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Woolworths Online - Spend $300 or More Online and Get a Bonus Google Home Mini


RRP of Google Home Mini approximately $75-$80 which would be an ok return on your $300 spend. Give as a gift or flip it on BSS if it's not your thing.
Does not work with recent eBay coupons.

Gift with purchase offer
Offer only valid until 11:59 AEDT Sunday 3rd 17th December 2017 or whilst stocks last, whichever is the earlier. Limited stock available. To qualify for the offer, spend at least $300 (the qualifying amount) in one transaction at Woolworths Online and enter the Google Mini unique code at the checkout to receive a Google Home Mini. Offer only applies to select customers who have been notified via direct email from Woolworths. Orders need to be placed by 11:59 AEDT Sunday 3rd December 2017 to be eligible. Only one redemption of Google Home Mini per account. Qualifying amount excludes delivery charges, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, woolworthsflowers.com.au, and Carpet Care and lottery products. Your Google Home Mini will be sent to your nominated delivery address for Delivery orders, or your nominated billing address for Pick up orders. Your Google Home Mini will be delivered within 15 business days of placing your order, and will be delivered separately to your woolworths.com.au order. We are unable to deliver your Google Home Mini to a PO Box. See woolworths.com.au for full terms and conditions applicable to shopping at Woolworths Online.

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  • +5

    Offer only valid until 11:59 AEDT Wednesday 15th November 2017

    Might want a time travelling device.

    • Valid point …. Not sure why it came up online tonight then.
      Maybe they have an excess after sending them all out last week?

      • That's weird, shows up on the main page for me also, could also be a misprint?

        • Wasn't spending anywhere near $300 but I stacked my cart up and I do get this message when applying the code:

          "Success! Coupon code "GHONL9976" has been added. Please note for Pick up orders we will send your Google Home Mini to your nominated billing address. Please update your billing address prior to checkout if it is currently set to PO Box."

          So misprint on dates possibly.
          I order every week and never saw it last week.

        • +1


          Yeap, $300.37 order, code worked. Hope we get the spybot ;-)

        • @ironik:

          Yeah definitely a misprint, has been changed to 15 December now :)

        • @doweyy:

          Must have changed again! I just checked and it's 3rd December so have updated T&C's above.

  • +3

    These are customised. We got 2 a few weeks ago, one was spend $120 in 2 successive weeks, the other account was $155 in 2 successive weeks. So I'm not sure if that code is usable by others - from the T&Cs "Offer only applies to select customers who have been notified via direct email from Woolworths. "

    • They are actually two completely different offers, the one you are referring to was targeted, this is applicable to anyone with a Woolworths Online/Rewards account.

      • From t&c in deal description
        Offer only applies to select customers who have been notified via direct email from Woolworths

        • +2

          Except that they are advertising it on the front page of their website, with this exact code. So quite confusing. Ad is not targeted ad I didn't get an email but saw the ad.

  • +19

    The sad part is that Woolies have decided in their wisdom to not provide benefits to their regular customers. I spend $250 - $400 per week online and have never got a promotional email. I am now going to create a half dozen additional accounts so that I can be a customer they need to sell to and actually be rewarded by being a good source of income to them but I shouldn't have to do that in order to actually take part in these bargains.

    If Coles were closer I would shop with them in protest.

    • +4

      Woolies banned my house from online orders for breaching T&C, making multiple accounts (lots of). So just thought I'd mention.

      • +1

        How many accounts exactly?

        • +4


        • +4

          @jv: 1MB?

        • +3

          @televisi: 1KB

        • 35'ish they found. But there were more. Got carried away with free delivery.

        • @soupkitchen: My god, why would you need 35 accounts for Woolies…

      • Just order to yr neighbours address

        • Actually it's been over a year, and they just accepted my order with a stern note attached regarding one account only. Fair enough I suppose hehe.

        • +4

          @soupkitchen: I imagine if you are renting, moved out and the next unsuspecting tenant moves in only to find out that address has been banned…

      • +1

        Holy madness, I can only assume you have overdone yourself batman.

    • +5

      That's because they don't need to try to win your hard earned money. Their algorithm identifies your high spending habits and regularity. I used to only get high value promotions, but a couple of trips to Aldi and other competitors changed that. Winning now.

    • +1

      I second this, we are regular online shoppers, and haven't received any of the promotional mail.

