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100/40 or 25/5 Mbps 1TB + Unlimited Off Peak NBN Pre-Paid No Contract $69 or $59.50/Month (+ $49 Setup) @ Telecube


This deal is back but it's now better than ever! Set-up fee is only $69 (down from $99) and off-peak data is unlimited. There's a thread on whirlpool. John and Louis are both active members and will answer any questions you have.

I signed up a few months ago and have had great service. Great speeds and only a couple of drop outs that have been rectified quickly, the support is fantastic. Telecube actively identify when CVC limits are reached and order more bandwidth promptly, peak congestion never lasts long.

There's no included modem and the $49 set up fee. But if you stick with them for several months the overall monthly cost is great!

100/40 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $69 per month
25/5 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $59.50 per month

  • $49 setup fee – XXXL 100/40 and 25/5 only.
  • Prepaid monthly
  • No lock in contract
  • Cancel anytime before 3 days prior to monthly rollover date
  • CGNAT IP by default
  • Dynamic (public) IP addon available at no cost
  • Static IP add $5.50 per month
  • OFF PEAK hours midnight to 7am (Local Time Zone)
  • PEAK hours 7am to midnight (Local Time Zone)
  • Unlimited OFF PEAK data
  • Data in both directions counted towards totals
  • Exceed monthly PEAK allowance shaped to 256/256Kbps
  • BYO modem
  • DID included with the service – including ported numbers
  • $16.50 port fee if bringing your existing number across

How to get it if you want it.
First you need an account;
Telecube customers can signup here: www.telecube.com.au/signup
Siptalk customers can signup here: www.siptalk.com.au/signup
Then once you are logged into your account come back and click through the appropriate link;
Telecube Customers:
Siptalk Customers:

Cancel within 21 days and we'll refund your setup fee.

Critical Information Summary

You can set up auto-top up with a $0 balance and have the $69 debited at the start of the month either through PayPal or a credit card.

Update: Offer extended to end of February

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  • I guess the 50/20 for fixed wireless is the same price as the 100/40?

    • Yes I believe so. They have 10% off all other plans and no set up fee, see the WP thread, but 100/40 may end up cheaper.

      • +2

        Yeah, i wish they didn't have the setup fee, i'd jump across straight away

        • +1

          Wait it out. There's whispers of no set up fee with a 12 month contract if that's what you prefer.

        • +2


          I wouldn't mind that

          Just can't justify paying setup fees for NBN especially no contract

        • @jjsnacks: But you would justify a no setup fee for a 12/24 month contract with a possibly sucky service that you can't get out of without forking out way more $$$?

          Now while in saying that I've been with Telecube for ~5 months and have no complaints, great service and no major issues. I moved from Internode (50/20, 500G, $86) to Telecube (100/40, 6T, $69) and happy as. YMMV

        • @decr:

          Telecube has a solid reputation now so I would feel fairly confident

          If speeds went to crap there are always ways to get out of a contract

        • @decr: your plan is 6tb?

        • +1

          @ozdesi: It was advertised as 1/5 on/off-peak, not that I'll hit those numbers but no contract and 100/40 were the selling points.I took a slight hit with overseas throughput compared to iNode but for $20 less a month (and the quota) I don't really care.

    • You can order the 100/40 service and have them provision it as 50/20 Fixed Wireless. Source: Me currently doing this.
      Just put it in the order notes.

  • +13

    Unlimited Off peak data is great. My family and I Dan watch all of our favourite Netflix shows in 4K from midnight til 7am and then lose our jobs and fail at school. Thanks Telecube ❤️

    • +6

      If you want unlimited peak data look elsewhere, you probably won't get the same level of service though.

    • +8

      I enjoy watching Netflix with no buffering during peak times. This is because they encourage heavy downloaders to use off peak instead of congesting the network during peak hours. It works well.

      Besides that, 1TB is a lot of data per month for quite large use.

      • -1

        Most unlimited ISP's work fine without buffering for netflix, youtube etc.

        Optus is the only real problem ISP.

        • +3

          There's a lot of dissatisfied My Republic customers too.

        • TPG Group ISPs seem to be affected at night. Sure, you might get SD content - but People on the Aussie Broadband network can get 4K streaming without any buffering issues, or download whatever they want at that time. CVC contention ratios are far better, and they can do this by encouraging heavier users (such as myself) to do things at night.

          If your ISP is working for you, there's no reason to switch - but we are just trying to advise that unfortunately (not going get into the politics) the NBN is not the same with every provider… and you get what you pay for in most circumstances.

