. Found where to apply the code. Still havent figure out how to change currency.

    • top right it says "Ship to: <ausflag> $AUD"

      click that, then at the bottom of the popup theres a dropdown to change to usd

    • I just clicked immediately to the left of the price and it has a dropdown. Desktop browser.

  • +3

    Just pulled the trigger on this one, been looking for an ultrabook for uni that also had a dedicated GPU. Note I had a little trouble with my card getting declined - contacted my bank and it was because the seller had actually flagged it for fraud! Turns out they get a lot of people trying to buy things with stolen cards so they are a little cautious. Just a heads up in case it happens to you.

    Discount code worked fine, I clicked through from CashRewards so I hope that works too (never done it before). Will post my experience with the laptop once it arrives.

    • Same experience with my bank here… mildly annoying.

  • Would this laptop be able to run adobe lightroom and photoshop smoothly? Thanks!

  • I was gonna get the Hp spectre x2, but oh wth , I ordered this one.

  • So no one seems worried about lack of future warranty..

    • +1

      did you read the comments? a bunch of people are worried, and one even negged for it.

    • Does anyone know what gearbest and banggood warranty is like? I can't seem to find it on their website.

      I'm having decision issues deciding if I should buy from this place or gearbest or banggood. Any comments much appreciated.

      • No idea about warranty, but MY (personal) experience of banggood vs gearbest for cheap stuff was:
        banggood list a long delivery time (like a month), and it takes that long to deliver.
        gearbest list a similarly long delivery time, but still manage to not deliver in that time and instead take 2 months or more to deliver, or not deliver at all.

        • 2 months? wtf?

        • @HarveySpecter: for cheap shit, with free shipping. I haven't bought anything from gearbest where I've tried paying for express shipping. But yeah, 2 months, or more.

        • @salem: OH man, I bought these Xiaomi Hybrid earphones from gearbest. Looks like it's gonna be a long wait till those arrive :(

          Edit: On the email, it states this "The package should normally take 5-12 business days to arrive (approximately). However, please understand this is an estimate. The shipping speed is outside our control and is dependent on the courier company."

        • @HarveySpecter: so this was admittedly quite a while ago, but basically after a month and a half wait, I went to paypal, and then gearbest asked me to close the paypal dispute and wait another 45 business days. which I did not do.

          maybe they are better now? I wouldn't know, as after that experience I have avoided them.

        • @salem: ahh ok, I did hear from here that they were banned from ozbargain once.

        • I've bought stuffs from Banggood and gearbest multiple times, they arrived no problem with delivering. It just takes 3-4weeks.

      • I'm making the same decision.
        Did you gather any info what gearbest or banggood warrenty is like?

  • Really slow postage form these guys.

    • Is this with Expidited shipping?

  • I need a laptop and it looks good, but wary of purchase given the lack of reasonable wareanty period and the brand doesnt have much presence. Hate for it to arrive with dead pixels, or die on me one year later and become a paperweight..

  • Execuse me. Did the price change? It is 10xx now.

    • Nope still shows $719 USD before coupon.

      • Sorry I saw the AUD price. Thank you

  • Is this a better laptop to the 13" Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 which can be had for about $200 more and with same specs?

  • -1

    How about the plug?what kind of plug does it have?

    • morning sir, just back from weekend. i have confirmed, it's chinese plug. thanks for remind and supplier decide to provide a free au plug for this from now on.

      • Mine hasn't shipped yet, can you pls include the AU plug. Order #22118700.

        • just ask that for you, but not sure if they can add it when the package at processing time. when i get the feedback i will give you message

      • Can you advise why you provide such a pitiful warranty? 3 months is rubbish, especially when spending this much money. In Australa we have 12 month warranty, and an extra 12 month under consumer law.

        And how does the warranty work with you? Do you pay for shipping, what is the turn around time?

        I like the look of the product, but wary of after sales support if the item stopped working a few months after purchase.

        • i can't decide any thing about the warranty, the Boss make rule.warranty start when you receiving your order, and if you need refund or change we pay for shipping. about more details i suggest you consult customer service. they are more professional on this.

  • +3

    Dodgy company. Been ripped off before for $400.

  • I just tried to use the cashback reward link (provided within the thread) and gone through all the steps to add item into cart, but the final pricing i am getting is $971.00, which includes $57.20 coupon.
    However, i have exclude all insurance options available (duty & tax insurance + shipping insurance). Not sure if it's recommonded to have them added on?
    Also this price is still higher than the advertised @ $893 delivered.
    Admin… can you please assist me with the pricing?

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