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100/40 or 25/5 Mbps 1TB + Unlimited Off Peak NBN Pre-Paid No Contract $69 or $59.50/Month (+ $49 Setup) @ Telecube


This deal is back but it's now better than ever! Set-up fee is only $69 (down from $99) and off-peak data is unlimited. There's a thread on whirlpool. John and Louis are both active members and will answer any questions you have.

I signed up a few months ago and have had great service. Great speeds and only a couple of drop outs that have been rectified quickly, the support is fantastic. Telecube actively identify when CVC limits are reached and order more bandwidth promptly, peak congestion never lasts long.

There's no included modem and the $49 set up fee. But if you stick with them for several months the overall monthly cost is great!

100/40 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $69 per month
25/5 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $59.50 per month

  • $49 setup fee – XXXL 100/40 and 25/5 only.
  • Prepaid monthly
  • No lock in contract
  • Cancel anytime before 3 days prior to monthly rollover date
  • CGNAT IP by default
  • Dynamic (public) IP addon available at no cost
  • Static IP add $5.50 per month
  • OFF PEAK hours midnight to 7am (Local Time Zone)
  • PEAK hours 7am to midnight (Local Time Zone)
  • Unlimited OFF PEAK data
  • Data in both directions counted towards totals
  • Exceed monthly PEAK allowance shaped to 256/256Kbps
  • BYO modem
  • DID included with the service – including ported numbers
  • $16.50 port fee if bringing your existing number across

How to get it if you want it.
First you need an account;
Telecube customers can signup here: www.telecube.com.au/signup
Siptalk customers can signup here: www.siptalk.com.au/signup
Then once you are logged into your account come back and click through the appropriate link;
Telecube Customers:
Siptalk Customers:

Cancel within 21 days and we'll refund your setup fee.

Critical Information Summary

You can set up auto-top up with a $0 balance and have the $69 debited at the start of the month either through PayPal or a credit card.

Update: Offer extended to end of February

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        • @telecube:

          Just making sure I fully understand this. If I go for the 25/5 plan, I will get charged $59.50 per month plus $2.95 per month for the phone number plus calls. Then on top of that, $69.95 plus $16.50 one off fees. Is this correct?

          Also, I have a TG-789 iinet modem. Will this modem work ok with Telecube?

        • @AceIsMe: Yes except for the $2.95 per month for the number, that's at no cost with NBN service.

          I'm sorry I'm not familiar with that modem, maybe ask the question in the Whirlpool forums.

        • @AceIsMe:

          TG-789 iinet modem. Will this modem work ok with Telecube?

          Will work fine, just give it a factory reset. I believe the VOIP will work as well but will need to have that verified. My folks use the same modem and they went from Internode NBN to AussieBraodband (FTTN) without issue.

  • i can't seem to find the deal on the websire does it automaticlly change to the offer when i select the xxxl plan for $95/month? also is it on going as long as im with telecube? or just the first month or two?


    • i just signed up but when i go add add service its coming up with 100/40 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $100 per month.

    • +1

      You need to click through the links on the Whirlpool forum and apply the offer code before you add the service to your account. The price is ongoing, it's not a short term thing.

      • Thanks all sorted have signed up.

  • +1

    Dang, awesome deal, a full $40 or $50 cheaper than my current 100/40 Optus deal. Porting today, thanks OP and rep.

  • Hi do you guys do ADSL? What would the speeds like? And how much is the cost?

    • We don't do ADSL I'm sorry.

  • As a 12 month + Telecube user I cringe each time I see a Telecube deal pop up on here. Call me selfish, but I don't want anything to change. More users = more competition for the CVC.
    I currently get absolutely no noticeable congestion at any time of the day which amazes me when I see what people at other ISPs are putting up with in peak times.

    On the flipside, Good luck to Telecube. They're a great ISP and deserve success in a pretty competitive sector.

    • +3

      You don't need to be concerned, it's actually important that we build customer numbers so we have the volumes required to start building out directly to the NBN POIs ourselves which we hope to start doing toward the latter half of this year.

    • More competition for the CVC…but with each new user they have more income to purchase more CVC…
      It actually reduces congestion spikes as there's more users to average out the 95 Mbps bursts when people with 100/40 connection are going full tilt in the evening.

  • Hi
    do you do fixed wireless and the installation of equipment required for the service ?

    • If you mean NBN fixed wireless the NBN tech will install the equipment, you just need to place the order with us and we will arrange the appointment.

  • thanks for your response .So who pays the cost of the NBN installation and what is the cost ?

    • It would be best if you email support with your details and ask the question, we'll look up your address and let you know exactly what your costs would be.

