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2,000 Bonus Flybuys (Worth $10) on $50 | EFTPOS | Netflix | Ticketmaster | Event Cinemas | Good Food | Gift Cards @ Coles


Just like this deal a $5.95 purchase fee applies on the EFTPOS card, in effect giving you $4.05 profit. Starts Jan 3. Enjoy :)

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    I just used the code TIGHTARSE and got free lifetime Coles groceries, free Coles home and car insurance, free Liquorland alcohol, new tyres and service at Kmart, free Bunnings products, 1 billion Flybuys points, 100% Cashrewards, a job offer from Andrew, promoted to Power User and some arse.

    Thanks, Tightarse.

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      Imagine what you would get if you brought the real him into Coles store :D

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        I'd love to do a Coles commercial with Tightarse.

        We'd be dancing in an aisle while singing Tight, Tight, Arses are Tight.

        Then the camera would pan and zoom in on Tightarse's tightness.

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          It'd be too tight for the cameras to resolve.

        • -1

          @buckster: Tighter than a neutron star

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    Yep this works

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      The fee is $5.95 is for the $50 card. $6.95 applies to the $100 card. It's in the screenshot.

      • Ah ok. Thought it applied to both variants

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          It used to, now blackhawk/indue have upp'ed the fees on $100 ones by $1, them bastards! Probably to help their website upgrade.

        • @Turd: What a rip!

      • so which one is better to buy? sorry my brain is blank right now

  • what is the max gift card can we buy?

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      One - $100

  • Thanks OP.

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    Is it worth using this deal to purchase netflix ? I normally pay month by month but it seems to me if I bulk buy netflix cards I can save some $$?

    • It's worth it if you actually use your FlyBuys, otherwise it's no different to paying month by month.

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      I always buy the netflix gift cards in these deals (or google play). They are things I pay for anyway and avoids the fee on the eftpos card.

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        Also remember To buy discount iTunes cards with discounted wish gift cards to use for Netflix for maximum savings.

        • I didn't know you could do this! Having said that I'm currently billed directly by Netflix so it looks like I cannot switch my Netflix subscription to iTunes payment unless I open a brand new Netflix account… unless someone out there can tell me how to do it?!

        • @bauser99:

          I'm wondering this too. I signed up for netflix via my google play - so the subscription goes through google.

          Can you then buy netflix gift cards and load them onto your netflix account and get it to pay from there? it seems not and that you need a new account?

          Similarly it's annoying but on my samsung smart tv the netflix app wont recognise my netflix account or subscription as i pay via google play. keeps prompting me to create an acccount or enter credit card detail to play.

          really annoying as you would think netflix apps would sense your account no matter which payment method you used. clearly glitchy.

        • @bauser99:
          Cancel first, then resubscribe

        • @bauser99: you need to cancel your current subscription. And then use netflix apps on IOS, then you can subscript via itunes.

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          As other people have pointed out but a more detailed explanation (as I just went through this and did a bit of research)

          • You can pay Netflix on your CC - month by month
          • You can buy the cards (to get whatever discount you get), load them into your account and Netflix will first draw down on any 'credit' before it charges your CC. We did this for the last year or so (and used the flybuys discount for various things we were going to buy at coles.. so it was a real discount from our POV)
          • You can buy iTunes cards (using whatever discount is available there) - this is possible the best discount long term that's specific to Netflix (i.e doesn't rely on you buying something else at Coles) but more complicated.

          You need to cancel your netflix account at the end of the billing period (i.e before you are charged again on a CC) and resubscribe using the exact same details (username/password). Netflix retains your account metadata so even when you cancel it isn't actually 'deleted'. You resubscribe by doing it through iTunes - so your netflix account is now billed through iTunes.

          I'd suggest you want to buy a year's worth of iTunes (around $240 for the top of the line netflix subscription that gets you 4K context) which would cost around $204 at 15% off and in actual cash, $194 if you paid using discounted wish cards - effectively a 20% discount.

          Hope that helps!

  • Only $50 Netflix :(

    • Yeah they probably noticed many people buying $30 Netflix cards in the last deal.

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        And the $20 cards :)

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    Is there a legitimate reason to charge people the fees for these cards? What do people think?

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      In order for you to buy the cards someone needs to do things. Those things cost money. If the fee is too high then people decide there is no value and don't buy it. Too cheap and the person producing it goes broke. Standard market forces at work.

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        Doesn't a computer do most of it?

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          Do you think Coles lets people put products on their shelves for free?

