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      91-Piece Mechanic Tool Set $25

      If my mechanic used this, I'd change mechanics.

  • Merged from ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 Women's Shoes Dark Grey/Mid Grey Size 6 Only $99.95(RRP$239.95) + $5 Delivered @ Running Warehouse
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    With an improved fit, maximum shock absorption, and springy cushioning, the ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 offers a first class running experience. Featuring ASICS iconic Gel cushioning in the heel and their bouncy Flytefoam Propel in the forefoot, the Nimbus 21 offers the best of both worlds.

    Additionally, the redesigned mesh upper is now more adaptable and offers more room in the forefoot. A premium running shoe with plenty of style, the new ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 is built for the runner seeking ultimate comfort and responsiveness over any run.

  • Perfect my daughters doll needs some shoes. Perfect size!

  • Merged from Push Lawn Mower 18" 46Cm Masport S18 Petrol Mower Al-Ko 123Cc 4 Stroke Engine $374.98 @ Catch
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    Can't find cheaper lawn mowers deals, i think this is priced reasonablely, hope it helps.

    With over 100 years of engineering excellence, Masport lawnmowers allow you to quickly and effortlessly make your lawn look its best, so you can get back to enjoying your backyard as soon as possible.

    Cut and catch with the Masport Lawn Marshal ST18 lawn mower. This quality mower is equipped with the Masport Quickcut® Blade System for superior cutting performance.


    Cut & Catch
    Powered by AL-KO 123cc OHV Auto Choke 4 stroke engine*
    Auto Choke - engine starts easily whether cold or hot and is ready to use immediately
    460mm (18") steel chassis
    Masport Quickcut® Blade System
    Front 175mm (7") and Rear 200mm (8") adjustable dual bearing wheels
    Comfortable upturned upper handle
    Two piece lower handle for easy catcher access
    HDPE Plastic Catcher
    *AL-KO specified engine as used on AL-KO mowers in Europe.

    Chassis Material: Steel
    Cutting Methods: Cut, Catch
    Cutting Width: 460mm (18")
    Cutting System: Masport Quickcut® Blade System
    Number of Blades 2
    Engine Make: AL-KO*
    Engine Model: OHV Series
    Engine Capacity: 123 cc
    Power Rating (Torque): 6.5Nm/2500rpm
    Starting System: Auto Choke
    Engine Type: 4 Stroke
    Drive System: Push
    Catcher Type HDPE Plastic
    Catcher Volume: 46.5L
    Wheel Type & Size: Diamond Front 175mm (7") and Rear 200mm (8")
    Wheel Bearing Type: Adjustable Dual Ball
    Upper Handlebar Type: Upturned
    Lower Handlebar Type: Two Piece
    Handlebar Retainer: Knob Locks
    Cutting Height Range: 8mm - 68mm
    Cutting Height Steps: 10
    Cutting Height Adjustment: Single Point
    Weight 25kg
    Engine Disclaimer: *AL-KO specified engine as used on AL-KO mowers in Europe
    Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 520mm x 970mm x 1355mm.

    • ALDI has some on the 18th… No idea the difference but it has more CCs 😅 Damn I need a mower lol


      • Which one is better?

        • I’ve read comments on ozb that impossible to get replacement parts, even blades, for Aldi mowers

          • @grasstown: So which one would you get if in your situatiotn>

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              @Yaren24: None tbh.

              I prefer a mower shop who will look after you when you get it serviced. Might pay a little more initially, but will pay for itself later.

              I couldn't think of anything worse than trying to warranty claim ALDI or catch. Then these will just end up on council hard rubbish.

              • @placard: They can't be that bad since so many people buying it.

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          The Masport… no doubt. I have had one for over 25 yrs now and zero problems. Changed the oil twice in that time.
          Had to get a new catcher but they have a lifetime warranty.

