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Google Home Mini $43.20 Free C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


Lowest price yet I believe? Free C&C at TGG stores or additional delivery charges apply.

Original 20% off TGG eBay Post Thanks to doweyy

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  • Thanks OP. Now I have three in my house…

  • Sorry to flog this question, but is any of the functionality or technology in this better than just opening up Google Assistant on my phone to trigger commands?

    • Nope.

      Has a tablet got any technology in it that way better than a touchscreen laptop? Nope.

      its just form factor which can make it more convenient to use at times. eg. if you're cooking, ironing, eating, tying your shoes then it might be easier to check the weather on google home than on your phone. that's all really.

    • Also, isn’t a terrible Bluetooth speker especially good for google and other services that support casting

  • Just ordered one for delivery ONLY. No error but not work for the pick up (tried even in stock)

    I ordered a Waffle Maker for pick up in the same order to save $8 delivery.

  • can not checkout with C&C for hours with "something went wrong", have to pay postage eventually. damn.

    • I've been trying to purchase it in the past two hours, no point for delivery probably won't get it before Christmas, looks like I'd have to go to officeworks…

  • I was also getting “something went wrong” error. I figured out I was using the ebay account back in another country. So created a new aussie ebay and got it working. Just bought 1 shipped to my home. Yippie…

    • I am using AU ebay account, also paypal worked yesterday and in the last 10 years for this account.
      I have a feeling it is caused by no stock in the specified TGG shop, though it shows I can picked by 10am tomorrow.

  • bought

  • I cant seem to add to cart, is it expired?

    • Their site has been broken all day.

    • Problems with paypal verifications

      "Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL."

  • Something went wrong. Please try to check out again.

  • Not sure why people investment on Google home mini when almost similar functionality is available through Android mobile google home app.

    • +1

      Because its more convenient. Not everyone wants to be holding a mobile all the time

    • because the mic is always on… and picks up questions/commands from a distance … not needing to speak directly into a phone/picking up said phone?

    • Yes agree but saving some efforts worth 55$ ? Bit costly

      • Up to you, but heaps seem to like it

    • It's a pretty decent music player and bedside alarm too. I'd buy it on the merit it streams spotify and plays the radio/weather. Think of it as a voice activated clock radio that is a lot smarter and functional. Countless times now I've just went "when is this movie out in the theatre", "what does <insert word> means" or "what time does <insert cafe> close"? Never failed me once. Totally worth the $43 price tag. Also it switches my TV on via voice.

    • It's not bad value but with the latest update, i have Google Assistant on my Sony TV so it does exactly the same thing as the google home mini

  • I bought this earlier today and got a text shortly after saying it was available to collect. Thanks OP!

  • Do you need to shout "ok google" to use this?

    • Yes or hey google.

      • ah I wait for alexa then…

  • +1

    Something went wrong. Please try to check out again.
    Error codes: 70049 70084

    Anyone have an idea?

    • +1


    • I guess…
      Even they show in stock, you cannot pick up.
      I have the same issue. Later, I changed my mind to delivery, it works but $5 extra, says delivery in 3 working days, who knows… can make it or not. It seems so many ppl order.

    • +1

      Just called ebay (1800 322 928) and they acknowledged that they are having issues with "The Good Guys" ebay site. It is being worked on and keep trying.

      • any news?

        EDIt: just tried again and it worked

    • same error here, no matter whether "buy it now", added to cart, pickup from store, or delivery…

  • +5

    JB-HiFi in Chatswood matched the price for me tonight.

    • +1

      Any chance you can post the receipt, to speed up the price matching?

    • Receipt would be great if you're willing to share it!
      BTW I tried price matching with JB Artarmon who flat out refused. Chatswood doesn't have stock either.

      And yeah, the eBay checkout problem persists for me as well!

    • me too please, that would be great!

  • Something went wrong. Please try to check out again.
    Obviously eBay had not fixed yet. Did we break it? :)

  • Has anyone been able to purchase one in the last 10+ hours

  • it does look like there's ALOT in stock around Chadstone area…

  • just got one in Bundaberg QLD

  • Still getting the same issue

  • I just tried using an alternate ebay account, and it went through with no problems. Waiting for email confirmation.

  • +1

    No issues buying one right now, great price for the convenience it offers.

  • +1

    success! got conirmation email. paid by credit card instead of paypal

  • Worked for me as well! Pickup later this arvo I hope.

  • Ordered mine around 3.00 PM yesterday, received it just now by courier.

    • +1

      Did you receive an eBay or email notification that your order had been shipped? I ordered last night and only have order confirmation - hoping it arrives by this by Friday!

      • +1

        Nope, still says it hasn't been shipped!

  • Just ordered for Pick Up at Rockingham WA.
    No problems…Another cash sink project under way :)

    I get myself the best Christmas stuff…lol

  • Getting below at the moment on eBay checkout. Anyone else having this issue?

    Click & Collect options aren't working right now. Try again later, or choose a postage method instead

    • I'm getting the same thing, as well :(

      Tried PayPal and a credit card.

      I also just tried creating a new account, and paying by credit card - didn't work, either :(

      • Just chatting with eBay support, now and they wrote:

        Vineeta8:11 AM
        Actually this issue comes due to some issue with the seller's account. You can not complete the payment till the issue get resolved. Please try to find an identical item from a different seller.

  • -3
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      You still haven't answered the question cheepwun.

      What device did you write your comment on?

      Is it a device with wifi? A device with Bluetooth? A device with NFC? A device with a camera? A device with Facebook, whatsapp or Facebook messenger installed? A device with any Google apps installed? A device with a screen (I’ve read a comment of yours RE radiation from displays)?

      If the answer to any of those is yes, then even you must recognise the hypocrisy of your posts.

    • When it comes to answering the question please don’t get amnesia. Again. Please just answer the question. It’s really very simple. Here’s a clue: the answer to the question doesn’t involve replying with a meme or using the word amnesia. It involves naming the device you use to browse ozbargain.