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Telstra Friends & Family: 15GB Data - $59/Month (24 Month Contract) now with Google Pixel 2 64GB


Same old deal but Google Pixel 2 64GB has just been added.

Edit 13/12: Pixel 2 no longer available online, however reports that it's still available in store. Previous phones are still available online.

Edit 13/12 10pm: Pixel 2 is back online.

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    • Did you order online?

      • Yeah I'm also wondering whether online orders get the "bundle".

        • I just got mine from the Telstra website and the guy on the chat included a Google Home Mini and a bonus 5gb of data

      • +1

        yes, order it online and take 1 day process and 1 day to shipping from sydney to Melbourne

        EDIT: Wait So… I ordered it on Tue night. not Monday LoL

  • So I've already signed up to this plan, and just logged in Telstra My Account which advertised a second F&F plan at 25% discount.

    It had a tooltip saying something like 'Get 25% off F&F deal for XMAS!' - it appeared once but now its disappeared?

    I was seeing the same page plan advertised for $44.25 (15GB) - anyone else confirm they can replicate this?

    • I saw this but it said it was for staff only and you had to verify via my rewards portal.

    • Would love a screenshot if you see this again!

      • I saw it again when logging into Telstra 24x7 app - but I tried to do a dummy order and its just the ordinary $59 plan. Not really game enough to try and order a second plan just to see if the 25% off discount works.

  • Are the Google phones locked to Telstra?

    • All telstra phones on contract are unlocked

      • All phones on contract are unlocked.

  • No one seems to be talking about "New phone feeling" being available for this deal as well! I think that's pretty freaking sweet!

    • How's new phone feeling any good?

      From what I know, you have to give he phone back and pay $149, and sign up for a new 24 month plan.

      • Yeah, I used it when they didn't charge $149 but still felt kinda cheated when I realistically ended up with a 3 year plan (12 + 24) with only one phone at the end. Even though it was the next gen, I don't think I'd do it again.

  • -1

    Great deal, Pixel 2 with all the extras. Got hit with a chat windows for an extra 5GB = 20GB, snapped it up, so did the missus. Anyone that does not like this deal needs to take a good look themselves, is the deal the problem or the wo/man in the mirror the issue. Nice work, OP.

    P.S. Got a couple of free Google Home Minis to boot. ;)

  • which of these phones would have the best resale?

  • I went to jbhifi at Werribee plaza and upgraded my $49 Telstra contact to the $59 with a pixel 2. They have me a $100 voucher with the upgrade

    • Do they give you the gift card on the spot? Or is it like a mail in thing?

      • They handed the voucher over with the phone for me

        • -1

          I think they caught on to the loop hole. They're not giving out the $100 gc unless you give up the $200 gc.

        • @talismansa: I got a $200 yesterday for BYO, and a $100 today with upgrade.

          Guess it depends who you get?

        • @OzJD: Which JB did you go? My wife has yet to upgrade

  • Anyone who got the S8 on this deal before they added the Pixel 2 tried to swap the S8 (unopened of course)?

    Still sitting on my sealed S8 I grabbed the day before the Pixel 2 was an option and debating whether I should try and swap. I keep changing my mind everything day lol

    The vanilla Android experience is appealing to me today, but yesterday the sexy hardware of the S8 was drawing me in. It might all be moot anyway if Telstra won't even allow me to swap.

    I just haven't had a chance to get back in store to find out

    • i have the pixel 2 sealed, are u looking for swap ?

      • Only just saw this. You want the S8?

        I ended up opening the S8 last night. Really nice phone so far :)

        • ohk

  • Do the pixel phones have any telstra branding on them?

    • Only telstra signature have they logo. others phone or brand will not.

      • i haeard the S8 has a telstra logo load up on the startup?

        • Thats bootloader / boot logo. see them on HTC, Microsoft and Samsung. but this phone is not

  • -1

    Hi, very close to sign the deal.

    Can someone confirm that the managed to get the $10 discount int store?

    $49/month - it will be a done deal.

    Headphones and google mini are included I assume?

  • I currently have a Google Nexus 6P, would the screen size of the pixel to be the same as the 6P?

    The Nexus 6P screen size and overall size is perfect.

    • Nexus 5 = 5 inches
      Nexus 5X = 5 inches
      Nexus 6 = 6 inches
      Nexus 6P = 6 inches

      Pixel 2 = 5 inches
      Pixel 2 XL = 6 inches

      • 6p is 5.7

        • Yeah, but it's around 6 inches.

