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Dewalt 18V Li-Ion 2 Piece Cordless Drill + Impact Driver Kit $150 (Was $229) @ Bunnings


This kit includes:

1 x 18V Li-ion drill driver DCD771N-XE
1 x 18V Li-ion impact driver DCF885N-XE
2 x 1.3Ah 18V Li-ion batteries
1 x 18V charger
1 x Dewalt contractor soft bag!

Includes Drill Driver
Includes Impact Driver
Includes Charger
2 x 1.3Ah Batteries
1 x Dewalt contractor soft bag

Original Price:

Hi guys, I'm a long time reader but this is my first time posting a deal. So I apologise if this isn't a deal at all. I've looking for a cordless drill combo set on sale for a while, I came across this at Bunnings today. I'm a newbie when it comes to power tools, so I don't know if this is a good set of drills. On the Bunnings website it still lists this combo at $229, I bought a set myself at the Box Hill Bunnings in VIC for $150.

Let me know if this might not be a good deal. Thanks.

***Update: Bunnings currently verified to have this price: (unsure about stock levels)
- Box Hill, VIC
- Nunawading, VIC
- Vermont, VIC

Mod: Bunnings rep contacted us to advise that "This was store specific to some eastern suburb stores. These stores are now out of stock. As it was a promotional line they will not be getting more." However users have reported some stock still available at the above stores, see here

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  • +1

    Bought one a while ago. Love it, does anything you might need it to do for home use

    • +6

      Agreed this is a great price for a nice kit but if you are going to go for next level up in price (ie from Bosch green/Ozito) then you should really go for a kit with a hammer drill in it. You will be thankful when you need to drill even the simplest of tasks in masonry.

      And as mentioned below, the batteries are teeny so factor in purchasing a larger (4Ah+) extra battery in future if you want to expand your Dewalt system into anything hungry like heavy-load tools or garden equipment.

      Source: Own a heap of DeWalt 18v XR gear when I upgraded from ni-cad Makita and corded hammer drill years ago.

      • +1

        So just to clarify, this one's not a hammer drill, so it's worth holding back for a better deal?

        • This kit includes a drill and an impact gun. Depends on the purpose if a hammer drill is required. For example, as mentioned above, to drill into masonry a hammer drill is your best bet.

        • +5

          @TheOneWhoKnocks: i suggest investing in rotary hammer drill for such task, these drill whether having the 'hammer' attached to its name or not is hopeless, after 3-4 holes into concrete and you gotta buy a new drill bit.

        • +1

          In all honesty, the kit in this link is probably a better deal in the long run for those looking for an all-in-one solution @ $199 from Bunnings as well: https://www.bunnings.com.au/dewalt-18v-li-ion-2-speed-hammer...

          Same size batteries and very similar drill but has hammer function. Clearly you don't get the impact driver in this kit but I really have no idea why a home handyperson would ever want/need an impact driver.

          Another useful comparison snippet, albeit slightly outdated: https://www.its.co.uk/blog/buying-guides/dewalt-drill-buy/

        • +1

          @Qbagger: I would disagree with this, if you don't need to drill into masonry (eg. If you live in a unit where you don't get to drill outside and the inside of your place is Gyprocker and wood frame) then you will never need a hammer drill.

          Also, since I got my impact driver I never screw with anything but it. It is simply much better for screwing than a drill.

          There is a Bosch green kit with a hammer drill and impact driver but it's more than $100 more than this from memory

        • +1

          Just purchase the hammer drill and y pi u should be right. The batteries are all interchangable.

        • @Jackson: if you don't need to drill into masonry (eg. If you live in a unit where you don't get to drill outside and the inside of your place is Gyprocker and wood frame) then you will never need a hammer drill.

          Except one is mandatory and one is nice to have. "If" is what spending a little more for something more flexible is a contradiction - you do it because you assume the "if" = Yes, obviously within reason depending on the price difference.

          Hammer is pretty much non-optional for masonry; an impact drill is only a must in far fewer cases. Just takes a tiny bit more effort from a regular drill.

        • +5

          Just to add, I think for most of us it is pretty rare drilling into masonry, so you might also wanna consider corded hammer drills which are more powerful and much cheaper. I only use my hammer drill a few times a year and I think it is not excessively inconvenient to lug along a cord. Get a "true" hammer drill that uses SDS (plus) series of bits.

        • +1

          I got a Bosch green kit for $199 on the weekend, came with 2 drills, 2 battery's a light and a really heavy duty bag.

        • @aeon05: chances are you got the one with the standard drill and impact driver, and not the hammer drill. Usually 229 I believe

        • @dufflover: all I am saying is for someone that I just described your linked deal is a way worse deal, because every hole they drill is likely to need a screw in it, and an impact driver is way more useful for that then a drill. It's horses for course, so the advice could put less knowledgable people in the wrong direction

        • @Jackson:
          It came with the Psr 1800 li 2 and the pdr 18.

