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Telstra Amway IBO/VIP Offer


Mod: Removed AMWAY details as per request. Deal is over. See merchant take down request from Telstra.

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        • Me too… been on hold since 9am

        • me too

        • @waterboy: omg on hold 2 hours then got a "sorry we cannot take your call leave a message" response, this is shit. Anyone else get this?

        • @Jewelette: Same thing happened to me

        • I got connected today after 1 hour wait. Got the order processed and can track the order online at Telstra website.

        • me too after staying on hold for 2 hours and 9 minutes.

    • Got connected to them yesterday (25/10/17) after 1 hour 36 minutes of waiting. The consultant seemed to be fairly new in the role. He recommended me to process a new phone order which according to him (& his supervisor) would supersede my previously submitted online order as my phone number would be attached to an account already by the time online queue is sorted. He then went ahead to set up my new Telstra account, processed the order and I could track it on Telstra website. Call overall took 2hrs 33 mins, phew! Hoping it goes smoothly as he re-assured and I won't end up with two phones ;)

  • So I have confirmed that my order was completely cancelled by Telstra because I need to provide ID to a Telstra store. They also cancelled my order for a broadband connection at my new house.

    That means once I confirm my ID, I will have to call the Telstra Amway team again (no easy feat) and try and get them to give me the deal that has now expired. Not even sure if they will do that.

    Bloody Telstra.

    • did you sign up online or via the phone? i signed up online and the system ask for id proof but it does not require scanned copy, just driver license no. medicare detail etc. but no update so far. i dont bother to wait or hear the music while waiting.

      • Both. The problem is I'm a new customer and signed up for broadband with Telstra on Monday and this plan on Wednesday. It flagged a fraud thing in their system.
        Very annoying.

  • +2

    Called them to follow through on the order from the 23rd. Had to create a new order. If you still want to get the deal and you made an earlier order call ASAP

  • Troops. Sosuto is right. I was all for waiting but I called up - took an hour on hold and another 30 mins to get everything sorted - you need to send a port form off so need a PC and printer. They'll set it all up but its like from scratch. Still get the deal! Just a bit of work involved

    • 1hr 45mins on hold at the moment.

      Just trying to follow up on the online order - I'm already a Telstra customer so this should not be a big job.

      I have no order confirmation email and no call from them to confirm the order so I'm hoping I can still get the same deal.

      • I got answered after 1 hour. Not too bad.

        You'll be able to get the deal, don't worry.

    • +1

      I was upgrading my Telstra BYO number so I believe I just wait? Have you head of anything about existing Telstra customers?

  • Just curious to know how long I am obliged to wait for their email confirmation before I can jump onto something else?
    Will I be bound to signup if they send the confirmation after two weeks?

  • +6

    Ok, so I filled out the online application 2 days ago, called today, ‭1800 426 699‬ Option 2 the 3. 1st Attempt: 60mins, 2nd Attempt 45min, 3rd Attempt at 1.30pm: 44mins and success!!! Agent said, yes order is there but has not been processed yet so he will process it now.

    Provided the AMWAY/Telstra ref number, validated ID, agent took my Amway VIP number and validated it with Amway, all good. Confirmed plan details, I am an exsisting telstra customer so confirmed exsisting handset buy out cost, all good. New plan details explained to me, all good. He register me for the email and SMS notification for delivery of the new handset and said that they have a stock delay at the moment, could be between 1 - 4 weeks, all good. Checked email, received the order confirmation and standard t&cs pdf. Happy.

    4pm I get two txt messages, the phone is on it ways with StarTrack and is been delivered on the 27/10/17 😃. Now that’s what I called service!!! - IPhone 8 plus 64GB Space Grey on the $99.20 plan.

    Anyone after an IPhone 7 Plus Soace Grey 128 GB in mint condition that’s 3 weeks old with Proof of purchase ☺️

    • Is extra $6 handset fee for iphone 8 plus 64GB?

    • Woah!
      I'm getting the same phone so glad to know it's in stock!!!!

    • Hey Fastgun, do the [email protected]'s mention if 12 months of Foxtel Go is included?
      Still waiting for any kind of confirmation / info

    • How can I get the AMWAY/Telstra ref number because i got no confirmation email after ordering

      • it would have came up at the end of the submission of your order.

    • Hey, did you end up finding out if you can take advantage of the Foxtel Now offer, etc?

  • +1

    They finally answered. This call took 1hr 39min, previously two 2 hour attempts and couldnt get through.

    Just asked the guy on phone, the calls get priority they may not process the online orders. They did my order from scratch as well.

    They had to check to see if they could process as its expired, mentioned i placed the order online 2 days ago so they honored it. Just heads up for others relying on online orders its a risk really best to call through but expect long waits.

