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LiitoKala Lii - 202 Batt Charger $2.99 USD (~$3.81 AUD), Lii - 100 $2.75 USD (~$3 AUD) Shipped @ GearBest


Saw a great deal posted on HUKD so asked the rep for a similar deal, they could match the price but unfortunately free shipping to Australia isn’t available for the Lii - 100, it is for the Lii - 202 so asked for a deal on that one also.

LiitoKala Lii - 100 normally sells for $5-8 AUD & LiitoKala Lii - 202 normally sells for $8-11 AUD at similar stores including eBay & AliExpress

Limited to 300 units each and maximum 3 per account. Coupon will only work with AU & NZ IP addresses. Don’t forget to select Registered AirMail for Lii - 100 & Unregistered AirMail for Lii - 202

Link Lii - 100

Review Lii - 100
Review Lii - 202

30/10 7pm: Available again

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  • Shipping stated is in USD

    • Sorry, that was for unregistered post, Registered Air Mail - Australia Registered makes its a total of ~ Aud3

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    Cheers OP, I bought the single version of the LiitoKala Lii - 202 a few days back for more than this, ah well now I can charge 3 batteries at once :)

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    Thanks👍 Great price on a good unit. Have both chargers.

    Ordered another Lii - 202 for $3.80 (change to au$) as had loaned mine out to family member to charge their Eneloops.

    These can also be used as powerbank when using 3.7V batteries - has USB output.

    Great for travel as small, light weight & charge from micro-USB cable. Throw in a USB light & 3.7V battery to use as powerbank night light.

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      Also do the forget mini xiaomi fan! Summer is coming…

      • Gonna need more then a fan for that

    • Already shipped out.

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    where to get 14500 batteries locally? no one seems to sell them

      • +3

        Is ANYTHING at Jaycar even remotely fairly priced!

        • Maybe when they have their warehouse clearance sales? Just maybe.

        • +1

          Do you have another au bricks and mortar tech retailer as a comparison?

      • i am after LiFePO 4 3.2V this charger supports them but virtually no one sells this battery

        • Bunnings have the Duracell LiFePO batteries. So cant be that uncommon.

        • @k0ka2:

          searched for 14500 ones but i will try asking the local bunnings if they have one in stock

        • @rasserie: I got them at the Melbourne Northland Bunnings store. Comes in two sizes 18500 and 14500 in packs of 2. Duracell brand.

    • +6

      Why do you need that many?

    • That's a lot of batteries. Will be hard to find anywhere local with that many in stock. ;)

  • +2

    Thanks. Didn't need one but got one anyway.

  • I need to get a charger for 9 Volt NIMH batteries, can anyone recommend one?

    • +3

      When Aldi sell their charger it's worth getting - it's able to revive some batteries that are dead flat and it has 2x9V charge ports.

      • Thanks but there's no Aldi stores here. Looking for an online purchase.

  • Awesome if can charge 18650

    • the lil202 charges 18650 batteries

      • yes, u r right. but code expired. :(

  • Can someone please recommend a cheap 18650

    • +1

      Not cheap but best quality one is "Panasonic 3.7V Protected".
      This one include protected circuit in the battery from over charge or over load for your safety when you use this cheap re-charger.
      Cheap Chinese one are danger to use.

  • Just picked up one of these. Been meaning to get a new battery charger. Thanks OP!

  • What do people use their 18650s for?

    • +1

      Mainly powerbanks, PIC/arduino and ghetto brushed quadcopters. I have 3 or so torches as well which is what the majority seem to use them for. Some vapers (smoking apparatus) use them?

      • Make your own powerbanks?

        • this. I've "made" 6 powerbanks. bought the case and circuit off aliexpress. cheapest was a 3 x 18650 pack for $1.35. most expensive was $6 for a 8 X 18650 with LCD. 18650 cells came from old laptop batteries.

        • @altomic: I've got some old laptop batteries I could open up (hp and a Dell)

          Would they most likely be 18650s?

          If they don't hold charge any more would this charger revive them?

          Thanks for all the advice

        • @impoze: they would definitely be 18650. maybe 1 will be sub standard. I've noticed that many laptop batteries that don't work in laptops (won't charge, not recognised) then the cells will usually always work.

          out of 8 laptop batteries that i've broken down I've only had 1 bad/mediocre cell.

          yes, the charger should revive them.

    • For this little beauty of a flashlight, love it. Goes from gentle glow to eye searingly bright.

  • +2

    I just bought one of those recent Groupon Panasonic Standard Chargers that comes with 2 AA eneloops. It has an auto shutoff timer, but obviously I would rather something that was a bit 'smarter' that shut off when business was actually done, to help save the batteries for longer, also, so I don't need to keep reading the little pamphlet to know how long for each different type should it be, e.g. 10hrs for X or 8hrs for X, as I know actually know the specifics of all the different Eneloops I own. Would this Lii - 202 be better suited for me, or should I be looking for something different/better/more specific? I have seen those Nitecore? I think they are called, but the D4's and I4's and all the different variations just have me confused. All I know when getting into this battery business a few years back before the real Disksmith went bust was, see eneloop, buy eneloop, but if you get Japanese original eneloop, you've hit jackpot…which I never did :(

    I have digressed…In short. 202 is good for eneloop charging without having to set an egg timer myself to make sure it don't harm my little loopies? Or can a better 'smarter' charger be suggested? Thanks!