    • +3

      Every big business operates this way now. Banks, insurance, and if you think Coles is any different to Woolies you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

      I find that not using my "loyalty" card for a few months means the offers get much more attractive. (preferably not shopping there at all, because they know what credit cards are usually used with your loyalty card)

    • same. only had my card maybe 6 months (?) and haven't had an email offer in approx two months. and even the offers i did get were not as good/interesting as some i see posted on here. since i have some reward points already accrued for a xmas spend i'm going to forego using the card for a few weeks or so i think and see if that changes.

      i'm not losing anything at least - i don't tend to buy extra just to get some points, as i buy what is cheaper/on sale from a few different stores throughout the week.

  • +8

    They really are pushing hard to get one of these in every home. Seems like a voluntary listening device for your home to me.

    • +1

      Nothing the device 'hears' leaves the device until it detects the hotword.

      • +6

        And you're just believing that because you read that it Google's own literature?

        • +7

          Well, instead of hiding under your tin-foil hat, you could provide a source of information that proves what baz3189 said.

        • +3

          Yes, because I'm sure it is in Google's interests to blatantly lie to consumers over something that can be easily shown to be false…

        • +5


          It's trivial to demonstrate that the device transmits encrypted packets through your router even when you're not speaking to it, often when the conversation stops. Try it yourself, or do you just with to leave the lifting to others whom you immediately disbelieve?

        • +3


          Try it yourself, or do you just with to leave the lifting to others whom you immediately disbelieve?

          I'd rather not be automatically skeptical about everything, and I'm quite open to looking at the right information if it's presented.

      • +4

        Hotwords: Hello, Google, and, the, it, is, password, band28, echelon, usb, fan…

        • Band 28… TRIGGERED!

        • Eneloop, Ebay 20%, …

      • +3

        It's possible the thing just sits there collecting stuff until it's "allowed" to transmit though.

        Samsung has been caught out before with their TVs listening "too much", haven't they? I don't have great faith that Google will show more restraint (he says with a Google phone in his pocket)

      • +1

        Sure and cloud data is unhackable…

        • +1

          Google's business is getting your personal data and selling it. The tried Google Glass before. I suppose they weren't interested in using that data, either.

          Some people are highly naive.

        • +1

          Agree, the more complex the profile per client, the more valuable the data sets. The already have most people's browsing histories. This is about expanding and augmenting profiles.

        • +4

          @King Tightarse:

          Totally. Putting a camera next to your eye, a microphone in your home. If that's not blatant spying I don't know what is. One of the biggest companies in the world and most of their assets are our data.

          The Millennials will give away information about their entire life in order to 'stay connected' and be 'smart.'

          Once you've given it away you can't take it back.

        • Why one needs to hack when one can just buy data from Google + Microsoft ( win 10 ) ?

        • +2

          Yes, Windows 10 made me commit to Linux. The constant two way data stream back to Microsoft is just too much. As Microsoft themselves say, Windows is transitioning to a "service". Unclear exactly whether Windows or the users of Windows are the product now.

        • +2

          @King Tightarse: I would go Linux if I can bring my software to it :(. Win7 forever for me

        • +1

          Yes, I know quite a few people are going to stay with 7 for as long as possible. The last decent, traditional build- I don't have a valid licence for it any more unfortunately. Found the uptake curve with linux mint to be almost nothing thought. Its definitely the one to go with coming in from windows.

        • +3


          Linux mint and then virtualise, mint is pretty easy to use distro and the layout has that windows feel to it so you should take it up pretty quick only thing im waiting for is more devs to take up vulcan or opengl so i can play games on it then im done with windows…

        • -1


          Google also has very close links to the NSA and US military. Search on google for "Google US MILITARY NSA" there are lots of articles from reputable sources. Its a well known fact Silicon Valley is connected with said agencies, again search for "SILICON VALLEY US MILITARY NSA".

        • @ninetyNineCents:

          Bloody tin hat brigade!!!! Lol.

          Only joking of course. 😁

        • +1

          @ninetyNineCents: the irony is you are doing this search from the Google itself lol…

        • @tightwad: >Some people are highly naive.

          Yep. The kind of person that maintains marketing doesn't change their behavior ie. lose money.

        • @King Tightarse: Users are always the product ;D.

          Time to deactivate Google accounts…

      • +1

        and North Korea is the "peoples democratic republic", because it says, just like Googles catch phrase is "do no evil"…

    • +2

      Like your smart tv or your phone?

      • +4

        I hope that the voice recognition on these is better than on my Nexus. "Good morning, how did you sleep" gets translated to stuff like "Hi Google, the thermonuclear device is under the Harbour Bridge".
        PS I still haven't worked out why there's a white van parked out the front of my place.

