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        • It said "This item doesn't post to Sydney Metro"

          • @superforever: I'm in Bris. Just had a txt to say delivery is on today around 12pm! That's nuts considering i only ordered at 8pm last night and how slow TGG were.

            • @pauliau: On their own site it didn't say cannot deliver to Sydney

              • +2

                @superforever: I guess that means they must’ve been in the Bris warehouse. My TV arrived at 12:30 today. Crazy, that’s less than 24 hr turnaround time. TV is fantastic by the way 😎. Big Thanks to OP!

  • Playstation Plus 12 months $53.30 Amazon AU. Same as Black Friday deal, it will sell out shortly.

    Edit: Gone

  • Merged from [NSW] Germanica 28 Ltr Multi Function Air Fryer $89 @ Coles (Ingleburn)
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    Says unavailable online but saw 3 in my local Coles. Lady at the counter said it was $189 then went down to $99 and now $89. There was 2 left when I went tonight. They are not sure if they have more stock at the back.

    Catch.com.au is currently selling this for $149.

    Decent enough reviews. Cheaper than repairing my SMEG oven. 😂

    • +1

      Is this the useless model where all the hot air leaks out through the door?

      • Honest not sure. I had a Kmart version that cracked my induction cooktop. Since my oven broke I thought I'd give this a go. 😀

        • Your oven "broke" ?

          I got given a free broken smeg oven

          Replace the element - $27 Ebay (unplug, remove back cover 6 screws, remove element 2 screws, 3 connectors, put everything back).
          Light globe- 2 for $1 - (Untwist, replace).
          Loose hinge (tighten screw on hinge) - this is why the element blew, a lose hinge created a poor seal. Element was flat out constantly.

          Repair took maybe 15 minutes + 30 minutes cleaning. Cover racks/tray in Oven cleaner (place in garbage bag). Leave over night. Blast with hose in morning. Only leave on glass for 5 mins, then wipe….NEW

        • Kmart version that cracked my induction cooktop

          You know this goes on the bench right? Just checking.

    • +1

      Don't buy this crap. Impossible to clean. Lacks power.3 shelves that have to be in order.

      • Thanks Travelbug.

    • Lady at the counter said it was $189

      She's full of shit. These started out as $99 and were quickly dropped to $89 when literally no one bought them.

      $10 off crap is still crap.

    • It kind of looks like our sunbeam, but the sunbeam is excellent.. this not so

  • Merged from [WA] Instant Pot Duo Multi Cooker 8L $183 @ BIG W Bunbury
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    Not sure if Australia wide, perhaps someone can confirm.

    I already got one, highly recommend, use it 3-4 times a week.

  • Merged from [NSW, PS5] Demon's Souls $40 @ Harvey Norman Castle Hill Home Hub
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    Found it in store at their bargain bins. I see at least 2 copies. Be quick.

    Also have Resident Evil 3 Remake PS4 for $10.

    • +2

      Anyone seen this price in other stores?

    • Saw this at high point harvey norman too.

      • How many copies?

    • 68 on website, what a steal

  • My local Aldi (Bentleigh VIC) has dropped the price of the Ferrex Planer Thicknesser to $263.20. They had one left, and Cheltenham VIC had 4 left (not yet reduced). https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662214

  • Merged from Brateck Anti-Theft Aluminum Flat Projector Mount $14.99 (Was $89) + Del ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU
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    Yes, HT. I know :(

    Don't know much about this but a quick google search shows that these are pretty expensive

    Shipped from Amazon AU. Enjoy :)

    Edit: Only 4 left. Mods please merge to low quantity thread if not allowed.

    • I thought first this is a fan!

    • I mean why do you need an antitheft… lol they're in your place there's probably other stuff in there.

    • +2

      So much logistics for a thief trying to steal a ceiling mounted projector.

      Look for a ladder, oh no ladder, lets ask the neighbour if we can borrow one.

      Then look for a the screw driver, damn no philips head screw driver, maybe try all the knives hopefully one will match the thread. But wait, after they ruin all the knifes, they realise they were more expensive then the lousy ass $20 168p aliexpress projector. And that is how the username checks out

      • 1: Use torx screws :D
        2: Disregard, because why aren't you using the Xiaomi short throw laser projector?

    • Yes, HT. I know :(

      I must've missed it.. I've seen a few of these comments in a new other postings, but have know idea what the basis of them are… Can someone please fill me in? What happened?

