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MEL/SYD Return Moscow, Russia (w' 2x Bangkok Stopovers) via Thai Airways $948 (Feb/Mar/Apr 2018) @ IWTF


Hey OzBargainers,

Found these great deals to both Russia (Moscow) and Thailand (Bangkok) for dates in February, March and April next year.

Melbourne from $948 (or cheaper if you price beat at Flight Centre) for February, March and April or here

Sydney a few dollars more at $963 and here

You'll need to fiddle around with specific dates, but plenty available during these 3 months.

Pretty Chilly weather in Moscow at this time around 3-7 degrees and about 30 in Bangkok so perfect time to thaw out when you transit for ~16hrs.

Heaps to do in Moscow and Bangkok, and here's a great explainer on how to get a Russian VISA, meanwhile no VISA fees for a stay in Thailand.

Hope someone finds this useful!

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    Comprehensive post with really useful links, thanks a lot rawm!

    • +6 votes

      Thanks heaps Wampus. Before posting a travel deal I just think - What information would be important to me? Great to hear it's appreciated.

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    I am Russian, you can ask me something about exploring Russia :_) and general questions


      Thanks Furan. :)

      Do you think it would be too risky for an Aussie to hire a car and drive when visiting Moscow?

      Would Uber be a better idea?

      What do you think about all the hacking business we're seeing in the news lately?

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        Hi Toasty,

        I would say even myself I wouldn't drive in Moscow! its totally crazy sometimes - no line markers.
        Drivers are very rude and crazy too! speeding up to 180 kmh

        Its good to have a rented car if you are going to Siberia, Altai Mountains etc.
        Anyways Moscow is great - just use Uber or Yandex taxi.

        Be careful with fraud and theft! have a back up plan always)))

        If you are going away from Capital cities you will see a real Russia

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        An aussie can drive in Moscow (it is a bit crazier than Sydney but still bearable) but the amount of cars and average moving speed is really bad during peak hours, just loogle at google maps. If you speak russian or have russian friends, you can try car sharing - and - these are surprisingly convenient. And bicycles, as in every decent european city, of course :)

        Last time I went there (this May) I did stick to metro/subway + buses/trams. The entire city is just one zone but tickets do not have usual 90min transfer window so you buy a separate ticket for each leg of a journey. But for just a single ticket you can see all 200 metro stations (about 20 are really worth visiting) :) There are trains from major airports to the city so no need to hire a taxi, and it is better not to hire taxi because of trafic.

        Uber works fine, and Yandex-taxi - they recently announced joined company, very reasonable prices.

        No idea what you mean about the hacking business, sorry. I paid with an aussie mastercard in metro, all good.

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        Uber/Yandex is very cheap compared to Australia, it is safe as well. Best to use a combination of taxi and metro as traffic can be very slow at times. Don't rent a car unless you are planning to drive out of Moscow.

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      Thanks a lot Furan :) few questions:

      1. If travelling to Moscow, where is/are the best (easiest/safest) place to then stay as a tourist? Nearby town, City?
      2. Do you need to 'tip' when using services i.e. Room service, Taxi, Restaurants etc.
      3. What are the locals' view of tourists overall? What is their understanding of English language?
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        1. I think Moscow itself is a very cool place, like very European city.
          Unlike the rest of Russia.
          You can find Airbnb pretty cheap there. AUD/RUR conversion still pretty good.
          So food and services will be cheap for you.
          there are many tours around Moscow those little Historical cities with churches etc.

        2. They don't expect to tip, its not like in the USA.
          Service industry is not very well developed, expect poor customer service)))
          dont expect something outstanding
          You know…Russia cultural thing. They are real. If they love you - you will see!
          if they HATE you you will see tooo))))

        3. Locals…65% of Russians don't have travel passports never been outside.
          They think America is an Enemy so any English speaking people might be considered as well.
          Mostly friendly anyways especially when you say Australia and kangaroo.
          English is mostly young generation. Don't expect English everywhere.
          Although russia trains RZD web site is in English.
          Some buses might not be able to book with our Russian knowledge.


          Thank you!

          You know…Russia cultural thing. They are real. If they love you - you will see!
          if they HATE you you will see tooo)))) What tips do you suggest to ensure you are not 'hated'? (i.e avoid eye contact, don't shake hands etc.)

          1. Where do you suggest is a tourist friendly place to go for food?
          2. Confirming you suggest to stay in Moscow city?
          3. What is the best/safest way for a tourist to get from the Airport to their hotel/Airbnb?
          4. It's apparently ~1hr from International Airport to city centre. Could you suggest 2/3 locations where you'd suggest a person stay?
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          Try not too smile to everyone and say hi like in Aussie culture.
          Dont be so nice. -they will consider you are mental.
          Be sad as everyone around.
          But polite.
          Eye contact is good as well as shake hands.
          Dont ask HOW ARE YOU - not in the culture.
          Just ZDRASTI - hello

          Moscow city is amazing in terms of culture. Museums. Nightlife.
          All accommodation is good inside of SADOVOE KOLTSO (sadovoe RING) - see map of Moscow.

          There are airport trains. Depends on which Airport. 10 AUD ticket to central station.

          Well I would stay on Tverskaya street, not far from Kremlin. Just read lonely planet about the best tourist spots.
          I have been there many times on a business trips when I lived in Siberia.