          • @Cheeper: Masport [in the corner] are no longer built in NZ but China and don.t use Briggs Stratton engine, this has a Chinese engine, some of the more expensive versions use B&S

            They are owned by ALKO [Also own Solo of Germany]

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        I love Aldi and have an Aldi mower (was a gift). It looks great but it's a massive piece of crap. Belt for the push assist threw within first fortnight and is near impossible to get back on without significant dis-assembly of the mower. Blades blunt easily. Throttle has never worked properly and it doesnt turn off without manually gettin your fingers down into the throttle wire. I'll never, ever, buy Aldi garden power stuff now. Far better buying from bunnings knowing you can go in and swap over etc and for mowers probably better going to a mower specialist and negotiating a deal.

        From my reading up when trying to troubleshoot this Aldi piece of crap i noticed garden enthusiasts were big fans of Masport and Honda for petrol mowers, so i dare say it's a far more reputable brand than fly in and dump mowers Aldi sell.

        • You mean the $400 Aldi mower?

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      Or just for alittle more you could buy this from bunnings


      Comes with a Briggs & Stratton motor

      • I was eyeing this one previously. Based on the boxes at Bunnings, this engine isn't made in USA (if that matters to you)

    • Guaranteed that the catcher will drop off every 5 minutes. I have one and the design is rubbish.

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      Pay the extra buy a Briggs Stratton powered mower, seen them on eBay mid $300's

    • Briggs vs Alco?

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        Briggs all the way - even though the newer ones arent as good as the older engines, at least parts will be readily available for the next 10 years.

        • Easier pull on the starter and 1 pull on the starter sounds better to me…

    • What about Toro and Honda lawnmower brands?

      • I bought a nice new Honda that died after 4 years, went back to my 30 year old Masport and its still going.

  • Merged from [VIC] Gaming Mouse RGB Backlit Programmable 10000dpi $0.20 @ Kmart Wangaratta
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    Wired Gaming Mouse at Kmart. Not sure of the quality. Grabbed one for just in case. 🤷‍♂️

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      Thanks for your post

  • Merged from Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel $123.46 + $17.71 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU
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    Only 4 in stock when I posted this.
    First time poster so if I've done something wrong I could do with some guidance.
    Bought this a few days ago for more but was still on my Camel x3 watch list. I think this price is an all time low - cheaper than most ebay second hand units.

    Saitek's Pro Flight Multi Panel is a full autopilot LED display that works with flight simulator software, effectively removing the need to use onscreen controls. The full autopilot panel gives you fingertip control over a multitude of settings within FSX, X-Plane and Prepar 3D software. You can manipulate your aircraft's autopilot settings with physical controls that immediately trigger in-sim actions. An integrated dial adjusts settings for quicker selection of your required altitude. Additional functions also allow adjustment of your aircraft's throttle, flaps and elevator trim.

    • Only 4 in stock when I posted this.
      First time poster so if I've done something wrong I could do with some guidance.

      From the deal posting guidelines;

      As a general guide, deals with less than 10 items in stock at the time of submission may be unpublished

      • This is a pretty niche product so an exception should be fine

  • Merged from Kef LS50 Meta Bookshelf Speakers $2185 Shipped @ Amazon AU
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    Haven't seen these discounted before, if you know your HiFi, these don't need any introduction

    • this or iphone 13 pro max?

      • This will last you years

    • Yes I know there is only 2, but this is a bargain

    • +1

      These guys were actually selling them for as low as $1800 a few months ago, but they've bumped up the price now, still slightly better than the Amazon deal.

      Been on the hunt for a used pair of the original LS50's, but no luck so far.

      • Can vouch for Electronic Forefront. I ordered a Rel T7i from them recently for way cheaper than any other retailer and their service was excellent.

      • These guys sell European stocks, I’ve read kef would cover parts but no labour for the 5 years warranty.
        1800 was pretty interesting though, I’d rather these than original ones that I saw for 1200 last month and thought was a great deal.

  • If you don't mind a refurb,

    3070 laptop for $1899!


  • Merged from Sony CD/DVD Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth CMTSBT40D $76.45 (Was $349) @ Officeworks
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    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647542 This was $104 last month.