  • Ok,thanks

  • I cant seem to get this deal, I've setup my telecube account and I press on the deal and it just send me to a special offers page where I enter "NBN_69_DOLLAR_DEAL" and then nothing happens, is the deal gone or am I just stupid?

    • Add service once on that page.

      • I've pressed on the "services" tab, now what do I do?

    • At that screen you apply the offer code to your account and then you go to the Services section and click the Add New link and add the NBN service. You'll see the special offer pricing now because of the special offer code you applied.

      • thank you, I think i'm good from that point onwards to set this up myself and not mess it up, I've heard good things about your ISP and im very excited to move over from my current provider who regularly fail to reach the advertised speed and regularly drops out.

  • My premises is nbn ready and is FTTN. What wireless modem would be the best for faster speed anx wireless connectivity?

  • That setup fee is killing this deal…….

    • What's your current plan cost?

      • Still on ADSL but NBN should be ready this month so searching for a good plan.

        • Same thing as me. I rather pay a setup fee than get locked into a contract. This plan is cheaper than the ones I am looking at, if I stay three months it works out even if I had started with the other company first.

        • @jlogic:

          I won't be locked into any contract with my current provider (iinet) and I won't have any setup fees but it will cost me $20 more per month to get the 50Mbps speed which is double than this plan is and I'll have free local and national calls. Yes, this is a good overall deal but that setup fee cost kills it if it doesn't live up to your expectations.

        • @AceIsMe: I see. I decided not to bother with a phone line.

          Never had to use the one now, so going to skip it.

  • Anyone know if my Belong modem 'Sagemcom [email protected] 4315' would work with Telecube for FTTB? I've heard mixed reports, some claiming yes while others claiming it's locked to IPoE. I really want to get this deal but a new modem on top of a setup fee would make it a bit pricey.

  • what is the new connection charge?

    • If you are at an address that has never had a phone line or NBN connected previously there will possibly be a new development fee of $300

      If you are unsure if the fee will apply to you please email support with your details and ask the question and someone will check and let you know.

  • my place will be nbn hfc ready soon - would i be able to sign up to telecube also?
    would i expect the same speeds as everyone else? or would mine be crappy :(

    • The NBN have placed a stop on new HFC connections which may affect you. If you email support with your details and ask the question we'll take a look and let you know.

    • I'm on HFC with TC and speeds are great. Consistently 93/37

  • All swapped over, no probs at all. Even Optus were on the ball with cancelling my plan (and for once I got a win, they waived whatever small amount was left in early cancellation fees). Now up and running on Telecube, getting 94+ down and 34+ up, which is as fast as any other RSP we've been with over the many years.

    Well done, you little beauty!

  • Is setup fee refundable if I sign up for a yearly service?

    • We currently don't offer any contracts, there are however some lower speed and lower data allowance plans that are available without a setup fee.

      • All plans show a $33 setup fee. Which plans are without setup fee?

        • Once you apply the special offer code to your account you will see the 10% discount and free setup pricing in the portal when you are adding the service.

  • How to check eligibility of my address?

    • If your address is NBN ready we can provide a service. If you're not sure if your address is ready you can check here: https://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/check-your...

      • Even if it doesn't show in the list of providers when doing the NBN address search? Sorry for my ignorance as we've just been notified of FTTN being available


        • +1

          Yep, we can provide a service nationally to any address that is NBN ready.

      • Thank you, this is what comes up on the website:
        A pre-existing broadband service is already running in your area.
        An existing provider already provides access to a broadband network in this area.

        Does it mean I can choose your service?

        • Yes I expect so, ideally though please email support at telecube dot com dot au and include your address and ask and we will be able to confirm it for you.

  • Any deals on lower allowance plans?

    I don't need unlimited /1TB, just something upwards of 100gb


    • Check the website and you can get 10% off the plans they offer through whirlpool. For example 50/20 Mbps with 100/400 GB would become $58.50/month and no set up fee.

      • I'm with Aussie broadband and this sounds perfect for me. Does telecuvr have a Brisbane pop yet or is it all still routed through Melbourne?

  • Do you or will you have any special deals on 25/5-XL plan? I don't need that much data as your XXXL plan offers.

    • +1

      The special offer code will give you 10% discount and free setup on the retail pricing.

      • Ok thanks, that sounds like a better deal for me. Will this deal be available in the future? I'm not NBN ready yet but should be soon.

        • I expect so yes, reach out when you're ready and we'll let you know.

  • What modem everyone is using for FTTN connection for maximum speeds and a good wifi coverage? Can someone recommend a good modem?

