Safer Way to Sell Any Airline, Bank or Credit Card Points - Enquire Within

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If you are not using your frequent flyer points for premium travel, you are losing out!

I can change that.

Dont use your points for economy flights, gift cards or overpriced headphones at horrible redemption rates!

Cash out your points for more and get paid today!

Generally I will pay 1 cent per point

Being the Number 1 points buyer on Ozbargain means I ensure safe practice and professionalism for every transaction - sell with confidence :)

Please PM me with any inquiries.

Note: The Moderators have asked me to list this ad here instead of in the classifieds as I run a registered business. Moderators take no responsibility and you are selling/trading at your own risk.


  • I do not sell points.

  • Obviously the airlines don't allow buying/selling of points and in no way am I suggesting they do. The methods I use minimize the risks involved and for that reason I obviously wouldn't publicize them here.

  • I ask users to PM me because I speak to everyone of my clients individually over the phone. This allows any questions or concerns to be answered and we only proceed if they are 100% satisfied. This also helps me personalize the experience and results in happy customers.

I am not pressuring anyone to sell me points. Get in touch if you think my service may be of use to you and hopefully i can help you as i have done for hundreds of Ozbarginers already :)


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  • +1

    All questions answered promptly and payment received into Paypal account within minutes of confirming transaction details. Looking forward to doing future transactions with tuvs.

  • +1

    sold my points successfully. upfront payment and a straightforward process. if i ever get credit card offers with more points i'll be doing it again haha.

  • +1

    Hi tuvs please pm me with info please. I have some qff, thinking if I should sell.

  • +1

    Happy second time customer! 😊😊😊

  • +1

    Genuine speedy service! Process was simple and straight forward. +1 from me. Definitely going to use again :)

  • +1

    When I heard about selling points I was initially a little hesitant but I did background checks on quite a few of the verifications in this thread and decided to sell with tuvz based on his reputation.

    I'm really glad I went ahead and sold the points because the transaction went through very quickly without any hiccups. tuvz operates professionally and I would highly recommend this as a way of getting cash for your points.

  • +1

    quick and painless. Thanks alot!

  • +1

    Coming here to leave my positive review of the super smooth transaction. Have got things sorted hour within a matter of just a couple of hours. Very reliable and can vouch for the experience!

    Thank you

  • +1

    Sold approx 100k points - great experience.

  • +1

    Another very positive experience here. Quick and easy process. Many thanks!!

  • +1

    Sold my Qantas Points successfully without issues. Thanks Tuvz! Will recommend you to my friends too.

  • Great to deal with, fast payment and minimal work! I'll use again for sure, highly recommended.

  • Got paid a couple hours after phone call, nice and quick
    Thanks tuvz

  • Surprisingly easy process and extremely quick payment. Will be back when I save up more points.
    Thanks tuvz

  • Hey tuvs, looking to sell about 70k points, please pm me. :)

    • actually..pmed you

  • Pm sent.

  • +12

    Sorry to say TUVZ but stating that the "Going rate is 1 cent per point" is NOT a statement of fact. And in fact is MISLEADING, especially to the inexperienced. People should negotiate the best price that they can whenever selling anything on OzBargain. Plenty of sales at 1.1 cents and a few at more than that. It would be more factual to say that that is the rate that you want to pay. "Going rate" infers that that is the broad rate paid by buyers.

    • +5

      You can neg me all that you like, but if anyone wants to refute what I say, then 'speak up!' This IS a forum after all.
      I am a buyer and not a seller, and so I have nothing to gain by pushing up the points prices. However people should search thoroughly.
      Some examples :-
      I have nothing against TUVZ as I am sure that he provides a simple & easy service to sellers. However he should not be dictating what 'the going rate' is.

      • +4

        Fair point, though I think it's a simple misunderstanding as to what 'going rate' means. While technically it means the 'market rate' it has also colloquially been used as the rate that a specific seller uses. I believe there is no untoward in tuvz' description, the idea of putting their individual buying rate in the description is merely to inform readers and avoid the million PMs asking "what the rate is".

