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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 (i5-6200U Dual Core 8GB RAM 256GB SSD FHD 1920*1080) $679.02USD / ~$893AUD Delivered @ LightInTheBox


hi dear all, i have checked. for those has been shipped order we still provide the compensation, but need provide your order number. also the 3% value of the orders with no minimum spend

hi dear all

At first of all, i have to thanks to all you kind patience and trust, it's a long time from 3-24 to now and many people still wait.
As you can see that our last deal for xiaomi laptop have some huge delayed issues and waste lots of user Valuable Time.
it's undeniable truth and i apologize for that deeply. i'm promise too many times to solve it but break it agian and again.
and here are final solution for that:

1.Due to batteries issue, our ship team need shiped it by normal postal service(normally take 7-30 business day)

our customer service will contact everyone whose package still didn't shiped and you can choose re-send or refund.


for those choose re- send: 3% value of the orders with no minimum spend
for those choose refund: 3% value of the orders with minimum spend which means when you get $20 reward you can use it to buy $40 products
i know this won't satisfied everyone, but that's all i can strive for you.

all refund will process in time and you don't need worry we disappear

my official email:[email protected] welcome to contact me if you have any question and i will continue to make more nice deal and fellow up every issue.


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  • Same boat here, battery issue that has never been told by the lightinbox company as the light is the box only. Since we dont see the box no light can be seen.

    i have asked for refund again and will let you guys know what they gonna reply. The first time i asked fro refund they said cant as it has been picked up by SF.

    There is no light, my ozbargain comrades, wake up, fight

    I had opened a dispute asking for refund, anyone follows?

  • Woohoo I've received my package~! NOT
    I guess somewhere along the way, it got stuck.
    Now the question is still wait for the package ? or proceed to refund process?

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    Can I just say how awesome it is that the charger also charges the macbook pro 15" touchbar model . ?

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    SF Express replied to my message and basically stated the same info slong received. All these packages have been halted.

    Thank you very much for your support to S.F Express.
    <my tracking number>:this shipment have a lithium battery,we have informed colleagues to follow up.If you want to get more information pls contact with shipper .Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Mainland China Customer Service Representative

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    Here's what I got after I 'complained to supervisor' after getting the generic response on a custom support ticket.

    Thank you for shopping by Lightinthebox.

    We are sorry to inform you that the package shipped via SF-Express has been shipped due to customs clearance issues. We are working with the logistic department on this issue, and your package can be reshipped out in the next 3 days. After that the shipping tracking number will be updated and you can check it in the order page.

    If you still have any further inquires, you may reply back, and we will try to reply your message at the soonest on Monday at the latest.

    Your kind patience and understanding will be highly appreciated. We once again regret the inconvenience caused to you and we will do our best to improve our services.

    I assume they mean it "hasn't shipped", but they seem to be saying it will be shipped out again in the next few days and the tracking number updated. This seems to be in line with what Miniinthebox said above.

    I hope they do prioritise it.

  • +1

    Well looks like the re-shipment process has begun as I received a new email stating shipment, and a new tracking number.
    So far it just says "Shipment information received", which doesn't mean it has been picked up yet (or even available to be picked up necessarily), but rather just that the tracking has been lodged…

    They seem to be planning to send it from Singapore with DHL… So that's good news, I guess they shipped it there over the weekend or plan to.. Hopefully the packages will show as "picked up" soon.

    • Yeap, I've got that email as well, so what is our compensation from Lightinthebox? for this stupid delays and etc..

      • well much earlier on (back when it hadn't even been shipped), customer service stated to me

        After you receive the order and confirm everything is fine, you may get back to us and require for a promotion rewards which valued 10% of this order.

        Which would mean $67.9 rewards credit with them so you can repeat this experience at a later date :D

        • Yeap, I've got that email/msg from Lightinthebox as well. However it's extra stupid delays now. We should ask for extra 10% may be?
          what does the rep offer for us? But to be honest, I do not want to go thru this again ever… meaning no shopping from delayinthebox.

        • @simonizmaster: Likewise I got the same email tonight. Would appreciate some form of compensation too.

        • Compensation would be great but I will be happy just to get the damn thing in my hands at this point!