        • +2

          I wouldnt worry too much about a cordless hammer drill unless you drill brick/concrete often.
          Just get a large 240v beast for that. You really need a big corded drill in the kit anyway since battery has limitations. For DIY work it is not a big drama to roll out the extension cable for those jobs.

        • +1

          @truetypezk: This. I use my AC powered hammer bosch for that sort of work, anything else a cordless will do nicely.

          Its a trade off between convenience and power.

        • @aeon05: Is this range from Dewalt of substantially better quality than Bosch Green or Ryobi One? Or are they comparable?

        • @aeon05: Yes that is thr kit with non-hammer

  • On sale for $199 last year, good price

  • +1

    Batteries are pretty puny, but this is a decent price.

    • Weigh less and charge faster, I prefer smaller batteries.

  • -2

    oh good Bunnings are stocking Dewalt. I wonder if other old Masters brands will also arrive?

    • Masters mainly stocked the 14.4v line. Can't see anyone picking that line up.

    • +2

      Bunnings has always sold Dewalt gear. So that's a weird one to throw out.

      • oh I thought they disappe3ared when Masters started up, obviously I wasnt looking :-) I was hoping the 909 stuff might turn up.

  • +5

    Welcome to Ozbargain op.
    Excellent first time post :).

    • +10

      Thanks! I'm just glad I contribute a good deal for everyone in the Ozbargain community.

  • +2

    It looks very similar to the stanleys from masters which we all picked up for $90. I know dewalt is a step up but it's the same company and imo the stanley for home use has been faultless. According to a tradie who borrowed my reciprocating stanley 18v saw, it felt just as good as his makita. Anyway im crapping on… this is still.a good deal. 1.3 is ok for occasional use, although 2 is my choice for lightness vs performance.

    • +4

      The Stanley FATMAX drill/driver kit from Masters also had 2x 2.0Ah batteries bundled…(as opposed to 1.3Ah) for less money (I think I paid $125?). Can't speak about how the DeWALT or Stanley is made internally, but AvE probably could: https://www.youtube.com/user/arduinoversusevil/videos

      • +1

        Sadly we may never see that deal again…

      • Are their batteries interchangeable?

        • +1

          Stanley with DeWalt? I don't think so. There was another brand the Stanley was interchangeable with…Porter-Cable. Or so I was told (available in the USA).

    • It looks very similar to the stanleys from masters which we all picked up for $90. I know dewalt is a step up but it's the same company and imo the stanley for home use has been faultless.

      All power tools look similar in shape. DeWalt and Porter-Cable may be owned by Stanley but are independent. DeWalt is trade quality and Porter-Cable is budget to compete with Ryobi etc. DeWalt uses higher quality cells in their batteries for example.

      The Stanley power tools are rebadged Porter-Cable which are still pretty good tools for most home use.

      • Yea i got Porter cable too from amazon and very happy. It's meant to be 20v but my 18v fatmax batteries work just fine. All marketing of course. I'm sure dewalt is better but for home diy use fatmax has done the job for me. Batteries also work on black and decker range with a small mod. Got a few b&d garden tools. Power tools pretty avg.

      • -1

        These are not trade quality tools.

        • These are not trade quality tools

          If DeWalt isn't trade quality then no tool is.

        • @Maverick-au:

          Brand ≠ product, Bunnings sells heaps of "Pro-Am" gear, no tradesman would be caught dead with a 1.3ah battery, iirc they're often similar skins with less powerful motors and plastic gears.

        • @meatsnorkel:

          Brand ≠ product, Bunnings sells heaps of "Pro-Am" gear, no tradesman would be caught dead with a 1.3ah battery, iirc they're often similar skins with less powerful motors and plastic gears.

          I was talking about DeWalt in general, not these specific tools which are still suitable for trade use especially if weight is a factor. Not every tradesman is using the same tool all day and the smaller capacity suits plenty of applications like cabinet and kitchen installers, blind installers and so forth.

    • Yes, it looks quite similar even including batteries and the charger. Might be a bit better quality.

  • great price
    great for the diy around the house
    considering i buy the 18V Li-ion impact driver DCF885N-XE bare skin for around 100 dollars a year.

  • Brushless?

    • They'd be mad not to put it on the box if it were Brushless. So it appears not.

    • +3

      My dentist said to brush more…

    • no not brushless,
      887 is brushless

  • +1

    Good starter kit, buys you into a pretty extensive system, my problem is I have 3 different brands with 3 different chargers and batteries. It's hard to stay loyal to one brand with these good specials.