        I have sold points to tuvz and I am an advocate. I'm fully aware of the market rate of points and am happy to take a haircut on the price for the ease and convenience. For reference, I had a friend sell QFF points (redemption, not points transfer) to a random OzBargainer for 1.1c and had a headache with wrong dates given, so my friend had to sort out the mess with Qantas and be a gobetween multiple times. tuvz' method cuts out this risk for 10% discounted price

        • +4

          Well put, however 'going rate' infers some sort of 'standard rate'
          Why doesn't he clearly state "I will pay 1 cent per point"
          Moderators previously had it amended to "rate of 1 cent per point"

          And as Nurries commented "It's quite simple, the rate is 1 point = 1 cent. "
          I just would like potential sellers to know that there is no such thing as a 'going rate'. Whether they are prepared to receive a discounted price is up to them. And by the way, there are other 'safe' ways to cash in on points.. IE IMHO selling redemptions are even safer than selling points.

        • @Peck: Fair enough. FYI I've reported to mods to ask if they will amend the description. As I said earlier, I don't think anything untowards is intended.

  • +1

    Like most people commenting above, I was a little sceptical at how this worked out for Tuvs & was initially a bit wary. Having a chat over the phone with a real person starts the process off on the right foot & after being given a little insight on how Tuvs proceeds to use the points, not only is this a GENIUS way for him to run a business but everybody benefits. From the time I posted my add to money in my account was about 8 hours… When I stockpile more points, I will be back!

  • Great doing business again for the second time!

  • Very professional service, very easy & reliable

  • PM sent Tuvz

  • I had a great experience with Tuvz. Highly recommended.

  • Another upvote for tuvz. Great fellow and very smooth transaction!

  • Great experience with tuvz, received my money promptly

  • -3

    Tuvz, if you have nothing to hide, then please explain what sort of business are you, and other frequent traders in Frequent Flyer points here on OzB. are involved in? From your history you appear to ONLY be a trader here and not a True part of the 'community'

  • -2

    I agree MaskofZorro, it is a shame that you are a Ghost account.
    Business advertising on OzB is banned. This forum item gets around that ban.
    Stating that there is a ‘going rate’ is very misleading and I suspect that it is aimed at lowering sellers expectations.
    And there IS actually a MUCH SAFER way of cashing in on your points. And that is by selling redemptions. Airlines allow you to redeem points for flights for other people.
    (For transparency I once bought a redemption and it was a very smooth transaction)
    Edit: oh I see that ‘going rate’ has now been replaced in the title!

    • @Peck what is your problem? Everybody that has sold to Tuvs is happy… If he discloses how his business works then it could be stolen or, worse some companies may catch on & make it harder for this to keep going.

      The sellers are obviously happy to sell, Tuvs is happy to buy… it is a win/win. Seems to me you may be a bit jealous, or bored. Just let it go & move on.

      • +11

        The problem is that advertising on OzB is supposed to be limited to private personal transactions. Not for running a business.
        Also I have a problem with the misleading. IE. Originally he was specifying that the rate was 1 cent per point, and that was the 'going rate'. As if there is a standard rate. (Moderators removed this 'going rate' once, but then it mysteriously re-appeared. It has now been amended yet again after my comments above about it)
        Also people should be made aware that there is an even safer way of selling points. That being selling redemptions. Redeeming flights in other persons names IS allowed by Qantas. Selling of redemptions is not detectable.
        And he should acknowledge that there ARE risks with selling points. These frequent transactions ARE detectable. IE Having your Qantas account suspended and points deleted.
        Ozbargain is supposed to be a community where people look after each other and not act selfishly. Looking after other peoples interest should include telling each other options, and pros and cons of those options. There are a couple of commercial operators here buying points at rockbottom prices and then onselling business class seats at huge profits. Tuvz has been the only one allowed to advertise in this back-door way of advertising.
        Read the recent stories of customers buying business class tickets from a travel agent, the agent pocketing the money, and booking them on his own frequent flyer points. Big money.
        I believe that it is time to get back to OzB getting back to community only trading, and not business operators jumping in and misleading and milking forum members for less than value.
        PS I have no personal interest in people selling points higher. In fact it will go against me if I buy a redemption (Likely in 2019) However people should be aware that they can get more for their points, and can do so in a MUCH SAFER way.
        As this IS A FORUM, it IS open for discussion. Don't try to shut me up, just because you don't like what I say.

        • OzB is supposed to be limited to private personal transactions. Not for running a business

          Businesses have to keep within posting rules and I agree this is skirting around the edges of those rules. Suggest reporting to mods and/or starting a TWAM to get their take on it. It's up to them to decide whether this should stay.

