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100/40 or 25/5 Mbps 1TB + Unlimited Off Peak NBN Pre-Paid No Contract $69 or $59.50/Month (+ $49 Setup) @ Telecube


This deal is back but it's now better than ever! Set-up fee is only $69 (down from $99) and off-peak data is unlimited. There's a thread on whirlpool. John and Louis are both active members and will answer any questions you have.

I signed up a few months ago and have had great service. Great speeds and only a couple of drop outs that have been rectified quickly, the support is fantastic. Telecube actively identify when CVC limits are reached and order more bandwidth promptly, peak congestion never lasts long.

There's no included modem and the $49 set up fee. But if you stick with them for several months the overall monthly cost is great!

100/40 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $69 per month
25/5 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $59.50 per month

  • $49 setup fee – XXXL 100/40 and 25/5 only.
  • Prepaid monthly
  • No lock in contract
  • Cancel anytime before 3 days prior to monthly rollover date
  • CGNAT IP by default
  • Dynamic (public) IP addon available at no cost
  • Static IP add $5.50 per month
  • OFF PEAK hours midnight to 7am (Local Time Zone)
  • PEAK hours 7am to midnight (Local Time Zone)
  • Unlimited OFF PEAK data
  • Data in both directions counted towards totals
  • Exceed monthly PEAK allowance shaped to 256/256Kbps
  • BYO modem
  • DID included with the service – including ported numbers
  • $16.50 port fee if bringing your existing number across

How to get it if you want it.
First you need an account;
Telecube customers can signup here: www.telecube.com.au/signup
Siptalk customers can signup here: www.siptalk.com.au/signup
Then once you are logged into your account come back and click through the appropriate link;
Telecube Customers:
Siptalk Customers:

Cancel within 21 days and we'll refund your setup fee.

Critical Information Summary

You can set up auto-top up with a $0 balance and have the $69 debited at the start of the month either through PayPal or a credit card.

Update: Offer extended to end of February

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      • Check my home address —

        Planned availability: Upgrading the network*.

        Network upgrades to improve your customer experience will add an average of 6-9 months to your HFC connection. Please check back for an update in February 2018.

        Does this mean I can't get this round Telecube offer because the NBN Co. is upgrading the network currently? Or I still can sign with a NBN deal and wait for a few weeks/months to get a upgraded service?

        • Sorry, you will have to wait until nbn fix up the hfc issues first.

        • @telecube:
          I am with another provider on HFC nbn.
          If I take this offer, do I have to wait 6-9 months?


  • Is everyone going for voip service as well?

    We dont use our landline phone at all and
    the modem i recently bought tp link vr600 hasn't got voip which i didnt realise.

    • Nope. I rely on my mobile phone.

  • +1

    Set up fee is now only $49. Could a mod please update it. Thanks.

  • +2

    Got connected last night. So far everything is looking good.

  • +1

    Call sales to check my order status but noone is available!

    • +2

      email support please, our support process is primarily email based

      • I emailed support at 5:23PM yesterday to confirm existing service cancelled and again this morning at 10:38AM to ask for update. Still no reply yet.

      • I've also tried to call all day but nobody is answering calls. I also sent an email yesterday at 2:52pm which has not been answered. Is Telecube experiencing a surge because of the special on here? It wouldn't leave a good impression for many people but can understand if it's a temporary surge. Should just be communicated to potential customers.

  • Was very skeptical about using Telecube. Even the website and user portal looks a bit dodgy but seems that people reckon they’re ok.got my service provisioned today, entered the username and password via PPPoE per their email but no luck. Too bad no one was picking up the phone or able to respond to my email. Will try again tomorrow during their business hours. The funny thing is though that they respond to pre sale emails at all hours of the night but you don’t hear from them if you actually have an issue. Let’s see if they can make things right tomorrow.

    • we're around right now, please email support with your details and we'll help you get connected up

      • Thanks very much. Telecube Support got straight back to me. Looks like I was using an incompatible modem so to totally my fault, not theirs. Will test out another modem today. Thanks guys

  • Guys, I would avoid these guys if I were you. I have signed up on 22 January and still don't have any connection. I have send numerous emails but am not getting anywhere. You should connect with an established company who don't take more than 3 weeks to connect you to internet.

    • +1

      What type of technology are you on? Is it Telecube's fault or NBN Co?

    • +2

      It's NBN provisioning delays and we have been communicating the details to you on a daily basis. Apologies for the delays but we are doing all we can to expedite the connection.

    • @pkwak,
      Is this due to the current HFC new connection delay issue?

  • My ticket number is #565-769-941.

    • I know, we have been talking with you regularly with updates, there's nothing more we can do I'm sorry other than pushing NBN for a resolution as we are.

      I'm very happy to cancel your order and refund your money if you would prefer. Please email and let us know.

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