    • How long did the actual talk last (like after you were on hold)? I have been on hold pretty much all day, currently sitting on 1hr and 40 mins because Ive been disconnected 3 times.

      • About 30 minutes for the processing. I hear your pain :( its not pleasant. Called around 6:20pm tonight if that helps.

        • I called at 6.21 tonight, waited till 8.30 when I got an automated message to leave them a message.

          I should've got in that 5 minutes earlier.

  • Damn, this would have been perfect…

    Anyone had any luck ringing up and bluffing about submitting an application last week?

    • +1

      I didn't bluff I actually submitted 2 online applications before this deal expired, have print screens with confirmations to prove them. They didnt ask to see the confirmations though.

      Oh but on side note I already sent the porting form 2 days ago and they had that form so they did know I submitted because of that form.

  • I signed up to OZB just to comment on this thread. OZB is great, fantastic deals keep em' coming.

    This seemed like a great deal as I am in the market for a Note 8 but I have now spent over 4 hours of my life on hold with these people feeling very frustrated and disappointed at the end getting told to leave a voicemail. I am currently a Telstra customer.

    Can they refuse to honor the deal?

  • I eventually got through earlier today and they processed my order. Received confirmation emails this afternoon. Handset should arrive in 1 to 4 days. Thanks for posting the deal!

  • Hopefully they honour my web application, great to hear that they are actioning stuff for people. I'm abroad currently so I can't print/return the porting form however or call.

  • +1

    As long as you submitted the web application before its expiry your set.

    They will be processing them this week and next week, so be patient…

    You may have to provide instore ID in a few cases but the application will be processed and when it is you will get additional info (email and a letter) as well as the phone.

    Im with telstra, went from BYO to the AMWAY plan and as soon as it was processed it showed up in telstra 24x7 (data appeared first, then the plan)

    SO CHILL OUT, as long as you have done your part online the rest will follow…

  • I can confirm they are honouring the deal if you hav put in your order online by the cut off date. Very efficient and confirmed in 15mins and no queue on the phone ! Lol

    And will receive the phone in 5 business days :D

  • +1

    XXL deal on main Telstra site extended until November so this deal should continue until then (and should capture iPhone X and pixel 2 at the tail end)

  • +1

    Called this morning at 8:59am (Melbourne Time) was on hold for 25mins and the process took roughly 15mins, which I was on hold for most of. Not too shabby! I spent most of yesterday on hold waiting so be patient guys!

  • Called just then, was on hold for about 50 minutes, but all sorted now!

  • Called the last 3 days waited an hour at a time. Called Friday finally got through after 1.5 hours had to go through the whole sign up process again got approval but now have to fill out the porting form and call them back again arghhh the things you do to get an ozbargain haha.

    Seems like if you applied you will get through eventually just need to be patient. the rep said they have been smashed with calls regarding this deal.

  • Hey guys, I wanted to share my experience. I called them around 5pm yesterday, held for 2 hours then disconnected by automatic answering machine.
    Tried this morning, got through in about 40 minutes. I finally got my order processed. As it was mentioned above, they had to create a new order. It could be different as I was a Telstra customer and upgrading my exsiting number rather than porting in, they only confirmed expiry date of my driver license and VIP number. It also took long time for them to confirm my VIP number as it was recently registered. They surely honour VIP clients as well as IBO so all good for us ozbargainers.
    She also said the delivery will take about 5 days. You still have chance to change the handset while on the phone. I changed from Note 8 to iPhone 8 64g gold. Good luck to all.

  • so waited for 50 mins and it went through.
    I received the contract details, but it says 149? I assume the bill will have $99?

  • +3


    I just spoke to telstra about my existing order and they said it's been extended to 2 November.

    Can't see it on the website but I'd suggest to try calling.

    • I'm all signed up. Not sure what happened with my original order made online but I did a new one over the phone. Might call and see if I can cancel the old one but it's about an hour wait atm.

  • Looking to cancel my signup and go with my previous provider. Do i have to inform them to cancel or just wait it out? Also does anyone have the OP’s original VIP number? Cheers!

    • +2

      Good luck! The original IBO number can be found in the revisions. It's

      ID#: 6108679
      Last name: Kerr

  • Hope discount can be extended further then I can order iphone X

  • Anyone try sign up recently?

    • +1

      I called up on Saturday and got set up over the phone. The lady over the phone explained they have a huge backlog of internet orders and that signing up over the phone would mean my order would get filled before the internet orders.

      TIP: If you are porting your existing mobile number from another provider, send in your number porting authorisation form before you call so you have a reference number on hand to complete the order instead of having to call back and waiting in queue to provide them with that reference number.

      I've received emails with an account number and Telstra chat has given me an order number - the Telstra order tracking site shows the stock was allocated. I guess I'm now just waiting for shipment and the StarTrack shipping number.

      To those who have signed up, how long did it take from when your stock was allocated before you received your shipping tracking number?

