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    • iChoke at that price

      • I did too but yet here I am

      • -3

        You get what you pay for.

      • ikr, but cant use android so it's my online choice

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      Are these grey imports? Looks like 12 month warranty is through them only? There is an icon saying "locally sourced" whatever that means

      • "Never used and come with their full Australian Manufacturer's Warranty."

        • "what's in the box:

          Your Device
          Fully functioning and ready for use out of the box! This device went through our 72-Point Check to ensure that it's in its peak performance when it arrives to you.

          The device comes with a compatible USB charging and sync cable

          Box & Manual
          Only selected devices come with their original boxes and manuals. If they're not available, your device will be packaged using our OzMobiles box."

          Sounds like an open box / ex demo to me. Also, looks like you have to claim warranty through them which is another warning sign

    • Any case/cover recommendations?

    • Does JBHifi price match too and do you reckon you could get this phone as well similar to the deal they have going for Samsung S21

      • Tried to get this price matched at JB and the best they could do was $1959 …Costco has it for $1949

    • +1

      also can use the 10% off Coles Myer card I bought from the Zip Saturday deal.

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      Sure android allows more customisation and you can set your default apps for various purposes which is great, but the dealbreaker is that many of the apps I rely on daily are total garbage on android, either lacking basic features, crashing randomly or not working at all. I’ll choose a reliable and more expensive walled garden over a cheaper but unreliable open world any day.

      • I’ll choose a reliable and more expensive walled garden over a cheaper but unreliable open world any day.

        Sure you aren't talking about socialism vs capitalism?

        • haha in an ideal sense perhaps. Or Aus healthcare vs US healthcare.

      • I'm fine with using both platforms myself, but my experience in comparing iOS and Android apps over the years has led me to think that developers just seem to put more effort into the iOS versions of their apps. I'm not sure if that's due to factors like the app guidelines, frameworks, support/debug tools, lesser fragmentation in the Apple ecosystem or an economical decision. Maybe more developer time is spent on iOS apps since they tend to be more profitable? I can only really make guesses.

        Whatever it is, that's the main thing that's keeping me on iOS currently, namely quality of apps.

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          As a native iOS / Android developer I agree and your guesses are pretty spot on. These are my main reasons for why iOS apps end up more polished:

          • Targeting fewer devices with fewer iOS versions (customer iOS devices are way more up to date as a general rule). Android devices can have any size screen size, density and ratio which makes optimising the UI a pain.
          • If it's a paid app then you will get far more sales on iOS (by an order of magnitude generally) so it makes sense to spend the money where the revenue comes from.
          • iOS users not only expect but demand a higher quality app experience.
          • Most developers/designs are accountable to someone higher up, usually the boss is using an iPhone so you can't get away with taking shortcuts on iOS. This has also been my experience with my clients, they tend to always see Android as an afterthought because they tend to be iPhone users themselves. This also extends to hiring, because management tend to use iPhones themselves they seem happy to spend more money on getting experienced and talented iPhone devs and cheap out on the Android devs.
          • I personally find Apple's development tools and frameworks a bit more conducive to creating good UI experiences.
    • Great deal. Is there any way to use this to somehow get a pacific blue version?

      • +2

        I tried politely asking at officeworks and they refused, saying it was only for the colour advertised. Which is pretty fair in my opinion, sorry I can't help

    • Any deals on the Pro Max?

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      You gotta love android boys are in here just to……. I don't know.. Hahaha get a life boys.

    • $20 off for first purchase gets it across the line for me…

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      Just purchased an M1 Macbook air with 8core GPU and 512GB - for less money than the cost of the iPhone. Phone prices across the board Apple and Android have gotten out of hand. Hopefully, we see a downward movement in prices soon, I would move to iPhone from Android, may as well with the Mac, but these prices are eye-watering, just have to keep using my OP 7Pro for a few more years I think.

      But yes, upvoted because this is a deal.

      • It generally costs more to pack similar performance into a much much smaller product. I'm not surprised that the premium phones cost as much or more than Apple's lower end notebooks. Flagship Android phones as you say are also well over a grand.

        How did you get that Air for less than $1759? It's currently $1949.

      • +1

        The M1 Macs are pretty damn good value for money while flagship phone prices, whether Android or iOS, have been a joke these last couple years.

    • Went to the Officeworks store and they said there is no stock at the warehouse so cannot make order.
      Called OW number 1300633423. Part number is not shown on Ozmobiles website so price match is rejected.

      • +1

        They got everything wrong on that website:

        • Announced 2019, September
        • Resolution 828 x 1792 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~326 ppi density)
    • Officeworks should buy the remaining 2 and resell them at full price. :p

    • Thanks op. I priced matched it at OW.
      Great buy.

      • Happy I’ve helped one! :)

      • Do you know if they are only accepting price match for the Graphite colour?

        • read comment above "I tried politely asking at officeworks and they refused, saying it was only for the colour advertised. Which is pretty fair in my opinion, sorry I can't help"

    • Thanks OP! Managed to get it price matched at OW too, super happy :)

      • Do you walk in OW to price match?

      • Do you know if they are only accepting price match for the Graphite colour?

        • I think an earlier comment said that it was only Graphite, but that was the colour I wanted so I didn’t actually ask. They might be happy to though, sometimes just depends on the worker you get at OW :)

    • -1

      Last time I felt some excitement about iPhone was iPhone 6.
      Since then, I don't feel any excitement about iPhone, even with all the bells and whistles.
      it's not so much about the price either. Even if Apple is selling latest flagship iPhone for $800, I would not buy it.

      Android phones are slightly better.

      Smart phones have reach a saturation point for me, for few years now.

