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100/40 or 25/5 Mbps 1TB + 5TB Off Peak NBN Pre-Paid No Contract $69 or $59.50/Month (+ $69 Setup) @ Telecube


This deal is back! With a new thread on whirlpool. John and Louis are both active members and will answer any questions you have.

I signed up for the last deal and have had two months of great service. Great speeds and only a couple of drop outs that have been rectified quickly, the support is fantastic.

There's no included modem and a $99 set up fee. But if you stick with them for several months the overall monthly cost is great!

100/40 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $69 per month
25/5 Mbps 1000GB Data [XXXL] – $59.50 per month

  • $99 $69 setup fee – XXXL 100/40 and 25/5 only.
  • Prepaid monthly
  • No lock in contract
  • Cancel anytime before 3 days prior to monthly rollover date
  • CGNAT IP by default
  • Dynamic (public) IP addon available at no cost
  • Static IP add $5.50 per month
  • OFF PEAK hours midnight to 7am (Local Time Zone)
  • PEAK hours 7am to midnight (Local Time Zone)
  • 5000GB OFF PEAK data
  • Data in both directions counted towards totals
  • Exceed monthly PEAK allowance shaped to 256/256Kbps
  • BYO modem
  • DID included with the service – including ported numbers
  • $16.50 port fee if bringing your existing number across

How to get it if you want it.
First you need an account;
Telecube customers can signup here: www.telecube.com.au/signup
Siptalk customers can signup here: www.siptalk.com.au/signup
Then once you are logged into your account come back and click through the appropriate link;
Telecube Customers:
Siptalk Customers:

Cancel within 21 days and we'll refund your setup fee.

Critical Information Summary

You can set up auto-top up with a $0 balance and have the $69 debited at the start of the month either through PayPal or a credit card.

Edit 21/12: Setup fee is now $69, down from $99 until the end of the year.

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  • +1

    CGNAT IP by default

    Can this be disabled? The last time I checked Carrier Grade NAT wasn't a very good thing for gamers nor for people looking to use Internet of Things appliances. (I'm not well versed in networking tech).

    • +1

      I've had no issues playing Rocket Leauge. It's a better experience than Optus Cable 100/2 where any download would cripple my experience.

      • +1

        yes it was nice to go through school hols with the internet working and no one complaining.

        Optus wondered when I rang up to cancel cable why I didn't want to pay an extra $30/mth for their equiv NBN vs $20 less for Telecube (admittedly without unlimited calls/data/fetchbox, which were mostly unused).

        • Depends on who you talked to i only had to pay an extra $5 to jump over to nbn 100/40
          And as for people downloading while gaming
          Dont have any issues at all :/.

      • +7

        That's not true. You can disable CGNAT IP and enable Dynamic IP free of charge (it's a simple switch in the members area, reboot your modem and away you go).

        It you want Static IP that is extra, but not required.

        Telecube have been great for me. Very stable 100/40 and great support. In some ways I kind of want to negative this so less people join up with them.

      • +18

        and congestion

        • im not well versed in NBN but arent these companies all resellers? why would myrepublic have anymore congestion than telecube? or is there some backbone/node they install themsleves which gets congested?

        • +6

          @furythree: I believe it has to do with the amount of bandwidth they purchase from NBN, often resellers will underbuy (or oversell services) in order to save/make money

        • +17

          @furythree: It's up to the RSP to purchase enough bandwidth from the backhaul suppliers to support the number of customers the RSP have. It's why Aussie Broad Band impose "stop sells" on certain POIs until they can buy more bandwidth. Some RSPs, like MyRepublic, continue to sell connections and increase customer count to the detriment of existing customers.

        • @furythree: The NBN connects the users with the ISP. ISP's still have to purchase bandwidth from the companies who run the big links overseas etc.

        • with no data limit

        • @chatman: MyRepublic are Optus resellers. Optus wholesale is almost to the point of "As is". Not actually to do with CVC and more to do with Optus.

        • @dyl: That's worse! I would hate to work in their tech support, stuck between angry users and an uncooperative supplier

        • @chatman: you mean like selling NBN FttN plans? ;)

        • @dyl: haha yeah, at least with snake oil you get a bottle you can reuse :)

        • @sween64: sounds like there needs to be some regulation

    • +4

      You can't even get half of those speeds unless you have fiber to home and the reseller buys enough bandwidth.

      • True and this should be the top comment, replying for visibility.

        • Thanks

      • If you have fttn, what speed plans should you be looking at?