    I bought the last one from Officeworks Glebe. I'm not sure why but I got it for $72.60 which is cheaper than advertise price.

    Low stock now.

  • ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station for Xbox One & PC - Black/Gold [International Version]

    $409 from Amazon AU

    3 left in stock


    For some reason the link keeps going to Astro a50 from logitechshop with 1 in stock. If you search for Astro a50 with prime ticked - you’ll find the PS4 version. Click on that and then change to Xbox version and it’ll come up for $409 with 3 left in stock.

    Credit to camel camel camel

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    Merged from Logitech Driving Force Racing Wheel: G29 for PS4 $299, G920 for Xbox & PC $299 (C&C Only) @ The Good Guys
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    First time poster! Been looking for a gaming set up since the launch of f1 2021 and good guys have a decent price on the logitech g29. Looks like its only click and collect unfortunately.

    Some have been able to price match with JB HI FI. Can save an additional $29 if using gift cards with this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652416

    G920 for Xbox & PC

    • Price in the title :)

      • Fixed! thank you. forgot the main thing hahahah

    • Gotta add price to the title my man

    • Nice find. but price and store name in title pls.

    • -1

      I like how they've included a spare pedal on the left where you won't misplace it.

    • No stock within 500km of hills shire, wonder if it can be priced match

      • +3

        I was thinking the same thing, definitely try jb hi fi.

        • +9

          Just called jb deals, successfully got a price match, picking up after work, thanks op.

          • @Bargain4Days: Hey mate. What postcode did you use. In the same area myself and when I called up they said it was way too low for them to price match.

          • @Bargain4Days: If you wanted to use the gift cards that are 10% off which include jbhifi, could possible save another 29 dollars

          • @Bargain4Days: Thanks for info, price matched from JB with free delivery. Use postcode 2075 if that helps.

      • yeah been like that for weeks since the last deal. No chance at price match due to it being a clearance item (try your luck). Can only recommend trying what I did and find a store with stock (Rockhampton QLD had some after I bought mine) and see if they'll Auspost it down (you cover costs)

    • +5

      Good Deal but was posted as a clearance item a couple weeks back at $250 and everyone pounced (myself included). Stock availability on the entire East Coast is effectively nil and GG aren't doing store transfers due to COVID so C&C is again out of the question for the vast majority of us.

      I personally ended up calling the only store in Sydney who had one back then and they told me to come pick up as they wouldn't transfer/deliver (way outside my 5km radius so no chance). Ended up calling Port Macquarie GG's who happily agreed to AusPost it down ($20 surcharge due to packaging size) and it came within a week.

      Very happy with my $270 purchase and hope you enjoy it too OP, but I think the vast majority of people interested in getting one won't be able too.

      • +1

        I was lucky I got my G920 for $250 during the closedown clearance at the EB games City Corss store in Adelaide about one and half years ago. That day when I was walking on the Rundle Mall I saw at least 2 people were holding the steering wheels which was very unusual. Then I knew there must be a big sale somewhere and shortly I found the place! Anyway, it's a very good wheel for beginners and hope you guys can enjoy it.

    • +1

      Try calling the stores. Last time I found that a fair few stores had stock but it was not coming up as in stock online. I also managed to order as click and collect from a store in Perth and then called them to change to a delivery order to NSW for only $10 extra.

      • just price match at JB HIFI. Literally called and paid in 10minutes. Easy as.

        • its was a coupon last time that brought it to $250. Wasn't publicly advertised so price-matching wasn't possible and we still got it cheaper than it is now.

    • I got the need… for speed

    • Slight update needed - it's G920 instead of G290.

    • Got one last time for $250. Plus I got myself a GT-Omega Cockpit to put it on. Happy days

    • Good deal! Thanks a lot. Price matched at nearest Jbhifi

    • +1

      I was looking for an excuse to replace my Thrustmaster t500rs - when the previous GG deal for $250 came up I would've purchased had one been available (including code). I would've lived with my current Thrustmaster but the combination of the 'buying' bug along with feeling I'd been robbed resulted in me buying a Fanatec setup for MANY times more than originally budgeted.