      • Did you call Amway or Telstra?

        • I called Telstra on 1800426699 and selected the option to order a new service

      • +1

        I got the stock allocated status on Thursday and recieved tracking number on Friday and was delivered today. It was Note 8 fyi.

        • Thanks, I will chat with them tomorrow evening if I haven't received a tracking number by then. I'd expect they just need a bit more time to fulfil the spike in orders they've had through this deal

      • +1

        I also ordered on Thursday and received the tracking email on Friday. Delivered yesterday to the post office since I was at work :(
        Note 8 with porting.

        • Have you lost service on your original sim?

        • no. they advised once I receive the SIM insert to the new phone and porting would happen automatically.
          I am not sure whether it is accurate since i am currently with ALDI Mobile.

        • @waterboy:
          Received my Note 8 yesterday as a part of this deal. Was advised the same that port would happen automatically, not correct. Letter which accompanied says:
          1) If transferring service to Telstra from another provider, go to activation.telstra.com to let us know you're ready to transfer number.
          2) If you're having trouble to activate, call 1800 800 019.
          3) Interestingly, if we don't activate device straight away (I'm waiting for my other service to finish it's billing cycle, few more days left), Telstra will send a Reminder SMS/ email to activate. Will auto-activate & port service within 48 hours of the reminder.

          Yikes, auto activation scares me. Carrying Telstra SIM with me as no timeframe advised of the Reminder post delivery. Port usually happens within a few minutes-hours anyway. Losing signal very quickly on existing service post Reminder a possibility.

        • @aaruu: I activated the sim this morning and was ported within 2 minutes. It was very quick

  • +3

    Ordered today for pixel 2 xl (64 GB) was an extra $4 per month so $103.2 per month on the XXL plan .

    • Can you get pre order bonus as well?

      • The home mini? I am still expecting it, just listed as an order bonus on the normal Telstra site now.

  • I have got my iphone 8 plus today :D hope everyone got theirs :D

    • Mine is out for delivery. I keep anxiously looking at the door at work.

  • +5

    Got a call from Telstra on my earlier query to them, on the nuts and bolts of this plan.
    This is what I learned:

    Offer extended till Nov 2nd midnight for new subscribers.
    Once abroad (roaming) you can call and receive to/from anywhere in the world- totally free. >>>Amazing<<<
    However, when you are in Australia, calls to only 15 other countries are free. <<<Weird>>>

    • Any idea whether the offer is extended for existing Telstra customers as well?

      • Sorry ftmch.
        I had to be brief on that Telstra chat; couldn't collect more info.

        In fact, I wanted to ask if a version of this plan was available with BYO devices.

        I'm awaiting my new Note8 Dual SIM 256 GB (this was not available on Telstra's bundle with this offer; so I was hoping they have something for the BYO device folks)

  • +2

    I managed to call through and place a phone order today! I was able to change my order from a Samsung Note 8 to the Google Pixel 2 XL (128gb) with the same offer as noted (I asked the Amway representative to repeat the order to make sure). Expected delivery is up to 10 working days.

    For those interested, the Amway representative (based in Philippines) walked me through the whole process which included:
    1) verifying that I was a VIP member
    2) creating a telstra account (as I was a new customer)
    3) completing the porting number form
    4) placing the order

    All in all, this took over 1.5 hours as I did not have access to a printer to finalise the porting number form.

  • +2

    Got through after an hour wait on the phone. Offer still available to existing Telstra customers. Happy days! Recontract done, phone on it's way!

    Just got to hope now that I qualify for the 12 month screen repair offer with Samsung. Phone must be 'purchased' by today to claim - I'm assuming the invoice that comes with the phone will reflect today's date?

    Either way, thanks Op. An excellent deal.

  • After 2+ hours on hold last night, I got connected to a message saying they're closed.
    Called this morning at 8am and got through in 4 minutes.
    No more black Note 8s available, only gold is left.

  • Hours of operation are around 6am to 6pm Sydney time. At 9:30 I waited 30 minutes on hold and it took 32 minutes to process the order. Person I spoke with was excellent.

    There are only 15 people working on the telstra amway call centre, they are not scaled for ozb.
    There are still 1000s of web orders in the queue. If you ring up to progress your order they cannot open your order for details, you need to provide the info again, however they will check when the web order was submitted to ensure it was on or before 26th to ensure eligibility.

    Scan your completed porting form before calling and quote the telstra reference number received the acknowledgement email to save everyones time.
    You will need to quote your Amway VIP or IBO number, the name must match your real name.

    If you are keen for this offer, you should probably call up and make it happen soon……

    • +1

      Hours of operation are around 6am to 6pm Sydney time.

      I think it's 9am Sydney time. I called at 7.55 and 7.59am Brisbane time and got a recorded message saying that they're shut. I rang back at 8am Brisbane time and the IVR changed to the regular one asking you to make a selection.