        • +1


          True, seems mine has been picked up now though which is good. Might have it by Tuesday :) For what it's worth though, I clicked one of those spam emails and got a $30 USD rewards credit (with a $150 USD minimum spend)… But it expires in 1 weeks time.

          I have a feeling a 10% reward credit will also have a similar expiry -_- . ffs

        • @musicinbed69: Yeah I probably won't jumping in to use a 10% credit anytime soon…
          I got the same tracking notice as others so it looks like everyone (hopefully) should have their package by tomorrow. Counted back to order date that's 15 business days for me, which is 6 above the upper estimate they gave on their site initially for processing + delivery. Felt like longer than that!

          I'll give them some credit for getting the final delivery done through the weekend so at least we're not waiting even longer, though an extended warranty as Slong mentions below would be a nice incentive to give them another chance.

        • @dust: Dang.. the first order date was in 24th of March! This took almost 1 month! to get it delivered…

      • My DHL tracking estimates Tuesday delivery…about damn time! I think an extended warranty would be a nice form of compensation. Would prefer that over anticipating snail mail delivery all over again.

  • +2

    New DHL status notification guys!

    Ship From: Ship To:
    SINGAPORE, 819827
    17 Apr 17 1:00 PM - Returned to shipper - SINGAPORE,SINGAPORE

    I am lost for words right now. Is there any shipping company that'll actually ship to Aus?!

    • DHL guy 1: this one should get there Monday.
      DHL guy 2: but that's a public holiday.
      DHL guy 1: huh. Guess we'll just send it back then.


      what the hell.

      Is it even because of a holiday?? Or have they literally rejected the package of something? This is ridiculous.

      • Yep, got the same message. Returned to shipper today. :(

        • same here,and what is funny was the lightinthebox
          Company send me email saying it will arrive to me no later than 13/04. This company is hopeless! Anyone disagree? Now can we start paypal refund process ? Be relastic guys

      • Yeah this is just a joke now, just when we thought it started going right everything goes wrong again.

    • +3


      LITB best be compensating us for this issue.

      If they don't rectify this to our satisfaction they should definitely be banned from posting further deals on OzBargain.

      • +1

        I mean, at this point they would need to give us $120+ as a partial refund to be satisfied, but I can't see that happening.

        And they sent this from singapore… but they aren't even based in singapore.. so where the (profanity) has this been 'returned' to?

        They keep repeating the same problem of not (profanity) checking that these packages are okay to send with the shipping company. Do they know and just ignore it? ughhh. Paypal disputing tomorrow unless something miraculous happens.

        • 2 paypal disputing now, we need more bros, come on

        • @ATO: Right, well, I've now made a claim, and now escalated it with paypal. I just want my money back now, shame I won't get the $17~ back I spent in conversion fees ugh :\ .

        • @ATO: Dude I would but I didn't actually go through Paypal…which means I will have to try and get a refund direct from LITB. Seriously worried about my chances after this debacle.

        • @Birdseye: I did try to get refund from LITH but they rejected for the reason that it has been shipped out. shame on them. That's why I go for Paypal

  • I'm still in the processing stage. However they sent me a voucher for 72USD off a 144USD purchase. Anyone else get that?

    • No I didn't get that. Not sure if I want to fork out another 72 USD with LightInTheBox though.

      If we just got a 72 USD voucher with no minimum spend that would be okay.

  • Has anyone had LITB confirm their order has been sent back to the shipper again?

    I enquired about what was going on, specifically regarding the shipping return notice on tracking number, and got the same generic message back that it had been shipped and to wait a week.

    Have they acknowledged it's coming back, or is it an error in the tracking?

    They also refuse to respond to questions regarding compensation. How is it that some people have been offered vouchers?

    Very poor service. Sadly I didn't pay with PayPal. Lesson learned with LITB.

    • It is very unfortunate not using PAYPAL. There is no way you can get refund but have to wait

    • DHL wouldn't tell me why it was sent back, but DHL told me yes, it was sent back. A new tracking number was used for each package to be sent back, and person by the name of "FONG" accepted it in Singapore just after 9AM on the 18th.

      Yeah I honestly think their customer service could be automatic and computerised because they never listen or mention specifically what you're saying.

      Sucks you didn't use paypal :\ . I hope they're telling the truth that they simply didn't put the right sticker on it and can re-send (AGAIN). But I also wonder, maybe they didn't put the sticker on it because they were hoping they could sneak these through.

