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FREE 60GB Windscribe VPN for PC & Mac (Normally $90)


This deal is back again with a different code, and works with existing accounts.

Browse the web privately as it was meant to be. Windscribe encrypts your browsing activity, blocks ads, and unblocks entertainment content.

A Canadian VPN service provider based in Ontario, Windscribe is a privacy tool that allows you to access the internet anonymously, helping you unblock geo-restricted content, bypass network firewalls, and keep your browsing habits hidden from prying eyes.

But Windscribe is not just a VPN. It’s also a desktop application and browser extension that work together to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove ads & trackers that follow you across websites you visit every day.

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  • +4

    I got the stacksocial thing and it is pretty average. I wouldn't get too excited for this. Free is free, though. But my experience with this VPN has sucked.

    • Same here. The free version restricts you to a US server only. The connection drops out every few minutes which makes it practically unusable.

      • +5

        The free version restricts you to a US server only.

        I have the Chrome extension and desktop and can select other countries, such as parts of Europe, Asia and Canada.

      • No it gives you British ones as well.

        I strea BBC and ITV no problems

        • I paid for it. It has an Australian server but it plays up all the time. I mean, my internet isn't great to start with but I often have to turn the VPN off cause it's just playing up too much. Bit of a shame. They might increase their Australian server capabilities as they get bigger.

      • +2

        The free version gives me access to about 8 servers in various locations. Using the Windows app and the beta Android app and the connection never drops out on either. The apps are stable and work well. The connection however is slow, even on the Australian server.

      • +1

        i have access to at least half a dozen countries - netherlands, hong kong, uk, france for example

      • Seems to give me a fair list of available servers.

  • Any freeby region lock streaming sites this will unblock?

    • +1

      Netflix and Hulu tend to block known IP addresses of VPNs. I'd bet my pants they know about Windscribe.

  • guys may i know what is the VPN of choice for Ozbargainers? Thanks

    • +3

      Cheap PIA 2 year deals seem to do well.


    • +4

      PIA seems to be popular, I have never used it. I got the PureVPN lifetime deal for about $70 from Stacksocial. Also using TorGuard. Both are decent, good speeds and apps etc. I also have Getflix and Windscribe, both are very slow and have other limitations. A lot of VPN providers will let you have a free trial to test it for a week or so before committing any money.

    • +1

      I installed openVPN on a Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine VM (f1-micro, with CentOS) in Sydney, it only costs $5.42/m. Traffic is billed on top, but very cheap. I only use it when I'm on free wifi though, I don't use torrents etc

      • +1

        Do you have tutori for that?

      • I use VPS', have 3 of them, USA, UK, NL.

        USA: 3TB/month, 150GB storage, Debian 7 ~US$24/year
        UK: 500GB/month, 5GB storage, Debian 7 ~£8/year
        NL: 500GB/month, 5GB storage, Debian 7 ~€12/year

        All of them have a SoftEther VPN server installed, mainly used by friends/family since I have a couple of other lifetime VPN services.

        If you only want a single exit point and not use it for torrenting, a cheap VPS is reasonably easy to get, (there have been deals for US$9/year) plus it may get you a longer run accessing geo-locked content because it's only used by a handful and not an exit point used by hundreds/thousands, (all using the same IP).

        Currently a good VPS deal, (for Australia), in Sydney with 1TB/month data transfer for US$30/year.

        • A little bit hard for Joe Average.

    • +1

      PIA so I can pay using Telstra Billing.

    • BlackVPN via Viscosity is good, but might be out of your price range.

    • I've been using Pia for the last two years and it is very good I've got it running on my laptop my phone my MI TV box and it has a great choice of servers. The Australian servers are very good although I must admit they have slowed down over the last 12 months probably due to a big uptake I suspect.

  • +2

    I can confirm this works with existing accounts. I upgraded my 50gb per month to 60gb.

    • Thanks. Description updated.

    • +5

      Did it convert a 50GB/mth 'lifetime' entitlement to a 60GB/mth for 12 months?

      • +2

        yeah, i wonder? I will stay at my 50gig for life.

  • +7

    Not the greatest VPN by a long shot, but it works after a fashion. Too tight to pay for a good one? Switch this tiger on when you need it and it does the job, provided your expectations of mega downloads are low. If I set a download going before work or bed, it's done by the time i next look at it. Sufficient? Get it.

  • Can US netflix be accessed using this VPN?

  • +2

    Does anyone know how long the 60GB is available for after you've activated the voucher code on your account? That is, when does it expire?

    • +2


    • +5

      It's a lifetime deal. 60Gb data allowance resets each month. Only one concurrent connection allowed.

      • Thanks for the confirmation. That's a pretty good deal!

      • +1

        Someone said last time it was 12 months.

        Anyone know for sure?

        • +1

          I've had it for less than 12 months so can't confirm for sure. But when I look in my account details it doesn't mention any expiry date, it just says 'member since' and gives the date I first joined.

  • Thanks OP. Upgraded my free 50Gb to 60Gb.

  • Does this work in China?

  • Does this work best for dark web?

    • +5

      No, but it work best for dank web.

    • -2

      Does this work best for dark web?

      No, works best for Dark Arse.

      • -1

        Works better for BlackChrome Arse

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks tightarse well done.

  • +3

    Just installed.
    After timing out a couple of times, these were my Speedtest.net results (without installing the Chrome plugin).

    Ping went from 18 ms to 353 ms.
    Download from 78 Mbps to 6 Mbps
    Upload from 35 Mbps to 9Mbps.

    • +8


      You mustn't live in australia.

      • Sarcasm I assume rather than bit/byte dyslexic?

