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LiitoKala Lii-202 USB Battery Charger USD $2.59 (AUD $3.41) Delivered @ GearBest


Cheapest yet. 500 units available at this price (ignore 'pieces left' on landing page). Restricted to one purchase per Gearbest account. Use coupon LiiARSE at checkout, which only works with AU IP addresses and a logged-in Gearbest account. Select Unregistered Air Mail to avoid additional shipping costs. Use PayPal for buyer protection. Enjoy :)

Link to review here

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    Use PayPal for buyer protection. Enjoy :)

    What should I use if I don't want this product to burn my house down?

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      OK, serious question. Are these safe and reliable?

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        I have been using mine regularly for awhile now without any problems. Gets good reviews on various forums from reviewers and forum members.

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          they are USB powered. so 5volts.

          they can be reversed so you can (with charged batteries) use it as powerbank

        • @ozzpete: Are these kind of comments really necessary each time?
          Clearly you can go and pay a lot more for a yellow ticked Energiser, or some other name brand device of your choice if you wish. Otherwise just either point to helpful reviews or advise about actual issues like (more likely) old wiring, cooking fires, 50 year old applainces that fail or just heaters that catch fires. Even Kerosene heaters are possibly more of an issue: Historically speaking.

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          Why so serious ?
          I bought one :) Im renting, so I dont really mind if my house burnt down

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      Liiarse Liiarse pants on Fiiarse!

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    Could someone suggest Li-Ion AA batteries please?

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      Hard to go wrong with the Keeppower 800mAh (or the 840mAh but they are worse value). Gearbest don't normally ship bare batteries to Australia via any shipping methods.

      Also, these may be the same size as AA but don't put them in anything other than torches or you'll have a bad time.

      • Any problems with these being shipped from overseas? When I bought some a few months back, I ended up buying them from an AUS seller as I had heard reports that these could not be shipped from overseas.

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          Could never get Gearbest to send batteries. I've bought a handful of Samsung 18650s from Banggood earlier this year, but I tried to order some more a month or two ago they wouldn't send them.

          If you just want AAs I understand the Ikea LADDA are a really good deal (good chance they are rebadged Eneloop pros)

        • Hard to get these dropshipped. Air regulation changes make transporting li-ion hard

      • Looks like Banggood wont ship here either any more. Says Sold out, warehouse can't ship to your location.
        Set it to Ship to USA and they are shown as in stock (from China warehouse)

      • Protected 1450s are a bit longer than AAs.. so doesn't fit everything

        Unprotected ones is risky.. I had one melt down inside a torch

    • The Groupon deal is $12 for 2AA eneloops (minus shipping) that ozbargainers go crazy for. Might help with customs too?

    • Aldi rechargeables are quite ok.

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      these are pretty good and cheap: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-rechargeable-battery-aa-...

      you can CnC if near their warehouse in NSW.

      • Second this as far as NiMH goes. Had Turnigys for years, none have failed me so far.

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      What is you're actually after, 1.5V batteries, or 14500's (3.2v, 3.7v)?

      If you're after 1.5V AA in li-ion the only thing available is those ones with the circuit built in to drop the voltage to 1.5v, they usually have a usb plug or socket and charge at 5V in, not via a normal battery charger. For example, these, these or these that charge directly from 5V.

      Quickest and easiest to get your hands on in 14500's, Bunnings has some LiFePO4s but bit pricey at $10 for 2 x 600mAh.

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    Thanks TA

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    Thanks TA. Bought one in a previous deal US$2.99, and in for another one. Great little portable charger.

    • what batteries do you use?

    • "Bought one in a previous deal US$2.99, and in for another one. Great little portable charger."

      Same here! :)

  • Thanks TA. Do the batteries stay in when your powerbanking?

    • No, the powerbank function uses orgone

      • I mean do they not fall out during operation, not do they use a psudeo-science transmission method :p

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      Lacky band around it if all else fails..

  • i bought from this deal for double the price. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/312868

  • Infidel has provided some great information about this product if you follow the above link. Infidel always provides useful and knowledgeable advice and with a positive review this should be a safe and useful product.

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      Why thanks. I try to provide accurate info & feedback. Love these great value chargers

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    Awesome price for a great little charger. Bought one a few months ago. Only issue is the instructions are very basic.

    • I saw this earlier on their website and didn't buy it cause I thought "great, another crappy chinese charger".
      If it wasn't for that extensive review by HJK that tightarse linked in the OP, I wouldn't have bothered.

      Now I need extra eneloops. Or maybe a more-advanced Panasonic cells.
      Link anyone?

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    Ordered Charger, then tried to put in a separate order for 4 LI Po Batteries. Wont send to Au "We are very sorry, no shipping method is suitable for your order. If it contains batteries, e-cig products, or items over 100cm length, please un-select them, then view" available shipping options. (1 Second)

  • comes up as $7.37 for me even after putting in code

    Edit third time lucky Thanks great price

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    Thanks TA can never have enough chargers

  • I wish i didnt have my nitecore d2 :( this is a real bargain!

    • A real OzBargainer wouldn't let that stop them. :)

      Anyway feels safer charging via a usb port rather than a dedicated mains powered charger if you know what I mean.

      • +1

        yes! a real OzBargainer is also a real hoarder :)

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    Thanks Ta, purchased

  • Can anyone recommend a universal charger for camera batteries?

  • Thanks, OP bought another one. Good charger, great price.

    (I didn't want to buy anything from Gearbest again due to faulty and poor quality items (RC car and quad copter >$300) received recently, but I can't pass up a bargain. Dammit!

  • Damm missed out again. This deal is done!

    • Yes, too bad - got "The Code you entered has expired.".

  • Thanks TA🎅 Arrived in Brissie - it's a present for someone at Christmas🎄

    • What batteries do you need to use it a a powerbank?
      18650 flat top or nipple top?

      • +1

        Don't know about need - I have used nipple top 18650 as those are what I have.

        • Ok thanks!

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