        • +1

          If you email support we can tell you estimated speeds, then once you're connected we will be able to see real sync speeds. It's also important with FTTN to clean up the copper cabling in the house. There should just be a single copper line run from the outside connection point to the socket where your modem will live inside. Any joints or extra sockets can interfere with line speeds.

      • Not with telecube now, but when I was I was getting 55/20mbit (sync) on FTTN.

        For some reason, after switching to IINET, I'm hitting 79/37mbit.

        Either way, you can still get fairly decent speeds on FTTN…..if you're lucky

        • You won TattsLotto there lol. Not a normal situation. Sounds almost impossible.

          How often did you get those speeds?

        • @tightwad:

          I'm definitely on the upper end of the speeds for FTTN. To be honest, I would have been happy with 25/5mbit though. T
          Also oops, my memory may have been off. Appears I'm only getting 33mbit up, hadn't checked in a while. These speeds are consistent though.


        • Your sync speed will not improve between RSP's. If you sync at 79/37 with iiNet you would have the same sync speed with anyone else if you are on the same plan (100/40, 50/20, 25/5); unless you bought a terrible VDSL modem that you used with Telecube and you used a new one from iiNet. If you were getting 50/20 sync then that was the plan you were on. Most consumer modems should show you your max attainable rate and your current rate. I dare day with Telecube you or they had on you a 50/20 plan and with iiNet you are on a 100/40 plan. Or you moved houses.

          If you're talking about actual throughput performance, that is a whole other story.

        • @Tardvark:

          Same modem, same cabling same everything. It was sync speeds, I"m in the industry and that's the figure I was going off.

          I'm of the same thoughts, it shouldn't have made a difference and that wasn't why I switched providers.

    • +2

      Yes, you can enable an IPv4 dynamic address for free in the control panel once the service is active.

    • CGNAT might be a good thing if you aren't well versed in networking.

      It can really help to keep Internet ghouls out of your network and prevent you making mistakes that open your system to world+dog

      • It would only keep out ghouls of the script-kiddie association. As for the experts, it's generally a step down (as is, atm)

        • +1

          @dfaktz: Not if you run NAT on your router behind the CGNAT.

          Double-NAT is very hard (dedicated, costly attacks) to overcome. APTs can't open ports, allow control, etc. Even stops some Ransomware.

          CGNAT is a solid first line of defence for anyone. Set and forget is priceless protection, and very, very rare for such things to work.

          For experts, it only limits you when wanting to open up and advertise services to the world. A lot of experts don't do that, and given the level of risk a minor configuration mistake, let alone the constant flow of critical vulnerabilities in all CPE (consumer gateways/modems/routers), it's quite sensible to take advantage (but not trust) CGNAT if offered, even if you are the sort that can live inside IP tables.

          It's bad enough these days for those using commercially supported Enterprise protection and dedicated SecOps teams.

        • @zerovelocity: You know, I agree with most of what you said, but I do want to point out "past performance(good or bad) is not a good indicator of future performance" in the sense that, we can't back up something being safe just because so many other things aren't safe — Regarding what was said about the influx of CPE's lately.

          I actually don't have much to rebut, you definitely reminded me of some of the big advantageous the non tech savvy end-user has and my optimal mindset thinking everyone lives in IP tables or a wwrt/pi-hole, when its more likely to be less than 1%.

          Either way, just got home from work, sorry for the choppy reply, to boil it down, I replied too simplistically before and you bring up good points regarding CGNAT. Kudos my friend.

        • @dfaktz: No worries, muchous gratious. Perhaps you meant CVEs (CPEs, either way…). I just get fired up as I'm constantly reminded that simple security is almost always the best option.

  • +20

    Not liking the fair use policy myself. They can consider anyone who downloads more then the average person outside legitimate use.

    "The following is a non-exhaustive list of practices that would not be considered Legitimate Use:

    Unusual data usage patterns inconsistent with normal, individual account use, for example, full speed downloads lasting for extended periods of time;
    Illegal P2P or download activity including but not limited to torrents;
    Illegal or fraudulent activity of any kind while using our network or network services."
    • +4

      Unusual data usage patterns

      That's me out lol game downloads updates etc all random with no pattern with "normal" people.

    • +3

      I've downloaded a lot and have used my fair share of off peak data including P2P sharing and have had no issues.

      • What do you consider alot?

        I use about 50GB a day just me not including game updates/downloads or anything that isn't a standard day's usage theres two others here that use Netflix and Youtube etc in this house.

        • I've had days more than 50GB but not every day.

    • wait.. they don't allow torrents? what about legitimate torrents?

      • +2

        They don't block torrents.

    • +3

      This gives me flashbacks of the optus AUP all over again.