  • thank you for clarifying, maybe I got the timezones wrong or missunderstood.

  • thank you for clarifying, maybe I got the timezones wrong or missunderstood.

  • Just ordered myself a Pixel 2 XL, good to see that people are starting to get their phones. When can i expect to receive a email confirmation or shipping information?

    • I ordered a panda 64gb yesterday and have recieved a startrack tracking number today.

      No confirmation by email, just the plan schedule and included data amounts

  • Received my quote today. my account shows as $150pcm on the Telstra website still. hopefully the discount is reflecfted in the actual bill…

    Does anyone know where to find the receip to register for screen assure ?

  • I have been able to sign up to this deal today by calling the Telstra Amway number.

    I also did not have an online order waiting to be processed. So i guess this deal is still valid.

    Also i was on a 24mth contract. Without paying exit fees. i was able to upgrade to this plan with a Galaxy Note 8

    EDIT: the Telstra guy said its the XXL plan. $149 a month. - $20 - 20% Amway discount.

    EDIT Again: Also i was on hold for 49 minutes. — Be Prepared to wait.

    • Also i was on a 24mth contract. Without paying exit fees. i was able to upgrade to this plan with a Galaxy Note 8

      How far were you into the contract? What phone came with that contract?

      • Also signed up today after an hour and 5 minute wait lol was able to be put onto the XXL plan as well, worth the wait! Went with the Pixel 2 XL for an extra $4 per month

  • +1

    Currently negotiating new plans for our business and being quoted $129 for Pixel 2 XL with 20GB data -

    Yet people are getting Pixel 2 XL with 60gb data for $99.20/month even as a Telstra customer already?

    If this is the case I think i'll tell my account rep to jam it and go through the process.

    • +1

      Yet people are getting Pixel 2 XL with 60gb data for $99.20/month even as a Telstra customer already?

      The 2XL is +$4 for 64GB and +$10 for 128GB.

      But yes, $129 for 20GB … isn't great. :)

      • Cheers mate, might have look into further!

    • PIXEL is having issues, google b4 u buy..

      • The off-axis color shift on the 2XL isn't really a big deal. I bet most people wouldn't notice it unless someone mentioned it to them.

  • The question now is what to do with 60gb of data a month! It's an insane amount.

    • It was great timing for me, as I'm (still) waiting for Telstra to connect my home broadband!

  • +2

    So just to check, $103.2 per month for the XXL plan with Pixel 2 XL 64GB + $295 welcome credit?

  • This is a Great deal. Upgraded the Mrs and myself on the xxl plan. Received an iPhone 8 which I am using and a Pixel 2 128GB on the way. Will probably sell the Pixel as I don't need it…

  • How are people getting Pixel 2's when the post only states Pixel 1's?

    • By ringing up and talking to them.

  • Has anyone tried preordering the iPhone X via the deal through the call centre?

    • Pretty sure they can't do it. They can't even put in an order for an existing phone whose stock has run out. I tried to get a black Note 8 but the lady said she can't put the order through if they have no stock, even if I could wait for it.

  • Was on hold for about an hour and they picked up. The guy said he cannot pull out online orders and I might have to wait until they get processed. He also said that I might not be able to get the deal as tomorrow is the last date. Luckily i had sent them the port authority form and had a reference number from telstra. He said he can pull out this form and process a new order.

    The guy was extremly slow and I waited about an hour during the process. He took so much time to process the details. He even asked me whether I am in Australia after going through all verification checks, LOL. Not a very pleasant time taking to these people. Wanted to get the $5 data share sim but didn't wanted to wait longer again.

    Anybody wants to grab the deal should call by tomorrow i guess. Good luck.

    They sent me a mail with the plan details, it says 50GB per month though.

  • +2

    I rung up this morning.

    I can confirm TODAY is the last day for this offer.

    Few tips as stated by other ozb's that were handy.

    • To be honest, I only found out about this deal yesterday and was able to submit a new order today - Just sign up for a AMWAY VIP number. (Click revisions on OP for Amway VIP referral details)

    • Be patient - Wait times were 55 minutes for me.

    • Google Telstra Port Authorisation Form, fill it out and scan it to a PDF and email it to [email protected]
      The rep on the phone will ask for the reference number when you call up for the porting.

    • Once again, be patient on the phone, it is a bit of a long process.

    Get in quick to avoid missing out before the lines close tonight!

    • +1

      I wouldn't leave it till too late either. I rang them on Tuesday evening and was on hold for nearly 2.5 hours, then got through to a recorded message saying they were closed.

    • Sorted my order all out yesterday. Ordered on the 25th. Very helpful. Wait not too long on the phone. Told that they were working till 10pm. 5-7 days delivery so very happy.

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