      • I had the same FONG accept my parcel in Singapore. Their customer service is appalling… Every question I ask gets a generic response asking me to wait ridiculous amounts of time.

  • Finally a breakthrough! Got a new tracking number from DHL last night at 7:45pm, and as of 5:15 this morning it is showing as 'Customs Status updated - Location: Melbourne, Australia'.

    Hoping that 1) It actually is in Melbourne and I'm going to finally get it today and 2) that everyone else's are on their way too!

    • you must be joking. How do you get the new tracking number? From DHL or LITH?

      • Mine still says returned to shipper. I submitted another ticket and the response simply asked if I would like it to be reshipped??! Unfortunately I didn't use Paypal either.

        • Status

          This item not received dispute has been escalated to a claim.

          We requested additional information from the seller about this transaction.

          What happens next

          The seller has been asked to respond by 28 Apr 2017. Once we receive the information, we'll continue our review of this case.

          PS:The sooner the better Guys, before this company disappear from our planet.

      • DHL just texted me out of the blue yesterday, with a new order/tracking number. It hasn't actually been delivered yet but tracking shows its on the way.
        Damn I thought this meant everyone would be getting their orders 🙁

  • +2

    Uhmmm funniest thing happened…DHL just rocked up to my house and delivered it wtf. I never received any new tracking number or update from LITB whatsoever. Hope everyone gets theirs soon

    • Oh nice. Good for you and thanks for the update. Here's hoping the rest of our orders arrive soon!

  • Good news… I think!

    I also got a text tonight from DHL saying my order was being delivered soon.

    It quoted a different tracking number; one I hadn't received from LITB before.

    When I look up that tracking number it says it's expected to be delivered by end of day tomorrow (Friday).

    It seems the recent DHL tracking number LITB gave us was erroneous, irrelevant or out of date. They've reshipped it again and not given us the most recent tracking number.

    Hopefully that means we call get our orders soon. The next step is seeking compensation as we didn't get what we paid for.

    Good luck!

    • I just got an email from LITB stating that my order has been shipped once again…. and all it says it has been picked up again from Singapore but tracking estimates it is going to be delivered by Wednesday the 26th…. it's something but not what I was expecting to be honest.
      Edit: new tracking number too btw

    • I've received a new DHL tracking number too. it estimates delivery by tomorrow even though it was only picked up and processed in singapore a couple hours ago.

      At least it passed the processed part this time. If I get it by tomorrow without any damage or problems I'll be quite relieved.

  • +2

    There are a lot of people who have been affected by this issue, yet the post only has 5 negative votes.

    I think in the interests of highlighting potential issues for future customers of LITB we should exercise our right to a negative vote.

    If you have ordered this item as advertised with 4-5 day expedited delivery and not received it after 4 weeks, and if you have experienced poor customer service, then I implore you to give this deal a negative vote.

    My vote won't be changing once I receive the notebook. This has been unacceptable.

    • +1

      I would have but it seems I can't change my vote, maybe it's locked in now.

      • You can revoke your positive vote in the votes tab, direct link. You cannot change your vote however.


  • The main post has been updated with new details and a small compensation offer.

    The offer is different (and much less) than Autonomic was offered as per his post above. I'd ask why that is but I'm sure I won't get an answer.

    The update says we need to choose to resend by standard post (7-30 days) or opt for a refund as standard post is required 'due to batteries issue'.

    If that's the case then why is it that several users report receiving their orders by non-standard post already? How is it that DHL is suggesting I have a delivery coming tomorrow? As ever LITB makes very little sense!

    3% equates to roughly US$20 in vouchers…

    • I know that's so weird… Cuz mine has departed from singapore with DHL now. So seems again customer service is all over the place.
      I was offered 10% credit way earlier, so hopefully that offer still stands for me.. kinda weird that the rep has been advised only 3%.
      They definitely have some major customer service problems lol..

      edit: kinda makes me think the ones that did get through DHL got through by lying about the batteries. Maybe they kept the lithium declaration on the package and then removed them to resend? Lmao. I'll see what's on the package when/if I get it.