      With Covid, most people stay home, who cares if you have the latest smartphone or not.

      • +1

        Thank you for sharing.

        • I did try to head these people off at the pass, alas.

      • +1

        Literally no one cares…

    • Any success price-matching for other colours?

  • Merged from Fossil Gen 5 Garrett Smartwatch $150 Delivered @ Amazon AU
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    For those who prefers to buy from Amazon instead from Fossil or Iconic :

    46 MM full color display dial in stainless steel case with a thickness of 10 MM
    Black silicone 22 MM wide strap
    Water resistant to 5 ATM: In general, suitable for short periods of exposure to water i.e washing hands or showering/bathing. Not suitable for recreational swimming, diving or snorkeling
    Effortlessly charge your Smartwatch by placing it on the inductive charging magnet
    No plugging or unplugging of cables required
    Manufacturer Warranty-2 Years

  • +1
    Merged from [NSW, Switch] Nintendo Labo Variety Kit $20 (Was $99) in-Store @ BIG W Richmond
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    Looks like in store only. No idea of stock in other stores, Richmond had half a dozen boxes available today.

    From the Nintendo webpage-

    With the Variety Kit, you can create many different Toy-Con, including Toy-Con RC Car, Toy-Con Fishing Rod, Toy-Con House, Toy-Con Motorbike and Toy-Con Piano.

        • +5

          It's jv we are talking about here

    • So this is cardboard cutouts to make the switch games more realistic?

      • Yes, save $79

        • +6

          Yeah but you'll probably damage them if the game gets intense. Palms sweaty, mom's spaggetti vomit on ya sweater, and then it's damaged already..

          • +1


            if the game gets intense

            intense fishing or intense piano?

            • @jv: Fishing for mom's spaggetti, and your line gets stuck in a meatball.

          • +1


            mom's spaggetti

            This is OzBargain.

            • -1

              @jv: And in Australia, we can accurately quote song lyrics without feeling like our masculinity and heterosexuality is under attack

              So when are you emigrating

      • +2

        They're visual tools for utilising the technology of the joycons. They're actually quite clever, but I haven't touched mine since the 8 hours it took roughly to build them and try them once

        • All cardboard yeah?

          • @mrtee: Cardboard, rubber bands, stickers and string.

            Great arts and crafts. Takes many hours to actually build which is half the value already. Has lots of potential to keep you engaged in the mini games.

            Well worth the $20

        • That's why I haven't picked them up before, but for $20 I feel like I could do that, throw them out and not feel like I got ripped off. At RRP I'd have had to find somewhere to store them to not use them :P

      • +1

        Not so much for other Switch games, it also includes software designed to work with them. Could almost call it a STEM learning tool putting it together, I understand it goes into how it works (IR camera, vibrations etc) as you build it and also has a programming 'lab' people have done some cool things with.

    • Hello neighbour.i actually bought it from the same store at launch for $109…crazy. it's a fun build but useless after

      • Games are more fun when they are new and the hype is still real imo.

    • I got one from Ebgames in June last year. It was 29.

    • So many Richmonds

      • Richmond is an industrial district in Adelaide. Glad people are putting the state in the title now. There is a whole wide world outside of NSW.

        • +1

          there is?

        • Cities/districts named Richmond in Australia.
          Richmond - Victoria
          Richmond - Tasmania
          Richmond - Queensland
          Richmond - New South Wales
          Richmond - Industrial district in Adelaide

    • unobtainable?

    • I think they mean, 'Great find OP, what a bargain - jealous I can't get that deal where I am'.

      This is a solid 1st post.

    • -2

      $20 for some cardboard

    • I want this!!! Any other BigW got this?

    • God, I'd love one of these

    • +1

      Thanks OP!

      For anyone in south east melbourne, i managed to buy one from Fountain Gate about 1.5hrs ago. They seem to be in the back though so I'd suggest you call up and ask.

    • does it come with the game?

      • Yes of course!

        • damn good value! ima go get one

    • This was a good deal at 100. At 20 I don't know why you wouldn't buy one just for the sake of it

    • +1

      Pretty good value. Bought lst time from eb

      My 3yo daughter really enjoyed helping build the bits and got quite a few hours of play out of them. Great for a rainy day or if your kid likes crafts.

      The fishing and the house were her favourites. Probably have got at least 40 hours out of it.

    • there were a handful left at Top ryde store.

      I picked up 2 today.

      They keep it out the back so you have to ask them to bring it out.

  • Merged from [QLD] Pokemon TCG Champions Path Elite Trainer Box $100 in-Store @ Mr Toys Toyworld
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    They seem legit.

    Looks like they have around 7 in stock around the time of posting this

  • Merged from Asus ROG Strix X570-F $365 + Delivery ($0 Prime) @ Amazon AU
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    ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING ATX Motherboard, PCIe 4.0, Aura Sync RGB Lighting, Gigabit Ethernet, Dual M.2 with Heatsinks, SATA 6GB/S USB 3.2 Gen 2

    If I had the monies right now I might jump on this.

  • Merged from Nikon Z 7 Body Only + FTZ Adapter, Black $3,064.32 Delivered @ Amazon AU
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    Dramatic price drop on Camelcamelcamel.

    Was around the $4K mark. Don't know the reason for the sudden price drop.

    • +1

      that was quick

    • Check reviews - Becextech before you go.

      • Does anyone know if it was sold by Amazon AU at $3,064.32 or was it always sold by Becextech?

        • +1

          It was by Amazon AU when I listed it minutes ago, seems to have gone to the next seller.

    • Back at Amazon AU $3273

      • +1

        I don't think so, looks like Amazon AU ran out of stock.

        That's a different seller you're seeing.