        • @sween64:

          Not this one! Got in early and enjoying OG prices before they went up and everyone left because of OzB and Whirlpool hate.

        • +2


          I can stream 4k during peak times and I'm on TPG.

          Outside of CVC areas in some areas, which all ISP's have issues with, I don't believe TPG have any peak time demand issues.

        • @sween64: Oh really? Have you a source for this? I was considering them.

        • +1
        • @sween64: Thank you will have a read now!

    • CVC prob already stretched… I'm just waiting for a internet company to come out and guarantee max speed fluctuations 10% or less.

    • I think telecube do unmetered Netflix.

      • Not anymore.

  • no mention of the NBN fee for new area's

  • My home signed up to telecube when we got FTTN connected in October. Speedtest taken at 11.00am AWST today. During peak periods we're still getting speeds of 90Mbps. Speedtest taken at around 7.00pm in October.

    If you want an "unlimited" NBN plan then you're not going to get the peak hour speeds you pay for. These ISPs that offer unlimited plans oversell their product and simply do not buy enough bandwidth to service everyone.

    • What is the alternative options then?

    • @His_Holiness, those are awesome speed for FTTN. Do you know how far is your house to your node?

      • +2

        The node is probably on his front lawn :) won the node lottery.

  • +5

    Selective "setup fee" = BS.

  • +8

    Telecube and Aussie Broadband are currently the 2 best ISPs in Australia. Can't go wrong with either.

    • Because Telecube use ABB's pipes :)

      • And ABB use Telstra pipes :)

    • I am currently with Aussie BB 100/40 (FTTB), paying 80 p.m.
      No issue with speed (getting around 80 Mbps DL/35 Mbps UL), but got disconnections here and there at times (getting less frequent), which is annoying, especially when I work from home.

      Worth switching to Telecube?
      I can save $11 per month.. but need to stay bit more than 6 months to "break even" with the $69 setup cost, to be better off..

      • I'd switch but it's a gamble.

      • How are you only getting 80Mbit down? Isn't FTTB supposed to be better than FTTN? FWIW I get ~94Mbit down on FTTN (Telecube), gratned the node is <100m away.

        • Yea, that's what I thought too. I dont know why I only get 80 Mbps max.
          I asked Aussie BB once and they said it could be dependant on number of factors such us the quality of the copper lines on my apartment building, the equipments used (e.g. the switches, telephone sockets), etc..

  • "Telecube actively identify when CVC limits are reached and order more bandwidth promptly, peak congestion never lasts long."
    Can anyone thats on Telecube comment on this? How often does this occur? Currently on ABB and in the 6 months we had one night where they accidentally put too many customers on a line and was fixed within 12 hours.
    However a saving of $30-40 a month is extremely tempting.

    • Read through the WP threads. Once congestion is identified by customers/tech support extra bandwidth is usually available within 24 hours. It's not as quick as ABB as Telecube don't manage their own backhaul.

  • Do they have a POP in Perth?

    • I believe so. If not yet, quite soon.

    • Yes they do, the question is asked on WP pretty often.


      • Thanks will check them out! - do alot of work within WAIX so important I can get some low ping times to services in Perth. I am with iiNET right now and they Perth connect is good, but the are BSing me about the capacity on my FTTN connection as paying for a MAX connection and getting sub 25 mbps raw sync speeds!

        • paying for a MAX connection and getting sub 25 mbps raw sync speeds!

          Then isn't that an issue with your distance from the node/line condition/internal wiring? If your actual sync speed can't even get to 25Mbps then why bother paying for a 100/40 plan?

        • @Porthos:

          Not really - I had the NBN installer show me his line sync and the important thing she showed me was that the capacity was at 100% - meaning my line was getting 100% of what the provider was giving me - which in this case all of the 21 mbps. Obviously a capacity issue at the node.

        • @dvddirect: Sync speed literally has nothing to do with ‘capacity’ at the Node.

          If you were syncing higher and getting sub 25Mbps download speeds, that would be a capacity issue (or more than likely CVC congestion). The provider (in this case iiNet) have nothing to do with the speed you sync at, that’s all between you and NBN as they’re the ones who provision the service based on the speed tier you selected.

  • +1

    Off peak data was already unlimited considering it was literally impossible to use the data allocated in the short off-peak time at the speed tiers provided.

    In fact, I honestly think unlimited is worse off as fair-use applies. When it's 5TB they can't really complain about you hitting it hard (ie downloading for the 7 hours daily at full 25mbps) as you won't even use the 5TB. When it's unlimited they have room to claim it's not fair use if you're downloading at max speed every off peak.