          The same can be said for Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 7 (2013?), Nexus 9 and Nexus 10. The numbering was based off the screen size, rather than an incremental ordering.

          The original Nexii (Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Nexus One) didn't have the same product names.

  • +1

    Tried to do the 49 plan and 200 gift card then upghrsdr to 59 free pixel 2 .
    Can’t do it . Telstra said must refund the 200 bucks in order to upgrade


    • +1

      Damn… Dude at jb hi fi told me the same thing.. But I figured that was only through jb hi-fi and not through telstra direct

      • -1

        I’m pissed to say the less

        Does it say anywhere in the terms that we need to wait a period to be “upgrade “

        • Does it say anywhere in the terms that we need to wait a period to be “upgrade “

          You signed a contract for a certain plan.

          You now what to cancel that contract and go for a different plan.

          Seeing that you signed the first contract, I would say yes, the period would be the duration of the original plan. It would be up to their discretion whether or not to allow you to cancel the first one without penalty.

    • +1

      Did Telstra know you got $200 GC from JBHIFI?

      • -3

        Telstra now said its Jb offer so up to them where in fact it Jb was told by Telstra to take it away - I was standing there .

        I made complain at Telstra and said they can’t do anything bla bla
        Doesn’t event wanna give me extra 5gb or 10 dollars of whatever

        • huh? so telstra told you to pay a gift card back to JB? makes no sense.

        • @Alfonso: yeap !!!! On the spot take it back and check balance to make sure I have not used it . Saying I can’t doiuble dip bla bla . And new contract means whatever on old contract I need to forfeit

          So effing pissed

        • @y_owez:

          did telstra tell you or jbhifi?

          did you sign up in JB for $49 and $59 upgradE?

          why dont you just go to telstra for upgrade?

        • -1


          Saying I can’t doiuble dip bla bla .
          So effing pissed

          So you're saying you're entitled to double-dipping?

        • @Alfonso:
          Telstra lady told the jb guy on the phone and to voice to me to say I need to refund it. Hence they did and and I have back the gift card and sitting back with JB now.

    • +1

      I think you got bamboozled.
      I literally just upgraded 2 mins ago and they never mentioned anything about the gift card.

      I even told them that I just ported in 2 days ago.

      Try another telstra store

      • -1

        Too late . They took it away on the basis it a new contract so whatever on old contract got forfeited

        • So you went to upgrade at JB. I went to JB this morning as well and was told that I can't get the $100 F&F gc unless I return the $200 BYO gc.

          But they didn't force me to do anything. I just walked away and then went to a telstra store where they upgraded me no questions asked.

        • @talismansa:
          You are much smarter

        • @talismansa: Jo chance for me to cancel the 59 and get back to 49 and do it all over buy with telstra?

  • Great deal, was on a $49 M plan BYO handset with same allowances, upgraded for free to this deal. Effectively getting the pixel 2 and google home mini for $240. Can't argue with that.

    • who'd you go through to get the upgrade @ 49$?

      • No, no , sorry I worded that poorly. Upgraded from the BYO $49 M plan to the pixel F&F deal @ $59p/m with same allowances. Was saying no charge to change to this plan and @ $10 p/m extra over 24months, effectively got the handset and google home mini for $240.

  • +1

    Am I correct in thinking I can only get the gift card and the home mini if I get the pixel? If I want the S8 then I get zero bundling?

    • Partially correct! You get the gift card with S8 as well. Google Home Mini only comes with Pixel 2.

      • +1

        Damn that is annoying, the guy in jbhifi today said s8 didn't come with any extra, I didn't get it because I'd have to go back tommorow to pick up the phone because I'm not already with Telstra. Maybe I'll try again during the week elsewhere hard to decide which phone to get

        • If the JB guy says so, I could be wrong then. I just went by what others had posted in these threads.

      • No gift card with the $59 w/ S8 - ONLY w/ Pixel 2 New/Recontracts.

        • -2

          This is incorrect.

        • @OzJD: definitely correct - I work @ JB…

        • I'll stand corrected, but this isn't what some JB staff have said and done for me.

        • -1

          @OzJD: BYO with gift card upgrade to F&F with gift card as well is against our own offer, so staff will face that when it comes… Unfortunately it's really just irresponsible gaming of the system which means JB will not be offered such awesome deals in future or maybe Telstra has to rework the way it's done! Good deals but will come at a price to someone…

  • Managed to get the Pixel 2 for $49/month with 20GB data. (with the $10 discount for porting the number over)

    • +1

      Did you do that with Telstra instore or online via chat?

