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      • PLE have more than 1 store.

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      coil whine coil whine

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      And it's only 10% off brand new

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      Rip off

      • do u want MSRP

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          I’m calling it as I see it.

          • @nicolascage: can u find a cheaper 6800xt in this market? Aus and full warranty?

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              @acetth: Highly doubt I can and that’s kinda my point.

              Yes these prices may seem a little cheaper than the current market rate. But doesn’t mean these market prices are not astronomical.

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                @nicolascage: Bought a 3080 at launch for $50 less than this. In today's climate & with full warranty, this is a bargain by any measure.

    • Cheers OP, trigger pulled. Bargain.

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    Merged from [NSW] Bosch blue professional 3 pieces 18v kit with 1x5.0ah battery and charger $299 @ Bunnings Warehouse, Greenacre
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    Cracking deal spotted at Greenacre Bunnings this morning. Still had 4 left.

    Top of the range hammer driver 18v-85C (skin only cost $339)

    Dual 1/4 1/2 impact wrench 18v-200

    Angle grinder 18v-7

    On clearance with a 5ah battery. Must clearing out EOFY promo packs.

    What a steal $300! Take my money!

    Can’t go wrong with 6 year repair warranty.

    Just in time for Father’s Day.

    • Store in title please

    • is it brushless?
      This? But with 1 battery and no bag?

  • Merged from Artline Smoove Ballpoint Pen Blue, 12 Pack $0.50 (OOS) + Delivery (Free w/ Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon Au
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    Very cheap 12 pens for 50c, working out less than 4.2c per pen
    Great if you're trying to add an item for free shipping or if you can get free shipping on the item.
    I personally use these pens and there quite good.
    Selling on ebay for $10.99:

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      Can't add it to cart for some reason…

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      Temporarily out of stock.
      We are working hard to be back in stock as soon as possible.

  • Merged from [Limited] Apple TV 4th Gen 32GB for $124 C&C Only @ The Good Guys
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    Apple TV at only $124 at The Good Guys at limited stores. I checked and they are in stock in some locations but not many

    From TV shows to movies to games, its all available on Apple TV. Enjoy content from iTunes and apps like Netflix, Stan, tenplay and 9Now or use the Siri Remote to find just what you want.* You can even enjoy the photos you take on your iPhone on the big screen. And it all looks great in HD.*Subscription may be required to access some content. Playback quality will depend on hardware and Internet connection. Available on iTunes. Title availability is subject to change. Some applications are not available in all areas. Application availability is subject to change.

    Other choices too also limited stocks.

    Apple TV 4K 32GB for $164

    Apple TV 4K 64GB for $214

    • This one has the app store right?

      Edit: disregard, closest pickup to metro Brisbane is Tamworth.

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      This looks like the model which was released in 2015 which Apple now calls the Apple TV HD which means no 4K support and runs an A8 processor. It does support the upcoming tvOS 15 so you can run the latest apps from the App Store. Apple still sell the 32GB of this model for $209 so there are savings to be had if you’re happy with a slower processor, the inferior remote control and no 4K.

    • This keeps getting deleted as there's no stock around

    • So does it come with 3 months free of Apple TV+?

      • It would

      • …but only if you haven't already cashed in for a previous 3 months free.

        Got caught out on this with the newest super duper model and was about to send it back, but the missus liked it enough (extra speed/responsiveness) we ended up keeping it.

    • Hold out for the new one if you can. Some deals have been on lately for around $180. These are still great though

    • No stock near me in VIC.

    • This has already been posted today (and deleted I’m guessing due to limited availability).

  • Merged from Worx WA5008 80mm Sonicrafter Oscillating Multitool Universal Circular Saw Blade $1.76 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon
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    About this item
    Sonicrafter universal accessories fit all oscillating multi-tools
    Circular saw blade ideal for cutting through wood and plastic
    Suitable for Linear and plunge cutting
    Package Dimensions: 10.0 L X 2.1 H X 15.0 W (centimeters)

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      can't seem to add to cart?