        • +3

          They don't need to be, they just send the audio straight to the aliens.

    • +3

      What I do, just in case it is listening, is always tell a small lie whenever I am within earshot of my google home device. I also speak in different accents, currently I am Travis a 28 year old Texan. Lets see their AI work that shit out.

      • Ha! They will quickly work out Travis is fake using their complex AI algorithms or think you are schizophrenic 😊

        • It's all fun and games until your AI has you committed!

  • +1

    Confirmed working and not targeted.

    • +1

      Yeah seems to apply the coupon but the T&Cs do state that it's only for customers that received the email. I wonder if they will stiff you on it.

      • +1

        Only thing holding me back right now.

      • FWIW I did not receive the email but I got targeted on the website itself.

  • +3

    Looks like someone is about to close a deal with Google for home shopping 😀

  • Whats a good thing to bulk buy at woolies?

      • People are fudds ;->

    • Fibre

    • +4

      Baby Formula… if you can find any

    • +2

      preferably something without an expiry like toilet paper or tissues

    • Everything that's 50% off.

    • +5

      that was easier than expected

      Your Woolworths Online order:

      Item Description: Unit Price: Quantity: Price:
      Handee Paper Towel Ultra 6pk X2 Bundle 12.00 2.00 24.00
      handee ultra paper towel 360ss 4
      Essentials Plain Flour 0.75 1.00 0.75
      Essentials Self Raising Flour 0.75 1.00 0.75
      Essentials White Sugar 1.00 2.00 2.00
      Homebrand Brown Sugar 2.69 1.00 2.69
      Cheezels Cheese Box 1.20 1.00 1.20
      Kettle Chilli Chips 3.00 1.00 3.00
      Sakata Rice Crackers Seaweed 1.20 1.00 1.20
      Essentials Corn Kernels 0.90 10.00 9.00
      Essentials Diced Tomatoes 0.60 25.00 15.00
      Essentials Tuna In Oil 2.60 1.00 2.60
      Woolworths Pineapple Slices In Juice 1.20 5.00 6.00
      Essentials White Vinegar 1.20 2.00 2.40
      Bertolli Robusto Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3.49 1.00 3.49
      Essentials Minced Garlic 1.25 1.00 1.25
      Mckenzie's Pepper White Ground 3.75 1.00 3.75
      Woolworths Select Pepper Grinder Black Peppercorn 3.00 3.00 9.00
      Pepsi Max Bottle 1.50 2.00 3.00
      Pepsi Max Vanilla Bottle 1.50 2.00 3.00
      Woolworths Ice Cream Intense Coffee 4.70 1.00 4.70
      Biozet Attack Laundry Powder With Softener 9.99 1.00 9.99
      Essentials Bleach Lemon 1.19 1.00 1.19
      Essentials Household Sponge 1.60 1.00 1.60
      Essentials Scourer Sponge 1.98 1.00 1.98
      Febreze With Ambi Pur Anti Bacterial Fabric Refresher 3.24 1.00 3.24
      Homebrand Bathroom Cleaner Domestic Cleaner Fresh 2.15 1.00 2.15
      Homebrand Bathroom Cleaner Domestic Cleaner Regular 2.15 1.00 2.15
      Vanish Gold Stain Remover Oxi Action 9.99 5.00 49.95
      Cottee's Conserve Strawberry 2.50 1.00 2.50
      Woolworths Essentials Peanut Butter Crunchy 2.40 1.00 2.40
      Essentials Pasta Penne 0.65 1.00 0.65
      Essentials Pasta Spaghetti 0.65 1.00 0.65
      Essentials Pasta Spirals 0.65 1.00 0.65
      Maggi Beef 2 Minute Noodles 1.97 1.00 1.97
      Maggi Chicken 2 Minute Noodle Wholegrain 5pk 1.97 1.00 1.97
      Maggi Fusian Soy & Mild Spice Instant Noodles 1.97 1.00 1.97
      Carefree Regular Ultrathin Pads With Wings 2.65 1.00 2.65
      Colgate Total Toothpaste Advanced Clean 5.00 4.00 20.00
      Colgate Zig Zag Toothbrush Medium Value Pack 10.00 2.00 20.00
      Dove Women Antiperspirant Aerosol Deodorant Original 3.50 2.00 7.00
      Essentials Handwash Crème Refill 1.38 1.00 1.38
      Libra Pads Extra Wings Regular 4.65 2.00 9.30
      Quilton White 3ply Toilet Roll 14.00 4.00 56.00
      Subtotal: 300.12
      Less Discount: -0.00
      Delivery Fee: 0.00
      Total Payable (including GST): 300.12

      • +2

        those $ 0.12 where unnecessary IMHO!!!