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          @ProggerPete: Never thought about that. Charge people for space and then put your own products on said space cheaper. How do they sleep at night?

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          Very soundly given they are legally required to

          a) follow the law
          b) make decisions for the best interests (return to) their shareholders..

          looking after customers, staff, community and suppliers are pretty distant modifiers to the requirements above (and sometimes a) and b) do seem to get reversed by large corporates as the definition of a) seems to depend on how much money you spend on lawyers..

          And to clarify - they don't charge people for space and then put their own products on the same space cheaper - if they can make a higher margin on their own products then they simply do not sell the space to someone else.

          It's much easier to think about supermarkets as a pretty simple real estate + logistics exercise in how they make money..

        • @spillmill: delicate flowers offended by an opinion. Lol

    • Interesting responses, thanks.

  • TA does it again! Pulls a 'Rabbit out of the hat' and a 'Hare out of his TA'!
    8% profit

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      Hare out of his TA

      Pubic hare?

      • +1

        Not unless he is facing the wrong way!!

  • T&C's state: Bonus points can be collected once per a household.

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      Yup, that’s how it’s been with the previous promos.

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      Once per Flybuys household. Each person in your house can have a card…a card that is not linked to any other card…and each of them can then become a Flybuys household of their own.

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        each of them can then become a Flybuys household of their own.

        Once they get the card do they have to move out and get their own house?

        • Don't mention that to Turd, he's still saving for Sydney property.

  • Why would I get a charge for buying a $50 Netflix card? I'm confused

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      You wouldn't the fee only applies to eftpos cards..

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    I struggle to see the bargain here…$5.95 for 2000 flybuys points (with purchase of $50 gift card). I suppose if you were saving points it'd be OK

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      If you can't see the benefit then it's not really worth it for you then.

    • +3

      can be converted straight to cash, $4.05 profit if its worth your time and energy.

      I'll hand in my OZB card now…

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        Sooo 8% off a $50 gift card?

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          If you say 8% off $50 spent on almost anything it does sound better!

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          Ah ok, now I understand :) Thanks

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          @WaywardOne: Oh, I thought you were explaining it to me.. lol

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          If you want to look at it like that.

          I prefer to see it as a $50 EFTPOS card and a $10 Flybuys voucher for $55.95….

          A 6.75% discount.

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          I'm with you. $60 worth of goods for a $55.95 spend = 6.75% discount.

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          @dazweeja: 8% I am paying with discounted coles gift cards. Never a problem before, just go to cash register with other goods too.

        • +1

          @Peck: no wonder why my friend's think Ozbargainer's are "special" lol

        • +2

          @Wystri Warrick: Yep, you don't have to be crazy, but it helps!! :)

        • @Peck:

          How do you pay with Coles gift card? Doesn't work at self checkout and st service desk they say gift csrd can't be used to purchase gift card

        • @paultiffen:

          hmm apparently you need to buy other things with it?

        • @CVonC: Maybe, because that is the way that I have done it about 4 times now and never a problem, and always got the 2000 points. Just swipe it on the credit card maching and PIN. I doubt that the cashier even notices that I am not using a credit card!!

        • @Peck:

          Worked for me at the self serve but an attendant had to approve it.

          Does anybody know how long the points will take to appear in your account?

    • +4

      Even if you're not saving points, you only need to do one $10+ shop at Coles afterwards and you've saved $4. You don't get charged the fee on the other cards though so if you were going to buy them, it's an even better deal. I don't think it's a great deal but it's something.

    • If you're not flying soon but do plan on travel, you can hold out for a 10-15% bonus on velocity transfers instead of taking it as a $10 credit at coles. A 15% bonus works out to 1000 points, and if you redeem at 2c/point you're getting $20 value for that $5.95 (if you buy the eftpos card).

      Also if you have a plat edge, buy the card with that and use the eftpos where you don't get category bonuses or good rates from your other cards.

  • -1


  • Thanks TA. What actually is a Perfect card - spend it anywhere?

    • +2

      It's an eftpos card. You can use it anywhere that takes eftpos

    • +2

      Best thing to use it for is paying bills.

    • +1

      I've got some 'Perfect' gift cards.
      Going to use them to pay my VicRoads rego at the post office. Save on the CC surcharge fee!

      • Vicroads cannot split payment at post office.

        • Oh shit, even at self serve? When did you find this out?

        • @MathNerd: tried at self serve few weeks ago. Didnt try for over the counter tho.

