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AmEx Statement Credits: Vogue American Express Fashion Night Out 2017 [SYD/MEL], Spend $50 Get $20 up to 3 Times/Selected Stores


Melbourne: 1st September 2017
Sydney: 7th September 2017

Spend $50 and get $20 back
at up to 3 different participating retailers (CBD only), between 31 August and 14 September 2017.

24/8: Registration open via main link. Deal starts 31/8.

Notable retailers in Sydney that are participating in this:

List of retailers are available here:


  • Register by saving the offer to your eligible Card from 24/08/17 until 14/09/2017. Spend $50 or more on that Card, in one transaction in-store only at participating Vogue American Express Fashion’s Night Out (VAEFNO) retailer locations from 31/08/17 until 14/09/17 to receive a $20 credit.
  • Registered Card Members can redeem the offer at each participating VAEFNO retailer location only once, and at up to a maximum of 3 different participating retailer locations.
  • The VAEFNO Event is in Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD only. For a list of participating VAEFNO retailer locations, visit amex.com.au/vogue.
  • Country Road and Trenery stores located at Melbourne Central, Shop 125, 300 Lonsdale Street are treated as a single retail store for this offer, and only one $20 credit can be redeemed for spend at this location.
  • Participation is limited to the first 100,000 Cards to register.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly in-store at participating VAEFNO retailer locations, for example purchases made through a third party establishment or third party payment processor like PayPal.
  • Online transactions, phone orders and purchases made at airport locations are excluded.
  • Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.

Also some retailers have their own offers. List of Retailers and their offers on the night at this link.


ASICS: Receive 20% OFF apparel and accessories. Receive a free gift with every footwear purchase.
Country Road: 25% off everything
Glue Store: 25% Off Full Price
H&M: Receive $20 off your $80 purchase at H&M Melbourne's GPO on September 1, 2017. Exclusively only to H&M Melbourne's GPO, t&c’s apply, see in store for details.
kikki.K: Enjoy 20% off when you spend $50 or Enjoy 30% off when you spend $100
Kookai: 20% off full price merchandise (excluding leather apparel)
Nine West: 25% off Full Priced Styles. Not in conjunction with any other offers
Onitsuka Tiger: 20% off store wide
Trenery: 25% off full priced styles
Witchery: 25% off full price items
Wittner: 20% off full price items

Compare to 2016's offer.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (12)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (15)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +1

    Do you work for AMEX?

    I'm hoping the offer is like last year's where it's three times at three different retailers! I did Sephora, The Body Shop and Myer for my AMEX offer.

    • +7

      If I did I would check the associated with American Express box. I'm just a fan!

      Last year it was possible to get the offer from DJ as well.

    • I only ask as you're always on the ball with the statement credits plus your picture seems to indicate insider information.

      They did have DJs last year but DJs cardholders had their own offer and you couldn't double-dip e.g. Spend $50 and get $40 back

    • Valid up to 3 times and once per participating retailer

  • +1

    I suppose for those that want the qc35s and with 10 amex cards you could get them for $299 assuming an rrp of $499

    • You can also price match and use the offer on top, but beware last year they were checking the names on the cards matched the individual(s) making the purchase (in Sydney at least)

      • Ground floor DJs?

        • +1

          It was Bose in Westfield.

        • @forumninja: Figures they would do that; what can you expect from a store that won't let you take photos of their products?

  • +1

    too bad anz just terminated their amex cards

    • +2

      Agreed. I terminated ANZ's credit cards in return and let them know that I wasn't happy with them cutting up the partnership with AMEX.

      • Still looking for a good alternative to my ANZ card now that they've cut AMEX

        • +2

          I was in the same boat and signed up for the Westpac Altitude Black, which is a great card. I also have the Amex Explorer which is by far one of the best Amex cards out there :)

  • +1

    Last year I used it to get a years worth of contact lenses at OPSM Bourke street (Melbourne). The combination of my private medical coverage rebate and the multiple Amex cards I used made it a very cheap option.
    FYI. Two 6 packs of J&J oaisys contact lenses are about $152 ($76 each) and so if you have three Amex cards you can break it down to save an additional $60. You save even more if you use your private medical rebate (where mine isn't 100%).

