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[QLD] Sign up to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre VIP Database to Claim a $20 Gift Card [Limited to First 50 Per Day]


I've posted this as a deal rather than a competition, as it appears to be the first 50 claims per day, rather than random draw

How to Claim:

  1. Visit the website, click on any of the categories.
    Select the option 'Sign up to claim a gift card'
    (On desktop, it should be on the right-hand side (just underneath the category headings). On mobile, it should appear at the bottom, once you scroll all the way down (thanks FiremanFred).

  2. Fill in your details to sign up to the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre VIP database.

  3. You'll then receive an email with instructions on how to redeem a $20 Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Gift Card.

  4. Customers must present this email to Customer Service Staff and provide their full name and email address at the Information Desk, located on Level 2 of Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to redeem their prize.

Customers can redeem their Gift Card at any time throughout the Promotional period within the centre’s core trading hours.
Information desk opening hours are HERE.

Number of Gift Cards on offer
A daily allocation of fifty (50) x $20 Gift Cards will be distributed each day throughout the Promotional period.

If a customer presents their email at a time when the daily allocation has been exhausted, they can still present this email at another time within the Promotional period and redeem a Gift Card.

Limit of claims
Customers can redeem 1 (one) x Gift Card throughout the Promotional period, regardless of how many times they participate in the online App and regardless of a different email addresses being entered into the online form.

Number of Gift Cards
There will be a total of 550 (five hundred and fifty) x Gift Cards distributed throughout the Promotional period. Each Gift Card is worth the value of AUD $20 and is valid for 12 months from the issue date.

Terms and Conditions

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