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Up to 40% off Domestic & 10%-20% off International Flights @ Virgin Australia


Virgin Australia Family and Friends Offer.
Domestic travel dates (Economy only) December 2017-March 2018.
International travel dates (Economy & Premium Economy where applicable) October 2017-August 2018.
Flights can be booked with code applied via Virgin Australia.
Promo tag visible on fares which code applies to.
Not available on all city pairings/dates/times and applies to getaway fares only.
Virgin Australia operated flights only.

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  • Thanks OP

    Lol relevant username too?

  • Thanks, but seems like very limited dates

  • Let me get my head around this. So I can get 20% off flights from Sydney to LAX that cost ~1000 for ~800

  • If only I hadn't booked all my flights in advance…

  • I can't seem to find any discount flights for when (march) and where (perth-tas)I'm looking :( Must have a very limited selection.

  • where exactly do you enter the code?

  • Just got $89 flights MEL to SYD - Thanks!

  • Got 0% discount by using the promo code.
    Syd <> Thailand during travel dates.

  • Promo tag visible on fares which code applies to.

    Can't see this on any flights?

  • Emphasis on up to. Code makes no difference for flights to japan.

    • Virgin Australia operated flights only.

      • So with the international travel, which country destination can we use the promo code on?
        I was hoping it would work for Indonesia-Denpasar but it doesn't.

  • Anyone found anything? I was looking for Perth => Melbourne in December… No dice.

    Edit: Sorry - seems I did find a special,just very limited and not that good of value.

  • Looking at mel to bris, no change to promo economy fares

    edit no it seems there is around 20% discount. Thanks OP

  • love to get some flights for my mum hobart to cairns next may/june but idk website seems to make it hard to apply discount


    damn, need domestic flights in july

  • Can we use cashrewards?

  • When does this code expire?

  • No deal to Melbourne-Goldcoast :(

  • Not easy to see whats what and when you do two fifths of bugger all. Give me my 20 mins back!!

  • any decent discounts to Europe around June/July? Couldnt find any that were virgin operated and discounted

  • Thanks OP. I was just looking at booking some flights with Virgin Australia.

  • fml just booked return flights to Rome on qantas.

    Edit: phew, no flights and still more expensive.

    editx2: just saw it's only for virgin operated flights… so basically Perth to melbourne.

    • +4 votes

      VA also fly their own metal to Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Bali, New Zealand and few South Pacific destinations.

  • Hi Propaganda,

    In regards to this sale, can i still upgrade my seat to premium economy and my fare would be elevated? Thanks

    • Yeah i'm curious about that too, can these flights be upgraded by velocity gold?

      Edit: looks like you can upgrade getaway flights on Velocity Gold.

    • +1 vote

      The promo code only applies to 'Getaway' fare types. The VA website indicates you can upgrade using UpgradeMe Premium Bid, but Velocity Point upgrades are not permitted on this fare type.

      • I did book for my parents. Can't complain about Perth to Sydney for $318 each on Virgin (3/12 to 12/12 if anyone is interested). Will also be upgrading them both to business for 30,000 points each.

        Cheers :)

        • I realised later… it's 35500 points to book a business rewards flight outright… note to self… never both upgrading discount economy using points. They were nice enough to refund without a fee though :)

  • I was looking at one way flights MEL-LAX in DEC and now 5 mins later suddenly all Getaway level flights in December seem to be gone.

  • Sadly no discount on Canberra to Adelaide flights :(

  • Very good deal, wished it came earlier! BNE-CHC $338 (11-14 Dec). Decent departure times too. I booked with Jetstar about a fortnight ago departing from OOL for $300 but have to make my way down to the Gold Coast, which would probably cost more to get there and back.

  • I was looking at return flight from Sydney to Hamilton Island / Whitsunday 25 Dec - 29 Dec.. No discount tho.

  • Amazing deal for me :) I live in an area where they price gouge. Normally $600 from regional WA to Perth. Got the full 40% off I think! Legend thanks a lot.

  • tried booking from SYD to Perth, no discount at all

    Departing Flights

    Opens a New Window Elevate Fare group column
    Depart: Sydney
    Departure date and time: Sun Dec 31 2017 9:35 AM
    Arrive: Perth
    Arrival date and time: Sun Dec 31 2017 11:40 AM
    Returning Flights

    Opens a New Window Elevate Fare group column
    Depart: Perth
    Departure date and time: Sat Jan 06 2018 3:05 PM
    Arrive: Sydney
    Arrival date and time: Sat Jan 06 2018 10:20 PM

  • Doesn't appear to be valid for Brisbane to Dunedin :(

  • Picked up MEL-ADL return flights in February for $178; a $40 discount. Thanks!

  • no deal for me either MEL to BRIS in Feb. Also make the link in the Original post, goto the home page where the code can actually be applied please. It cannot be applied on the page you have linked to.

  • Thanks @OP
    Been waiting for MEL-SYD flight specials - just booked return flights during Christmas!

  • Thanks for sharing! This is why I love Ozbargain, people sharing "secret" deals where we would otherwise have not known!

  • Thanks for the post! Hopefully if I arrive earlier at the airport they can fly me out on an earlier flight….fingers crossed! Otherwise still happy with the savings!

  • Can't find any discounts from Syd - Gold Coast during Mid January :(

  • No discount from MELB to HOB 22-Dec.

    Also no discount from CBR to MELB early Dec.

  • Thanks OP I can use this deal to escape all of my problems.

  • Says flights melb-Syd are 89 around january but that is literally the same price as jetstar/tiger. Is that meant to happen ?

  • No discount ADL-PER in Feb18 :(


    I usually look at the webJet site and find the best flight deals for - to n from - then go to the airline and book.
    That way I have a good idea what the fares are going to be.
    No way known will I use webjet for bookings, but here is their site: https://www.webjet.com.au/

  • So many locations are not included.

    Syd -> SG none
    Syd -> Thailand none
    Syd -> SE countries not many and very selective dates with 15% max off

    • Virgin Australia don't operate to Singapore or Thailand and the only SE Asian destination using their own aircraft is Bali.

  • Plenty of fare available for the Feb flights Melbourne to Brisbane.

    Saved $50 for the return flight - thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP - any idea what deals can be had flying from Perth to Sydney 21/12 ( to pick up cruise ship, so would have to be quite early) & return to Perth 5/1 Haven’t been able to find anything decent yet.
    Hoping you can point us in the right direction.

  • I don't get Virgin's website. If I search for a flight to LA in April using the link you provided, WITHOUT the promo code, I can choose a getaway economy fare for around ~600 each way…

    But if I search for the exact thing with the promo code from their normal front page flight search, oops, the cheapest fares are like ~900 because getaway is "sold out"

  • Disappointed that no discounted applied to Melbourne to Mackay over Christmas period