    • I'm interested to know this too :)

    • I am using and have read good things about the telstra max gateway tg799vac (which I picked up free on gumtree!) in bridge mode. I use it with my archer d7 adsl/router

  • If I'm already on an NBN plan with Telecube, and I change plans, will I be charged a setup fee?

    • You'll pay the difference between the setup fee you paid on your current plan and the setup fee on the plan you move to.

  • will Netgear D6220 AC1200 modem work with it? how about phone service?

    • +1

      It's an FTTN capable modem so it should be fine, no voip built in though so you will need a separate voip device.

      • Thanks, any device you can suggest for voip. Also how long it will take to connect? I am currently with BuzzTelco for FTTP, and want to leave them ASAP.

  • I am currently with Skymesh NBN (FTTP). How long does it take to churn to Telecube? Can I sign up while Skymesh is still active (due to 30 days notice, they will cancel my account on 6th Feb)?

    • +1

      Hours. Yes. The next port will be activated so you can cancel Skymesh after joining TC.

  • Forgive me for all the questions: if I were to sign up with TC, what's the process churning to them?

    As I am currently with iiNet but looking for as minimum downtime as possible.

    • What service do you have? FTTN or FTTP or HFC etc?

    • If you're FTTP or Fixed Wireless we'll provision the new service on the next spare port on the NTD and you just switch your router across to the new port when you're ready, no downtime. If you're FTTN or FTTB we'll do a transfer which means your connection will drop soon after ordering and will come back up on our network with a downtime of a few minutes to a few hours normally.

      • Oh, awesome. I'm FTTP. I'll sign up next week.

  • Order done, and it shows under my services and no orders pending. Does it mean it has processed?

    • Sounds like it.

    • Yep if it shows in the services list you're good to go. The orders section is just for hardware.

  • I'm keen to sign up to this deal. I'm currently with Optus and I was wondering whether the modem that they supplied SagemCom [email protected] will work with Telecube? If not, I would be keen to hear suggestions about the best modem/router for sub $200 if there is such a thing.

  • FTTB here.. what's the process of churning in?
    Do I need to contact my existing RSP (AussieBB) first or only notify them after the port/churn to Telecube done?

    Are there any settings need to be reconfigured in the modem or it will pick up 'telecube' signal sync and work right away?
    The modem is bridged to my router, fyi

    • The transfer will normally happen the same day as you order with a short downtime of a few minutes in most cases. You shouldn't need to contact the previous provider but it's always a good idea to let them know you want to cancel once the transfer is complete to ensure they don't continue billing you.

      We use PPPOE authentication so you will need to configure your modem with the auth details (username/password) once the service goes live in order to connect.

      • Thanks.

        I am with AussieBB at the moment. Considering Telecube is using AussieBB, can I expect the same speed? Is there a chance Telecube will be faster?

        FTTB.. 100/40 but only achieve 78Mbps/35Mbps

        • It's unlikely you'll get any extra speed but the speeds should be the same.

        • @telecube:

          OK. When are you bringing contract plan to avoid setup fee? I want to move but dont want to pay the setup fee..

        • @OzFrugie: I'm not sure at this stage when that will be sorry. We're still considering it as a possible option.

  • How could I tell is my line will be capable of 100/40 Mbps once I get connected to NBN?

    • If you're FTTN you can email support with your address details and ask for estimated speeds, if you're FTTP or HFC you should be able to get 100/40

      • Thanks. Could they tell me that before I get connected to FTTN NBN or do I have to connect first?

        • We can tell you estimated speeds before you get connected.

        • @telecube:

          Not according to your support team since the address is not NBN serviceable at this point in time.

        • @AceIsMe: Sorry, I had assumed you were talking about an address that was ready for service.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Signed up on the 100/40 plan for $69. Active the next day- no hassle at all. I’m getting 70-75 Mbps download / 20 - 25 Mbps upload speeds which I’m happy with. I’m in rural tassie on fttn. FYI - I purchased a Netgear d7000 modem / router and it works perfectly. Thanks telecube

  • Hi Telecube,
    "there will be a $33.00 per number charge applied to my account for successful ports".
    How do I get the $16.50 port fee?

    • Email support and ask please, we will charge $16.50 for ports if you have an NBN service with us.

      • Hi Telecube,
        Should I migrate to your NBN service before porting my DID?
        Or they can be done at the same time?

        • If your DID is currently on a line that your internet is on you will need to port it at the same time. If it's separate to your internet then it can be ported after.

  • Hi Telecube..

    I am at a location where NBN is not available until 16th March in Western Australia.

    Is there a way I can take up this deal without having to pay for the service until it is provisioned?

    • No but hopefully this deal is extended or something similar is on offer.

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