    • +3

      I think it's fairly standard ToS. No one has complained about anything like that happening on the many Telecube threads on whirlpool.

      • Not really, its very specific.

    • @samfisher5986: They have to protect their network and customer base from malicious users and abuse.

      If you were to present them unbearable problems, they'd no doubt inform you. If you didn't sort yourself out after adequate warnings, ie continued to act inappropriately and/or illegally, endangering others connectivity, is about the only time you'd see trouble.

      Literally all service contracts have similar clauses, and if an RSP doesn't, it won't be long before the whole things goes titsup or they shut down. Most of what is said is actually enshrined in law anyhow, just not explicitly enough to worry consumers.

      • or I could go with another ISP like TPG that I can do whatever I want with, and I do.

  • +15

    Why are off-peak allowances still a thing?

    • +21

      Why are "setup fees" still a thing?

      • +4

        Why are quotas still a thing?

        • +35

          Why is NBN still a thing?

        • +7

          @currentfad: was it every a thing?

        • @supabrudda: Why is my thing still a thing?

          (I suspect the answer to all those questions is 'government greed and/or incompetence').

    • +18

      to push people who download tons of stuff to 12am>7am when everyone is asleep to help with congestion.

    • Off peak allowance that according to ToS isn't limited if you go over… lol

      In other words, unlimited off peak???

  • +1

    Um I think the title should be updated to "UP-TO"……otherwise Ozbargain could be sued ;)

  • +5

    When you factor in the BS "setup fee" ($99) this is a fraction less than Aussie Broadband for 1 year on 100/40 (though you will drop to 500GB per month after 6 months with ABB, however you also get first month free worth $80). Basically, no deal unless you can work with off-peak planning (an add-on with ABB).

    • +3

      Looks like a deal to me. Much bigger data allowance.

      • -11

        GO with MY Republic $59.99 per month, unlimited 100mps/40mps. no setup fee. $1 modem
        cant go wrong

        • +1

          cant go wrong

          ..until something does go wrong.

        • +1

          [@beebs23327] (/comment/5204995/redir): it says 69/month on the myrepublic website

        • @samsal46: wow. theyve change it. maybe they say they were way lower than everyone else and increased it. sorry. i have it for 59.99

        • Myrepublic is fine until you want to download literally anything that isn't prioritized during peak hours and then you will see your 100mbps go download to literally nothing.

        • @Axelstrife: i live 4 hours north of syd and just checked speed with ookla. bit slow today 53mps down and 23up. stays around his most times.

    • +3


      1 year on Telecube would be $69*12 + $99 = $927 for 72TB total
      1 year on ABB would be ($80 * 11) = $880 for 9TB total

      If you stick with the ISP for 2 years it would be:

      Telecube = $1755 for 144TB total
      ABB = $1840 for 15TB total

      So sure if 500GB a month is enough for you go with ABB for 12 months, but if you do want to download more and don't plan on switching ISP's in the first two years Telecube blows ABB out of the water.

      I can't talk into the future but speeds on Telecube for me have been very, very close to the rated 100/40 pretty much 24/7. I've been very happy with them.

      • +2

        As I said, it depends on if you can work with off-peak planning. If you can work with setting up downloads from midnight to 7am, sure this deal will be better, assuming their speed reputation holds up to ABB's during peak (when you really need it). Otherwise, I'd be sticking with ABB for the $3.92 difference per month. Plus I really don't like supporting companies with BS fees.

        • +1

          But you seem to be ignoring the double data during peak period outside of the first 6 months you get with Telecube…

          Then again maybe 500GB is enough for you.

        • @stratbargain: I'm not seeing a mention of double data for Telecube (2TB 7th month onwards) in this post, no. Where is that stated? You seem to be ignoring the fact that the setup fee is BS. :)

        • +3


          What I meant was (and correct me if I'm wrong) ABB is 1TB per month for first 6 months then 500GB per month. No offpeak allowance (unless you pay extra).

          Telecube is 1TB every month during peak and 5TB during off peak.

          So after the first 6 months you literally get 2X the amount of peak data with Telecube compared to ABB (that's ignoring the extra 5TB off peak)

          If 500GB is enough for you then stick with ABB, but if you do want a higher data allowance even without having to plan for off peak, Telecube is clearly the better option.

          Of course there is more to an ISP than price and data allowances (cough my republic). But in my experience Telecube offer very good service, very good speeds at very good prices (I do hear similar feedback about ABB though).

          Each to his own :)

        • @Gav: The $99 set up fee is only on these two special offers.