    • Damn. Since my post I now cannot see OPSM Bourke street (Melbourne) on the AMEX list but it is there as part of the Vogue list but only as get 50% off second pair type deals as opposed to spend $50 get $20 back.

  • So for Sunglass Hut you could stack the $25 off $100 spend with this $20 off $50 and "20% off selected styles on the night"?

  • +1

    Last year's Myer offer was helpful in getting Coles Myer gift cards and recharged opal at 40% off.

    • Hell yeah definitely hitting those giftcards this year.

      • -1

        Myer not listed this year

        • Melbourne Central giftcard to buy Coles Myer giftcards at Coles?

        • @nightelves: Melbourne Central not marked as American Express Accepted

        • @spacecowboy:

          Dammit you're right! Not sure how I missed that.

    • -3

      hi spk you can recharge Opal at Myer using Coles Myer gift card?

      • +3

        no. buy Coles Myer GC and then recharge opal at coles.

  • Is this event free booze all night??

    • There will be some stores offering free alcohol.

      • +1

        Excellent. Do you know if supp cards work? I could give one to my tinder date and it'll make a first date. Free food and champagne for $0

        • You don't even need a card to take advantage of that. Just show up in store.

        • @forumninja: I thought there was an exclusive AMEX lounge happening? No?

        • @HarveySpecter: Yes, this does seem to be happening:
          "Relax at the American Express Invites Lounge
          We're taking an incredible night to the next level for Card Members with our American Express Invites Lounge. Come for a drink or a bite to eat, get your look touched up at the Beauty Bar, or just kick back and enjoy the music in a beautiful setting.

          Simply show your eligible American Express® Card at the door and prepare to be dazzled.^"

          From here.

          I've trawled through the website and FAQs but no mention of where this lounge is.

        • +4

          Don't need a supp card.
          "Eligible Card Members may bring 1 guest. American Express Platinum Card Members and American Express Centurion Card Members may bring up to 2 guests."
          If you have a Centurion or Platinum card then go nuts and have a threesome in there.

        • @smarioc: Oh wow nice. Thanks for the info.

          Now I just need to find time to apply for the AMEX explorers card thanks to ANZ the scumbags getting rid of their AMEX companion cards.

          Edit: If you have a supp card, will you be able to bring 3 guest then?? :P

        • @HarveySpecter: Yeah, unline an airport lounge I think they just "sight" the card rather than "swipe" the card, hence there's no way they can tell it's a supplementary card :)
          Would the Explorer be your first direct-issued Amex?

        • @smarioc: ahh ok, in that case I can bring 10 guest in since Amex explorer offer up to 4 supplementary cards for free.

          Yes this will be my first direct issued Amex card. Why do you ask my friend?

        • @HarveySpecter: That's excellent. Go for it and bring in 10 guests. Check your PM?

        • @smarioc: Pitt St Mall in Sydney I assume (basing on last year's one). They were giving out promo stuff like mirrors, travel kits and drink bottles

        • if you were in sydney we'd be a match made in heaven haha

  • Edit: found the answer

    • +1

      You don't but if you bring your invitation (read Amex card) you can:
      1. Get in the lounge
      2. Receive or participate in offers not available to non-Amex holders

      • Thanks! Will be good to take the wife and earn some brownie points.

  • +1

    Sydney has DJ but Melbourne doesn't. And couldn't find Myer. And does Melbourne central mean I can shop at any outlet at central and get 20 off 50

    • Myer is on the list in Melb

      314-336 BOURKE STREE

  • Can I get an American Express Card just for the event and use it as a once off thing? Do they do debt card or just credit?

    • Sure, why not? Once you get a card, it is your prerogative how much or how little you wish to use it. (BTW Amex cards are only credit, not debit).
      For your purpose, perhaps get one of the free cards - Qantas Discovery, Velocity Escape or Essential. All have merits, although my favourite is the Essential, details I posted here. Being free, can keep on an on-going basis, for use when such events come around again, or for cashback offers etc.

