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Sony 65" X8500E 4K HDR TV with TRILUMINOS Display / 2017 Model / C&C $2672.10 @ Bing Lee eBay Store


Further discount on Sony TVs that are on sale.

Sony X9000E 65" $3265.00
Sony X9300E 55" $3099.00
Sony X7000E 65" $2290.50
Sony X9000E 55" $2137.50
Sony X8500E 55" $1754.10
Sony X7000E 55" $1438.20
Sony X7000E 49" $1142.10
Sony X7000E 43" $989.10


Postage: AU $40.00
Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

Original 10% off Sitewide with $75+ Spend at eBay Deal Post

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  • +10

    I've got the 55“ version of this, the colour and motion is flawless, but contrast is very average. Great for sports and gaming, not the best for a cinemaphile, backs are fairly dark gray, with a bit of light bleed

    • +1

      9300E and 9000E seem great for cinemaphile as per reviews

    • +2

      I also have the 55", input lag for gaming isn't great either.

    • +1

      Just wondering if you've applied the recommended settings suggested by rtings?

      • +2

        Yeah I tried those, wasn't impressed.

        • I have the 65" x8500e now. With lights turned off in my room, the black bars definitely are more grey, and I can see clouding when the whole screen is in a dark frame. But I usually watch with a dim light on around my tv room, and this makes all the difference, the greys and clouding become totally imperceptible.

          Been tinkering with the settings…. for movies I think i've got a sweet spot. I run the kodi app on the TV to stream HDR/4K content via ethernet from my pc's Kodi server. The TV's image processing is amazing. Way better than running it off HDMI from the PC. The picture is just as I like it, very close to how I had it on my previous plasma Tv (actually better as the sony white point is so much better).

          If you use MP4-2C/AVC-HD calibration files, play these files from your media player (app or blu ray player) > from basic settings run the black clipping file to set the black level to the target mininum and then minimise the brightness. Same with white clipping. After doing this I've noticed x8500e has a superb white point and excellent uniform black point for an edge lit VA panel. With this larger contrast ratio and the colours, this is probably the best mid-range price point TV for performance.

  • -1

    Get the Hisense series.. Not the 3000 series

    • +1

      HDR isn't as good, nor is the upscaling.

      Good for the price but you can't compare them to these.

      • +7

        Looks like I've offended a Hisense owner with facts.

        • -6

          Dare to say Hisense quality is better then the Sony… Might want to straddle your high horse there…

        • @chuneeperformance:

          I don't think so.

        • +2

          Based on what experience?

          Hisense is great but these are a different beast.

        • That's the problem - hisense has great reviews and is great value - but this Sony product is costlier and better than the hisense.

        • +2


          Feel free to read the AV forums reviews where the Hisense 7 series is highly regarded.

          "If I had the choice with money being no object, it’s a coin flip between the two. But considering the Hisense costs literally half the price of the Sony (in some variants) it’s no contest – the best all round TV on the market is also one of the cheapest and the Hisense should be your next TV, it’s just as simple as that."

        • +1


          That's the funny part.."you" don't think.

      • Serious question here - does the supposed superior HDR and upscaling in the Sony justify the price difference?

  • No delivery options dam.

    • +1

      $40 delivery. What options are u looking for?

      • It was the hisense 43inch it seems out of stock now and they did add the shipping option onto it.

  • Is the Samsung MU7000 better than this Sony?

    • was about to ask this as well

    • +4

      I did 2 days worth of research and decided that this Sony was better. I was swayed by the rtings review for each though.
      Here, use the comparison tool (select Sony X850E and the Samsung MU7000) to learn more: http://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare

      • +1

        Although that site is handy I would never go buy a TV Based on a review site! Always go in store to compare for yourself :)

  • Manage to get JB HiFi down to $2200 for the X9000E. Then purchased gift cards with 7.5% off.

    Total $2035.

  • +1

    strange TVs appear to be coming back as "Does not post to Australia"

    • That's because you live outside of their delivery zone.

      • I live in brisbane metro…. bizarreeeee that they dont deliver to a capital city…

  • I love Sony, But i would wait, Sony is just about to get OLED Panels which have Infinite Contrast .. OLED should be your next TV

    • Yes, but at what price?

      • +1

        $4000+ (for a while)

  • I haven't done any research, so this is just a basic question.
    In the 65" you can the 7000E, 8500E or 9000E, i take it the 9000E is the one to have?

  • Should I get the 65" Sony 8500e or Panasonic ex780???

    • i would suggest sony 8500e, but if you can fork out few hundred more then strongly recommend the 9000e over 8500e as it be future proof i guess

      • Ok thanks. So the 8500e is better than the Panasonic ? I think the ex780 has local dimming.

  • Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

  • +1

    Wait till hisense goes back to 1600 and spend the savings on 4k and 1080p blurays

  • I've bought the Hisense 65N7 and one of the issues is getting sound working with any external speaker through HDMI/ARC/CEC.

    It has been incredible frustating because this 'just works' with the Sony where you have Bravia Link (we had an old KDL46 + sony Bluray) and this worked perfectly - you turn on the TV and your sound system (speakers) turn on and audio comes through them.

    With the Hisense:

    • with sony audio system you have to manually turn on the sound system (using a separate remote)
    • with aldi Bauhn sound bar - it comes on automatically but the TV keeps defaulting back to 'TV speakers' and you have to jump through menus to get it set back to ARC. Every time you turn the TV off and on it does this…

    So with that in mind, the Sony may work better if Hisense can't get this part of the system working properly as it is very annoying…

    Hisense support has been non helpful as well.

  • The best price Iv managed to get for the Sony tv today was 2700 hn comes with 24 bottles wine any one got any better price

  • Is the hdr anybetter compared to the x7000d (2016) model ?

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