          Also I have a problem with the misleading. IE. Originally…

          As I said earlier, I believe this is a misunderstanding and not intentional. I reported to mods and they fixed the description

          Also people should be made aware that there is an even safer way of selling points. That being selling redemptions. Redeeming flights in other persons names IS allowed by Qantas. Selling of redemptions is not detectable.
          And he should acknowledge that there ARE risks with selling points. These frequent transactions ARE detectable. IE Having your Qantas account suspended and points deleted.

          Without giving tuvz' business model away (I spoke to tuvz on the phone a few times), you are off the mark here. tuvz does not do what you think they do. If you want to find out more you could send tuvz a PM asking how it works

          Tuvz has been the only one allowed to advertise in this back-door way of advertising

          Yep - I agree with you. Report to the mods and see what their take on it is. Ranting in the public forum is probably not the most ideal way to get your message across.

        • @tomclancy: cptdandan asked what my problem was. Forums ARE for ‘discourse’.

        • -1

          @Peck: Yes but if you think this forum post is breaching the deal posting rules by businesses then that is something you should take up with the mods. If you are happy for the forum post to stay as is then there is no need to write what you wrote.

        • @tomclancy: The Mods are well aware. They have made a special case exception. If someone was to post a 'Deal' that they were paying 1 cent per point, then it would be negged off this planet, because most know that this 1 cent per point IS NOT a good deal. Also others may not be aware that there IS a Safer way than TUVZ to cash in their points, and THAT is by selling redemptions.

        • @Peck: Note Qantas Redemptions only for self and eligible family. Eligible family same definition as for transferring points.

  • Very professional service, very easy & reliable

  • Tuvz is a honest and great buyer. Will recommend to any points seller

  • Just finalised a very positive experience selling 300k points. Start to end of the process was quick and they answered all my questions.

  • Sold 78k of points with tuvz, all done in 5 minutes, great experience

  • Easy and smooth transaction. Will deal again.

  • I was a bit hesitant prior to the phone call with Tuvs. He explained everything clearly and I decided to go through. Sent an email saying to go ahead, not even 5 mins money was in my account. I wasnt using the points, so I took a punt. Will conduct business with him again in the future.

  • Have done two transactions with Tuvz (100k+ points). All good!

  • +4

    You can read all about TUVZ classifieds manipulation here:-
    In case you want to know about his morality.

    • -1

      If people are able to sell the points at competitive rate and are able to do so quickly, I see nothing wrong there.

      • +4

        Maybe you haven't read that he was paying the asking price, and then getting them to change their ad to make it look like they were sold for less. Thus lowering future sellers expectations when they read the sold ads.

  • Completed second larger transaction with no issues once again, thanks!

    • +1

      For 1c per point?

      • Yep, even if better rates are on offer the reliability matters most for me!

        • great dealing with you again :)

        • +8

          world656, and so you are on OzBargain (self explanatory) and you are happy to receive 1c per point when he seems to pay others 1.2 cents per point and tries to cover it up?

        • @Peck: Not sure why you got negged here, it is a fair question. +1 to make it 0.

        • +9

          @starburstyellow: Thanks. It is to be expected, as Tuvz is negging everything that I say…….but silent on all of the issues that I have raised! I don't have a vendetta against him, but someone needs to speak up about his questionable and sometimes deceptive practices. So it looks like I am the fall guy.

  • Smooth and quick transaction with Tuvz for 550K points. Happy customer.

  • Repeat customer here. Tuvz does great work with customer service. No stress or issues here.

  • Dear Tuvz, thank you again! As before, prompt and reliable!

  • Another satisfied seller here. I was definitely skeptical initially but after a couple of phone conversations, and after seeing all the reviews here, I decided to go for it. I was paid promptly and will likely look to sell more points to Tuvz in future.

  • Hi guys. As far as Peck has his own issues with Tuvz and his business practices, I personally have had nothing but good dealings with Tuvz. I have made 3 sales at a mutually negotiated rate and have received the cash upfront with little hassle. At the end of the day, if you need cash in a hurry and have excess points there is no safer or easier way to sell them.

  • Sold my QFf points to tuvz with no issue just like many others here.

    Easy to deal with & explains the whole process

    Will sell them off again when I accumulate more.

  • +14

    I'd like to offer a review of my experience with tuvz….