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          @rawm: I went there 2 years ago,and I highly recommend having a dinner at the Turandot Palace for an amazing experience. The waitstaff can speak some English and were very friendly when we were there. The food was great and not too pricey for the place, and the decor felt like it belonged to a royal palace! Definitely something you can't find in Australia IMO

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    It would be great if it were for the World Cup dates…. Thanks anyway OP :)

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    Also be aware that Russians are very homophobic and there is a state LAW against LGBT
    If you say you are GAY publicly you will be fined 100AUD. Also might be pinched into face or beaten.
    Keep that In Mind- recent laws introduced by Putins government

    • +5 votes

      Can you say 'no homo' to get out of it?


      In Soviet Russia, gays are people.

      • +2 votes

        gays are the second class people in Russian culture. Doesn't matter some great composers were gay or the current government consists of many gay people in the closets))


      According to Wikipedia, homosexuality has been legal since 1993 in Russia. I haven't been able to find any mention online of fines* or laws against LGBT people/activities. How long has it been since you've been back to the Motherland, Furan? Sounds like it's been a while.

      *the only fine I've been able to come across is one for spreading gay "propaganda" to minors, including over the internet.


        There is a law that makes "propaganda" of homosexual relationship illegal. But you're right, it's not illegal to be gay.

      • +4 votes

        well guys, go there and experience this)).
        This anti gay propaganda law mixed-up in heads of comrades.
        People really hate minorities now.

        If you say you are gay its propaganda already!
        whats is not propaganda?
        what is the definition of propaganda?
        there are hate crimes - no statistic though.
        Its like in Uganda))
        don't tell me that its legal to be gay in Russia.
        Also how many suicides of young teenagers who confused whats right whats wrong?
        all area is grey!


        I saw this youtube video made by two guys as an experiment who were walking down the street holding hands. The camera took footage of people's reactions behind them as they walked past them. Random dudes were pulled back by their friends from assaulting them and in the end I think they got chased down the street. This was Moscow.

    • -2 votes

      This is bs.


      well some of the recent laws are retarded but not crazy (yet)

      you need to do something completely out of whack to get a fine


      That's right. You gotta be straight in Russia just for your safety.

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    hopefully some deals coming along for the world cup in 2018, either way great post and thanks)))

  • +3 votes

    I was in Russia for the Confederations Cup last month…so many hot women!


    Lived in Moscow for 13 years, AMA

      1. Why'd you leave?
      2. What are the 3 best places to visit?
      3. When is the best time of year to visit for a tourist?
      4. Is it safe for tourists?
      5. How's the WiFi there?
      6. What are the best ways to overcome the language barrier?

        When is the best time of year to visit for a tourist?

        I'd say end of May - beginning of June

      • +1 vote
        1. I like it better in Melbourne
        2. I would check tripadvisor for suggestions, all depends on your interests, if you have kids etc
        3. I prefer to travel in May or Sept - best weather for me. If you like it hot and humid go in July. New Year's is best for freezing your bits off and vodka waterfall
        4. Melbourne is safe. In Moscow I am always alert just in case you know. Overall it's as safe as any other metropolis in Europe
        5. I buy a phone card with enough data when I visit. You can top these up in shops and special ATMs. I'm not sure how difficult / easy it is to get a SIM card if you are a foreigner. Cafes, shopping malls etc have wifi hot spots.
      • +1 vote
        1. Moved to the Middle East for more money and less (zero) tax. Now I like Melbourne the best.
        2. It depends, Moscow is full of attractions for every budget but I'd visit Kremlin and surrounding areas, central stations of Metro, and a few museums (there is a lot to choose from).
        3. Summer, from May to mid Sep.
        4. Yes, it is safe.
        5. 4g internet is pretty good and unbelievably cheap comparatively to Australia, don't bother with wifi, just get a local sim from Megafon
        6. Most tourist places won't have issues with English, just speak slowly and try to pronounce words separately.

    Thanks for the in depth post but this is also very standard pricing for Moscow. This is off peak, 7 hours of light between darkness and temperatures averaging -9C.

    The same flights with Thai in September without a special are $1044 with BYOjet and probably cheaper elsewhere where you can get 17 hours of daylight and warmish weather. There will be much cheaper tickets to Moscow for this period coming up. I wouldn't expect to pay over $900 with decent airlines, booking in 3 months time.

    • +1 vote

      I can assure you this pricing is not 'standard'. When checking daily, most airlines charge ~$1300 and this is often through Etihad with a stopover in the UAE i.e example HERE or semi regularly with Qatar Airlines with stopover in Doha at around $1150 i.e example HERE.

      Good luck getting a flight to Russia for under $900. Maybe pre-World Cup, but not in the short term. If you do, make sure you share here.


        If you don't want an actual stopover then Etihad would be a better choice.

        I know it's not the same as different airline and stopover location but Beijing Capital Airlines is currently $690 to Moscow in October(shoulder not off season). In another couple of months there will be better deals than this. KAL regularly has $900 or under specials as do other airlines.

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    These fares really are Putin the other airlines to shame.

  • -3 votes

    One tip: if you go to fly into Moscow, head straight over to St Petersburg. Much nicer city.


    How do I meet up with one of those elite election rigging hacker groups?

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