      • Is that an instruction?

  • +1

    I tried to install on Android tablet. But Download page from Windscribe said "You need a Pro account at this time. Native Android application is coming Q2 2017 and will be available for free users." …

    • +1

      The Android app, which works with these free accounts, is still in beta. I'm on the beta program and the app is good. If you email them they might add you to the beta program so you can install the app.

      • Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

  • I've been using free chrome add on BEEB to access BBC

  • Can this be used on multiple computers if I put this under 1 account? Or do I have to make 2 separate accounts?
    Also, is this good for if you want to torrent random stuff without ads/viruses? Not that I can't download and stream online stuff it's just annoying with ads.

    • +1
      1. Make two accounts if you want to use in two computers simultaneously.
      2. Torrents don't work.
      • The website has a vuse setup guide.

        Are you saying torrents don't work with this free vpn ?

        • dupe

      • Ah ok thanks

      • +1

        You can use this on multiple devices with one account, but it's restricted to one concurrent connection.
        Torrents work but are restricted only to certain servers. If you're not connected to one of those servers P2P won't work.

        • There's only two exit gateways that you are not allowed to use P2P on (with a Pro account), Japan and India - everything else is fine to use P2P on unless it starts getting overwhelmed, then they'll probably add them also.

          I haven't had any trouble using P2P through any other exit gateway.

          Using my free account there is no exit gateway banned from using P2P, (because free accounts can't access Japan and India anyway).

          But yeah, one concurrent connection is going to slow you down a little.

  • +1

    I've used windscribe for a few months and I can say that it's good for browsing the internet, I don't experience any slow down. But I never tried it for downloading.

  • +2

    I have the unlimited Pro version, good for browsing and the chrome extension is very handy and one of the best Ive used. But this is very slow when used for downloading or torrenting, it also has limited no. of servers compared to others. Not recommended if you're planning to install in your router.

    • For P2P, in the UK I was getting from 2-6Mbps over a 8Mbps connection, here in AU I get anywhere from 100-600kbps over my ADSL2+ which only gets 750-800kbps max, that's always using Best Location, (Pro account).

      • I'm on a Fiber connected home so my speed is a lot better:

        Normal speed without VPN: 94.49/38.75Mbps
        With VPN On set to Best Location (UK): 5.22/3.35Mbps
        With VPN On set to Australia: 26.90/22.44Mbps

        • Are you in the UK?

        • @4wd:

          No I'm in Sydney.

        • @jominix:

          Kind of strange that with it set to Best Location you're getting the UK then :)

          Best Location is the closest VPN exit gateway.

  • What good value paid VPV do people recommend?

    • See above, this was already asked and answered.

  • newbie question… if i am on a shared (not work) wifi connection. does a VPN stop prying network admin from snooping at my browsing activity?

    • +2

      Yes, that's why people use VPNs to stop people from spying on their data.

    • I think so. My understanding is network admin will see your device connecting to the VPN service, then the connection from the VPN to the internet is encrypted so they can't see your browsing activity while you stay connected to the VPN. But I'm not 100% sure so research it properly first unless someone else here can confirm.

    • +1

      It would look like an SSL website, or HTTPS, an encrypted link. They can't see what you're doing within that.

    • Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated.

      Does anyone know if the https URL is static or dynamic.


      • if the https URL is static or dynamic.

        Can you rephrase? Not sure what you're asking here.

  • +3

    If it pleases the court, may I present Attachment A:

    • +1

      thanks. Attachment A has a good list of sites to visit .

    • Hmmmm… I wasnt gonna get a VPN..seems I will have to now.

    • The order has a few errors in it, primarily the listing of web sites that store data.
      It's expressed that their sole function is to facilitate access to copyrighted material.
      However, some of the sites are merely for file storage and are not used solely for storing copyrighted media, they delete the files when notified they're infringing copyright and they store other files which may not infringe copyright.
      They have no knowledge of what is stored by them unless they are advised of the files which are infringing copyright.
      The CSP's are providing access to a file storage facility such files may have a benign use or may be infringing copyright - privacy laws do not permit CSP's to sniff & analyse every communication to confirm what the content is.
      Yet again, our courts act based on an application without fully understanding what they are dealing with.

      • Did you read the case in detail or just skim it - As I read it every site owner is to be given a right of reply where they can make a claim that they are not facilitating the breach of copyright before they are blocked by the ISP. However I cant see that they would be able to (or bother to) do this. Note also the word 'facilitating' - it does not require that they host the files which most (all?) of these sites do not. The claimant likely, and wisely chose Telstra as the test case because they are the one least likely to put up a fight.

  • Okay I signed up and installed only the firefox extension.

    My public IP looks like it is from Hong Kong.

    • That's my IP

  • Did the government said that they are going to block all illegal movie-downloading websites? Just wondering if this would counter-counter-block those websites?

    And then there is counter-counter-counter blocker. :P

    • Did the government said that they are going to block all illegal movie-downloading websites?

      They can't block all of them, just the most popular ones, not that it will do much.

      Just wondering if this would counter-counter-block those websites?

      Yes, mostly, although one particular site only works for me if I flush my DNS.

      And there are ways of blocking VPNs but they aren't doing that.

    • +1

      So far all they've done is get your ISP to block them. If you use an alternate IPv4 DNS (such as Google's), they'll still work.

  • Thanks OBs. May I ask how I can apply this VPN to my modem router? Is it possible to do so? OK found it. Don't understand a bit.

    • I tried the same and come to the conclusion that the free version does not support OpenVPN so it won't work on my router.

      • Bugger. May I ask if any guru can recommend some free VPN for router please? Education purpose of course.

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