  • Was thinking about cancelling my Virgin AMEX card, but might just wait until after this promo now.

  • +3

    If you Google American Express Vogue Fashion Night Out, seems that registrations start on August 24

    • Looking at the DJ location, would you know whether the promotion is specifically for Market St store, or would online store also qualify? The reason I ask is because I notice the address listed on Vogue 2017 says Castlereigh St, not a store name.

      • +1

        Market St (65-77 Market St) and Elizabeth St (86-108 Castlereagh St) will definitely be participating (open until 10 p.m.). Online definitely will not.

        Not sure about Barangaroo

  • I cannot find Myers, so Myers is not included this year?

    • +2

      Both Sydney and Melbourne stores are included in the Amex offer:

      436 GEORGE ST

      314-336 BOURKE STREET

      • Thanks forumninja. Good night.

  • +5

    Participating Retailers for the offer include:



    • +2

      Aka Westfield Sydney (Nespresso side) and Sydney Central Plaza (Myer side)

      • +2

        According to my records from the December 2016 Amex Statement Credits for Westfield Gift Cards, the two places are considered different retailers (see http://imgur.com/a/SAVEv) and you should be able to use two of the three credits for Westfield gift cards.

        • -1

          can someone confirm this is true?

        • @kerfuffle: yeah i know its on there, but be nice if someone can confirm they got 2 cashbacks :)

        • @hippyhippy: How can one confirm when the deal doesn't start until August 31?

          I can tell you for sure they come up as two different retailers (one will say Westfield Sydney and the other will say something like Westfield Sydney Central Plaza)

        • thanks was going to ask whether they were 2 separate retailers

        • +1

          They showed up as different retailers today for me too, but I only got the "offer redeemed" email confirmations for one of them. Now I'm super stressed that I might've wasted money on the GC fees…

        • +1

          @cynix: Yep same as you. Bought a card at each of the locations and only received the email for the first purchase.

        • @bluedez_man:
          only one confirmation and the staff said will count as one merchant as Westfield Gift card

        • @LoveBargain15: so you've tried both locations but only got one credit?

        • @hongd: Could you split payments? And could you use contactless Amex?

        • @hongd:

          no credit yet but 1 notification

        • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: yes, can split and I used payWave

        • Update: I bought GCs from both Westfield locations but have received only 1 credit. Sad!

        • @cynix: Thanks Donald.

        • +2

          @cynix: Why don't you speak to Amex to see if they can give you the credit for the other Westfield GC since 2 locations are listed, you should be able to get 2 credits.

    • I assume both Westfield Gift cards were removed.

      They are not in the participating retailer list any more.

  • Manual registration link currently says that this isn't active yet.

    • Are these for amex direct issued cards only or bank issued will do too?

      • Well the link works now as I just registered my AMEX issued card so why don't you put your bank issued AMEX in and let us know? :)

        • +1

          Can confirm that both amex issued and bank issued amexs can be registered

  • Manual registration link now active!

    I wonder if DJs cardholders will get their own separate offer like last year 🤔

    • +2

      did you sleep, kerfuffle?

      • +1

        I kept waking up during my sleep :(

        • +1

          Yeah was wondering why you messaged me at 5am last time.

  • Can anyone confirm that if you spend on the 14/09/17 will you still get the promotion?

    • +1

      Well no one can confirm since it's not September 14 but if you actually read the terms and conditions, you'd find that the 14th is the last day to take advantage of the offer …

  • WESTFIELD GIFT CARDS 188 PITT STREET and WESTFIELD GIFT CARDS 450 GEORGE STREET are separate retailers? Meaning, $20 off from each?

    • +2

      Yes; see my comment above this one

      • -3

        I stand to make $780 from this :) ^____^

        • +6

          Sydney property finally within reach?

        • @forumninja: Soon* Soon*

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