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adidas Originals Gazelle Sneakers Men £31.03 (~ $54 AUD) @ ASOS

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  • I've never seen the black/white ones for less than $90 so this is an awesome deal.

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    How are you getting £31.03.? I am getting £36.75

    • have you changed to US page?

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        Ah I see….I was changing it to the UK store, not changing the currency.

  • Just purchased them, thanks OP :)

  • PayPal charge me AUD 55.79 (for £31.03)
    Qantas cash conversion rate would cost AUD 56.94.
    Do any one else got batter exchange rate?

    • Mine cost $53.28 with 28 degrees card.

  • Too much people wear this on the street

  • Great deal! Less than A$55 for a pair of Adidas Gazelles. Thanks OP!!

  • That last line killed it for me. Good find but.

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    "Kanye wears them"

    I'll pass then

  • Thank you for this, I have wide feet, took a punt on a 10.5 so we'll see how it goes when they arrive.

    • Stay TTS. These fit quite narrow towards the toe and a bit longer in lenght.

      • The problem is I get wider towards the toe, lol we'll see how they go, for this price no complaints at all

        • Same as you. Just lace your shoes loosely in top end area for comfy for the toes and super tight at bottom end so they wont slide off while walking.

        • Good advice man! I really like them, hopefully I can make them work.. would be nice to wear shoes that aren't Newbalance.

    • I have wide feet too and also just ordered the 10.5. I wear the Adidas ZX Flux in 10 but a lot of people online seem to be saying go up half a size in Gazelles if you have wide feet. We'll see.

      I also heartily recommend the "micro mesh" style ZX Flux if you have wide feet. First one I got for a steal a year ago at THE ICONIC for $67.50. I just got another for $84.00 in the Adidas sale.

  • I had some error at the final step when paying with paypal - having problems with payment system or something. I did get a email saying i submitted a order. Wondering if I should do another one just incase. Great deal thanks!

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      Happened to me when checking out with paypal on my phone. Go to "My orders" and see if your order went through. If not, buy again. You might see a charge of order that did not go through but you dont actually get charged. ASOS will review your order and see if it matches with payment and then they will proceed to take your money. Otherwise, you wont get charged.

      • thx. I just ordered again and it went through. Got the black and white and thinking about white/blue hmm.

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    Do you know if they will honor this? Seeing we buying it from US website and not AU.

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      They will. Done this multiple times and orders all came through ;)

    • I bought other shoes from the French site because the Au and UK site didn't have my size. They got dispatched the next day.

  • Thanks OP, $51.80 with cash rewards

  • Thanks OP picked up some full leather stan smiths for $50.22

  • Owned Gazelles and Stan Smiths. Leather over canvas any day. Canvas ends up looking drab after a month, leather holds up very well (few creases & scratches), especially if you use a conditioner.

    • The Gazelles are suede leather and textile mix are they not?

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        My bad, the Gazelles are leather/textile 50-50 mix, I just assume from picture they were canvas.

        I would still go with these Stan Smiths though, which are 100% leather upper:


        Anyway, just meant then for sneakers in general, in my experience canvas based shoes age really quickly.

    • How often would you recommend conditioning and what product(s) do you use? While I attempt to clean and condition my Clarks beeswax DBs every six months, it hasn't been enough and the leather has cracked in places (probably due to lack of a shoe tree).

      • You could try conditioning it more often or using lanolin which may make it less likely to crack by softening the leather.

  • will asos accept return if the bought shoes worn once and decided to change my mind?

    • Yes. As long as items are clean and original tags and bags still with them.

      • Unfortunately I had ditched the tag

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    Stansmith white/green are $40aus for any interested.

  • Deal is ok, but there are others e.g. Asics Nitrofuze 2 for 33.95 pounds not too bad:


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    Get rid of the Kanye link.
    Rick Flair was wearing them way before https://twitter.com/ricflairnatrboy/status/92842699646348083...
    Woooo, Nature Boy.

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    Thanks OP! Good deal! Bought the black one!

  • Showing as $103 for me.

    • change to US store and set currency to GBP

      • I ended up selecting the UK store and setting currency to GBP. Bad move?

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    Kanye wears them? This guy with the weird fashion taste? https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article6466028.ece/ALT...
    Will give it a miss then.

  • Thanks, needed new shoes for next year/ Used amazon's size model thing to get the correct size.

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    No free return if bought from the US store… it may be a problem

  • Cost me GBP 33.25 - $60.50 after conversion. Great deal, thanks for sharing.

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    I bought these Ladies ones which are really quite cute, came down to $48 aud, I saw them in store for $150 recently so i'm super happy at that price!

  • got a pair of stan smiths for 38ish AUD


  • Well, just bought 4 pairs of shoes, thanks op. XD

    • Likewise. I intend to only keep one but I purchased two examples (to find the best fit) of the Gazelle incorrectly (via UK site) and was unable to cancel and then purchased two examples correctly (via US site).

      Unlike The Iconic's expeditious shipping, it seems that the turnaround (from the time they are shipped until the time I receive a refund for their return) could be nearly four weeks. :/

      • Any chance any were UK size 11? I wanted to pick up a pair for my brother but he got back to me with his size too late :(

        • Sizes 8 and 8.5 I'm afraid.

        • I have a pair of the red suede gazelles, and they run a little narrow, have them in a 11 USD so decided to purchase an 11.5 USD in the black leather, in case you wanted to buy the 11.5’s

        • @Blurem:

          Hey thanks is that the pure black or the black with white stripes? I think 11.5 would be ok

        • @NotBritishorUK: yeah both should fit 11.5 if you normally wear 11 US

        • @Blurem:

          Ah I thought you were selling, it wasn’t actually that the size I wanted was gone, it was the deal was gone :(

  • The black leather Gazelles for ~$55 is a very good deal. Thanks OP!

  • Are you guys still getting this? Recent comments above but I thought the frenzygo code is expired and it’s not working when I try