  • Mine arrived yesterday. It had stickers on the box saying it had lithium batteries inside so I don't think they tried to fool DHL, maybe just didn't have the right paperwork the first (or second!) times.

    Formatted and booted to a fresh copy of English language Windows 10 and so far so good. Still a bit pissed off about the run around but glad it's over.

    • So you won't get any compensation because yours has been shipped??!

      • hi dear, i have checked. for those has been shipped order we still provide the compensation, but need provide your order number. also the 3% value of the orders with no minimum spend

        • Okay great. PM sent.

  • Mine arrived this afternoon. Hope the rest of the orders arrive soon too!

  • Got my laptop 10 mins ago. It's sexyyyyyy. cancelling paypal dispute.

    • +1

      glad you like it, and apologize for the long time delay.

  • No luck for me today :(

    DHL tracking updated several times to say it was cleared through customs and it's in Sydney ready for delivery, but then late this afternoon the status changed to 'on hold' with no other explanation.

    It still says delivery is expected by the end of day today but it's 6pm and it's 'on hold'.

    At least it seems it is on it's way! Glad to hear others have had theirs arrive.

    • +1

      on hold means it has delivered but failed

  • BTW guys, this deal still works for Windows 10 pro, in fact it's a tad cheaper now. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/293839

    $8.93 AUD :)

    • Is this a much better alternative than downloading the iso for free from Microsoft and reinstalling it over the top of the Chinese version?

      • +1

        Well I was after the pro version, which you need if you want to remote desktop into it apparently. I'm not 100% sure installing over the chinese would work, technically it shouldn't since a chinese license != english license. But I think I remember someone saying it worked for them..?

        And btw, all the drivers can be downloaded automatically through windows update, so no need to chase anything down. If you want to use 3 finger press for middle click, apparently that touchpad option is included in the creator update, which is advertised in the windows update section. I'm downloading it now.

    • +1

      I bought from here a few weeks ago but it said the key has been used on another device. I'm sure I can still have it activated through Microsoft by calling, but I paid for it to save having to waste my time…

  • +1

    Lightinthebox advised me my laptop has been shipped….via regular post. So it can take up to 6 weeks to arrive (10-20 business days up to 30 business days). I don't know what I can do here…I want the laptop but I don't want to wait another 4 weeks after 3 have already passed.

  • So I tried to get that 10% reward points compensation I was offered a while back. That ticket was closed by customer service before, so I had to open a new ticket, but of course since I've already stated that I've received the package I had to choose between "return or refund" and "custom duty issue" when creating a new ticket. I chose the latter.

    I then stated the ticket # for them to look at where they offered the credit, and to please add it to my account. The response I got was:

    We are contacting you to inform you that our records show that there is another ticket in our system. We would like to avoid confusion when communicating and help expedite the process; therefore, we are deleting this ticket and move forward using the other ticket. Please kindly login to view ticket: 15180626 for our reply.

    They then closed that ticket, so I couldn't 'complain to a supervisor' from within that ticket.

    And of course, the ticket they reference had no reply -_-. Also a day ago they had stated there was a reply to my paypal complaint and to login and read it there, and of course NO REPLY (but this is closed now anyway).

    Their customer service simply MUST be automated or something, how can they state there are new replies when there are none? It's like a computer system taking a guess. I've never experienced such terrible customer service.

    Anyway, I have 'complained to supervisor' on an old ticket (#15187186), and made sure that all my other tickets are CLOSED, and again repeated what I said before. But I wonder if that will get me anywhere either.

    I already have a $30 credit from a previous spam email I clicked on, but that expires on the 22nd (tomorrow). I'd like to combine it with the 10% to YOLO some other stuff but idk if that's going to happen at this rate -_-.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today :) now just to put English windows on it and we're sweet
    What would be the best way to do it, is it downloading the ISO for windows 10 from Microsoft and buying an OEM key?

  • +1

    Mine arrived today also… finally!

    Currently downloading the Windows 10 bootable directly from Microsoft.

  • Any more deals with this laptop?

    Need a small laptop for travelling

    • I would suggest to buy from aliexpress Xiaomi store. Works out to 900 or so after cash rewards. Or keep an eye out on banggood. 700 usd but under restocking.

  • 6 weeks after ordering…still no laptop

    • hi sir, do you mind pm me your order number? maybe some wrong happens

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