        • @lilkid28: Were you trying something similar too, using EFTPOS cards obtained at a discount to pay off rego? What happens when you try scan the barcode? It wants the entire payment at once?

        • @MathNerd:
          Yes and yes.

        • @lilkid28: You're absolutely right, I had the same result this morning. I'll try next week at the counter, though they're not going to like processing 10 cards (5 x $100 + 5 x $50)!!
          How did you obtain your eftpos cards?

        • @MathNerd:
          I recently found out this too, even called vicroads and told them, I can split any other utility and governement service, yet something crucial like car registration and of such a signfiicant amount of $800 is cannot be partially paid is ludicrous

          apparently from 1st of jan the ability to split will be introduced

        • @hellohello123: Yes the ability to split is there, but that's referring to the 3 month as 6 month registration periods. They still find ways to gouge you, by charging some "admin fee" if you choose this option.
          I hope they mean the ability to actually split at the post office though, that'd be really helpful!

        • @lilkid28: I split my $748 rego yesterday at the post office counter using 5 $100 EFTPOS cards (mixture of Perfect and Westfield cards) and 5 $50 EFTPOS cards (all Perfect cards).

          Pro tip: go when it's quiet and plead with them to do it, then thank them profusely after doing it.
          The bloke that served me looked genuinely confused as to why the hell I was doing so much work to pay rego, but when VicRoads doesn't even accept AmEx and charges surcharges for Visa/MasterCard, they* leave us with not much option.

          • They: VicRoads, not the post office
  • does the new system allow split payment for gift cards?

    if not, is it still possible use the old workaround? ie, where you insert cash first without selecting split payment then pay the rest by another means?

  • l don't know who blob will ever buy these eftpos card with fees if flybuys promo not there

    • +2

      If using an AMEX that pays 3 points per dollar too as well as Flybuys.

      • +1

        yeh. only consider worth buying if flybuys promo is on.

  • Usually use itunes card for Netflix. Can i use netflix card too?

    • You can, but you have to cancel on iTunes first and resubscribe through Netflix when the iTunes subscription ends.

  • Thanks OP.

    Anybody knows for the EFTPOS gift card, how can I pay if there isn't sufficient credit in it?
    Does Coles/Other retail/online stores allow me to pay using the EFTPOS gift card first, then by credit card?

    • Yes you can split payments at Coles / Woollies and all major retailers!

    • +1

      Coles and Woolworths allow split payments.

      Aldi allows one card to be used and the rest paid in cash.

      My local water company allows split payments online to pay the bill.

      It's just a matter of trying and see what happens. These days there's always somewhere to spend the money on the EFTPOS card at some point during the year. They usually last me about a month as I use Woolworths E-gift cards first, Amex second then prepaid EFTPOS/VISA/Mastercard….then if all else fails…good old CASH. However, in the past 12 months I've only withdrawn $100 in cash and still have some left.

      • Thanks @mysterytal and @bauser99.

        I haven't used any gift cards before. Guess this is a good time to start trying them and probably save some $.

  • If its $5.95 for $50 eftpos voucher someone said $6.95 for a $100 eftpos right?

    Can you go any higher?

    Get the $100 eftpos or more , get the flybuys, and pay with amex to get triple points on your purchase as your buying it in a supermarket (3 x spend - points wise).

    • +1

      There is no higher than $100 eftpos cards (or any of these cash equivalent cards).

  • Two Netflix questions:
    1. Can you apply these gift cards to US account? (Assuming no)
    2. Where can you buy US Netflix gift cards? They are available at amazon.com and paypal.com, however the transaction is aborted as I don't have a US billing address.

  • so the fee is only if you buy EFTPOS card right? No $5.95 charge for Good Food Gift Card for example?

    Also, does anyone know what the definition of 'flybuys household' is?
    Is it based on the membership number or the address?

    • +3

      The fee is only for the Eftpos card, because your are essentially buying money with money to use almost anywhere.

      A “Flybuys Household” is where you have two or more flybuys cards linked to the same account, similar to how a supplementary card works for a credit card account. If you have a separate flybuys account for each person with only one card per account, you get one offer per account.

  • How if I buy 10 EFTPOS card with 10 Flybuys account?

    • Different households for each account - OK.
      Same household for all accounts - not OK.

      • different flybuy cards in the same house is OK?

    • offtopic - Andy - can you please message me about this?

  • Thanks TA - we've just started using Netflix again, so will get a gift card to add to our account.

  • -1

    only $4.05 profit

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