    • OOS

  • Merged from NOCTUA NH-D15S Chromax Black CPU Cooler $139 + Delivery @ PB Technologies
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    Last deal for this was for $139 with Amazon but not Chromax. (Only did a quick OZB search)

    Saw a few reviews and took this instead of Dark Rock 4 for $118 in Amazon just because of NOCTUA's better rep and overall performance.

    Hope this helps someone! Happy building!

    Non Chromax d15s is really cheap in Newegg ATM for $105 + post! So if you don't mind the default noctua colour definitely Newegg.


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      Appearing at 137.5 + Shipping at Newegg

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        Shipping is $5 for most of AU from when I ordered last night and my order already shipped. Plus AU stock(I hope) so better warranty. Haven't bought anything from Newegg.

        • If Newegg is sold by Noctua themselves then it's global warranty, and Noctua is very good at honouring theirs. The only downside shipping time when you claim warranty.

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        Newegg also has the regular NH D15 (two fans, not offset heatsink) for $150+post

        • Damn! Would have gotten this if I saw it before. Oh well hopefully d15s is enough for 5800x. Liked the less bulkier look too!

    • Would this be a good price to cop now? Building a new pc so a cpu cooler is on my list still and Idk if I should get it now or wait late November?

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        Never seen the chromax posted here this cheap so I would say so.

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      Is this a 'single fan' version?

      Does it really perform 'better' (i.e. sound equalised temperature control) than a BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4?

      I'm in the market for another stonking cooler,

      The Dark Rock Pro 4 I have has been awesome - very quiet and effective but it has two fans.

      Curious how the Noctua would peform with just the one fan.

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        Dark rock pro 4 is $149 from Amazon ATM as the cheapest. I was looking for a cooler I can get within a week unfortunately the DRP4 is to be delivered from overseas and will arrive by mid September so depends on your circumstances.

        Another pro for this is has better clearance compared to he DRP4. DRP4 really competes with NHD15. This one competes with DR4 hence I made a comparison in my post.

        Edit: yes it is the single fan model.

      • this is the single fan version, i personally wouldn't bother with upgrading from a dark rock pro 4 but its up to you, if space limitations is that important

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        From the reviews I've seen the nhd15 single fan version performs with 1-2 degrees of the dual fan version… Which really surprised me.

      • My old rig had a 3570k strapped to a D14, both fans died on the cooler and the CPU continue to run fine for months with just the D14 and case fans. It was on the legendary Rv02 case with the 90 degree rotated mobo layout ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Single fan - the heatsink is also slightly offset rather than symmetrical in a further effort to improve (I believe RAM) compatibility.

        • And GPU compatibility, from what I understand it's also give a bit more room from your GPU back plate. I have nhd15s and from what I can see on photo the nhd15 is really close to the GPU compare to mine.

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      Always check Newegg for Noctua stuff. MUCH cheaper than anywhere else generally. Got a C14S for $100 recently, when cheapest on Amazon was $250 (realise it's $150 now).

      • +2

        True. Non Chromax is actually $105 + post from Taiwan! (https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/noctua-nh-d15s/p/N82E168...)

        Genuinely curious how long is shipping and warranty with Newegg as I've never bought anything from the site. Pbtech has a local presence so warranty and quick shipping should be taken in to account.

        • neweggs great. DHL delivery from taiwan for me was faster than auspost delivery. came in 3 days.

        • Check if the seller is Noctua, if so you get global warranty. I confirmed this with Noctua themselves before I bought mine.

        • Same experience as @lawyerz here, 3 days from order to delivered. Much better than Aus Post. And only $9 for delivery was great.

    • Can I use this in my aquarium? It's 20L and has approx half a dozen fish

      • Lame…

      • Depends if you're overclocking the fish or not, water-based cooling might be better

    • black colour yuck! I prefer the poop vomit colour.


    • +1

      Can't recommend Noctua enough.
      I bought a Noctua NH-U12P in 2011 (literally a decade ago) for my intel i5-2500k system. I recently upgraded to a Ryzen AM4 system and jumped on their website to see if they sell mounting kits. They sent me one free of charge!

    • Just a word of warning PB Tech is not an Aussie seller. they are NZ based. So factor at least 2 weeks with NZ Post+ Aus Post for items coming across the ditch…

      Best prices I could find for Noctua though….