  • +2

    Looks like a good deal for a kit, but gotta say I don't see many DeWalt skins or other kits on special so maybe think twice if you are after not-too-many different systems at home, plus yeah the batteries aren't big ones either (but then again I'm not like that lol, I got 3 18V brands at home lol).

    • Not as comprehensive as ryobi .. but still good. Cant complain for a 150 really.

    • Which decent brand would you say that has other kits on sale reasonably frequently

      • +1

        No idea lol. Just that it's not usually DW.

      • +1

        Which decent brand would you say that has other kits on sale reasonably frequently

        DeWalt is the best way to go, you can buy bare tools cheap on eBay or from the USA where people have broken up kits. Or buy kits that are sourced from the USA also on eBay.

        • Dewalt from Amazon seems to be all 20v. Are there interchangeable with 18v?

        • +1


          they are the same .. in america they market their 18v as 20v … 20v peak .. 18v normally … its just marketing BS.

        • +1


          From my experience with PorterCable (i.e Fatmax in AUS) and B&D the 20V (US) and 18V (AUS) are interchangeable. It's just marketing. I have no experience with Dewalt - I'm sure google will help you.

        • Are they much more available than other equivalent brands overseas?
          Few months ago I tried searching up eBay for "Rigid" skins (AEG) but, at least what I was after, didn't look like much on offer.

          Also is Bunnings selling some kind of "Bunnings-specific" version like I've read it does for other brands? Sounds familiar anyway so thought I'd double-check hehe

  • How would this compare to Ryobi One+?
    I could really use a impact driver and drill.

    • No questions just buy.

    • In theory they are much better than ryobi. But ryobi has a far greater range if you're looking at expanding.

      • These aren't really any better than the ryobi gear, putting a 4ah battery wont make these trade tools, they're diy/light duty tools.

        • So is this particular Dewalt range a cheaper build for the home market (like Ryobi)? Or does it still retain some of Dewalts famed quality?

        • @dexx:

          I'm not totally sure to be honest, I think they're a similar skin with plastic gears and lower power motors, a trade quality 18v skin will usually cost $200-300 each.
          A clueless purchasing officer bought a couple of these kits for a crew once and they were playing up or dead in a month or two.

          I'm all for bargains but you get what you pay for with tools.

      • What made you think that they are 'much better than ryobi' ?

        • Dewalt has been used by tradies for decades (esp in the US) whereas Ryobi is the choice of home DIYers and may be gumtree tradies. As a brand I go with Dewalt over Ryobi any day. Of course you need to compare models on a similar level. i.e The most expensive/highest spec Ryobi could be better than the cheapest Dewalt.

        • bought these for my father in law for last year for $229. Been using alongside my AEG tools in building a deck, shed and a bunch of other jobs and they kept up the pace. For the price, it's a no brainer if you are looking to start your collection. I love my AEG stuff, especially the feel against these, but wouldn't hesitate buying for someone else.

    • Just brought the Ryobi One+ brushless driver for $199 from Bunnings. Skin only. Excellent driver and has variable pressure control to stop you screwing the heads off your tech screws. It also has a timber decking screw setting that instinctively reduces power to stop you splitting the timber. Excellent tool. You get what you pay for.

      • Does the brushless variant replace use of a impact driver or you still need one for screws, etc

  • Can I get this from any SA Bunnings?

    • +1

      I can't verify since I'm around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We'll need someone else to verify.

      I can only confirm this price at Bunnings in Box Hill and Nunawading in VIC. There was a lot of stock at both of these stores when I bought mine.

    • Woodville (SA) said no however if you find a store that does please let me know!

  • Great price, the battery size is the deal breaker for me.

  • Also saw Dewalt safety boots 70% off at Bunnings Woodville today (making them about ~$40 from memory). Still plenty in stock.

  • I must have been blind but I didn't see them at the West Footscray Bunnings. I wasn't specifically looking, I was just doing my usual check over the tool section wishfully working out my tool priority list. I would have purchased these if I'd seen them…

    • Strange. That store is usually pretty good for random specials.

      Then again, not strange in that I wouldn't be surprised if this varies between stores. I've noticed that a lot with various Bunnings stores and specials I've seen over time.

  • Thanks OP for posting the deal, +1 for you. I'm actually interested in the brushless kit on the right in the photograph, do you remember the price and what else was in the box? Cheers!

    • +1

      I don't recall the exact price for the Dewalt kit on the right, it was about 200+, I think it also had the same 2 piece cordless drill + Impact driver, 1 or 2 x 4Ah batteries. No soft bag included. I only took a brief look at that kit, I mostly just noticed the battery differences.