    • Just remember not all of us lost on the NBN lottery (I did) - a lot of users are on the 100mbs speed tier and could theoretically use 45GB an hour.
      As far as I can tell, the unlimited quota was on trial for a little bit and can be changed at any time if it ends up being a problem.

      Can't wait for John to post the live contention ratios/utilisation so I can decide on the best times to run my downloads for the lowest impact on the network.

      • Even on 100mbps it's 10TB theoretical maximum. You're still better off with 5TB guaranteed usable rather than gambling with fair use policies to double it.

        To put it another way, they basically have the power to slow your speeds after say ~1TB off peak usage as that's "fair use"… Where as on the old plan you could then submit a complaint as it was advertised as 5TB Off Peak.

        In other words, they're advertising it as if unlimited is a plus for the customer… In reality it puts the ball in their court to slow speeds if you use too much.

        • You know that they don't pay per the GB, right?

        • @ExtremeDavo:

          Peak time traffic is typically closely peered and doesn't cost much for upstream bandwidth. For example, Netflix content is usually hosted in the providers exchange. Microsoft and Amazon content is usually served by a directly peered CDN.

          The cost in that case is CVC and backhaul - actually getting the connection to your providers exchange is expensive.

          The cost of a customer downloading torrents between 12-7 in "off peak" time is upstream bandwidth. Your ISP can't just directly peer with Bob's high speed Verizon internet connection in the middle of the US. That connection has to go by expensive international peers, opposed to inexpensive local content.

          tl;dr: The cost is upstream bandwidth not CVC. Yeah, it's not anywhere near as expensive as CVC… But a user using ~200GB/Mo in off peak is a lot cheaper than one using the theoretical 10TB.

        • +2

          I'll be very happy to specify an offpeak allowance on a specific account basis, if anyone prefers that please just email support and ask.

        • @telecube:

          The main issue is still your fair use policy. If there's an agreed figure in place (ie 5TB) the customer has a little more ground to fight back, but it's still kinda dodgy.


          The following is a non-exhaustive list of practices that would not be considered Legitimate Use:

          Unusual data usage patterns inconsistent with normal, individual account use, for example, full speed downloads lasting for extended periods of time;
          Illegal P2P or download activity including but not limited to torrents;
          Illegal or fraudulent activity of any kind while using our network or network services.;

          Heavy usage not allowed.
          Torrents not allowed.

          With an agreed figure you can maybe fight back if Telecube enforces their fair use policy.

          Example: You could argue 25mbps constant every night at off peak time is fair use as that's only ~2.5TB/Mo - well under your 5TB allowance)

        • +2

          @dyl: It's only a problem for you if you're a heavy torrent user, all the average and low volume users are the ones that have to suffer the peak time congestion because you and your mates download the entire internet twice a day ;-)

        • @telecube:

          Call it unmetered, not unlimited. It's limited by fair use, though you're not really bothered with actively metering or monitoring it unless it's excessive.

          Also note the theory of off peak is usually to encourage heavy users to download at non-peak times so my mates and I aren't downloading the entire internet during peak time… I don't get what effect abusing off peaks would have on peak time - it's literally theorised to improve peak times.

        • +2

          @dyl: I'll consider re-labeling it unmetered, it may clarify the intention for the unlimited/unmetered offpeak which is exactly as you suggest; to encourage people to do all their heavy downloading outside of peak hours where we have abundant available bandwidth.

    • Or go with an ISP that has no problem with 24/7 usage.

      • Like one that guarantees off peak data instead of saying a fair use policy applies…….

    • You could download around 9TB during off-peak assuming 95Mbit down and 31 days in a month. So 'unlimited' is potentially better than 5TB.

      • As explained above (and in more detail in my comment above just now), it's the fair use policy that is the issue.

        Without a limit Telecube is free to deem any hard downloading as not fair use and cancel your service at any time after only a single notice. There's nothing you can legally do about this. If there's a figure agreed upon (ie 5TB) you can easily argue that your usage of say 2.5TB (7 hours a day for entire month lol) on 25mbps is fair use as it's only half your allowance, despite being quite heavy downloading.

        In other words, your allowance isn't unlimited, it's actually whatever Telecube considers fair… An amount that's yet to be trialed.

        • Yeah that's fair enough. Hopefully, as it was previously 5TB that would be atleast a starting point but who knows.

        • +5

          @brok9n: I can publicly state that we haven't invoked the fair use policy yet and also that we have an abundance of bandwidth available during offpeak hours.

    • Incorrect. 7 hours a day at 95 Mbps works out to 9GB per month, almost double their off peak data limit at the time.