    • how did u get that?

      • Online Chat. But I do have a business account with Telstra. Also I am porting my number from Optus.

        • So you signed up the new service/port through small business then?

        • @kearnsy: Yes

  • i wonder if they'll match optus' iPhone 8 deal

  • I signed up for the S8 with this deal on Saturday, and having received no correspondence other than the original receipts I jumped on Telstra live chat today. Told that there's a 2-3 week back-order for the S8, so I'm stuck in telecommunications "no man's land" over the Xmas period. Love the deal and stoked to be moving to an economical deal with Telstra, but this is a pretty bad start. Also notice a lot of comments about people here receiving their orders pretty quickly, which is a bit of a downer - but makes it particularly disappointing that I only found out about this by contacting them myself. The least that they could do is email to explain the waiting period, given that the invoice says 1-2 day delivery in metro areas.

  • Sorry I don't quite follow. If you don't have friends or fam that works for Telstra, this deal won't be valid for them?

    • Its valid for all.

  • Ok does anyone know if the data is charged per KB increment?

    And that automatic 1 GB add, can this be disabled?

  • Can somebody please tell me how some people have been able to get this plan at $49/month?I ask JBHIFI and Telstra online and phone sales, and nobody can do it

    • We did it on telstra chat. They said they couldn't do it at first but we insisted that everyone else we know got it. So he gave us the old "please hold while I talk to my supervisor", and then gave us the $10 discount.

      You gotta be firm and don't back down.

      • Agreed. I was promised the $10 discount originally (before placing the order online) by a live chat agent. Then when I agreed, he said he had to apply it once I received the phone. I tried doing this three times and no one would so I was a bit firmer today and got it.

        -TO get it, I explained that it was promised originally (I didn't have a reference number) and that they said they would make a note on my account
        -I will be making a complaint and going to the TIO if it isn't resolved
        -I am excited for Christmas, have time off work, are planning for my holiday and like Punjabi MC's song with Jay Z
        -Asked the Livechat agent if she had time off (she did! one week)
        -That I would be a very happy Telstra customer if I received what was promised

      • When did you sign up and who did you speak to?

        • Signed up about a month ago - I can't remember the Rep's name that mentioned the $10p/m port in discount originally but after explaining it to Sudeshna and going through the points I mentioned above, she agreed to provide it.

      • Speaking to a Telstra Chat 'Supervisor': "Since we are updating all our plans and offers. Any not eligible discounts from our plans will be removed before February of 2018".

        They said this when i asked to get the $49/month plan because a lot of my friends were able to get it. I said there would be a lot of people going to the TIO if they are going to be taking away discounts that people have in their contract. Sounds ridiculous to me.

    • So you guys pay $49/month for google pixel 2 with google home mini? Does it come with the headphones too?
      I've wasted so many hours trying to get this deal. I've even had issues with my home internet and they won't even do anything to make me happy. They just sent a technician out too and the issue still wasn't resolved. Grrr.. So i was hoping to use that as ammo to get the $49/month for sure.

      • It sounds like you're not a new customer.
        The $10/month discount is for new port ins.

        • Correct, i am not a new customer. So you were a brand new customer then?

  • I managed to get the 5gb bonus data per month via online chat. Am I able to trade that in for $10 per month? I'm on the $59 friends and family deal as of today, from Telstra pre-paid.

  • Asking for a relative. With these plans in the event a phone requires a repair do you get a phone as a loan to tide you over?

    Also anyone been able to negotiate the following?

    1) A further discount for porting from another provider?

    2) Choosing a different phone other than the pixel? Ie Samsung s8 or iPhone 8 plus?

  • I got S8 with 20GB and unlimited international calls for $59/month.

  • Does anyone know the current best deal to go for with this? Any gift cards / cash back / extra data still valid?

  • +1

    How were people getting the $10 discount? They probably changed it after all the upgrades and I missed the boat?

    The $49 plan from JB had this on mine - 'Go Mobile Plus Additional Service $10 Credit - Until Recontract' :(

    Then when I swapped to the new plan the order said this - 'Remove Go Mobile Plus Additional Service $10 Credit - Until Recontract'

    I asked 3 live chat reps and they all said it is not available at all on the F&F $59 plan.

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