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Google Home - $102.40 Pick Up or $107.46 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay


This is the cheapest price I believe for the Google Home.

Credit to Doweyy for the original post.

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    Also the mini for $43.20


    Sold out at my local while trying to checkout :(


    It says out of stock. Been trying to purchase

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    Are these Google Home deals just a recent Ozb fad (Eneloops anyone?) or does one really need/want one?

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      I heard the speakers are good in these things, but I agree with above, will anyone actually use it, and if so, what kinds of everyday things would people use it for? Hey Google, tell me the weather? Well, that's on ya phone…..anything else?

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        Dim the lights, play Spotify, play a specific song, tell me the tides.. yeah I can do this with my phone but what if I left it on the bench and don't wanna get up ;)

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        if you have smart plugs it can control certain electronic devices…

        wake up = hey google… boil my water (providing you have water in the kettle) - it'll boil so when u eventually get out of bed you can have that fresh brew without waiting…

        or if its cold - hey google turn on my heater…

        having it on your phone wont allow this function for some reason :\

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        My 7 & 9 year old use the mini heaps, they use it for homework to get facts, spell words etc, the last thing I bought it for was a learning tool, turns out it’s a good one. It helped my 7 year old with for his presentation to the class on sharks when he asked if to provide him 10 interesting facts about them.

        I use it for music, casting YouTube and Netflix to the tv.

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          I'm in two minds, on one hand, that defeats the purpose of the assignment which was to teach kids how to research topics and write reports. On the other hand, I guess using the latest technology is expected and having your answer just provided is a form of research.

          That said, I'd have thought that it would ingrain the idea that the top search result or first source provided to you is the factual one and further reduces critical thinking in the future.


          @sheepdog: I see it as another tool they use. I agree if just ithe “Home” was used it’s a lazy way for them to learn. For my boys they used it on top of the internet (google search and reading info they found.

          To be honest it really got them excited about learning about the topic, it’s like having a personal teacher at home that answers question they wouldn’t otherwise ask in class.

          My oldest has Autism so it forces him to pronounce his words for it to understand him. The device doesn’t laugh at him it just asks again until he gets it right.

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        I use it all the time. Mostly for playing music (I've got half a dozen CCAs scattered aroun), doing conversions/timers when I'm cooking and reading out news/weather/etc.

        The point isn't that you can do this stuff on your phone. I mean, you can do it on your laptop as well. It's just easier to yell at your house. Especially when you have dirty hands or you are busy doing somehting else.


      I have Amazon Echo. This GH crazy does not seem to add any value to what I already have.

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        It almost certainly wouldn't, although I myself have both (mainly to test out).

        However, if you're just starting out, there are good reasons to steer towards Google Home:

        1) Google has its entire search database backing the assistant built into Google Home. It's Google, THE Google, in your speaker.

        2) Because they are behind Amazon Echo in mindshare, Google is working crazy fast to catch up. New features are appearing at a fast rate, and have generally learnt from the shortcomings of the Echo product.

        3) Google is very well supported and has a big presence in Australia. (Half of Google's best products seem to have been created by Australians - a good example being Google Maps.)

        The vast majority of Amazon Echos in operation in Australia have been imported, not sold or supported here. The Echo will officially launch in 2018. Whether it will have nearly as much localisation as Google Home remains to be seen.


          Agree with all points here. I own Echo dots and no Google Assistant products.

          Amazon are on the back-foot here, and in other markets. Alexa-to-Alexa calling was slow to roll out to other regions. There's a big difference between having Alexa in the US than in Canada. We can expect Alexa to be very much the same here. Sonos One who has Alexa support in the US, doesn't have Alexa support in Canada for example.

          Anyone (like me) with Alexa in Australia now, will be bumped over to the AU Alexa when she launches, and I think we'll find we lose a lot of features we're using like alexa-to-alexa calls, drop-in, etc. Not to mention the lack of skills we'll have.


      I'm buying one for my parents as they recently discovered assistant -> Chromecast and pulling out their mobiles they constantly misplace is a nightmare for them. Also I want something I can direct their questions to until they realise they can do it themselves.