        • +4

          Characterising it as a 'BS' fee is a bit unkind.
          NBN charge them to set up the customer, so if they don't mandate a contract they would lose money if you left in the first few months.
          ABB lock you in for 12 months in exchange for absorbing the install fee.

          I prefer to support companies with transparent pricing, rather than 'lock in' contracts.

        • +2


          There's no lock-in with Aussie Broadband NBN. They're completely transparent.

        • @dazweeja: But their equivalent plans are more expensive.

        • @dazweeja:
          Sorry, my mistake. I was doing a comparison between them and ausbbs today and got mixed up.

        • @stratbargain Yup, spot on and you've just described my original comment. :) For most people I don't think the off-peak thing would be appealing due to the hassle. For those who can work with it, Telecube is an appealing option if you can swallow the BS fee (which you still avoid mentioning). Each to their own! lol.

          @sween64 Exactly! So if it was truly a setup fee, why not across ALL plans? @mskeggs covers your point too.

        • +1


          Agreed but for me, I use less than 500GB a month so over 12 months, ABB is slightly cheaper (with promo code). After that Telecube gets cheaper.

          But congestion was my primary concern - in this regard Telecube might be just as good, I honestly don't know, but I do know that ABB knock back customers if their POIs are oversubscribed and I appreciate the intention behind that policy. Also, I like Phil's attitude in interviews like this. Plus reading Whirlpool threads.

          I admit that's not a purely objective to measure the possibility of congestion now and into the future but the whole area is a bit murky.

        • Windows has had a task scheduler…. forever.

        • +1

          @Gav: >if it was truly a setup fee, why not across ALL plans?

          Becuse it does reflect the setup cost. but the other plans, the setup cost is rolled into the mnthly fee.

          Telecube is targetted at small to medium business. They use Whirlpool customers to test their service, because they're generally more technically advanced then regular customers and likely to whinge when something goes wrong (which means you get alerted to issues). In return they offer discounted products & services and excellent customer service. But also they're fickle small value customers, so if lots of them try, then move on, Telecube lose money, on things like setup costs. Just like many companies did with ADSL.

          ABB from all reports are an awesome ISP, especially if you're not so tech savvy. I recommend them to family & friends who just want reliable & when thigns go wrong, to be able to deal wth a local call centre & hold their hand. I prefer email support (which is quick, even at 11pm) & a cheaper price, and knowing there's a second backhaul I can be switched across to fairly quickly if there's an issue.

        • @dazweeja: Excuse me but what is the ABB promo code ? that double bandwidth one ?

        • @salrock:

          Yes, the one sween64 linked to. First month free too.

    • +1

      Spot on Gav. The set-up fee is just an extra grab at taking money from people but also understand small businesses need to pass on fees instead of absorbing to TRY and build a customer base first (though you think that would make sense). The number of ISP's selling locked in 12 and 24 month contracts has drastically reduced over the years in favour of shorter term or no contracts at all, so it's not new/revolutionary….and even though MyRepublic sucks, I'm on 100/40 unlimited data with static IP for a price difference of less than $5 a month. Sorry, but i just don't see how you can attach the word "deal" to this. No set-up fee and $10 less a month…THEN i could probably see it.

      My biggest issue for internet is the ISP. The NBN return the finger-point back to the ISP's saying they didn't or don't purchase enough bandwith for their customers. So from 7pm til 11pm, you can basically expect data shaping and extremely slow speeds on NBN through MyRepublic every nioght of the week…it's plan horrible.

      • -1

        Find me a plan that's $59/month with no set up fee for 1TB or more on 100/40 with no lock in contract.

        • +5

          Would you like the internet with that? :)

      • +1

        I agree with you. The set up fee is totally money grab to me. I wanted to join that plan and they ask for $100 setup fee again even though my NBN is already with Telecube. I'm waiting for something better than their deal and then jump ship.

    • After 6 months just talk to them and they will keep the double data deal going :)

  • lol that website doesn't instill much confidence in this ISP…. yikes.

    • +2

      To be fair, MSY's website doesn't instill much confidence either but they're still the biggest computer hardware retailer around :)

      • True that but this is an ISP… Internet Lolll msy we're shops then went online… Shocking! Backyard job hahaha

        • The Telstra site is worse… try finding what something on that… lol. At least Telecube are fair-dinkum, know what they're doing and actually help if you have a service problem.

          It's bad enough just trying to get another RSP to acknowledge what time of the day it is…

        • @zerovelocity: that's actually good to know!

        • @scud70: yes, the world of .js site design does nothing to save us from shoddy design, development and site management.

          Simple sites often prove faster to navigate, get to what you need. The more complex the site, the more they invariably bury and hide what you need.

          Life, don't tell me about life…

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