    In summary,

    • I contacted tuvz in early April saying if he is interested in buying some of my points. He said yes and asked me to PM him my phone number so he could explain "the process" to me (more about the process later).
    • I PM'd my number to him immediately but had no call from him.
    • 2 days later I still had not heard from him so I PM'd him asking if he was still interested and when he was going to call me.
    • After that prompt, he did call me that day and explained "the process" to me.

    tuvz's Process

    Considering that there has been quite a few comments from people mentioning tuvz's "process" but no explanation of what the process is, I will try and explain the process as it was explained to me by tuvz. You can be the judge on the merits and safety of this "process".

    Basically, as tuvz explained to me - the process involves the buyer giving him their username/password so that he can log into their account. If the total points are large, he will likely do a redemption directly from within the buyer's account. If the number of points are low and not enough for a redemption, he will log into the buyer's account and transfer the points out to a "holding account" (as he calls it). He will however, offer to pay the buyer the agreed amount to buy the points before the buyer gives him free reign to their account.

    Now, I cannot speak for others but this "process" does not sit well for me, as I do not think it is a good idea to be giving out my username and password to my account to a stranger - note that this is just my opinion, others my disagree with me.

    In brief, this is a list of my private information that he will be exposed to if I give him access to my account:
    - My full name
    - My residential address
    - My DOB
    - All my transaction history - redemptions/points earned/air tickets purchased etc
    - My status credits

    He will also be able to conduct administrative activities such as change my password.

    I do not know about everybody else, but for privacy/security reasons I do not feel comfortable giving out my password to a stranger…

    • So I told tuvz that I do not feel comfortable giving him my password.
    • He said that is fine, and he will tell me an account I can transfer my points to.
    • He proposed that he will send me a purchase order and I can send my points to the account, then when he verifies the points have been transferred he will then pay me for the points.
    • I said fine, let's do it that way. He said he will get back to me.
    • 3 days go by, and I have not heard from him so I then contacted him again.
    • He then told me that because I have elected to not give my password so that he can go into my account then I will have to wait a couple of weeks before he has an account for me to transfer to. If I allow him to go into my account he will be able to send me a purchase order and pay me immediately.
    • I told him again that I do not want to give him my password so I will wait 2 weeks.
    • 2 weeks later I contact him again asking if he is still interested in buying the points, to which he then replied yes and "ill find an account to transfer your points into early next weeek" (his exact response)
    • HIs last response was on a Friday, so then I waited patiently til the end of Tuesday (since he said early next week).
    • On Tuesday night of the "next week" I contacted him again, and again asking if he is still interested in buying the points.
    • He replied immediately on Tuesday night and his response was "Sorry for the delay. Ill send the purchase order tomorrow"
    • Again I waited patiently (with doubts) and sure enough Wednesday came and went and I did not see any purchase order.

    After that I did not bother contacting him again as I think he'd probably give me another similar response to which I would again wait patiently for "tomorrow" and see nothing and wait again and again….

    This whole ordeal went on for about a month before I decided to give up.

    Now, I am just sharing my experience with tuvz. I am not saying others are lying about their positive experience - just that it does not align to my own experience. For me, this would have to rank right up there as one of the worst customer service experiences that I have encountered.

    It almost seems as if tuvz is deliberately delaying - for what purpose, I do not know. Perhaps it is because I would not share my password with him and allow him to access my account.

    Please note that I am not trying to defame tuvz nor am I hoping to undermine his business.

    What I am trying to do here is to share my experience and to explain "the process" that tuvz uses - since it has been mentioned several times by other members but no one has attempted to explain what the "process" is.

    Whilst I do not believe "the process" is a good one due to privacy and security reasons - but others can be the judge of that for themselves.

    • +2

      Thanks for your honest feedback. Agreed, should never give out personal details.

      Who knows how those details are stored by the buyer.
      And it's against the rules of most programs

      • Selling is against the rules isn't it?

        • Sure is. What the Airlines do to clamp down is another thing

        • @daft009: no point worrying about breaking a rule when you're already breaking another

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod: what other?

        • @daft009: you said sharing account details is against rules but if you're selling that's also against rules

    • Just playing devil's advocate here, but I don't think he'll be able to change the password or email address without answering your secret questions.

      • +1

        From what I've heard he also wants those as part of the sale

      • +3

        Well for the Qantas FF account which has two-factor authentication, an SMS verification code is required for changing personal information within the account.

        However, for changing the login PIN, it will only ask for "Current PIN" and "New PIN" - so whoever has access to the account is able to change the login PIN.