      • Never bought anything from PBTech but each product they sell seem to have an estimated delivery period. My order is estimated to be delivered within 2-4 working days. Can't confirm until it gets delivered I guess.

  • Merged from ASUS GR101 ROG Z11 Tempered Glass Mini-ITX/DTX Case - Black $169 Delivered @ Centre Com
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    Patented 11° tilt design
    Extensive connectivity
    Removable dust filters
    Dual orientation
    Aura Sync RGB lighting

    Sell more than $350 elsewhere.

    • How do the thermals compare with this?

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      Showing as oos.

    • +1

      Damn this looks cool. So far I'm resisting…

      Oh ooo will help

    • Does anyone price match?

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      Patented 11° tilt design

      Lol wot?

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      Every ROG deal is good

    • It looks like a price error

  • Merged from ASUS TUF Dash F15 with i7-11370H CPU, RTX 3070, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD $1775 + Delivery @ Bing Lee
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    Could this be the cheapest 3070 Laptop ever? You be the judge, flame away!

    (Edit: 8 day deal, an seems to be out of stock, I've messaged Bing Lee for confirmation of stock, waiting on a response.)

    Trimmed down Specs for the important stuff, as follows:

    Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-11370H Processor 3.3 GHz, 4 cores (12M Cache, up to 4.8GHz)
    Graphic: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6
    Memory: 16GB DDR4 (1x8Gb Soldered, 1x8Gb SO-Dimm)
    Storage: 512GB M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 3.0 SSD
    Display: 15.6" FHD display 144Hz IPS-level 250nits

    Bit of review by Hardware Canucks

    • +2

      it's not a preorder in 8 days. It's a sale price that ends in 8 days.

      Has been out of stock for a while.

      • Yeah just worked that one out myself, I'll update the listing as Out-Of Stock for now.
        I've messaged Bing Lee, to enquire about stock, just in case.
        Seems I might have missed the boat.

    • +6

      Before you run out to get one, whilst it’s not a bad price, the 3070 on it seems to be power limited to 80W. So you can get better performance from 2070/2080 laptops.

      The CPU is also a bottleneck on this. I expect other retailers will drop their price too.

      • +2

        For myself, I'm using a 7 year old Asus ROG G751JY. Awesome in it's day, but almost everything new would be an upgrade.
        And absolutely sick of lugging around a heavy 17" on the plane to work every week.

        But I'm holding out for the Asus M16 with a 3070, finally got the go ahead from the missus, but waiting for local release is painful.
        Still don't know how much they are going to sting us for OzTax, but I'm expecting ~$3100-3500, supposedly arrive locally in Q4.

      • Are you sure it is 80W?

    • +5

      For the love of God (whom I don't believe in), DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP people. I am speaking as the owner of one and it is a horrendous buy.

      • +4

        Why’s that?

        • +2

          •Intel's latest 11th generation CPU with a Core i7 moniker (the name they give to their higher end CPUs) that bottlenecks software and games.

          •A 3070 GPU with 60% of the performance of the same GPU found in competitor's laptops

          •Forced Windows updates that can't be turned off (I haven't found a way) and that close everything you have open whenever it feels like

          •Automatic/Forced BIOS updates. You can walk away from your laptop and come back and it has downloaded and installed a new BIOS because they are tied to Windows updates

          •Below average screen for this price

          •Had a competitive online game crash once and a Command Prompt/PowerShell window popped up telling me the GPU vBIOS was being updated. The laptop felt that was the best time to update it

          •No HDMI 2.1

      • -4

        Try cleaning the semen out of your keyboard. Worked for me

        • Well now we all know what MaxDong does with his time. Btw the '69' part of your username doesn't check out.

      • 2nd that, ASUS support is horrendous!!!