      • Read above comments for context.

        5TB data allowance = 5TB SHOULD be considered fair use, if complying with other basic terms (no illegal activity etc)

        Unlimited data allowance = fair use is an arguable term. One could argue an extra 10% bonus off-peak data is fair, while one could argue no less than 9TB (as you mention) is fair. For context, Dodo gets away with pooling customers backhaul differently (ie with other heavy downloaders) after approximately 400-500GB usage on their unlimited plans. They'll even mention this to you. This is technically legal under their fair use agreement.

  • I'm moving into a house in a few weeks that has fttp (yay!)
    How long does it take to activate nbn internet (i.e. how many days before moving should I sign up to this deal?)
    I don't have a good understanding of nbn technology, i've been on ADSL or cable for all my life, what kind of modem/router do i need? Any recommendations?

    • Has the premises already been connected to FTTP by previous residents?

      • the nbn website says 'Your premises is connected via nbn™ Fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology', so i assume that it's been connected.

        • +1

          Then if all the equipment is there it should be provisioned in a single business day.

    • +1

      If you've got fttp then you don't need a modem, just a router. I've got the tp link archer 1900 I think, which has been very good for speeds and range.

  • +2

    The best ISP in Australia, even when you send email at 11:30pm, you can get reply within half hour.

    • They plan to introduce 24/7 support officially soon.

    • Speed tests? Peak vs Non-peak hours

      • Melbourne CBD in Elizabeth Street: Peak: 87/37/5ms, Non-peak:90/37/4-5ms

  • The 100/40 with 1TB is showing up as 99 per month is that right ?

    • Follow the somewhat confusing instructions.

  • Thanks op I’ve signed up. Coming from skymesh which has been good except a couple of long outages. The $30 saving a month is the drawcard for me

    • Skymesh will match it though!

      • They actually wouldn't, citing the off peak unlimited data as to why. Not fussed tho, speed is exactly the same.

        • Doh! They matched the 1tb one from telecube before for me - $80 though

  • +1

    Been with them for 6 Months. Been great so far

  • how are these guys for gaming and pings?

    • I've been playing RL and PUBG on Oceania servers and it's great.

      • Ping test results?

        • I'm on ABB (telecube use ABB lines) and get 11 ping. I live a few hours away from a major city.

        • @cdaddy: which city?

        • @Micoa: Melbourne

        • @cdaddy: Thank you. Most of the congestion is in medium/dense population areas :( But it is good to know.

          Much fluctuations? If as solid as a rock, then it's good to know.

  • +1

    We had issues with our ADSL ISP for months (max speed we ever got was 6 down, but recently slowed to 1 and then 0.1 for the last 3 weeks - no joke). They would never do anything about it besides recommend standard troubleshooting even though there was a clear line issue (confirmed when NBN was switched on and tech needed to come out).

    We got hooked up through TC, on top of responding to every email in a helpful and not at all condescending manner like most ISPs, they had a tech out within a week to fix it. We're only on 30/5ish given our distance to the node, but the service and support is incredible. I've not experienced anything remotely like it with an ISP.

    We have had a few dropouts but the service means they're right on it when it does happen.

  • Has anyone done a 24h speed test with this mob? https://testmy.net/auto

  • +3

    I m just annoyed that I paid $99 for setup a few months back on the last deal.

  • Pity about the setup fee but sounds like a good deal. It might be time to cut the umbilical cord with iinet after a quarter of a century.

    • I'm thinking the same. iinet was one of the best ISP's out there until TPG took over.

  • Does this plan include a phone connection as well?

    • +1

      We include a number and incoming calls to a voip extension at no cost and are PAYG for outgoing calls.

      • Can I port my current number and what are the costs for the outgoing calls? I assume I will be able to use my normal telephone which will connect to the modem instead of the phone socket, or do I need an IP phone? Sorry for the n00b question but I'm still on ADSL.
        Also, do you provide an email account?

        • Yes you can, we'll charge $16.50 porting fee. You'll need a voip device though, either an IP phone or an ATA that you can plug your normal phone into. We don't do email sorry, our advice would be to use Gmail, they do a better job at email than we ever could.

        • @telecube:

          So I guess I can just plug the phone in the NBN modem which does the analog telephony conversion. Apart from the one off porting fee, there is no ongoing monthly fee for the voice part? What are the charges for the outgoing calls?

        • @AceIsMe: Assuming you NBN modem also has voip ports and you setup an extension with us then yes you could use your normal phone.

          Our PAYG call rates are at https://www.telecube.com.au/hosted-pabx/prices/

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