      • OK thanks mate, I'll go down and have a look tomorrow seeing as I'm not too far away from those stores you mentioned :)

        • For those interested, the other kit in the right of the photo is $299 for the DCK259D2, which has the brushless versions of the drill and impact driver and comes with two 2ah batteries and a soft bag.

  • Not a bad deal. Would rather Dewalt than Ozito at this price. 1.3Ah battery is a bit small for major jobs but great size for odd jobbing around the house. I'm pretty sure you can buy 2.0 and 4.0 Ah batteries for these later on if required.

    I have the old NiCd version of this drill, and I just can't kill it. Drilled 4 x 16mm holes in concrete recently with it after the corded Bosch hammer drill over heated.

    • What happens when a drill over heats? Does it just seize?

      • This one just went into overheat and shut off till it cooled down. Worked again after about 5 mins.

        • It'll probably have been the protection circuit built in to the battery that shut it down rather than the drill itself. A heavily used battery can get hot enough to alter the chemistry of the cells and lower the capacity drastically, so good batteries will have circuitry to stop this.

        • @banana365: it was the corded one that over heated, not the battery one. And yes, it has some sort of thermal protection. The dewalt battry drill I have never had it go out on overload unless the battery was nearly flat.

  • Always wanted extra batteries and charger… now bad to resell skins and keep the rest.

    All my gear have steel gearboxes and chucks.

  • 1.3Ah seems tiny. Only good if you have very small jobs here and there. If you have a large project, look for at least a 3-4 Ah.

  • Anyine who has this know how strong the impact is. Is it strong enough for tightening clutches etc?

    • DeWalt DCF885N-XE 18V XR Li-Ion Cordless Compact Impact Driver

      Voltage: 18V
      Bit Holder: 1/4" (6.35mm)
      Power output: 250W
      No Load speed: 2800rpm
      Impacts per minute: 3200ipm
      Max torque: 155Nm
      Max. Bolt Diameter: M12
      Height: 236mm
      Length: 141mm
      Weight: 1.6kg
      Hand/arm vibration - impact: 15.5m/s²
      Uncertainty K1 (vibration): 2.2m/s²
      Sound pressure: 90dB(A)
      Uncertainty K1 (sound): 3dB(A)
      Acoustic pressure: 101dB(A)
      Uncertainty K2 (sound): 3dB(A)

      According to this link: https://sydneytools.com.au/dewalt-dcf885n-18v-xr-li-ion-cord...

  • none at broadmeadows

  • Very good tools but the battery is only 1.3 amp hour so too small. It would be okay for every now and then use, but for a big job or if you were to use it a lot you would need at least 3ah, pref. 5ah. You can buy larger batteries but then you've lost your price advantage. Also, the drill/driver's are not brushless, meaning they have a use by date for repair. Better to get a brushless model with larger battery.

  • +1

    Has anyone else bought this kit for $150? I went to my local Bunnings and they would not honour the price, said it was most likely a pricing mistake. I even showed them the photo with the $150 price tag.

    • Sounds like you had some lazy and/or unhelpful staff.

      I've never had a problem getting Bunnings to price match their other stores, especially in the tool area where their computers can access pricing over their whole network.

      I would have very kindly asked them to check their system or phone the store where the cheaper price was to confirm that it's a price error.

      Bunnings does price match afterall: https://www.bunnings.com.au/price-policy

      • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, they weren't very helpful. I will go to another Bunnings and try my luck.

    • +1

      Can confirm Bunnings at Waurn Ponds honored the deal. Had to wait while the rang the add team (I think that's what they said). The add team suggested they ring Box Hill, which they did and then honored the price.
      Good luck

      • Thanks for this Snapper46. I happen to work close to Bunnings, Waurn Ponds so I took the drive out there and managed to get one :) All I had to say was Box Hill had this on sale for $150 and the sales lady matched the price.

    • Bunnings Springvale just umm'd and ahh'd and said they don't pricematch other Bunnings stores.

  • +1

    Plenty at Vermont shop, VIC

  • +2

    Went to Castle Hill Bunnings, still marked 229 , staff couldn't match the price with VIC sales.

    • +1

      Thanks saves me from going during my break, finding out its not for sale at Castle Hill and spending money on other stuff

    • +1

      They cant price match their own store??? lol was guna pick up on from port melb store but I guess I ll keep mymoney.

      • I've had no trouble in the past in situations the same as this at Bunnings.

        Here I and others were able to get Bunning's stores to price match another store's clearance price, which in my case was across the state.

        I think it comes down to the helpfulness of the staff and balancing politeness with assertiveness on behalf of the person trying to get the price match.

    • Traveled 1000km from Castle Hills NSW to Moorabbin VIC, Stuff said they only can match the price with competitor , one thousand F*******

  • +1

    Have called Cranbourne VIC store, the price is $229, and no stock there.

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