      • I have one and its a good laptop. Smh

  • Merged from Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass, Set of 6 $18.56 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU
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    6 Each Convention barware; for use as a double old fashioned or juice glass; 9.6-ounce capacity; 3-1/5-inch tall, 3-inch wide
    Tritan crystal glass: non-lead material of titanium and zirconium oxide; resists breakage, chipping, scratching; thermal shock resistant; patented
    Convention barware collection: features a heavy and rounded bottom glass styling, offset by tall straight sides
    Completely diswasher safe; will not etch, cloud or discolor for the life of the glass
    Made in Germany
    6 Each Convention barware; for use as a double old fashioned or juice glass; 9.6-ounce capacity; 3-1/5-inch tall, 3-inch wide
    Tritan crystal glass: non-lead material of titanium and zirconium oxide; resists breakage, chipping, scratching; thermal shock resistant; patented
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      Can not add to cart

  • Merged from Seagate 2TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $55.20 @ Officeworks Bendigo and Lewisham
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    Officeworks has reduced price further on these external HDD.

    $69 elsewhere.

    3 items per customer

    Only available in 2 different stores


    • Out of stock in My area, Macquarie

  • +2

    Bunnings Clearance Item

    Ozito Home 12v Glue Gun (Skin only) - RRP $24.95 - Clearing out at $5

    Click HERE for photo

    For I/N on Powerpass

    • Good to be a tradie to have access at Bunnings as it’s closed to retail customers in Greater Syndey 😢

      • Yea, kind of. 😉

        Im in management, not "trade" per se.

        From what Ive observed, Bunnings is taking this opportunity to upgrade/relocate certain sections of the store, mainly in the 'retail' aisles and the customer counters.

        As most of the trades are in the 'building material' sections of the store.

  • +1

    Just posting this here because there’s only 4 left.

    Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i, Intel Core i5 10300H, 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6 Inch FHD 60Hz Screen, Win 10 Home, Chameleon Blue, 81Y400W8AU



  • Merged from XGIMI MoGo Pro+ Portable 1080p Projector $749 Shipped @ Amazon Au
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    Look, I have not posted before, and this is frankly more complicated than I thought it would be.
    I bought one of these a few months back off eBay, for $725 using a number of promo codes and specials. Used it through school holidays, kids loved it, wife (who found the idea of it anathema at the beginning) loved it, and then someone broke into our cabin and stole it.
    I have not seen another one anywhere near that price since then and I have been trying to keep on top of it.

    In the time I used it, I can tell you I was very please with it. The android OS and apps were good, it projected a huge bright picture and it was exactly what I wanted it to be.

    Please excuse any errors in the post.

  • Merged from Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i (i5-10300H, GTX 1650 Ti, 8GB RAM, 256GB) $897 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU
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    First time posting, looks like a good deal if you're looking for a 1650ti from a reputable brand. 8gb isnt alot of ram but could be worth upgrading if needed.

  • Merged from Psych: The Complete Series (DVD) $54.13 Amazon Prime
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    Limited time deal $54.13 prime

    Psych DVD complete series available

  • Merged from 91-Piece Mechanic Tool Set $25 (Was $37) in-Store Only @ Kmart
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    This handy mechanical tool set featuring 91 pieces will let you carry out home or garage repairs with ease.
    Contains commonly used tools for mechanical repair
    Tools are heat treated chrome plated to resist corrosion
    Tools conveniently store in a blow moulded case
    Easy to carry or store in the home or garage
    Product dimensions: 44cm (L) x 8.4cm (H) x 35.2cm (W)
    Box dimensions: 45cm (L) x 36cm (H) x 8.5cm (W)
    Product weight: 4.1kgs
    Box weight: 4.32kgs

    • +1

      Great deal.

      I've been using a similar set I got from Kmart almost 20 years ago.

      I work on my car and bike fairly regularly, and I have much better quality tools… But the Kmart set always seems to be within reach and works perfectly fine.

      The ratchet did break after much much abuse, but I'm surprised it lasted that long.

      For $25 it's a no brainer.

      If people tell you you'll round a bolt or nut with these sockets, they they are not torquing them correctly.

      • totally agree.

    • Good deal even if crap tools … but appears OOS at least in Sydney

      • +2

        There's already enough tools in Sydney

    • +2

      got a similar set from Kmart 5 years ago for only 17 dollars, still sitting in the trunk of my mx5, replaced countless oil filters, timing belt, changed several gaskets, brakes, soft top, interior parts.etc, they are not fancy, the plastic case is pretty thin, the screw bits gets rusty, but hey they get the job done and that's most of the tools you gonna need for daily jobs.
      best 17 dollars ever spent.