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Bose QC35 Headphones $326 Delivered (SG) @ Shopmonk


As mentioned in this deal, Shopmonk yesterday launched its new website and this is the second of its hot promos. Obviously nowhere near their offering during the eBay sale, but possibly the best since. Read the comments in the post, lots of very happy customers (myself included), with superfast delivery from Singapore. 300 units in stock. Ends 1:30pm Sunday, unless sold out prior. Enjoy :)

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  • If it can combine with Tyne current eBay deal, it will be perfect

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      Still 25 minutes to go.

      Shopmonk (Starts 1:30pm)

      Will be live on site from 1:30pm.

      From 12 Aug 1:30pm

  • Had a look at their site yesterday and it was listed for $327, but now it has been taken off presumably for the promo. Interesting times

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      Maybe testing? Would have only been up for a few minutes.

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      It was up for $329

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    Good stuff. Are they having a week of sales or something? Should we expect more deals for their new shop?

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    Are they legit TA? Have you verify your one with Bose?

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      300 purchased from the other deal and not a single complaint. It has a serial number at the front of the box for you to verify.

      • Thanks, I canceled the order from that deal and feel like to purchase again.(Silly me :P)

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        300 600 purchased from the other deal and not a single complaint.

  • Nice price, interested to see how long stock lasts.

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    Got one thanks

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    Excellent service from this company, would recommend.

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    Got one.

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      Your eBay link states 'refurbished'.

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        Refurbished, and they don't accept PayPal. There's a red flag right there.

        • Never seen a seller selling without Paypal on ebay.
          Also, funny when seller add seller refurbished.

          It can be that they cleaned it up and it is seller refurbished ;)

        • Actually there more you read about this "refurbished" listing, the more alarming it looks……

           "None OEM Box and Serial"
           "No App Connection"

          Little wonder they don't want people making a PayPal claim.

        • Wow, sounds really shady. Glad you picked up on that, thanks!

        • @Gaggy: I have, but it's rare and definitely like waving a giant red flag.

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          @ash2000: Let's just ignore the no box and serial part…. No app connection? That means that the app doesn't even recognise it as legitimate, eek!

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        Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't notice when I posted the link.

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          • for admitting
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    Thanks tightarse. Nice find. Finally bit the bullet on QC35 - time to retire my QC30

    • can i have your QC30? $30?

    • Retire your QC30's?

      The QC30's were released after the QC35's…..are they faulty?

      • Your information is wrong and they aren't faulty. Just feel like the need for a wireless QC

        • OK. But the QC30's were released after the QC35's.

        • @ash2000:
          I just double checked and I have a QC 25 and not a 30. 35 def came after 25

        • @AussieB: please let us know how they compare, I've seen reviews saying the 25s have better sound. Obviously if bt is what you want then no choice though.

  • Are they selling this via eBay? Then we can claim additional 10% discount

    • No. These deals are all about promoting their new online store.

      • Has anyone verified from the ebay store that the new Online store is legit

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        • Not what what was wrong in your question. + from me to balance :)

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    Since they are imported, does that mean there is no warranty through bose?

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    "We believe the Australian consumer deserves better access to a global assortment of brands and are backed by Accel Partners, the VC firm behind some of the best e-commerce success stories in the world, to help bring this ambitious vision to life."

    Well done in being backed by Accel Partners.
    And here I was thinking you run this from your Mum's house.

  • What's warranty like???

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      Please note that all our products are backed by one year shopmonk warranty. For warranty claim- Item needs to be sent to our Yarraville office (VIC) (~$10 with Australia post)
      We pay for the return postage after repair/replacement.

      • Estimated shipping time for Brisbane?

        • Our actual delivery times are between 3-8 working days.

        • @shopmonk:
          Australia Bose Warranty or Singapore?

        • @wlqrichard:
          They are a Singapore company

          Longman Capital Pte Ltd

      • Is there no warranty from Bose?

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        Only one year so no bose warranty, then what happens after 1 year

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    New version of this product is coming soon: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/8/5/16101618/bo...

    • +1

      hopefully with Bluetooth 5.0

    • The real question is, do I wait for the new version to come out and hope QC35's become cheaper, or get these now and bite the bullet?

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        Always better to wait unless you need them urgently (although this is a very good price)

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          It is always easier to find a need vs. want with technology haha :)

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    Just for info here is a ss of the choice review comparing some top models https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/160676/51318/screen_sh...

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      I have sony mdr1000x not comfortable sweat making

      • My MDR-1000x are sitting with Addicted To Audio being repaired or refunded.

        They're prone to cracking just from normal use, and then falling apart. Do a search and I'd highly recommend not to buy them. It's just too risky and all those reviews were done ages ago while cracking starts a few months in.

        It's a structural problem with the headband.

        • I posted an article about this. Everyone who want to buy MDR-1000X should see this.

        • @theabyss: link please?

        • @congngo: Just click on my name and select post .

      • Yeah choice seems to agree the 100 rate much higher than the 1000 especially on listening quality and comfort. Even though the 1000 much more$

  • No cash rewards?

  • I want these, but i jumped on the ue megaboom deal and that speaker isnt all that great. Not trusting the ozbargain hype until i get a chance to test it out. Keep the deals coming in the meantime tho : p

    • +2

      These actually do sound great. Trust me, I'm a doctor

      • You can hear very clear and crispy auscultation sounds.

  • For bassheads how do they compare with mdr 1000x ?

    • I've tried both in a JB and I find the bass much better by default on the QC. That may change after EQ adjustments though.

      But neither are bass specific headphones.

      As stated in my other comment though MDR-1000x are pretty universally acknowledged as having a design defect that makes them crack in the headband and fall apart, with a class action lawsuit over in China (allegedly) and sooo many anecdotal pictures all over the net including my own.

  • Thanks just ordered!

  • Any silver ones?

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    will not let me register an account.. SMS verify is not sending

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      same here

    • +3

      Neither, also not entirely sure why I have to provide a verified phone number just to buy some headphones..

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      Yer I am having the same issue

      • Same here

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        Guys, we are trying to sort this out as soon as possible. We are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • same thing here. been lurking to buy them since I missed the ebay deal

  • @shopmonk

  • can you claim TRS ?

  • How's it not out of stock with nearly 4k clicks

    • +2

      There's obviously no correlation as this deal had 2800 clicks (at expiry) for just 100 sales.

  • I hope it is grey import, but no issues if they are genuine and not fakes.
    Will be great, if they can have good reputation for warranty claims like QD stores.

  • These seem to be the Ozbargain favourite. Are they really that good? I'm looking for a wireless bluetooth headphone that has sound cancellation, but can't really justify the 300$ odd price tag…

    • Yes

  • -1

    Website won't load for me, too bad

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