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Google Home $139.62 Delivered (HK) @ DWI


$139.62 includes the PayPal surcharges

Discount applies automatically, once you add the item in the cart.

Please note it is the US edition, but works in the exact same way as an Australian edition. All you need is, a power adapter and set your preferences to Australian & you are done.

Enjoy… :)

Thanks to Original 5% off Post

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  • If only instead of having to say "OK Google", you can say "Computer"

  • Great price! Will buy one when they include a battery in it so I can move it around. Kinda useless not being able to move it around. I don't own a one room house!

  • By the time these things do anything useful they'll be $50.

  • +1 vote

    Can it spray some incense in the air on command? That be really useful

  • I normally buy a lot of gimmicky stuff but this……….I just have no reason why I would buy it.

    • I can't find a single reason for it.

      • Do you have smart devices connected to you WiFi that are google assistant enabled?
        Do you use IFTTT?
        Do you stream music in your house to speakers? If not do you stream Podcasts, listen to news?

        Being so new, it's still behind in things like Alexa. However if it's compatible with devices that you own, then you have a reason to buy it.

        I only have 2 WiFi enabled lights, however even outside of that functionality which I use all the time, I still use it everyday to listen to the daily news and reminders while I'm getting ready or play podcasts while I'm doing housework.

    • because your on OzBargain.. isnt that good enough reason ?

    • Oh, big business and government (whoever pays for the collected data) won't be pleased. Why won't you just buy this listening device that's connected to the web to put in your home?

      • +1 vote

        Better throw your phone away!

        • MY phone's good. I rebuilt it myself and disabled the ad processes etc in each ap. And it's only connected to the net when I want to use the net.

        • +3 votes

          @poohduck: That's what you think. The government has already hacked your phone. Why would you still keep that listening device that's connected to the web to carry on you everywhere you go? The government is also tracking every movement of yours based on your phone's sim card. Why are you allowing that??

        • @eug: Well, they haven't hacked it. If you leave you phone as standard, then yes that can happen, thankyou google. They can cross reference with towers, look at when you made or received calls, or if the cia is prepared to share their huge listening device that searches for key words. None of that data means a lot though, unless I'm on the run, of course.

        • +3 votes


          Well, they haven't hacked it.

          Perfect, that's exactly what they want you to think. :)

          None of that data means a lot though


      • People are ignorant enough to believe they aren't spending more money as they're manipulated by these devices despite billions of dollars being spent to do just that.

        Which is a ridiculous position.

        • +4 votes

          Hope you're enjoying your Nokia 3310 and 23" CRT TV! Surely you haven't been manipulated by big businesses into buying expensive new phones and TVs right? You're so clever.

  • For fun ask it "Is Google Home a complete waste of money?". It'll tell you straight up that it is.

  • +4 votes

    Works great for home automation. You can say "ok google, lights off" in the bedroom and all the wifi-enabled lights in the living room, bathrooms, corridors, kitchen, etc can be switched off in one go. It's quicker than loading up the Wemo/lifx/whatever app on your phone and turning things off there.

    • Just reading your multi-user link above and it answered another question I had about them… if you have multiple users then what would stop your little darling children from turning all your Wifi connected lights & appliances on and off just for fun? Looks like it only responds to the first registered user. Nice.

      • Well not really.
        I have Lifx lights and TP-Link Kaza controlling devices around the house. Both my flatmate and I can control lighting in the house, though he doesn't have his account hooked up to google home (He's an apple fan, don't think he even has a google account).

        However, if he says "What's on my schedule" it will respond "Sorry, I cannot recognise you".

        • Hmm, OK. Sounds like I'm going to have to have a play around then. Thinking about the lighting situation a bit further, I'd actually want to allow more than one person to control things anyway ie. the wife! If it only responded to my voice then it'd be as useless as allowing everyone to control it. There must be a way of telling it who's boss/es and ignore everyone else… surely!?

        • @SteveAndBelle: Multi-user thing is pretty new. it used to be only one user and no voice recognition before. Maybe they would implement new features as you go on.

          The thing that annoys me the most is Spotify, my account is hooked up to Google home. I would be merrily walking along some street listening to music when my flatmate, whos at home says "Play some music", and Spotify just cuts me off as it doesn't allow the same account to play at two locations.

        • @FirstWizard:

          Can you change the default media player on the guest account to Google Play Music, for example?

        • @FirstWizard: that's Spotify's applied limitation. Not Google. Definitely annoying though.

    • +3 votes

      I have an Amazon alexa connected to wifi plugs and when we leave or go out we say "Alexa turn off everything" and every device we have gets the power cut.

      Love it.

    • you can even set it up to be triggered when you say "Goodbye" or "Goodnight".
      It will respond "Have a nice day!" or "Sweet dreams!" before turning the lights off :D

  • Google do everything for me because i'm a lazy c**t

  • Pretty good sound for a small speaker, and seems to respond well to our requests. Link it to a Spotify Premium free trial for heaps of music.

    • whats after that? pay 11 bucks every month..? Why are people obsessed with this little ass speaker? Alot of other options out there. connect your phone with a Bluetooth speaker and that will do the same job.

      • +3 votes

        whats after that? pay 11 bucks every month..?

        So you're against streaming music services?

        Alot of other options out there. connect your phone with a Bluetooth speaker and that will do the same job.

        Evidently you don't understand how this speaker works. It's far different to a bluetooth speaker. It handles its own voice recognition processing, and doesn't require you to keep connecting your phone to it for it to do anything.

        It's a bit like asking why do people use google maps? Just use a street directory - it does exactly the same job doesn't it?

  • I got one. It's great.

    Like a lot of technology, it's not so attractive unless you have something very new and groundbreaking

    Google home shaves seconds off boring duties every day so it doesn't have that revolutionary X-factor that gets people excited.

    I recommend it, particularly for the price.

    If you're in the kitchen, and you're out of apples you don't often return to your shopping list and write it down.

    With google home, you just tell it to add it.

    That way you're not like ehhhhh I'm out of apples where's my shopping list you weeeehhhh.

  • +3 votes

    When I buy this I'm gonna connect all
    Of my kitchen appliances to google home & then it will not only turn off lights it'll
    Make my breakfast, lunch & dinner.

  • Any different to the Aus version?
    Apart from, I'm assuming, the power adapter

    • I was just about to ask the same question, I have an Australian Version of Google Home, and this deal is enticing however I'm curious if it'll work exactly the same once you set the location.

    • And the price u can get a google home Aussie version for $134.80 lowest price so far from ow or goodguys or jb

    • I heard that news sources are apparently different? Any truth to that?

  • Love mine got it linked with harmony hub and Phillips Hue and I can feel the kgs pilling on already

  • Whose controlling who? That is the question

  • PPffft.. takes less energy to flick a switch as I walk past than to talk to this thing.