      In some way, these types of posts are just a tease (playing at my lack of self control).

    • Good deal!

    • I always miss out on these, damn it!

    • Are the shifter for right lane or left lane driving?

    • I have the G29, I'm yet to test if it will work with PS5 titles. Has anyone tried?

      • +1

        It is compatible.

        • That's great news! I was thinking that it might only be compatible for PS4 titles running in backwards compatibility, I'll hang onto it now :)

    • How are people getting JB to price match? The person I spoke to checked the The Good Guys page and said it's not available to pick up or delivery so they can't price match.

      • All EB games stores are different. It seems to be a bit of a scam imo with how they operate with this "price match policy". I once needed to price match Bing Lee because I had a dumb EB gift card for some reason. My local EB games said they wouldn't price match because Bing Lee wasn't in the same suburb. The second nearest EB wouldn't price match because it wasn't in stock at the nearest Bing Lee. The 3rd EB I tried said they would only price match a store WITHIN the same shopping complex (!??). Utter joke. Thankfully the item came back in stock at Bing Lee the following week which allowed the 2nd EB to price match. This was 2 years ago. I personally never shopped at EB games due to their outrageous prices, but this experience really confirmed my dislike for the store.

        I'd also like to note that it was a $50 gift card, which was the exact difference in price between the two stores (g703 $70 at Bing Lee, $120 at EB games). So effectively the $50 gift card had a $0 real world value in this case if I wasn't able to navigate their price match 'policy'

        • EB or JB? I had no issues getting price match at JB hifi.

      • I just called to Jbhifi 13 52 44. They checked sku from Jbhifi page and the one from GG and said to me that they could match

      • Might have to call individual stores to get someone less strict.

    • Great budget wheel for anyone looking to get into sim/simcade racing. Although I got rid of mine a while ago I still have fond memories of it and actually prefer the feel of the rim over my current rims alcantara

    • Good price. Not as great as the $250 but good enough.

      A piece of advice is to mount it on a rig if possible. Mine successfully broke the poor thin IKEA panel of my deak.

      My friend was mounting it on a foldable chair. What a smart ass

      • Yea, I had a feeling it would come back as a clearance. I imagine they will try to push the new model. Might see another sale towards Dec.

    • No stock within 500km of Sydney?
      Called JB-Hifi near me, refuse to price match :(

      • same here for VIC, no luck

        • So I just managed to order one from a Good Guys store in NSW.
          I called the nearest Good Guys, and they said they don't have any G29 in stock but they told me the one store which had this product in stock.

          So I called the other store and managed to place a delivery order on the phone:
          G29 Racing Wheel $289 + delivery fee $10 = total $299 delivered.

          • @GangstaKangaroo: Im trying to put my order through. They said they would send me a docket via SMS. Still nothing though. How did you get it for $289?

            • @rsop: I got my text about a minute after talking to the staff.
              I don't really know what's up with the price, it just shows $289 in the order summary.

            • @rsop: Call JB Sales 13 52 44. The guy that picked up texted me an online cart with a price match G29 within 2 mins of being on the phone with him. Delivery and C&C

          • @GangstaKangaroo: Cheers for the tip. Managed to grab myself one for $295 delivered.

      • Call the JB Sales line, i called and i got a link with a price matched G29 online within 2 minutes of being on the phone. 13 52 44

        • Thanks for the tip but I did call the sales line, didn't work. But I managed to order one through Good Guys so all g.

  • +1

    Got one via Goodguys. Called up and they had a few stock. Not to sure why it doesnt show online.

    • This worked for me too. JB wouldn't price match because it's a clearance item. Called Good Guys and they had at least one in stock

      • Awesome. Yea I didn't want to fluff around with them. Depends on the operator or store.

  • I was able to price match at JB Robina despite none of the Good Guys stores having any availability, so ymmv