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eBay 10% off Sitewide (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount)


$75 min spend. $300 max discount. 2 transactions per person. Full T&Cs.

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  • +1

    waiting for QC35 or MDR-1000X now.

    • +2

      I'm waiting for GC-161!

    • -1

      who has the cheapest one at the moment?

    • +1

      I have the Sony and prefer them. More features and a nicer sound (not a fan of BOSE's sound signature)

      I've not experienced the reported band creaking build quality issues, either.

      • I have the Sony and prefer them.

        To my ears I can't notice any difference between them. But I do notice a big difference in comfort with the bose over the Sony.

        The Bose also allows you to connect 2 devices at the same time. Great is your using a tablet (or laptop) and phone at the same time.

        • Yep, that's my biggest gripe with the Sony. Only one device for calls.

        • +5

          considering most people (especially me) wouldn't notice the sound difference a great deal, I would always chose comfort over function

          No point me pretending Justin Bieber sounds better on any headset

      • +2

        I'm considering one or the other. Choice just rated the Sony above Bose in latest review of nc headphones.

      • +1

        Except the Sony's like sticking your head in a vice grip, and doesnt have much wiggle room if your ears are large.

      • I haven't tried it myself, but I like that cool feature the Sony's have where you hover your hand over the ear and it turns off the sound.

        Does it actually "input" the outside sound at that moment to make you hear someone talking to you more clearly?

        • +1

          Yes it does. Amplifies it somewhat. Works as described. Very handy feature. Couldn't imagine a noise cancelling headphone without it.

        • yeah, they had that feature on the QC25's (albeit a button on the headset) but ditched it on the QC35s. It was handy at times.

      • Same..had both and the sony sounds better. Even my QC25 sounds better than the QC35. Sold the QC35 very quickly after owning the mdr1000x.

    • +12

      all stores ?

  • +27

    You had me at 10% and lost me at $75.

    • -2

      He had me at Tightarse and kept me at 10% off.

    • +3

      so you feel like flies on a turd by saving $7.50?

  • +3

    Thanks TA, hope Ebay will put 20% off on everything one day….

    • +7

      Probably the day Amazon opens shop here.

      • +2

        Yeah I guess man, but I do have the feeling even they open up Amazon in Australia, it is still cheaper to buy from US's Amazon. Idk about tax, they might be taxed less in US on items so they could sell it cheaper there, but since everything sourced from overseas gets taxed a lot more, then I would not have a clue of how much savings you can have through new Amazon though..

        • +1

          As soon as Amazon opens in Australia forget about shipments from US and of course pricing will be adjusted to australian market. Amazon opening in Australia won't be as good as it sounds.

  • +7

    isnt the lesson is that, we need to stop buying on these days? then hopefully ebay would bring back the 20% …it is getting lesser! 20% to 15% now 10%

    • Sitewide never happened at 20% to public.

      • +2

        I never seen 20% off in my life

        • +3

          99% certain I've seen 20% site wide a year or so ago.

        • @EFC94: Was only a few weeks back when it was 15% off Ebay Sitewide but I do not recall a SITEWIDE 20% one. The ones I looked at on OzBargain were Store specific ones.

        • +4


          looking through my purchase history, September 2015 there was 20% sitewide.

        • @sandp:
          Many moons ago they had 30% off site-wide! I will never forget! :D

  • Does this work for ebay uk items? I assume watch the item and pay using AU website?

    • You can't "pay using the AU website", anything you buy from a foreign site is via that site and you are bound by their terms and conditions.

      Don't know if this particular deal applies to outside of ebay AU.

      • I have made a few purchases during these 10% discounts from US eBay and UK eBay, add to cart on or and then login on and pay using discount code, no need to create new login ID and same ID work on and and obviously pay with Paypal. So far, no issues and have received my orders.

        • Yes, of course you can do that, but my point was that the site you purchase from dictates the terms and conditions.

          Different eBay sites have differing terms.

        • Different carts on different eBay sites. At least here, so add something via .com and it won't appear in, watch list is the same though. Anyway, doesn't work here:
          "This code can't be applied to some of your items."
          That's with 1 item in USD, .au checkout. Same with every 10/15% site wide code. Targeted codes work though.

    • Sitewide is anything from anywhere

      • Nope. Just tried something from the US, added to cart via .au site, so using au checkout, code doesn't work. Oddly enough $'s off like YOUR20 work, but none of the sitewide % codes have ever worked for me for foreign stuff even though purchased through the au site.

    • Seller needs to list on AU site. I asked a seller once to list his item on, which he did and purchase it once ebay had another sale. It was EOFY a few weeks ago so I knew a statewide sale was coming.

  • -2

    You'd have to be a pretty stupid seller if you haven't increased all your prices by 10% with these codes coming out every 2nd day.

    • +4

      Why increase your prices? Just get more sales it's a win win.

    • +3

      You can increase it by 10%, but might not sell anything if the price of the competition remains the same!

  • +2

    Need to start doing prep work on what to buy , ruined my Friday

    • +2

      Alway take me hours to consider what to buy.

  • 10% is what ebay make, anything over is a loss so I think it's a fair deal.

    • more sales through Paypal, make Paypal more money too.

  • +6

    How about 10% cashback from Cashrewards to sweeten the deal? Been a while since we had 20% off sitewide.

    • +9

      c'mon buddy, we know if they increase cashrewards it will be by 0.2% maximum

      • +6

        you'll get downvoted for speaking bad about the 3 cents per 300 dollar order you get from CR…

  • +1

    10% yawn…. won't flinch at this %

    • yawn

      Wakey wakey, Tightarse is here.

  • Fuk I just bought sth around 700 at 920am wtf am I be able to cancel this deal?

    • please tell me your order was sizable.

      • Can you do anything about it?

        • +16

          i can sit here and type consoling messages about your loss

        • +2

          [@jaypick](/comment/4898 cheers man that's more than enough

        • from experience they will probably ask you to order the amount again and then they will cancel previous order, either way it doesnt hurt to promptly shoot the seller an email about the situation.

          Just noticed that it was a 700 dollar order, just shoot them an email then

        • Email ebay, see if they'd be willing to credit you the difference.

          Might not work, but it's worth a try if all else fails.

        • +1

          @Baltoski: sry I'm a noob do u have ebay official email address?

        • @zlasuka:

          Try this, see how you go.

        • @Baltoski: ebay says no sad story I gotta not eat dinner next whole week for money back XD

        • @zlasuka: Bugger! Ah well, it was worth a shot.

    • +1

      $70 loss. You'll live.

    • If it was amazon you could have canceled it.

      Hopefully before it arrives at your door.

  • AGAIN?

    • yep and we'll probably see many more of them to come

    • +1

      One step closer to Sydney property Turd!

  • +2

    eBay are now in permanent 'Closing Down Sale - Everything Must Go' mode

    • +21

      they can start with all the "Australian" sellers located in Darwin that are actually in China

      • +1

        Bought a desk fan from "Darwin, NT" in ebay, and turns out to be in China
        Almost four weeks waiting and seller put in dodgy code as tracking number to pretend to be Auspost

        • I've noticed from my previous items that the code they have is actually tracking number for China Post, once it reaches AU it gets entered in to Auspost tracking… still dodgy listing the items as from "Darwin, NT".

        • +2

          Always check the seller's profile to see their actual location, don't trust the item's location on the listing

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