        Nothing against tuvz - but regardless, as a general rule of thumb and good security practice, no one should be giving out passwords and account access to anybody else, regardless if it is a family or friend - let alone a complete stranger.

        As an analogy,

        If you were to sell your sofa to a stranger on the Internet, will you be comfortable giving him/her the keys to your house to go into your house at will to take the sofa whenever he/she feels like it, and then when he/she ends up taking more than the sofa, do you rely on him/her to be honest enough to pay you the additional amount for the extra item he/she took?

        Furthermore, even if he/she is the most honest person in the world, can you guarantee that the keys won't be stolen from him/her by another person who may not be an honest person and may have ulterior motives?

        Just some food for thought….

  • +3

    Very good feedback, I personally wouldnt share any username or pwd.

    I wonder would bellpop vouch for tuvz now

    • +3

      I don't. I wouldn't work with him again.

  • +6

    8 month later update: I no longer recommend TUVZ. He took more points from my account than was negotiated. It was only when I realised this that I had to call him to resolve this. He ended up paying me the extra $260, but not before I realised what he had done. He also pressured me into changing my for sale price to look like we sold them for a lower price than we worked out, so he could manipulate the market. So we agreed on 1.2cpp, but he pressured me via numerous texts and emails (I have them saved) pressuring me over and over again to adjust my ad to say I sold them for 1cpp. I felt horrible about it. I changed the ad the first time, but refused to do it a second time. Would I work with TUVZ again? No.

    • -2

      Hi Bellpop,

      I am sorry you had this negative experience. You are correct that I unintentionally used 20k extra points.
      This was an honest mistake which i normally would rectify myself but i obviously missed it. Sorry

      However as soon as it was brought to my attention I sent you money ASAP.

      I have made numerous transactions with you and have purchased close to a million points.
      On a previous occasion you miscalculated the amount of money and points sold to me which meant you asked me to pay you $1000 less then what should have been paid. I picked this up straight away and paid you the extra money.
      Mistakes are a part of life, but its how we rectify them which counts.

      I try my best to account for every single point and dollar and the hundreds of positive comments attest to that.
      I am sorry that i let you down on this occasion


      • +3

        You haven't addressed the other allegation that you asked members to reduce the posted selling price after the fact

  • -1

    im interested in selling 380,000 qantas points. how much can i sell for.

    • -2

      PM me please

  • I'm still amazed at those that seem to have a vendetta against tuvz. If you don't like it, don't use the service he provides and move on.

    Given there are 450+ posts in this thread, it would appear that there are many, many more happy customers than disgruntled.

    People are within their right to sell their points for whatever rate they want - there must be a buyer on the other side. Supply and demand will always impact price - particularly with a fickle good such as points. If the redemptions he needs to book exist with velocity, and he has no/low velocity points - odds are he'll pay overs for velocity points. If he's flush with Qantas points… Why would he pay a higher rate? At 1c/point, it probably makes sense to 'always buy'. At 1.2c or more, it may be that he only needs to buy if he has a shortage and/or specific redemptions in need.

    I've had dealings with tuvz long ago - and if I were in the need to sell points he'd be the first person I speak with. However, premium travel is a much better use of points for me at the moment.

    • If you read the program T&C's, they are not within their right to sell/barter to anyone

  • +1

    I have seen a few negative comments in this thread re dealing with Tuvz so thought I would share my experience as many of you have.

    Ill keep this short in the hope that people will read this.
    I have had several transactions with Tuvz.
    Every time that I have done a deal I have been paid prior to the points being used, in full.
    He has never taken more points that what was agreed to.
    One time he needed another 8k points and prior to using them he contacted me to see if I was willing to sell those as well. I agreed and was paid by EFT as soon as the call had finished…..within 5 mins actually.

    He has proven to me that he is a man of his word and thats a rare thing these days.

    Give him a chance and you will find him to be a very professional and honest businessman.
    If you have an issue with a business it is best to contact the business owner directly to have your issue sorted out rather than bad mouth them on a platform like this.

    Would I use him again? Absolutely!

    • +5

      How can one be considered honest and professional when the entire premise is breaking the rules of these programs?

      • +1


  • +2

    I read through the whole thread and associated links this morning. Ironically the recent negative posts prompted me to contact tuvz and offer my points for sale. Just a few hours later I have received full payment before points have been used. Very happy with the process.