    • Straight up losing money because of this bargain.

  • if u have this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/343120#comment-5306891 then it may not be worth it for extra $250.

    • As long as only entering 1 code.
      Well since I get 6000 points for $50 spend & have 3 cards with that offer, could spend $150 for $90 worth of points. Much better than this offer! Could effectively buy Google Home Mini with the $90 savings on shopping from $150 spend.

  • Does anyone know where I can check that the coupon code has been applied successfully after order confirmation? I saw it applied during checkout but I cannot see the code in the email confirmation or through the woolworths account maintenance. Thanks in advance.

    • Same here.

      • I called them cause i had to ask about my billing address, so they can check over the phone if needed. Probably on your invoice when it comes through i assume.

    • Not in my online invoice or delivery details.

      • I phoned them like iceyfire suggested and they confirmed that the coupon code had been applied successfully. I assume that it just does not show up in invoice or delivery details. It probably shows up in the invoice as the -$0 discount… just not the code.

  • +1

    I got an offer spend $100 for 2 weeks get a free Google home. I did spend the $100 for the 2 weeks but no confirmation I was getting the Google home. Is this right or should I complain

    • Did you spend that in the one transaction? I had to spent $50 per week for 4 weeks but didn't see the $50 in one transaction disclaimer -_-

      Usually I spend less than $50/week so it was pretty disappointing finding that out after 3 weeks.

      • It was all spent in 1 transactuon

  • Few weeks ago I got an offer spend $60 a week for 4 weeks and get a free mini which I did and apparently it's on its way. Seems they have lots of different targeted offers

  • +2

    I think the real hack here is to buy $300 worth of homebrand stuff… This is because all (or at least most) have something along the lines of: "If you're not 100% satisfied with this product, you may refund it."

  • Any word if this can be stacked with the eBay coupon offer mentioned by op?

    • +1

      Last time I bought the eBay vouchers the code for the voucher goes in the promo box and blocked any other promo codes being used in conjunction.
      Assume it's probably the same but I don't have vouchers this time to test it.

      • Thank you. Very likely if they've put a stop to stacking codes it will still be that way.

    • I tried with my voucher today and it states only one code can be used. :(

  • +2

    Put an order through this afternoon (stocked up on huggies nappies and Lavazza coffee which are on special) and it didnt let me stack with 'bulkxmas' code or the shareholder bonus points😝

  • I'm getting my free home-spy unit tonight. What I want to see discussed is are they really any good. Worth $80ish. Any good discussions?

    I know… google it.

    • +2

      You can link your Woolies account to Google Home and then "speak" to Woolies. The Woolies assistant knows your shopping habits so you can add things to your shopping list :),
      you can ask Google to roll a(two, three, etc) dice for you when you play board games with the family :),
      you can cvoice control your Yeelights, Wemo switches etc,
      cast youtube/spotify videos and music, set alarms(BTW I was surprised of how loud the Home mini speaker is),
      and much more :)

      • +1

        The only real difference between the Home and Home mini is the speaker size. The mini is loud enough we actually have turned the volume down, So i couldn't justify the purchase of the standard size.

        • My only complaint is the mute switch instead of a button and the removal of the top touch functionality.

  • Has anybody checked if it works with the eBay vouchers? I don't think it would because last time I couldn't even use store credit with them.

  • what would happen if we say, purchased 12 boxes of nappies ($27 x 12 = $324) but only 6 was available and therefore we were refunded price of 6 boxes? would we still qualify?

    • I was wondering the same thing! Part of my order was refunded

      • The annoying thing I found (the one time i shopped online with woolies maybe a year ago), is that unlike coles they didn't refund me the $10 item that was unavailable. They gave me a $10 voucher to use on my next shop. Having said that, in the case of trying to reach a value, this is actually a good thing, as in the past when trying to reach the Coles "Spend $100 in 4 weeks", and falling short on the final week as several items weren't available, was pretty annoying.

        Someone may know whether this is still the case.

        • +1

          If you contact Woolies, they can arrange refund depending on payment type. If paying by eGift Care they used to send out a physical card - usually for larger amount. Now they should be able to put back on card.

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