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[REFURB] HP 8200 Elite SFF Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz | 4GB Ram | 250GB HDD | DVD - $140 Shipped @ Aust IT Liquidator eBay


Are you locking a desktop for browsing the web,typing documents and play some simple games.

This is the Desktop, which suits for you

Cheaper, good condition, working well.

Here are the Specs:
- Intel core i5-2400 3.1Ghz
- 4GB Ram
- 250GB HDD
- Win 7
- Display port to extent to other monitor


Original 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

ABN 26 854 784 707

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    These can make fantastic little gaming rigs with a 1050Ti Low-Profile GPU, since they don't require extra power cables. I've put together a few of these (and some Dell OptiPlex SFF) for family members to game on.
    You can chuck an SSD in there too, as it has an extra SATA Power coming from the same cable connected to the DVD Drive. No mount for SSDs though, but double sided tape works well.


      Is it better than this old deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/323968 if so, why?

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        I wouldn't consider it a better deal per say, but it's still 3/4 the price. The previous deal has a better processor and more ram, 4gb is very limiting in games and sometimes general usage.

        For productivity? This is your deal.
        Want to convert it to a cheap gaming PC? Probably worth shelling out a tad more for extra memory, the processor isn't a huge deal with something like a 1050ti but it's a nice-to-have.


          Cheers for the reply! Do you happen to know if there would be anything that would prevent me adding extra ram to this desktop?


          @Roozy: Nope, you can juice these machines up very easily however it's best to check that the RAM you buy is HP compatible as they can sometimes be fussy. Just aim for Kingston and you should be OK. I also have some Samsung sticks right in front of me out of an 8300 which I know work fine in the 8200s too as it was from the factory when new anyway.

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        Your deal there has a better processor and more RAM, so it's possibly a better deal. However, the latest processor isn't necessary, and RAM is cheap, so if you wanted to save some cash and buy this $140 PC instead, you wouldn't be missing out on too much.

        If you're wanting to game, I'd probably pick this deal - there's more breathing room in this case for a GPU, comparted to an OptiPlex SFF.


          4gb of ddr3 will cost you $40 which kind of removes the value proposition of this deal.

          And GPU's really don't need as much airflow as one would think, especially something like a 1050ti. Again for a grandma PC this is great but if you want the most for your money to upgrade it, go the $200 range.



          Wow, $40 for 4GB of RAM? I remember when it was only $22. If I knew prices would double in future, I would have bought dozens of 8 and 16 GB sticks 5 years ago. :( In any case, I wouldn't buy a PC today that only has 4GB.

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        Is it better than this old deal?

        Optiplex 9010 has USB3,and faster integrated graphics. That one had 8GB, which is nice if you want lots of tabs open for web.

        More compact with slimline optical drive. And more energy efficient?

        That's $200, this $140. Both good market prices.


        Thanks guys!


      do you know what the best sff card to put in a 9020 sff dell, as the pcie port has a power limit of 25w and around a 250 300 watt power supply. Cheers


    Onboard video I assume, and what's the motherboard model?


    Does it have onboard Wifi?

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    Is this a deal? Is it reduced from its normal price in any way? Seems like the going rate for a ex-lease system? For example (same spec dell system for aroung the same price):



      el cheapo, No OS installed on your link, but win-7 sticker.

      How hard is it to download an ISO and install win-7? Win-10 is OK, but windows has been a real pain to install in the past, without the manufacturers customised recovery DVDs.

      I much prefer the SFF Optiplex cases.

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    A few of these went on Grays online yesterday for $40

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    95w average power draw from that CPU


    Assuming a tariff of 25c/kWH and 365x24 utilization - potential cost …

    365 days per year * 24 hours per day * .095 KW * .25 $/kWH = $208 per year to run.

    • +2 votes

      Huh? 95W TDP is not average, that's maximum power draw. Average will be considerably less - i.e. when idle, a CPU will use less than 10W.


        That is true


        Thermal Design Power (TDP) represents the average power, in watts, the processor dissipates when operating at Base Frequency with all cores active under an Intel-defined, high-complexity workload. Refer to Datasheet for thermal solution requirements.

        I was trying to point out that the CPU is power hungry compared to modern processors, and any perceived saving in cost of the device, could be offset by higher power bills.


          In reality the power usage is never going to come close to the TDP figure. My 3rd gen i5 has a TDP of 77W, but when gaming, the CPU will only ever use half that amount - 35-40W. Never seen it go above that. Granted, most games are not going to use all 4 cores - most run fine on just 2.


        Quality small-form-factor business desktops like these use only about 20W idle, so around $40/year.
        The CPU uses next to nothing when not working.


    What's the deal with the huge number of these refurb Dells lately? Why would a business get rid of PCs which are still very decent?


      Quite possibly government PCs not businesses.. so when a department is upgrading, they replace all PCs, potentially hundreds. Plus, if they have the budget, they have to use up all of it in order to get a similar budget next quarter/financial year, for fear of getting less money next time.


      The place I work tries to keep PCs for 3-4 years and Notebooks for 4+ years but even after that they're still usually perfectly fine and are great as home machines with only a few small improvements (an 128/256 SSD and a bit of extra RAM). We've recently had all our PCs replaced with Notebooks as they want all staff to take advantage of Flexible Working so all our PCs were replaced in one fell swoop… some were only about 12 months old and killer spec (Xeon based Workstations with 32/64Gb RAM and 4Gb NVIDIA Graphics etc.) Pretty common in big business to keep hardware up to date withing reason because software continues to need more & more hardware resources.

  • +3 votes

    Bought a similar HP unit from this seller a few weeks back, after missing the Dell Optiplex deal. Delivered Fast. Internally spotless. Seller accepts offers so give it a shot.

    This 8200 is Crapintoshable too.