      • I just did a quick search and found this.

        Sounds like they sent out a discount code but then reneged on it and cancelled all orders.

  • Merged from Anko 43030576 Gaming True Wireless Earphones - Kmart - $22

    No longer online, but Ive seen these at a few VIC stores with a yellow clearance tag. there is an instruction manual available if you want the specifics. manufacturer- TWS


    found em elsewhere


    • doesn't TWS mean true wireless stereo, rather than a specific brand name?

      • yeah i got no idea.

  • +3

    Amazon Au 6 available
    Edlyn Diet Raspberry Jelly Crystals 500g $10.80
    Can’t comment on brand or taste- friend just wanted my prime free shipping
    For price reference aeroplane jelly lite is 18g and $1.50-$1.90 at coles/Woolworths

  • Merged from [NSW] 2 Pack 'Wear Me' Weights - $3 (was $60) @ Cotton On: BODY, DFO Homebush
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    I saw this today at Cotton on BODY at Homebush DFO. There's about 8 left in black or pink.

    I confirmed with staff that the price is $3 and not $20 despite having both tags. A price drop of $57 from RRP seems good?

    I tried uploading a photo but it wasn't working on mobile.

    • +1

      showing OOS and $20 for me

  • Merged from Corsair RM850 (2021) 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $159 Delivered @ Amazon AU
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    Corsair RM850 (2021), RM Series, 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply (Triple EPS12V Connectors, Low-Noise Operation, Zero RPM Fan Mode, 105°C Capacitors, Modern Standby) Black

  • Merged from ONEX GX2 Black/Blue Chair $99 Clearance @ Officeworks (in-Store only)
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    I was checking Onex GE300 in-store at OW Chatswood store and found this clearance deal.

    ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair Black and Blue

    It's suitable for 8 hours and above of usage time.
    It has a 125 kg weight capacity.
    It has a metal frame for durability, with a leatherette upholstery for comfort.
    It has a hydraulic gas lift for adjusting the height of your chair, as well as adjustable back and head cushions and an adjustable back rest.
    It measures 560 W x 730 D x 1380 H mm.
    This product has an assembly time of 30 minutes.
    It comes in a sleek, black and blue design.

    • +3

      It's showing as $267?

    • +1

      Shows $267 for me. Is that why this is an 'in store only' deal?

    • Op does say clearance

    • clearance price i guess, no stock around me (melb)

    • No, most likely is shop soiled clearance. If online price is different, it is store specific.

    • Just called 3 stores in NSW area all said it’s 267 :(
      If possible can we have a receipt ?
      If anyone purchase at this price

      • this is click bait bargain.

    • +1

      Chatswood store also said no

  • +1

    Invicta 40mm Gold 9618 (NH35A Auto) Pro Diver $62.87 + 6% CR delivered @ Amazon Camel

    3 in stock. Invicta website for specs

  • Crucial P1 1tb $109, 1 left: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07J2Q4SWZ

  • Merged from Akai Split Air Conditioning 5.1kw $600 (Was $999) Bunnings Tweed, NSW
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    At least 8 available at Tweed
    Try your local Bunnings

    Not the best brand but Bunnings warranty is good

  • Merged from [VIC] Mimosa 3.5m Cantilever Umbrella $149 (Was $349) in Store Only @ Bunnings Warehouse, Box Hill
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    on Clearance at Bunnings Boxhill VIC only, 6 in stock while I was there.
    Note they placed it near the entrance instead of the outdoor area

    looks identical to this one, but only in blue

  • I think this is the right place to post?

    Cheap Crucial MX500 SSDs 1TB and 2TB
    I can't post it as a deal as it's a new seller on Amazon. I'm also not sure how risky it is to buy from a no feedback seller on Amazon but I'm risking $100 for a cheap SSD!

    Note - select seller MS.A
    1TB $100 - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B078211KBB
    2TB $210 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B003J5JB12

    • +3

      MS A. Just launched, no feedback. Will give it a miss even at that price.

      • +1

        Yeah, I'm a little nervous, but hoping between Amazon and Credit Card policies I'll be covered.

        • Not few really worth it for the 15-20 dollar saving

          • @wisc: Definitely, especially when you see 8TB desktop drives for $80 as well.