      It serves as a pretty cool bridge between human interaction and technology for their generation.

      Personally I don't think I'd use it nearly as much, but I probably will end up talking to it. :D

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      I got a Mini a few weeks back thinking it would be cringey and useless but for $50 wth? Something interesting to play with maybe, but if it's crappy then nothing is really lost.

      Within an hour the kids (2 and 4) were in love with it, using it to ask for animal sounds, the time and weather, asking where different types of animals live, asking for knock knock jokes.

      In the first day the older one learnt that she could ask it to launch netflix content on the TV.

      I've hooked it into my Home Assistant setup and I'm planning to spend some time over xmas integrating more custom commands with my lights, switches, etc


        Kids these days…. They are so switched on!
        I told my 2 yo yesterday that it was too cold to swim in the pool.
        She goes :"Hey Google, what's your weather"?
        I burst out laughing! (First time she's fact checked me against google)
        They may end up using the google mini against us….lol


      "What's the news?"
      "What's the weather?"
      "How long will it take me to get to …?" Which it then sends to your phone
      "Set a reminder for the dentist on Friday 2pm"
      "What time is sunset?"
      "Play MUSIC VIDEO on Youtube on television"
      "Play TV SHOW on Netflix"
      "A recipe for stew"
      "Let's play a game" Quiz show game
      Also great for settling dinner table arguments straight away without screentime.

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        Another good one if you have multiple units hooked up throughout the house: "Hey Google, broadcast <insert message here> " The message will be repeated throughout your house in your voice. Great way to call everyone for dinner etc.


      have 2 minis I haven't unpacked yet in 3 weeks ….. might set on up instead of watching little drummer boy or bing and white Christmas over the festive season … I actually turned assistant off on my phone so not sure what life changing thins the mini will bring to my life.


    Would this work as just a Bluetooth speaker with a MacBook Pro?


    Seem to be all sold out, can't even get a delivery purchase to process.


    I just purchased from the Wetherill Park store. Thanks crazynic.

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    Soldout online, there may be click and collect provisions still.


    Units available in Caringbah, Blacktown and Campbelltown.

    I'm wondering whether this will be the cheapest for a while, or will get to this level in the new year sales. My wife's birthday is in Feb, so wondering whether I should wait until Jan.



    I would not buy from TGG eBay if you expect to receive by xmas, my order placed on Friday, Dec 8, 2017 still says:

    "Order is being prepared. Expected to be ready for collection after Saturday, Dec 9, 2017. Please wait for a notification from eBay before going to the store."


    "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired."


    managed to buy 2

    had to do click and collect, and just kept trying stores further and further away, finally one actually had stock and the order went through


    Out of stock now

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    Out of stock - throws error when attempting to pay.

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    Why is everyone going nuts over these, voice AI still feels like it's in beta for me

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      Cool. Do you have a blog I can subscribe to for more super interesting opinions?

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    Is this being processed for anyone?
    I’ve tried pick up and delivery but says out of stock after I check out in ebay each time.

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    Why is this still open, been sold out for hours


    This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.
    For pick up and delivery…

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      You still haven't answered the question cheepwun.

      What device did you write your comment on?

      Is it a device with wifi? A device with Bluetooth? A device with NFC? A device with a camera? A device with Facebook, whatsapp or Facebook messenger installed? A device with any Google apps installed? A device with a screen (I’ve read a comment of yours RE radiation from displays)?

      If the answer to any of those is yes, then even you must recognise the hypocrisy of your posts.


      When it comes to answering the question please don’t get amnesia. Again. Please just answer the question. It’s really very simple. Here’s a clue: the answer to the question doesn’t involve replying with a meme or using the word amnesia. It involves naming the device you use to browse ozbargain.


        Referrer headers.


          You didn’t quite manage. I’ll admit you did follow the instructions in that you didn’t reply with a meme, and you didn’t use the word amnesia.

          We are SO CLOSE cheepwun!

          Let’s try one more time.

          What device do you use to browse OzBargain and write comments with?


          Pelican feathers. HTTP response headers. Keep wasting your time.


    Anyone able to pick their purchase up or does TGG always sell stock that they dont reserve for eBay sales?