  • Never had an issue with TUVZ. Completed another transaction without hassle. Honest in transacting. Reading all these threads, we all make errors and so provided he rectifies them, shouldn't be negs going around. Would recommend him anytime.

  • +6

    Some information that users need to be aware of before jumping into a deal to sell points with Tuvz.

    I can tell you that I know of at least one airline loyalty program that is following this thread with interest, and they are actively looking at ways to thwart fraudulent points transactions (or points transactions that contravene the program terms and conditions).

    While Tuvz obviously takes steps to hide the identities of all involved, you need to know that it's not foolproof. He's taken a big risk peddling his business in such a public place, it's arguably sloppy. As a result, we have a public thread on a very high profile forum that provides a time stamped record of many of the tens of millions of points he's transacted in - not insignificant from an airline's perspective, and they'll patiently spend time untangling the trail till they get to the bottom of it.

    Tuvz will get caught eventually, even if it's just for a portion of his transactions. And I suspect this may negatively backfire on other business/commercial relationships that he holds within the aviation industry.

    And there are risks for sellers, too, there is no question of that. Consider, for example, if you were to openly publish an offer to sell a specific amount of points to Tuvz, or publish one of the many 'testimonials' bragging about the success of your points transaction. Many people have some form of identifying information here (such as location city, maybe even a first name), and a loyalty program could quite easily undertake an audit of points transactions which have changed hands over a specific period of time, particularly if someone enthusiastically broadcasts it in public, which so many of you do. If you've sold to him, have publically declared the points quantity here and have even a small amount of identifying information in your profile that is visible to the public, you could be in trouble.

    Which brings me to my second point. Why are so many OzBargainers chomping at the bit to provide positive testimonials about their experiences with Tuvz? Could it be that people are receiving kickbacks, possibly in the form of extra payments, or benefits? Most people would agree that it's dog eat dog in here, and most OzBargainers take a hard line against people using the forum purely for commercial purposes, so it's very hard to believe that 100% goodwill is at play. No other thread contains such an enthusiastic outpouring of enthusiasm towards the OP.

    So, proceed with caution, be aware of the risks. Just my two cents.

  • -1

    Just sold ~150k points to tuvs.

    The process makes sense and while trust is required from both parties it is a no-nonsense and mutually-beneficial deal.

    I am writing this comment not because I am getting kickbacks but because tuvz asked me to. I can see the negative comments above and wanted to let people know that it worked out fine for me. Happy to field private messages.



  • -1

    Any interest in 82000 Amplify points?

  • -1

    Recently sold Qantas points.
    Process was easy and quick.

    Thank you :)

  • looking at selling 100k altitude points.

    pm me

    • I pm'd you

  • Am amused at the length some posters are going to to try and discredit a legitimate business. News for you Jack now everyone has there name as their Ozbargain ID lol so good luck with that theory. Since then legitimate posts have been negged for no reason. Value is determined by the price at which a seller agrees to buy and the buyer agrees to sell. Weird that some posters who either have no points or place some inflated value on their points, are saying OMG no fking way you can't be serious in suggesting they are worth 1 cent a point. No everyone is interested in accumulating points for business class trips. Selling points makes sense if you're not.

    • +3

      News for you Jack now everyone has there name as their Ozbargain ID

      So your first name isn't Dont??? Mind blown!

      I couldn't agree more DC. People who are already selling points are breaching the T&C's. Doesn't matter if you sell them to tuvz or another party. That's not something you can hold tuvz accountable for. I know that when I sell to tuvz I'm not getting the highest rate possible, but I factor that in when applying for new credit cards. Same as selling on Gumtree - if someone makes a discounted offer sometimes you take it because it's an easy sale rather than hold out for a higher price.

      • +1

        Better look out "Tom", QFF or VFF may now call all the Tom Clancys in their records and close your account…

        I know it's against their t&cs, but my view is that they shouldn't be too worried - as they book their revenue only when points are redeemed (which Tuvz and presumably others are helping them do), not when banks etc purchase them from the airlines. Until points are redeemed they sit as liabilities in the airlines accounts. And it's only rewards seats being redeemed, so they're not taking the space of more $$ paid fares, which are allocated separately.

        My simple view - they create a "currency", people will find various ways to use that currency.

  • Id love a pm TUVZ

  • +1

    Another for the list of satisfied customers here. Easy, fast transaction, great communication. Will use again :).

  • +1

    Quick and professional service. Sold approx. 420k points and had the money within an hour. Will use again!

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