  • Merged from [WA] Quality Street Tub 629g $3 (was $25), Lindor LE Assorted Chocolate Tin 433g $5.99 @ Coles, Whiteman Edge
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    Spotted at Coles Whiteman Edge, WA: Quality Street tubs. Likely left over from Christmas. 5+ left on the shelf (end cap near registers). Perhaps available in other stores too; I couldn't find any online. Sorry, I didn't check the expiry.

    Low Quantity (less than 10 items, moved to Low Quantity Deal thread)

    • Just what I need…

    • +1
      Merged from Lindt Lindor LE Assorted Tin 433g $5.99 @ Coles Whiteman Edge WA (was $15)
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      Spotted at Coles Whiteman Edge, WA: Lindt Lindor tins, featuring Milk, White, Dark, Double Chocolate, Coconut flavours. Likely left over from Christmas. 5+ left on the shelf (end cap near registers). Perhaps available in other stores too; I couldn't find any online. Expiry 30 April 2022.

    • Deals need a minimum of 10 quantity left to be posted iirc. This is a good deal though.

  • Merged from Corsair ML140 PRO LED RED $9 + $9.95 Delivery to Metro Areas (Free C&C) @ CentreCom
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    Just stumbled across this when searching for fans. $9 for a decent 140mm fan with LED

    Low stock available online so be quick.

    Free click and collect Maribyrnong

    • Store in title

      • "case fan" in title. We haven't all memorised Corsair's model line-up.

    • The delivery cost kills the deal.

      • -1

        Free click and collect Maribyrnong

    • +1

      And you can only buy one, otherwise it says "Your quantity exceeds stock on hand."

    • +1

      OP kindly left 1 for all Ozbargainers…

      • Nope, i didn't buy any. I just saw it and posted

  • Set Sale Original Discount
    LEGO Disney Boun's Boat 43185 Playset 37.60 79.99 53.0%
  • Merged from OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack $43.79 Delivered @ Amazon AU
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    Lowest price it’s been on Amazon in the past year. Enjoy

    • +2

      Bought it from the last deal , highly recommended!

      • some reviews say it has a drainage issue.. is that the case?

        • No

        • is that the case?

          Rather the drip tray.

          • +2

            @payton: So just have water dripping out all over your counter top and down into the drawers and floor instead?

            • @TightTerry: Put it next to the kitchen sink which already has drainage channels. Clean sink as per regular.

              water dripping out all over your counter top and down into the drawers and floor instead?

              If you have this problem you either live in badly designed house, or been putting your dish rack in the wrong place

              • +3

                @payton: Dumb comment.

                What if someone lives in a "badly designed" rental. This is the product they need. As someone who has just moved out of a house with a sink that needed a drip tray, your point is moot.

                • @Hinee: so you're telling me there are sides of sinks that dont have a little lip to prevent water from escaping? That just seems incredibly stupid

            • @TightTerry: i have a kitchen aid tray, and i swear the drip tray has shrunk..

            • @TightTerry: it sits nicely here
              This is not actually my sink layout btw

              • @payton: im appalled you've gone to the lengths of describing where you put your dish rack xD

              • +2

                @payton: Wow, that's old school, our last 2 places hasn't had those at all.

              • +3

                @payton: Not all sinks have this,

              • @payton: Many "modern" designs have flush cut outs for sinks (for lack of better terminology). Great for clean up but crap if you need to dry dishes on a dishrack. That type of sink is considered very "old fashioned"…

            • +1

              @TightTerry: lol what

              • +2

                @essent1al: The whole point of the ones with an inbuilt drip tray or a removable drip tray underneath is for kitchen sinks that dont have the wet area next to it - why else would their be a market for this? If you dont need this for your kitchen then posting links to ones without the drip tray is pointless to the people that do.

                • -2


                  why else would their be a market for this?

                  idk, people who like fancy 'foldable' design, people who like spending money for brand names, aesthetics etc
                  Its near $70 full price for a piece of plastic with metal handles, which won't look nearly as good as the picture after several months unless you regularly deep clean all the little edges and cutlery compartments and where small amount of water had splashed/pooled.

    • What is this, a modern alternative to the good ol' dishwasher?

    • gone already? cannot add to cart

      • Yeh, I get an error

    • Back to $69.

  • $0.15 Brie at Coles Pacific Fair 6 left at 5pm (after I bought 5)

    Best before 4/2/22

    But my understanding is that for this kind of cheese it can generally be eaten and may even improve for quite some time after BB date.

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