    • +1

      The Lii's are smart chargers and will terminate the charge when it sees the battery is near full capacity, similar to the D4. You don't need to worry about anything just pop your eneloops in.

      The stock eneloop dumb/timed chargers should only be used when the batteries are drained near empty.

  • "Limited to 300 units each and maximum 3 per account." I can only get the discount for 1?

    • +3

      Ended up doing 3 separate orders x1

  • +2

    Looks like it's ended. I logged in. Tried to use coupon adr81027 to buy Lii - 202 but the price remains A$8.45.
    When I enter the coupon adr81026 to buy Lii - 100, th e price changes from A$4.95 to A$5.31

    UPDATE: The above issues were in Chrome. Just tried to do the same in Firefox and it worked.

  • Got both, I like the portability aspect of a Micro USB connector versus direct mains as the leads get bulky when traveling. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks man. Needed a charger for my parents to charge 18650 and eneloops. I have Nitecore D4 myself but buying the same for them is an overkill.

  • +1

    Damn, stuck on $8.45 for me on both firefox and chrome :(

    • applied but stuck on 8.45..

  • +2

    Actually you have to do orders of 1 only.
    Empty your cart and start from the beginning.

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    code for 202 expiered

  • +1

    Coupon expired for the 202 :(

  • thanks, but code expired.

  • The Code you entered has expired.

    • Lii-202 is expired, Lii-100 is still available

  • Great charger (much better than the inexpensive ones going around 10 years ago). Doubles as a power bank (with Li-ion batteries) which is a cool feature.

  • So these will be slower to charge envelop because they get the input through a usb charger (even if we use qc 3.0) compare with nitecore (input from wall plug directly)?

    • +1

      I have both Nitecore D4 and Lii-202, and Lii-202 charges my eneloops faster. You need a 2A USB power supply/charger if you want to charge both slots at 1A simultaneously, the review I posted above mentions it. If you only have 1A USB power supply/charger you will be limted to 500mA if using both slots.

      D4 max charge is 750mA - Lii-202 is 1A.

      • Wow. Oh well I missed out on the 202 then

  • +1

    Hey Rep can we please get some more stock/new code for the Lii-202.

    Rep where u at pls

    • +2

      I just pm'd the rep asking if it is possible to get some more units of the Lii-202 added.

  • +6

    Rep just got back to me and will be adding 300 more units of Li-202 and will let me know when the new code is ready…stay tuned!

    • Yessss!

    • Thank you, I was bummed I missed this. Looks like a great product at an amazing price.

    • Sorry for being impatient. Did you hear back from the rep? Thanks :)

      • +2

        She did get back to me and got approval for 300 more units but it takes a few hours for the new code to be ready and I'm guessing it wasn't ready before she finished for the day as it was quite late when I first made contact.

        I'm expecting the code to be ready late afternoon/evening Monday our time as they don't work on Sunday. Will let you know when the new code is ready.

  • +1

    300 Units added new code adr81028 for Lii-202

  • Must be all gone again. $AU8+ after coupon.

    • still available, are you logged in using code adr81028?

      • Yes, used that code and tried chrome and firefox, single item and multiple. I give up, had trouble with GB site before, like no other. It just uses up my time.

        • Coupon will only work with AU & NZ IP addresses

        • @jackofspade:

          Used AU IP address too, on VPN.

          If GB site discriminates against the use of VPN then I don't want to use them again. My sec and priv is more important to me than anything GB has to offer.

        • @JH100:

          Cookies … Damn …

  • got one with vpn 3.87. by clearing cart then add.

  • Bought. Thanks adr8. You're awesome.

  • Bought 3 202's :-)

  • +1

    I ordered the LiitoKala Lii 202 Batt Charger on the 27th of October. It was sent via China Post (Small Packet By Air, Untracked) and I just received it (in Brisbane) this morning. I'm very happy with it so far. Thanks, adr8!

    • Also got mine today :)

      • +1

        I got mine yesterday (VIC) as well :-)

  • Received mine yesterday.

    I opened up two old laptop batteries, out of the 12 cells, only 3 are charging.

    Anything I can do to revive the other 9?

    • leave them charging overnight.

      • How safe is that? There are regulated and unregulated cells right?

  • +1

    received today. forgot I ordered it. thanks OP.

    • Did yours have the new packaging https://imgur.com/a/hwGp1? The ones I ordered last year had plain packaging IFIRC just a brown box.

      • new packaging

      • +1

        Thought it didn't have any packaging last time. Makes it look a more expensive product.

        • Yes you are correct, it was just a thick clear plastic ziplock bag, it was the Lii-500 that was packaged in a plain brown box. Thanks for jogging my memory :)

        • +1

          Same thick plastic bag inside carton this time.
          Very happy with it - again.

  • Great little charger, thanks.

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